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  1. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    Thats exactly problem of NA. Its only about war.
  2. Good decision. Age of sail is not only about ships and cannons. Its the world too and NA has it big and with great potential. Lets finish it properly.
  3. First Documented Eyepatch

    Hmm, I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that he used an eyepatch but checking his statue now, it's not there. Could be only modern image of him.
  4. Merge the nations!

    Fair enough but you do realize that new hardcore nations werent even tested properly since you added them in game? Nobody is wiling to really hit the poor guy.
  5. First Documented Eyepatch

  6. Nights are too dark

    Its bad to play on my monitor during the game night but on my projector its almost impossible. Also its not only about OW. Battles can be annoying too.
  7. This patch looks great. Finnaly good direction! Im not sure about this one though. Is it really needed? Do we need to spend more time fighting AI? Please, think about something like PvP ranks. For me and Im sure that for plenty others RvR is not a goal that will keep us playing for long. PvP ranks will dramatically increase game longevity. You cant go wrong with this.
  8. I have spent some time thinking about that mission type. While its good to have (more content etc etc) this no running and penalty for doing so, feels like mechanic more from NA-L than NA. I also feel that its better to encourage by rewards players to stay in mission than penalize those who want out. Im afraid that usuall suspects will start showing up around theese missions area with fully stacked up ships (as it wont hurt them to loose their ships as much as casual players) and will just destroy everything on their way. More casual players will feel like cannon fodder for them. I would maybe allow people to exit the mission but provide them with better reward for fighting against the odds ( like bit more marks for getting their damage done in ountnumbered battles or maybe some chance for rare drop in situation like that ). At the same time I would allow them to exit battle if they see that its useless to fight against clubbers and look for more enjoyable setup. This way people wil conciously decide if they want to play or leave that group of clubbers to have fun with each other. Btw does that mission ends with last man standing or last group standing too? Can you enter with your group and when sinking everybody else leave the mission with your group? Hope not?
  9. Im not going to complain about more content but it feels like
  10. Operation Octaflip

  11. Yep, there is SOME PvE content but not enough for release of this game. As for none mentioning, read Admins post. It may be added, it may not be added. If they want to keep players thinking strict about what is promised instead of what can be as a suprise added, they need to make it clear. "There is not much PvE, we are not working on PvE, we might add some in the future but dont count on that as we already delivered what we promised". At least "some" players choosing the game will have the situation clear and wont see the reason to write negative review for something that was clearly stated (most will write anyway just because they can) Yup, but it needs devs time and players money for developement. Currently game lacks both.
  12. Well, you sure are brutal in bringing people down to the ground. Everything you promise on steam wont work anyway if you release the game in the state like it is now. People normally expect from sandbox MMO that it will have some PvE content even if its PvP focused. It is so much expected that in players mind its not even needed to be mentioned in game description. As a result you are going to recieve loeads of negative reviews if you release the game in current state. Please write in your game description that game lacks almost any PvE content and its not expected to be added. At least that part will be clear.
  13. Fun PVE for everyone?!

    Your opinion. I think he's actually right. I dont know any sandbox MMO game without PvE content but I didnt played many. Can you name some? Also, I'm not bashing on you but with the world growing bigger such as yours, PvE content should grow also for the times when PvP becomes rare and people search for another activities. If you would bring something interesting PvE wise to buid/rebuild players assets after a loss, that would help the game a lot. Otherwise I dont see a reason to keep this beautifull world so big and with 11 nations.
  14. Fun PVP for everyone!

    Any girl suits you and handsome guy not? You're weird. If two or more people get the same mission location its already match making with a bit of sailing on the map and also exploitable like hell in lone places you mentioned before. How long are you willing to wait for a second guy joining the cue for the port you took as a mission? I prefer well designed meaningfull OW world where you dont feel the need to do missions and they are but a push for achieving something better than average.
  15. Fun PVP for everyone!

    Im not telling you to play legends. I hate when people do that. The only thing Im saying is that people need to understand that in sandbox MMO finding PvP not always happens and that is a 100% sure thing in legends. As for "meaningfull", thats another topic so, you could create another one and post a few suggestions how to make it meaningfull. This one is about missions. I would like to see that aspect also expanded in NA but I think that it will be hard to do without hitting players assets. And nobody forces you to do PvE with missions. PvE aspect is only the side part of PvP mission. You do 5000k dmg in PvP and if you dont find any, you still can sink few AI's for the PvE reward so you wont feel like you lost time. If you dont want to do that then no problem. Sail back to port or try to find PvP somwhere else.