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  1. What Lenin did is a great skill. I've done it a few times in shallow battles, just 2 ships however and had each setup on its own display. It is not a task for the weak, the fact that he's able to do it with such little screen space is amazing.
  2. You call me fool yet dismiss the points I presented. OK lol. That post went off the rails for a few reasons but too much emotion was the main, and lets be honest I really wonder how intoxicated some people are when they post. Plenty have done it. Your making an assumption right there. They play the game and get doubloons. By the time they need to teleport around you don't think they will have enough? A new player will be more concerned with leveling up. You can have concerns about the change but you base your concerns on assuming one will have a hard time. I started a completely fresh character on test bed. I didn't receive the handouts everyone else did because I jumped onto the testbed before it officially was announced. So far it hasn't been a problem and from what admin says it will only become easier. Like paying for crew. Adding costs to teleports doesn't stop someone from advancing, should ships be free since its a struggle to build and collect all that is needed? The burden of proof is in your hands, you go try. I'll ask again, why is a new player teleporting so much? A poor little midshipman that should be focused on the tutorials, basic crafting and missions.
  3. The hunt and battle are the reward!
  4. I would bet because most of that topic was irrational complaints. To continue the discussion... You make two assumptions: That doubloons will not be abundant That all new players need to teleport Admin has stated that the returns for missions are not what they will be, that doubloons will be found even on npc ships and player ships (since they need to take them back to port to put them in their chest) will be carrying them as well. I think its clear getting doubloons won't be an issue. Why are new players teleporting? When they start out they have nothing therefore must build up their rank and their supply anyway. @admin Will the tutorial rewards include doubloons? Have these devs made some bad changes in the past? Yes but this doesn't even come close. TP charges remind me of the name/chat changes, we don't love them but it ended up working out just fine possibly reduced trolling.
  5. Kawazz

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    Teleport costs are fine as long as they are balanced. I've added feedback before your quip... My point was why take someone seriously that uttered that quote. He enjoys posting here more than playing the game.
  6. Kawazz

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    Balloon rides between ports seems to be the best route. Make the ride take a few minutes to arrive. Build it like WoW designed their flight paths so you fly through the world. It would be a waste if this was just used on the drone...
  7. Kawazz

    Work in progress

    @adminSo that's how we'll teleport to outposts? 🙄
  8. Kawazz

    Modeling Local Winds

    Admin has mentioned having weather reports forecasting wind speed changes! Hopefully we see them one day.
  9. Kawazz

    Far Side of the World

    Awesome, I did the trip way back and always hoped to see it officially added. @admin pretty please...
  10. @admin Can we get some sound effects at the docks, the ones we normally would in open world? Its so weird to go from ow to dock ui and have it completely silent.
  11. Kawazz

    PvP Heat Map

    Plenty have just changed their names!
  12. Kawazz

    PvP Heat Map

    We had this for awhile, one day I might bring it back but I truly don't see the need with combat news built in game.
  13. Kawazz

    Retag griefing

    We've got that 1v1 waiting for ya.
  14. Kawazz

    Retag griefing

    So lets get this straight. You sail around enemy waters for hours and complain when you eventually get caught by said enemy? ITS CALLED NAVAL ACTION! Naval Action is a hardcore, realistic, and beautifully detailed naval combat sandbox immersing players into the experience of the most beautiful period of naval history - when sailing ships ruled the seas.
  15. Kawazz

    Retag griefing

    2 times within 2 hours. Keep lying if you want but its a lie. We won in the second battle. So hard to attack those traders! /s