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  1. How about this way? Also, trying to solve hugging and stern camping problems is a good try to help less skilled NA players who dont know how to counter that tactic. I would argue that theese players no matter what changes you bring still will be stern camped without problems and maybe a bit less hugged but still unable to counter it (no matter muskets or not). Its like you are trying to fix "ganking" issue here or OW time compression. Some people are beyond any help and some problems cant be fixed.
  2. People who asked for it were the ones who are not so skilled in NA and who wasnt able to defend against hugging and stern camping. This is what I suggested. An unskilled player could with some luck deliver a nice broadside and be able in theory to finish his target without the need to rely on some imaginative musket fire. What the devs change will do is: - skilled players will still stern camp - skilled players will side hug less but still will be able to get the conditions to do it - skilled players will board more easily - unskilled players still wont be able to defend themselves from stern camp - unskilled players wont be able to deny conditions for enemy to effectively side hug - unskilled players wont be able to defend boarding (unskilled players will be repeatedly boarded with AI) - whole NA will be forced into mod cookie cutter boarding build - combat will become more boring and predictable Expect more crying posts in the future about our new feature which is simply bad for the game. Expect more time lost on balancing it and possibly removing it. While I understand that it is game in testing I have seen enough combat tweaks that were taking too much devs time. Game needs to focus on neglected features finnaly.
  3. Well, got to admin I dont understand why this post was deleted: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Combat news is just full of "Boarded player" "Boarded player" "Boarded player" "Boarded player" "Boarded player" "Boarded player" "Boarded player" "Boarded player" "Boarded player" Good move devs  While it a bit cheeky, its still in topic and true. Whats the reason for deleting it?
  4. Yup, cookie cutter build incomming even for badly programmed AI fights. Cant wait.
  5. Yeah, lets wait for upcomming other mods rebalance. Then we can judge if boarding mods were nerfed to oblivion or not. Marines and barricades takes upgrade spot. If they are made mandatory it means that all players in game will be fitted almost the same way. Every warship in Age of Sail didnt had to worry how many upgrade spots it has. This is a game. Are you serious here? You also think that its good cover up for bad AI programming?
  6. Wait, what? You see this feature as a cover up for AI bad programming? How about fixing bad programming instead and not let AI board everyone "taking advantage of always prepared"?
  7. I dont agree with you there. I think that i was too poorly implemented, too fast taken away and because of that there wasnt a chance to tweak it as its done with so many other game features. With fine woods we had: - meaningfull trading - traders in OW - interesting crafting - important PB's - small scale OW action Overall there was something in game for everyone. Trading and crafting was important. A insignificant now trader and crafter could build a ship for PvP'er not necessarily having OP with needed crafting region mod. Fine woods were taken for 2 reasons: - PvP'ers suddenly realised that they cant do everything all by themselves and would have to rely on trader/crafter oriented players - fine wood distribution was poorly implemented + number of fine woods needed for craft was too big ( so everyone farmed them instead of fighting and created alts to do buy contracts ) Overall that was one of the best game features that was too hasty taken away instead like many other worse ideas being tweaked to work properly.
  8. You remember when russian part of the forum called NA "Mast Action". This will change the name to "boarding Action". Whats more you indeed wont need to worry about Le Requin anymore. In fact you wont have to worry about anything smaller than line ships. Everybody will be sailing them safely. Do you really want that? This change comming along with your mods balancing update will push peaple again only in one true mods build. Boarding. Boring and combat will become boring too. More problems than it solves. How about really stop tweaking combat mechanic ( which is the best part of NA already) and focus tottaly on different neglected aspects of the game? Its like you guys never learn on your own mistakes.
  9. Borch

    Best New Player Support Idea Yet! +1 -1 rank limit.

    By limiting attack options by pvp rank or rating you mean tottaly denying attack chance? Are you thinking about getting us PvP ranks? Very good. In this case its not about denying attack at all but rewarding less for high pvp rank sinking low pvp rank player. Attack is still possible but not necessary profitable enough to do that ( time lost - reward given ). Its all about players decision.
  10. Borch


    Stacking mods should be possible but with dimnishing returns debuffs on next stacked module. This would still enable mods variety but wouldnt give stacking crazy numbers and would make captain think hard before he choose what combination of mods to use.
  11. Borch

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    Well you said here And I dont think that anyone in this topic proposed to give people everything they want when they want. I was merely suggesting that you could read the propositions. I dont know EVE (never played it) but I think that this is basically what some people are trying to propose here.
  12. Borch

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    Doesnt EVE got high sec zone? And 60 of you will take place of those quitting nubs when it comes to skill but it doesnt matter. The game will be dead anyway. Have you read peoples propositions in this topic before you stormed in with your opinion? How about doing that now?
  13. Borch

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    Heres the thing. Nubs will remain nubs no matter what but certainly not as NA players. Who are you going to play with when there will be 80 of the like of you left?
  14. Borch

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    Yeah, and I'm only saying that people always complain when something is not going their way. It doesnt matter if that is PvP server or not. That is just how human acts.
  15. Borch

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    Btw you guys do realize that if you would focus on PvE server (or at least PvE content) first and focus on PvP later on this game would be already huge succes? PvE server: - no content = no players - no players = no socializing - no content, no socializing = no players PvE crow is much easier to please and doesnt require you to focus on the hardest task ever: balance (in everything). First option is just a world of warships. Its not about killing multum of AI. Its about getting your hands a bit into trading, crafting AND combat. This game in not only about battles like in all other sandbox MMO's. You would learn that if we would have any meaningfull trade ( with rare goods obtainable only out of safe zone) and no every day reedemable ships requiring you only to pay few bucks. Learning to play is not only shooting and even if so it doesnt really happen against AI. Second option is only your dream of having pure PvP players in the game, then you would have like 100 players around. Top rank is like nothing to get and means exactly the same. Most people will never reach any higher level than average in PvP no matter how hard they will try. They need to have a chance to rebuild what they lost in some way to continue playing even if it will be only basic goods. If they will leave you will become another average Joe crying because you were sunk for the 10th time by Ram Dinark. Safe zone is not your reason for lack of PvP. Low pop is and in order to fix that devs need to develop the game in the direction they neglected before. People always complain out of proportion. Some complain about being attacked, others about revenge fleets, lack of balance between ships, wind blowing in their face in PB supposedly set against them by the dev team. Why you dont know what to think only about one type of complaining people?