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  1. I believe that with 15kn cap you only cause ships sailing profiles to not work as intened. Reno looses its advantage sailing downwind, so its only a matter of blocking upwind way. If previously you had a chance to escape from groups, now you will have one way less to do it. Besides, artificial cap is like forcing players do something the way you want. This should be done by dimnishing returns debuff and mods maluses only. Speed cap is absolutely not needed. If need be scale all ships back so the fastest Endy can barely reach 15kn with all speed mods and get rid of the cap. ( I dont like Renomee )
  2. Speed Meta and today's Hotfix

    I wouldnt go this way as it will only limit builds players can use for whatever they want to do. Instead I would introduce dimnishing returns debuff on ALL of the mods when stacking them. This way people would have to decide if they really want another mod in same category if it would give them 3% instead of 5% but if they decide to go for, it still would have some benefits (at the cost of mods maluses ofc - which also needs balancing). But one thing in my opinion is sure. Artificial 15kn cap needs to go. If need be, slow down every ship so the fastest (which i believe is Endymion) would barely reach 15kn with all speed mods stacked and let people build as they see fit.
  3. HMS Endymion

    Yes, but you can feel the speed cap the most with the ships like Endy. Its only good feature (beside armament ofc) is downwind 15kn speed. Problem is, almost every ship can sail nowdays 15 kn downwind and faster than Endy in any other direction. That leaves us amament and good looking but even those 2 are debatable.
  4. Port Flipping

    The game needs different end game content than PB's. Create raids and focus NA on OW aspect with events, rewards,achievements happening there and only then switch PB hostility grinding to PvP and raids without hostility decay (ever), so it can be created naturally.. No enemy, no PB. Simple. Do different content. Current PB focus and mechanic only creates rift between nations and is a constant pain in 3 beautifull letters of this game.
  5. +60 KNOTS! invisibility super power

    Waiting for first reports of people abusing this feature.
  6. Sure: - Introduce raids - Limit PB's to 1 a day max - Build hostility only through PvP and very slow with also giving points for escaped enemy - No hostility decay, ever - Bring back single port PB's - Introduce unique loot for participating in PB's and screening action plus achievements giving small bonuses in upgrades
  7. Mission location

    Devs already stated that they are working on different kind of mission, so i hope the ones we currently have will be gone soon. Note, Im not against missions, just against current ones (how stupid and easy you can get the fight against 1st rate). Lets not give more work to the dev team regarding something that soon will be gone.
  8. Yh, i figured that out. Just wanted to leave here heads up for the devs in case they didnt noticed. Tbh I think that Pandora and Prince was updated ages ago last time.
  9. So i guess those new ships are still work in progress? I checked Pandora and Prince in comparision to Endymion. Pandoras sailing profile is absolutely horrible. I would expect light frigate to be much faster closer to wind and slower with the wind comparing to Endy and according to your data is slower almost at every direction. Prince on the other hand is absolutely crazy. Its even faster than Pandora with the wind and not that far from Endy. I hope that Pandora wont be nerfed into oblivion only because it will be special ship for beta testers only.
  10. Constitution vs Endymion

    Dimnishing returns debuff on stacking mods. All of them.
  11. I was thinking the same way but with basic cerb instead of brig. Didnt posted anywhere as I was pretty sure that you guys will never do something like that. And there we have it :). Anyway, good patch. All changes for the better.
  12. Alternative To the Conquest Mark system

    Because its never enough. So instead of fighting people farm marks to be absolutely sure that they will have some tommorow and the next day after and after. Looks like fine woods 3.0.
  13. Total War against Great Britain

  14. Please Red Duke, can you start quotting people as most of the time I dont know about which assessment you're talking (especially in really busy threads where people adding posts before you finish yours)? Thank you.
  15. I didnt had problem with 5 mins but on Global. I think that with pop like in EU, 3 mins is more reasonable (especially around Dane,Swedish and French isles) but signaling perk as it was needs to go.