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  1. King of Crowns

    Proper ability to scuttle ship

    however. the surrender button is NOT being used for that... its being used to deny the ship and the upgrades and the repairs and the pvp marks. it just turns into a giant waste of time (even more so than it was in the first place). the only solace the hunters get is that they don't have the ship any more. and ADMIN said that it is working as intended. so just add a scuttle button to do the same thing just faster and more efficient. and as far as this being a "fighting game" I don't think so. its a more of a farming simulator now. carebears are free to play the game will full access to every single thing in the game without ever leaving the safe zone.
  2. King of Crowns

    Proper ability to scuttle ship

    So as is apparent by admins recent ruling scuttle is in the game already it just takes some mickey mouse bull crap to do it. @admin please give us a scuttle button so that we can deny battles to any retards left in this game trying to find open world pvp. this will also enable us to deny gold ships and upgrades to people once we realize the battle is lost. this will bring about even less reason to pvp. as if we don't have enough bull crap mechanics in place already to work against pvpers/gankgers. this seems to be the current direction of the game. this mechanic will also help the newbs feel better whenever they are getting ganked. this mechanic will help to retain new players because they get the final word. @Ink I think this mechanic is just over due... it should have been added years ago. please put the port UI on hold until this mechanic is released.
  3. King of Crowns

    Working as entended?

    yea but what you forget is that I paid money for the game therefore this game is mine and I can play it how I want to. there is nothing that says I have to be friendly to anyone. and I would venture to say that more people have left the game because of all of the shenanigans that you guys have pulled. ya know leaving the nation then taking all friendly ports of pb list and turning several ports over to that nations enemies. you know all the douschebaggery that you guys do all the time like this incident tonight.
  4. King of Crowns

    Working as entended?

    the answer is until I decide to stop playing the game. that's how long.
  5. King of Crowns

    Working as entended?

    what is on tribunal is not the green on green. but the surrender after the green on green. which then granted the kill to wraith. we would have easily sank willis before wraith could have sank him. however the surrender made that impossible. if the devs want the option to scuttle a ship to deny the ship that's fine. add a button in the game so that we can all troll everyone with it.
  6. King of Crowns

    Working as entended?

    So leave it up to VCO to find another exploit of how to deny a fight. the screen shot wont do much to explain so I will have to explain what happen. willis was tagged and had no chance of escape. so wraith fired two broadsides into the inger and then the inger surrendered. wraith then sank the ship and took the upgrade and repairs. also no one on our side got any credit for the kill. so it totally denied any reward for a 30min chase. So the question is @Ink @admin is this the proper use of gameplay mechanics that you have created OR is it just another exploit found and used by VCO?
  7. King of Crowns

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    I do believe there have been battles go both ways. and I do believe it took you about 8 attempts to actually set the pbs at kidds island. you did win the pbs north inlet was won by the wind and you actually beat us at kidds. and as far as finding us goes. come see us a san Augustine my little Russian friend you don't have to search.
  8. King of Crowns

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    that's a lie... you have been gone all summer but not because of the DLC.
  9. King of Crowns

    Fake name

    the first one is a clear breaking of the rules stated by @ink. this one I will let ink decide. but I would like both removed.
  10. King of Crowns

    Alt Farming at Dariena

    it was a problem before marks. you just didn't notice because there was no combat news feed. people grinded alts to level up to max level. being a former SORRY member you should know this. this guy is not farming marks. he is farming ship XP for the herc. if he was farming pvp marks it would do no good to kill a recently killed player.
  11. King of Crowns

    Caribbean Invasion News

    POLIZE and MAGA are no where to be found on the US east coast. sail up there. its empty. nothing but some unclaned newbs.
  12. King of Crowns

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    France vs Spain PB for Bensalem Commanders: France: King of Crowns Spain: Jags.
  13. King of Crowns

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    France vs Russia. screen battle for Bonnaca
  14. King of Crowns

    Reinforcement zone for top 2 nations?

    so delete safe zones for all nations...……… remake rookie zones.(they used to be in the game about a year ago. it is supposed to be a newb friendly zone with special rules of engagement.) put that rookie zone on the other side of mexico. (aka pacific Ocean.) Safe zones have killed open world pvp. most of your hunters have quit the game because there is no pvp except that which can be found in safe zones.
  15. King of Crowns

    Reinforcement zone for top 2 nations?

    HOW ABOUT we do away with all safe zones and remake the rookie area and put it in the pacific ocean. this topic has already been discussed and shot down in great detail. care bears need to care bear. open world pvp is dead. NA is only an RVR game.