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  1. Sven Silberbart

    Deutsche Spieler Ingame

    ..und Schweizern 🙂
  2. Sven Silberbart

    biggest issues, safezone, pvp events and rvr

    Around the safe zones are the traders. Making Safezones 2x bigger and 100% safe, is making traders 100% safe and that would give the pirate gameplay one more punch. Why bringing PvP areas to a pvp game. Intead of that: Bring PvE Areas outside of trading routes and capitols..thats would bring a PvE Heaven for those who dont want to do PvP, without destroying other gameplay elements
  3. Sven Silberbart

    Incentive for nations to own more towns.

    That System was a very bad idea. Dont know how much vodka they had in when making that decision.
  4. Sven Silberbart

    Whats up with NA?

    No patches wich significant improves the gameplay (out of already good battle mechanic) since months.
  5. Sven Silberbart

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    +1 Absolutely.
  6. Holding a port must be a benefit, not a pain. Port/Timer costs are a bad idea. Like @staun said: there is no incentive to hold a non profit port. (At least 0 costs)
  7. Sven Silberbart

    "Go to bed" log off

    Revenge fleets make an area (espacially capitols) a dangerous place for an hunter. And hunting should be dangerous in such places. Revenge fleets bring the possibility for players to make an area more safe for them. As i said...Loose all cargo in hull (and maybe cannons) when using a "go to bed"-button would be fine for me. I dont want to see the hunters come, look for a easy target and after that easy kill escape with all captured cargo, gold by using a magic hideout (logoff). It also isn't immersive in my oppinion.
  8. Sven Silberbart

    "Go to bed" log off

    IF a Battle Result Screen returns there must be a bigger penalty than the thread owner suggested. To prevent logoff only for make your goods safe, all goods aboard should be lost. That would be a "Throw everything aboard!"-command to make ship as fast as possible. Maybe that could be a compromise?! Goods into water, Reps into water, Cannons, Guns and powder into water, Extra Planing into water, useless men, women and childs into water, .. By this way, the trader and the hunter and everyone thinks twice before using such a "Safe My Ass"-Button
  9. Sven Silberbart

    "Go to bed" log off

    Not "can".. that will be abused to escape dangerous situations every time it is possible. We had that Battle Screen discussion so often before and i am happy to see it erased from the game. You wanna add a time penalty for relogging. Thats good but not enough in my opinion. As a hunter I would "log off to bed" as soon as i have any valuable goods aboard. The same for every trader. So that would kill the gameplay to plunder and rob. That would kill the risk to transport goods at OW. I was in the same situation sometimes. After a big and long battle late in the evening i wanted to logout but enemies prepared a trap outside and wanna continue batteling. Because I decided to sail out I needed to accept that situation. Dont have a solution for this, but "After Battle Screen" already failed long time ago in this game.
  10. Sven Silberbart

    Chain shot feedback

    More chain dmg at long range is needed. Follower are not able to stop running ships anymore.
  11. Hunters start to look for trading routes and try to cap a trader. For the case of success they have a big treasure like 1000 dublons for example. That should animate much players to hunt the treasure instead of "Ah another player get robbed, doesnt matter". Maybe the hunters are a group of 3. One is sailing the captured trader ship, and he becomes an important target to board and to defend. Next time the trader organise an escort when transport high values. That could lead to a good fight between escort ships and hunting group. Sounds like a good "age of sail" gameplay element in my ears.
  12. Sven Silberbart

    Bring back names in OW!

  13. Sven Silberbart

    PvP Leaderboard

    Player A is 10 hours a day online and at the top of the leaderboard with lets say 8 kills (0,8 kills per hour) Player B is 1 hour a day online and nowhere to see at leaderboard with lets say 1 kill (1 kill per hour) Player A get rewards, Player B not. Player A is also in a clan spending him a lot of ships so he can sail the next battle after the previous one and Player B is a lone wolf need to spend time shipping materials and build new ships by himself. So .. Leaderboards rewards are for spending time in pvp. A Player who play this game mostly in the evening only, the leaderboard is something far away and unreachable. For this player such a leaderboard reward isn't an incentive to do more pvp and go out, since he can't do enough, whatever he do. Also I see nearly the same names at leaderboard most times, wich means rewards would go to a few people only. Leaderboard rewards fair or not? Decide by yourself.
  14. Sven Silberbart

    Acusations without proof

    You really post this in the Tribunal thread?! Devs should ban you from forum for wasting their time with this.
  15. Sven Silberbart

    1st rates + economy/crafting

    I never played EVE. Dont know how it works there