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  1. Broke VM for top Nations

    The reality is that you are still fighting for dots on the map that means nothing. Basicaly you're doing that only for VM's and theese are only a poor excuse for GL to provide cheap (for them in developement) end game content which is broken and unbalanced between nations.
  2. Introducing PVP separated ranks. Why not?

    Im not sure about PvP marks rewards as all those marks seems broken but PvP ranks would be great thing to give long lasting incentive to play. Nowdays there is no bigger goal in doing PvP and overall playing the game.
  3. No, you are wrong. It's not all or nothing. Safe zones exist exactly to allow players to build their wealth. In case of somebody owning 2 ships, loosing 1 doesn't means loosing everything. If someone do loose 1 however, he can relatively easy rebuild it in safe zone. Incentives will lure out bored people who are wealthy enough and bored of playing safely. Not bringing any incentives will on the other hand will do more harm than help the game. I can bet all my money that people would sail outside for paints only and there is much more incentives you could bring to the table. Please, start discussing important matters like that with all players instead PvP'ers and mods only. Quoting my old post for ideas. Ofc few are outdated since then.
  4. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    You listed some things that are not exploits so I'm posting few of mine, which are the reason why I'm not playing. Uninteresting end game content (RvR) Poorly implemented RvR No bigger goal in PvP Lack of other content (especially at times when PvP is scarce) Nothing to do for players who enjoy playing solo Beautifull ships that wont be ever players choice (I'm looking especially at you 3rd rate) No reason to go out of safe zone Boring OW
  5. Masts made of glass?

    I dont like demasting as it's boring for demasted guy. Realistic indeed it may be. The game is realistic in demasting. The game is not realistic in towns being changed across nations more often than me changing my socks, plus it rewards (or not) people for olimpic medal table like position at the end of "round". Lets all have realistic brain patterns please.
  6. I'm sure he can just go to the winning nation and have it easier. Even if he wont participate in PB, his nation (if they think right) will provide him with a ship to continue their winning. Most people will choose the easier way. This gameplay is just cheap way of providing end game content that in fact is repeatable, boring and most of all unbalanced dots changing for the sake of leaderboard. This is fake content. I don't expect people to be fooled with that for long.
  7. Change shipmodels of 1st rates

    Then you just need 3 nations, max 5, as everyone will switch anyway to the ones that are winning.
  8. No it wont if Aussies only/ Eu only/ Us only players in one nation will keep taking all PB slots during a day (it's the easiest thing to do for Aussies). Do we still got limits on slots?
  9. Remove Ship Notes for PvP Marks.

    Legends wont survive without succesfull NA. I love good advice from people. Thing is most people is playing for fun not as another job. I agree that players could find a way but it's easier to quit. If you think they quitting doesn't concern you then you're tottaly wrong. Also I completely understand GL trying to block content behind some activity. Problem is that only NA content is ships which btw serves the purpose of current NA end game goal which is conquest. If blocked ships would be only estetically different and not blocked behind nation wide succes it would maybe work. The way we have it implemented now though with nothing besides ships in game is going to cause quick player retention. Just keep observing those stats. Soon you will find out.
  10. Abusing RvR System

    So either a nation will stretch too far maing them vulnurable to attacks or they will have too many ports and wont be able to afford the upkeep. They will have to fight everywhere or grind money to be in top of leaderboeards. I only see fun gameplay here. Btw is there still limit on how many PB's can nation start per day?
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sailing_ship_tactics Importance of the weather gage Holding the weather, or windward, gage conferred several important tactical advantages. The admiral holding the weather gage held the tactical initiative, able to accept battle by bearing down on his opponent or to refuse it, by remaining upwind. The fleet with the lee gage could avoid battle by withdrawing to leeward, but could not force action. Even retreating downwind could be difficult once two fleets were at close quarters because the ships risked being raked as they turned downwind. A second disadvantage of the leeward gage was that in anything more than a light wind, a sailing ship that is sailing close hauled (or beating) will heel to leeward under the pressure of the wind on its sails. The ships of a fleet on the leeward gage heel away from their opponents, exposing part of their bottoms to shot. If a ship is penetrated in an area of the hull that is normally under water, she is then in danger of taking on water or even sinking when on the other tack. This is known as "hulled between wind and water". Finally, smoke from the gunfire of the ships to windward would blow down on the fleet on the leeward gage. So it was common for battles to involve days of manoeuvring as one admiral strove to take the weather gage from his opponent in order to force him to action, as at the battles of Ushant (1778), St Lucia Channel (1780) and the First of June (1794). Only in heavy weather could the windward gage become a disadvantage, because the lower gun ports on the leeward side of a ship would be awash, preventing her from opening her lower-deck ports to use the guns – or risking being swamped if she did. So, in strong winds, a ship attacking from windward would not be able to bring her heavy lower-deck guns into action, while the enemy ship to leeward would have no such problem as the guns on her windward side would be raised by the heel. For this reason, Admiral Rodney ordered his ships to attack the Spanish from leeward in the stormy weather at the Battle of Cape St. Vincent in 1780. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Cape_St._Vincent_(1780) They were also instructed to sail to the lee side to interfere with Spanish attempts to gain the safety of a harbour,[16] a tactic that also prevented the Spanish ships from opening their lowest gun ports.
  12. The PvE server deserves a name too

    Why ask? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pacific_Ocean " Later, Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan sailed the Pacific East to West on a Castilian (Spanish) expedition of world circumnavigation starting in 1519. Magellan called the ocean Pacífico (or "Pacific" meaning, "peaceful") because, after sailing through the stormy seas off Cape Horn, the expedition found calm waters. "
  13. When (not) fighting remember to at least bring your cannons people.
  14. Look, I'm far away from being a hater without reason. Like I said in my post you quoted, "thank you" for trying. Now, I also have pointed out plenty of things that will make your patch not work. The only thjing you are interested here though is spreading false statements. How making a new ship is prooving anything? Ships are great, ships are needed, but ships without content are not a content for long. Again, with the recent changes you promote empty port taking from the strongest. You want people in whole nation to work for the opportunity to sail the best ships ( 1 clan alone wont do). Its actually easier to move your clan to strongest nation than to fight in current example Prussia or Commonwealth. In order to do that I would have to play with people I dont like (for example that sorry a** dude who liked to tell his clanmates to shut the f**k up). How do you want that to be plesant experience after whole working day? On top of that this gamepley is just rinse and repeat. Take some territory, spread too much, become to weak to protect all ports so smaller nations can grab some land and advance on the leaderboard. How long can people whitstand that? Where in all of this is place for casual,solo players? Traders, crafters and casual PvP'ers who would like to hunt for smaller targets instead fighting aroud colored dots? Are you going to make 1 dimensional game for only handfull of players? I assure you that it wont work if you wont have a proper playerbase. Finnaly please proof me wrong with my last statement by showing us new content (but not ships), where I can use your beautifull new Christian as that what we have in game is not enough for this game to survive in the long term. Again, I'm not hater. I do reality checks from time to time though. So should you.