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  1. King of Crowns

    Video request

    This was a massive battle that we got pulled into trying to get into the port battle for San Augustine. We were greatly out gunned. However, our fleet tactics won the night. France vs Russia/USA France:8090 Russian BR 11935 French Commander: King of Crowns Russian/USA Commander: Jags/Christendom?
  2. King of Crowns

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    The results of the dreaded multi flip commanded by northviking. end results of the 1st night. all of the Russian ships were run down and sank. only one or two british 1st rates made it back to KPR out of about 12 or so. it is sad to see such massive alliance in the game but @Christendom apparently needs all the help he can get. not a single French warship was lost all night. 15 british 1st/2nds sank 9 Russian 1st/2nds sank 2 USA 1st/2nds sank. (guess they USA wasn't as committed as they were supposed to be) they mostly came in 4/5th to do the hostility.
  3. King of Crowns


    agree with everything you said except this part. we will take open world fights with any clan in the game. this was not the case with BLACK. they would only engage WO in pbs. with only 2/3 exceptions.
  4. King of Crowns


    do you not see that they have 2 1st rates? and that they outnumber us almost 2:1. we only have 1 more 1st rate than them. if you think we are so easy to kill your welcome to stay up late one night and come to navase.
  5. King of Crowns


    or you could just make the ports more valuable or customizable. a place for the clans to call home. The pve grind sucks but the sytem does work. it is possible to stop some one from attacking your port and it creates pvp. so hostility does suck but it is working.
  6. King of Crowns


    Battles like these while a lot of fun are not easy. and the fact that its right infront of their capital means that they can have a huge amount of players join in w/e ships they want. there should be responsibility of the vets and clans of a nation to defend its capital. No large clan hunts in front of FR during our timezone... and the fleet of princes and cutters used by vco and lionshaft don't count. its extremely risky to get pulled in the reinforce zone. but it has made for some of the best battles I have had in NA. afterall its just ships that are worth little to nothing anyway.
  7. King of Crowns


    your idea of normal is offensive to me. I know when our players play. we lost all of our ports on northern Haiti and we lost all of our ports in the great corn area. I know ur USA so you don't get out of your reinforce zone much.
  8. King of Crowns


    been there done that. failed. will not work and will cost the devs more money. and will divide an already small playerbase.
  9. King of Crowns


    23-2 IS to early for us. many of our guys are central and west coast. 2-reset is our most populated times.
  10. King of Crowns


    WO has lost 9 ports because they were attacked in timezones that we couldn't defend. so we know the story.
  11. King of Crowns


    that's when we are strongest. WO and BLANC are unopposed and almost undefeated (1port, hat island) during that timezone. the point of the timer is to set the port when it can be best defended yes?
  12. okay I understand now. so its just for the month. and its just api data. and doesn't include whether or not there were defenders or attackers in the port.
  13. King of Crowns


    So we have had a month now with these timers and something unexpected has happened. The outstanding cost for the port timers has had some unexpected effects on the game. 1. inflation is being controlled now, and gold is valuable again. 2. traders and econ guys within the clan have now become some of the most important members of your clan. 3. traders and econ guys now have a reason to make as much money as they can. 4. more port battles are available to US time zone players. So perhaps the cost for the timers is a really good thing in the long term of the game. I hate loosing the ports that we couldn't be there to defend and WO lost more ports than any other clan since this mechanic was put into place, but these positive features make it okay IMO. I do thing the current victory mark mechanic is unsatisfactory and is a major reason why there has been less PBS. perhaps this will change if we have that new pvp/vic mark store added to create more of a demand for victory marks. paints would prolly do the trick to make more PBS happen.
  14. @qw569 whats the time limit on these stats? we defended AYS and navase since the merge. not sure if these stats are just within a month or what.
  15. yea we didn't put defense timers on our ports. costs to much. only kept valueable ports. the failed defend number are all empty pbs vs WO. because it was during the middle of the work day for... failed attack must be us getting screened out. (San Augustine) so yet again another empty pb. as far as I know the only PB we have lost since the merge was HAT.