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  1. Sven Silberbart

    Bring back names in OW!

  2. Sven Silberbart

    PvP Leaderboard

    Player A is 10 hours a day online and at the top of the leaderboard with lets say 8 kills (0,8 kills per hour) Player B is 1 hour a day online and nowhere to see at leaderboard with lets say 1 kill (1 kill per hour) Player A get rewards, Player B not. Player A is also in a clan spending him a lot of ships so he can sail the next battle after the previous one and Player B is a lone wolf need to spend time shipping materials and build new ships by himself. So .. Leaderboards rewards are for spending time in pvp. A Player who play this game mostly in the evening only, the leaderboard is something far away and unreachable. For this player such a leaderboard reward isn't an incentive to do more pvp and go out, since he can't do enough, whatever he do. Also I see nearly the same names at leaderboard most times, wich means rewards would go to a few people only. Leaderboard rewards fair or not? Decide by yourself.
  3. Sven Silberbart

    Acusations without proof

    You really post this in the Tribunal thread?! Devs should ban you from forum for wasting their time with this.
  4. Sven Silberbart

    1st rates + economy/crafting

    I never played EVE. Dont know how it works there
  5. Sven Silberbart

    The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    France and dutch are nearly non active in rvr over the last months (except the night crew). I am happy to see the dutch nation active and hope the same for france. Roseau was a good start for that.
  6. Sven Silberbart

    1st rates + economy/crafting

    Absolutely. As result we need more clan based systems to prevent exactly that. I cant see any other option to stop the alts spamming and all the backdoors and exploits wich are only possible because of alts.
  7. Sven Silberbart

    RvR informations are totally useless

    I dont like the words you have chosen, but i need to agree to the content
  8. Sven Silberbart

    Reinforcements update

    I think no. They start crying before knowing how the game mechanics work. With this change the attacker has a chance (depends on what "buffed" means), nothing more. The defender has much more.. - Forts and Towers - Npc reinforcements - In the homewaters the defender has a good change for players of the own nation to come for help I cant believe all the mimimi here.
  9. Sven Silberbart

    Reinforcements update

    This fix is really good. The traders do not need to be 1000% safe in the zones. This is a OW PvP game, not a trade ship simulation. This fix will create actions and the need to organize escorts and backups, etc..
  10. Sven Silberbart

    Incentives to leave greenzones

    Ya.. 500 - 300 (playing most time in save zones) = Nearly no OW activity left (so, for me: the server "real" population isn't 500, it is a lot less) I am fine with new player protection and i am fine with a regeneration and chill zone, but I am not fine with most valuable trading inside safe zones. Devs need to bring more need to leave the zones and/or decrease protection level/zones
  11. Sven Silberbart

    Incentives to leave greenzones

    Current PvE and Arena Game Style is shit. Bring back real OW Gameplay. - Reinforcement Zone only for beginners - Lucrative Trade route must be inside dagerous areas, never inside safe areas (Currently i can make much money with trading and nearly no risk) Two simple things that could help a lot to bring back pirate life
  12. Sven Silberbart

    Big patch coming during next 1,5 week

    Hmmm. open world hunting and pirate life has already been killed. But there are more reasons.. - huge open world with low population - big reinforcement zones, without no need to go out - forts and towers everywhere - patrol zones are just another reason on the top
  13. Sven Silberbart

    Tagging and the tag circle

    plz not! Ist much better how it is now
  14. Sven Silberbart

    Spotting From Land (Realism Suggestion)

    Ofc AI ships are not part of this information. What we see today in nation chat is similar und useful.: "3 prussiians near Marigot in 3rd rates". The suggestion is to bring that information into a seperate chat and generate the info by the game system itself. Cant see any negative effect. Who dont want to take a look at the spotting logs, mustn't do it. The guys who want to Find the enemy in own nations waters have a better chance to do so.
  15. Sven Silberbart

    Spotting From Land (Realism Suggestion)

    if i remember right: some time ago there were papers found at open sea. The information was similar to "Ship/Captain was spotted 3 hours ago at X". That info was useless, cause the info was absolutely outdated and you were mostly somewhere at OW at the moment you found the info paper and always too far away. This suggestion is a good thing, when it is an nation wide information wich isn't too old. It would lays down a trace and would give the game more depth with an cat and mouse gameplay or placing traps. I really like this suggestion and hope @admin will give it a look.