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    already suggested this. it was overlooked by our dearest devs

    OH great and wise devs, given your infinite wisdom and great game mechanics development. I would humbly like to point out a neglected area of your game. perhaps you have failed to realize that there isn't crap for a clan of 5-10 captains to participate in within your current game mechanics. I'm sure you know that the game has one main objective right now which is capturing ports. that requires 25 people. I'm also sure your familiar with this game called world of Warcraft, and maybe you even failed to see that WOW with its massive player base decided that 25 man raids was just too much for most people to want to play around with. so how bout a great idea....... give us something to do in your damn game other than battles that require 1/4 to 1/2 of the entire server population. I would make suggestions but hey that's your job to develop this crap not mine. #retired captians... #mothball fleet.
  3. because the whole rest of the server cannot put together a 25 man first rate fleet. keep your euro timer. USA players are done with port battles. if devs cant make it work then oh well we will bite the bullet. but at this point we just want our goods transferred so we don't have to start all the way back over.
  4. I was on EU long before I was on USA server. wanted the global thing to work because I thought that's how the game should be. it is a failed dream bud. you gotta know when to cut your losses and move on. many of us will be doing from the game entirely soon. if the devs don't get their crap together and figure out how to create fun content instead of grinds.
  5. just force the merge man. bring your clan over from global and put the last nail in the coffin of global. the devs have to pay to keep that server open. you really think they are going to pay to keep a server with 20 people max pop on it?
  6. Perk Reset

    yea they should take it out.... that way they can bring it back in two months and say look guys new content!!! oh..... nvm. my bad.
  7. Perk Reset

    heck no reason for it not to be 0 penalty like it used to be.
  8. lord protector gives defenders the advantage. not the attacker. so yea it could be hard to gain ports. but you should only loose a port if you loose the port battle. which I'm fine with that and I will say this for the last time as well... global is dead.
  9. @admin btw the % of people pvping is so low because there is no reason for them to go pvp.
  10. also. you don't have to bring back the flag system in order to set time zones. just make it so that hostility can only be driven up within a 4 hour window. or w/e it is. BOOM problem solved. with the new system being set up so that missions grind hostility it shouldn't take more than 4 hours to set the pb. and if it is set later then it just reverts to a port battle within the time zone that the defenders have set. also minimum of 12 and maximum of 25 for the port battles. let the defender decide how many (this would enable much more battles) many port battles are left in fought due to the inability to get 25 captains with the right ships in the right place at the right time.
  11. yea we are just asking for our ships and goods to be translated over. @Mike the Mongel @Intrepido could you imagine things being bad enough that you knew you had to start over 3 months after the wipe... because there was an average of 75 players online for the day on your server. keep your port battles. we just want our mats and we want more players to come back.
  12. global server is dead. your loosing 1/2 your player base right there. yes this doesn't fix the problem but it is one step in the right direction to fixing it. and the unity 5 update should make pings a little bit better to deal with. no one will play the game with less than 100 players online. only fools who have nothing else to do with their lives. players are the content bud and if there are no players there is no reason to do anything.
  13. no it can be done right. and it needs to happen so a server merge can happen. the game you love is dyeing twice as fast as it should. server merge will save it for a little while.
  14. @admin pls consider my post for allowing the defensive clan set the size of the PB. 25v25 is just to many players for some clans. we need something for the medium size clans to do. set a minimum of 5/10 with a max of 25. so please consider it. there is no reason for port battles to be as large and taxing as they are. you can make this work.
  15. Battle of the Bastards - PVP Global Duel Tournament

    just more proof that global is dead and that the servers need to be merged. to hell with port battles let the EUROS keep their timers we just want the pop to increase.