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  1. Iirc pandora will be given to ALL early access players on or before release
  2. Was sinking time/ loot range increased with this patch?
  3. New "Special" Trims

    no explosion refit, im dissapoint
  4. Not turning up to Port Battles

    Im sure you had people around scouting closest free ports/ attacking nations port reporting to you. So why still sit and wait? Or maybe you were anticipating a fleet hiding in a battle just outside? (You promote this shitty behaviour with suggested punishment’s to attackers) screened out =/= no show afaik
  5. Upcoming Patch

    New stuff, sinkable 1st rates
  6. Motivate to do PVP

    Motivation: want that wasa or first rate? Earn it, fight for it, die for it. Want to get better? PvP! Go with friends on comms (in game chat is a lost fight vs most groups) and learn from mistakes to get better. Charity pvp marks for just showing up is bad motivation, its as if you join and just hope the others can kill them *points at* le greenzone coast guards. Altough sail damage should be more properly awarded
  7. Buying port produced resources

    Craft menu then resources you can check cost and calculate Z / x * 4 = price for eu trader to fill contract Z being quantity of resources. Eg 4x oak logs x being gold cost. eg 292 to make 4 oak logs 4 / 292 * 4 = 292, so need to put contract on oak logs at 292 for eu trader to fill someone with better #math could probably explain easier, not at pc so dont know if oak logs are 292 but i use this formula
  8. I guess thickness (mods) add to the "realism" of 1st rates as they more often surrendered rather than being straight up sunk. But in game its just frustrating when they are impenetrable by anything below 24s point blank and have the most capable steelworkers availabe onboard to fix any dent/hole and make her just like new again.
  9. Add speed or repair nerf to thickness mods
  10. Now look at this

    Does this mean finally rip mods or will all nations get the resources for them? or make admiralty throw smugglers out every now and then and ban from said port for a while
  11. Now look at this

    Lgv is cool in the speed meta thats going on. It has good upwind profile and solid base speed and THFREE SLOTS!
  12. Keep current mechanics but add warning that you are on a pvp server when you hit sail and pop the warning once again when you leave green zone. Home fleet wasnt present to deflect or counter "gank" fleet or hunter. Why should home fleet suddenly teleport home from 1000k away and be on top of the battle after a call in nation chat/ts. If defensive tags is the problem bring more faster ships in your magically teleported fleet, maybe nerf the speed boost some
  13. Bermuda should just be a free port with bermuda cedar and not be a safe haven grind spot