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  1. King of Crowns

    Safe zones and Newbies

    as I have already stated any port that is worth taking has a timer that's not in our timezone. otherwise we would own it. to take anything other than what we have just cost more money.
  2. King of Crowns

    Safe zones and Newbies

    any port worth taking has a timer outside of our timezone.
  3. King of Crowns

    Safe zones and Newbies

    salt...………………………………………. its not my job to keep players in this game. that's the devs job. good to know that you think we should only take "consensual" pvp. why even have the open world if that's the case? I defer back to my statement. safezones have killed the game. and I do believe you have misquoted me. my line is for them to "stop sucking".
  4. King of Crowns

    Safe zones and Newbies

    you can find me afk in navase.
  5. King of Crowns

    Safe zones and Newbies

    safe zones have killed this game. period. no reason to hunt due to safe zones. no reason for coast guards due to safe zones. no reason to leave safe zones due to 98% of crafting mats available in safe zone ports. I dont feel like trying to fish out a fight in front of a capital that can easily turn into a 20 vs 5. and may take 3 hours to never happen. nowadays I just log on and sit infront of navase afk while playing another game just to do part part to keep the game alive by keeping that player count +1.= current state of naval action.
  6. King of Crowns

    Please make the Saint Pavel great again!

    Russia is dead and so should all of her ingame ships be.
  7. King of Crowns

    World Cup (annual event)

    sign us up
  8. King of Crowns

    An advanced PvP guide

    post video proving this pls.
  9. King of Crowns

    An advanced PvP guide

    no sir you cannot. equal ships will never take out a bow sprit on the ram.
  10. King of Crowns

    Facts and Truth of Spain.

    okay we will set ayamonte Monday night. cya out there to stop us.
  11. King of Crowns

    Facts and Truth of Spain.

    at war with me? what you talking about I'm a peace with everyone except maybe sweeden. we haven't attacked anyone since kidds harbor fell. we have declared victory in all our wars. therefore we are not at war with anyone as far as I know. list of wars USA war: they refuse to fight therefore they are forfeit. war won Great britian war: ARMED was the only night time force and their clan went to Prussia and are no longer a fighting force in the server. war won Russian war: after the fall of kidds Russia has ceased to exist as a fighting force within the game. war won. Current wars Sweeden: we don't care enough to go flip their ports at the moment for an empty pb.
  12. King of Crowns

    server reset times

    oh but it is a matter of IF. even IF you could set the pb. perhaps if you hadn't tried to get 3 nations to flip us at the same time we wouldn't have had to set the timers like we have. but such is life now.
  13. King of Crowns

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Battle for Aransas France vs USA Commanders FR: King of Crowns USA: Christendom France has 300 less BR and very few of us had more than one repair of each. was good fun.