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  1. Sven Silberbart

    Clarification needed on Tribunal vs Ingame Chat Report

    I would like to see the "Insult Chat" removed from game.
  2. Sven Silberbart

    Solution to keep A global server ?

    Why not doing two timezones? I like the idea. Would fix the night flip probem
  3. Sven Silberbart

    TESTBED - Port User Interface Feedback.

    Random Fire Mode ..it is always a pain for me. Since i am playing i never found a useful case for that option and often activate it by misclick. (If not removed, maybe an option in game settings to auto switch over it)
  4. Sven Silberbart

    Flags Flags Flags

    the glorious duchy of courland (carribean settlement: New Courland) The Flag wich was shown in "Total War : Empire" : Source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Flag_of_Courland_(Empire_Total_War).svg
  5. Sven Silberbart

    Kurländer Kaper

    Wir hatten Admin angeschrieben ob der Clan Tag geändert werden könnte...aber leider nein. Eine Änderung hätte also auch den Verlust und die Rückeroberung der Häfen zur Folge, daher schon viel Arbeit. Natürlich hast du Recht dass wir schon sehr eigenständig unterwegs waren, daher ist es auch konsequent das nun auch endgültig und offiziell zu machen. Und ich bin momentan nicht sicher wer hier von welcher Namensgleichheit mehr profitiert.
  6. Sven Silberbart

    Kurländer Kaper

    Organisatorisch waren wir bislang immer noch Teil der HRE, dieser letze Nabel wurde nun durchtrennt. In der Praxis bedeutet das, dass wir.. ..nicht mehr nur ausschließlich Leute aus der HRE heraus rekrutieren ..diplomatisch eigenständig agieren können ..unsere eigene Öffentlichkeitsarbeit machen (siehe diesen Thread) und nicht mehr den Ruf der HRE "erben" In der Tat hatten wir darüber diskutiert den Clan-Tag ebenfalls zu ändern, aber im Prinzip stört uns das nicht so sehr, als das wir den Aufwand dafür betreiben wollten. Beim Release wird der Clantag dann sicherlich anders sein. Warum sollten wir den TS wechseln, wenn wir weiterhin in Schweden spielen wollen? Macht für uns gar keinen Sinn. Ich hoffe ich konnte etwas Klarheit bringen.
  7. Sven Silberbart

    Kurländer Kaper

  8. right. This patch is one more push to using lineships and makes frigates (against bigger ships) more useless once more. Additionally it moves the whole fight to boarding. I dont like the boarding system in naval action but i am forced to be boarding fitted now. :-(
  9. Test failed, i would say. Every ship max boarding fitted. 😞
  10. Sven Silberbart

    Retag griefing

    Sailing into the center of the danish area with a very fast ship not able to do a fight, just runaway. What do you expect? I think danes did not grief you. You are pissed, but you decided to sail into the lions den. I dont want to have any restrictions in this issue.
  11. Sven Silberbart

    Confused about “griefing”

    Oh "Griefing". I've heard so much different interpretations about that..i cant count it. A Griefer has the INTENTION to stop others having fun in the game. But not every situation where a player lost his fun because of another player is griefing. A group of players killing a single player with lower rank are gankers, not griefers. Maybe.. ..they want to fight for their national puposes (sink the enemy nation's economical power) ..they want to train their own communication in a battle ..they want to sink a well known player ..they have just nothing else to fight and dont like arranged fights ..etc Its hard to differ that. Let me give a real examle: Long time ago, me and my mates in small ships attacked a bigger group of players sailing much bigger ships (There were no min. BR for tagging in the past). We had no chance and we knew it, so we started to shot sails from distance. They opened a thread here and called us griefers, because they didn't found a reason why we attacked them without the intention to fight. At this point, most players would call this griefing. The reason why we attacked them: Our shallow water PB fleet coming closer and closer (out of sight of the enemy) and we wanted to prevent them to get tagged and sunk by the enemy lineships. It worked fine and we felt to to something for our nation success. Are we griefers now? @Old Crusty ..maybe it reduced your confusion a bit 🙂
  12. Sven Silberbart

    Port Battle Screenshots (New BR)

    Oh, I know some guys who like to sail the small ships, also in PBs. Not everyone is loving to brawl with big ships, like you do. I like that mixed ships compositions, not the mono fleet PBs you guys wanna see
  13. Sven Silberbart

    add DLC suggestion or CM buy of the 2 big books

    ..yes, but make them smaller and bring the traders out of the zones to give the hunters an alternative hunting ground. Don't do that..the hunters will leave (maybe what much traders wanna see)
  14. Sven Silberbart

    Ship Usefulness.

    Sadly...that is true 😞
  15. Sven Silberbart

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    Does that mean.. nation x can only fight the nations at their borders? Maybe that will reduce the amount of PBs but i like the idea of a frontline. That would bring a tactical component.