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  1. Ports turning neutral (bad coding)

    +1 agree
  2. Spielerschwund? Kein Wunder!

    Ja das Spiel hat viele kleine Unzulänglichkeiten, da gebe ich dir Recht, wenngleich ich bei der Sache mit der Navigation anderer Meinung bin. "nicht wirklich dauerhaft spielbar" .. Naja, ich habe, wie viele andere auch nahe 2000 Spielstunden auf dem Puckel und kann das daher absolut nicht unterschreiben. Aber ich denke ich bin da auch etwas härter im nehmen als viele andere. Ist ja auch das persönliche Empfinden was da eine Rolle spielt. Für mich persönlich gilt: Es ist eine Alpha und da erwarte ich gerade deshalb, dass viele störende Kleinigkeiten vorhanden sind. Aber wenn du für dich entschieden hast, dass dir das Spiel zu unfertig ist, dann ist das ja auch ok. Bleibt mir nur "auf Wiedersehen" zu sagen.
  3. I dont like mission ganking. So I prefer 2 types of missions 1) safe missions. immediately closed with lower rewards 2) dagerous missions. Stays open with high rewards.
  4. No. The game has changed from hardcore to easy mode. No need to make it more easy as it is now. We need some money sink and new demand.
  5. What we need now are new PvP areas as Pala said. Before last past many users said we need very good reasons to go out of that reinforcement zones. If that is the case, everything is fine. The players fear pvp is dead now, because the capitol areas were pvp hotspots before. The problem isn't the reinforcement zone (maybe it should be smaller). The problem is, there is no appeal for players to go out of that zone. There is no indicator for player where to find enemies in the very very big world outside the reinforcement zones.
  6. YES That is extactly my thought. That is the right order. That is how it should looks like. @admin should think about that
  7. i would call that unbalanced, not great. Making PvE Missions should always less luctrative than trading and pvp.
  8. Are All missions open for others to enter

    I thought combat and fleet mission are immediately closed doesnt matter where you are. If not than that should be.
  9. we grinded hostilitly at "point a pitre" on live server 17. Sept. And i think 15% isnt enough. cut more plz
  10. Are All missions open for others to enter

    ..and that is a problem. Exactly what mike said. Closing the missions immediately is a good thing (no more hated mission jumping), but an escape point is a bad thing for such a chase. @admin Plz implement: If you want to start a mission, then you need to wait 30 secs and after that cooldown you are joining the mission wich is immediately closed. That would solve both problems at once! (You are attackable on the open world in that 30 secs and you need to stop to join the mission. So in the most cases this isnt a good idea to misuse a mission as escape point)
  11. Sweden declares war on France

    The problem with danes and swedes is: Their capitols are too close together and the devs dont want to see that as a problem. Every war against the danes wasn't fun for me, not the same with all the other wars against other nations. Doesnt matter wich nation. This is my personal experience as a player on the swedish side and the reason why I dont want a war against the danes until the devs understand the problem. Maybe others on both side feels the same. You cant keep such a war locally limited to Haiti it will always turn back to the small area between danes and swedes (and with that to the capitol areas). But i think only danes and swedes understand the "capitols too close"-problem in relation to rvr.
  12. Absolutely clear: The enemy's reinforcements area must be indicated for everyone. @admin plz add such an indicator
  13. Nein. Die Spielmechanik lässt keinen "friendly status" mit clans ausserhalb der eigene Nation zu.
  14. That wasnt action, that was only a reason that leeds players to quit the game. Players need the ability to do a mission because they know they havnt much time to play. Those a mission is planable in time it needs. Pvp isn't. Also on a pvp server. Why you aren't wait for NA Legends? This is the action you are looking for.
  15. Yes the right way to go away from hardcore and let the players some room to breath. But there are some things need to do: - Combat/Fleet Missions are instant closed. Great thing wich stops the hated missions jumps. But also gives an escape spot. Implement a little timer (maybe 30 Secs) before joining a instance could easily solve that problem. Similar to Logout Timer at open sea. - Reinforcements. That could kill privateer and pirate gameplay if the reinforcement zone at some nations are absolutely too big. Needed to be lowered. more other, but that a my favorites