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  1. Karthago

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Best regards @staun :That sounds like a task? What do you think we were doing when Danish occupiers occupied 50% of the Dutch colonies. Your 1rate fleets were in Willemstad every other day. It is now time to pay this fee. And yes I know that the shards were left by the devil! But you also held his hand
  2. Karthago

    Deutsche Spieler Ingame

    Sie können die bayrisch sprechende Bevölkerung haben, aber das land bleibt bei uns...
  3. Karthago

    Ist das Spiel jetzt besser geworden...

    Die Dockplätze waren schon nice, mir ging es aber auch um den support. Und es fehlen trotz dem die "paints" ^^
  4. Karthago

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Thanks for the great fight at Lamona @yarrgh, it was a fight at the same height. Both sides had ups and downs and in the end it was a fair draw! A nice boxing match over twelve round ^^
  5. Karthago

    The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    I greet you captains Who or what is Scipio, that he calls here a war for the DutchNation. I'm not here for three days and some captains are calling for a war. Where was he when the nation lay on the ground ... definitely not here! o7
  6. Karthago

    Fragen zum Spiel

    Auch wenn sie zur eigenen Nation gehören?
  7. Karthago

    Fragen zum Spiel

    das Schiff auf Hoher See zurück zu porten ist jetzte etwas anders. Du portest jetzt zum nächsten deepwater Hafen ( egal ob Freund oder Feind ) ausgenommen sind feindliche Hauptstädte...
  8. Karthago

    Fragen zum Spiel

    Was hier Jon schreibt ist nicht ganz richtig, Polen / Preußen und Russland haben keine Zone weil sie keine Hauptstädte haben ... aber wenn du nur ab und zu auf NPC kloppen willst, bleibst du lieber auf dem PVE - Server o7
  9. Karthago

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Why should you "BF" get the right to a fair fight? If they fight their opponents unfairly every day?
  10. Karthago

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Why in the night, In the US it is not in the fight time at night, think first then write! They forget that the Global and EU1 have melted together .... o7
  11. Karthago

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Greeting the honorable Captains, You are mistaken Captain Bernadotte himself, we will not repay the Danish crown for something they have not done to us. On the contrary, many captains sailing under the Danish banner are honorable sailors. Only Wengie minions wrapping themselves in the red and white flag are actually pirate scum. These we will hunt to bring them to their just punishment .... * The speaker stops for a moment * The grim truth we saw in the wee hours of the morning when we recaptured Coquibacoa. The disease has broken out in the colony, decaying animal carcasses on the streets. Slaves nailed to crosses and hundreds of noble women forced into prostitution from all over the world roamed the streets. I can only pray to God that He gives us all strength to fight these devils. RP out * DNP has always been in a pleasant opponent, few players on the Danish side are unfamiliar with rules or moral principles. o7
  12. Karthago

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Status Report Sinamaica Easter Monday, two Dutch ships, one battleship (Bellona*LION´s) and one frigate (Endymion*LION´s) + (pirate frigate NPC) open the fight with two Danish ships. The Danish ships as well as a ( Bellona*BF ) and a ( Suprise*BF ) lead a heavy fight over the late evening hours. After the two Dutch ships were able to gain the upper hand in the fight, the Danes defied the defeat by a shameful escape! As the Dutch ships began their glorious journey home, the Lienienschiff were attacked and sunk by a whole armada of Danish Lienien ships. Shamelessly, the Danish Admiralty wanted to withhold this information from the public. But we have lost a ship of the line but our hearts will be filled with courage for retribution! greetings from Willemstad
  13. Karthago

    Fragen zum Spiel

    o7 Könnte jemand hier Daten oder ein Link reinschreiben, im Bezug der neuen Premiumschiffe die kommen sollen? Mast und Schotbruch.
  14. Karthago

    Caribbean Invasion News

    very big level, let me guess, you're 14 years old^^
  15. Karthago

    Caribbean Invasion News