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  1. Surrender in PvP

    Like Malachy's way of surrendering mechanic
  2. Preußische Weihnachtslotterie

    Mich interssiert eher was dort dahinter steckt. Abgeschlossen mit dem Spiel als Ganzes, vermute ich mal?
  3. Eliminate small ship griefing

    Is it possible for 2 snows to tack a large ship (1st?) ? All in all i dont like this game to be a game for big ship captains only. I want to have a role for the smaller ships in this game. So I dont like this suggestion, just because a captain is pissed. I haddn't that situation myself but i believe in you that this is frustrating (similar to a situation, when captains use an exploit to avoid a fight with a bigger fleet outside at la navasse, that was hardly organized. But that is another issue). There must be another way to solve this, without hitting the small ships again and again with new nerfs. @Landsman said to remove multiple repairs. That is much better than other changes, because that endless repairs are a pain at all. But in a heavy and bad maneuverable ship this wouldn't help you and this is good. Maybe to think about an escort ship would help next time before leaving the harbour alone.
  4. Holy Roman Emprire - heuert neue Kapitäne für den Dienst unter dem blau/gelben Banner an. Einfach im Nation Chat nachfragen oder: LINK
  5. The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    I am impressed. 2h ago: Declaring war to swedish empire 30min ago: Lost 1st PB and instantly start MIMIMI
  6. Pirate Mechanics

    I would guess a very big part of the playerbase wish to see the pirate mechanic as something special. I favour the way @Bearwall posted. But i also saw all over the time that @admin always ignored such a wish and i can't remember to read a reason for that. As much as I would like see the pirate nation replayed with a real pirate gameplay, I lost every hope for that in the past. :-(
  7. Port battle feedback - battles with BR limits

    Please dont throw this idea away so fast. Balance it instead.
  8. Port battle feedback - battles with BR limits

    I know you dont like the mixed fleets, but I heard much voices wich like that idea. Mono fleets are tested a big time. Now give the mixed fleet system the same chance please. You are right to say: the fleet composition must be useful and need to give every player to take a valuable part of the PB. But that is just a question of balancing, not a question of the basic idea behind that.
  9. Port battle feedback - battles with BR limits

    A frigate can: - Fast capture circle (as you said) - Effectivly slow down enemies from distance (as you said) - Sink mortar brigs if unprotected (as you said) - Sink lone / heavily damaged ships if unprotected A line ship can: - go brawl against other line ships ..There are useful roles in my opinion (maybe not much liked, but useful) Previous mono fleet battle gave equal start situations. This is the real problem! Mixed fleets are very good, but we need to equal the starting setup. That also would bring the frigate type ship a new role: - Go into close fight with other frigate A close combat only exists in equal fleet compositions. That is the problem, not the ship types lower than lineships. Just my 2 cents
  10. Port battle feedback - battles with BR limits

    I never understood why not to give each port a definition wich ship type can participate in wich counts. Why not say: Camp du Roy: 2 x 2nd Rate 4 x 4th rate 4 x 5th rate 4 x 6th rate or something like that. I think "go away from mono fleets" is the right step, but a PB needs to start with equal conditions on each side. Otherwise the ligther side always have to do "Kite and Cap".
  11. Fragen zum Spiel

    Ja bei den Schweden sind noch immer viele deutsche Spieler
  12. Safe Zones OP?

  13. Wir freuen uns weiterhin über jeden Neuzugang, Ob Anfänger oder Vollprofi :-)
  14. Storms, Dynamic Weather in Battle

    That looks so beautiful and could be a real good addtiional benefit for NA gameplay. Does anyone oder @admin can tell: why this great feature has been removed?
  15. Solution for Empty Portbattles?

    I can't make so much +1 as i want for this. You absolutely nailed it. @admin should read that.