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  1. The Pump on the Connie???

    same w/ Open Magazine - you'll get a fire EVERY single battle!!!!
  2. Repair timers need attention

    I think the current system is good. No need to gives koltes any more advantages in his gank attempts.
  3. Please post your major annoyances

    @admin My major annoyance is an exploit that has gone from "occasional, and randomly used by a few" to "National modis operandi" for the Pirates. Here is how it works: One Pirate Player signs on as an Alt in an enemy Nation. They then camp themselves in a known major shipping lane of said enemy, and report in on ships/activity there. When an appropriate target is spotted, fellow Pirates are made aware, and sign-on in the OW at or near that same location to make sudden, surprise attacks on the enemy's shipping. So, as an enemy Player scans the seas, they see only a friendly (usually in a Basic Cutter), and assume the coast is clear. Then suddenly, there is an attack on their ship! This exploit has a simple fix: Just as those who log-on in the OW have to wait 30 minutes to join a Port Battle, you could make it so that those logging-on in the OW must wait at least 10 minutes prior to attacking an enemy player.
  4. @admin Just wanted to thank you again for this Patch - the decision to go with Combat Marks as opposed to PvP and PvE Marks as separate entities is a huge improvement to the game, and has brought me back into the PvP Global server from the PvE server. With this change you open the game up and allow for more styles of play to compete successfully within the same incredible world system!! Well decided, great decision-making, and I send you much joy and thanks for your on-going efforts! Keep up the great work - this is the best game I have ever played.
  5. Realism Gripe Regarding Contracts

    @adminIn an earlier iteration of the game, a Trader Ship under Smuggler's Flag could stealth into a foreign Port and place a Contract to buy or sell a Resource / Material. This has been removed and takes with it Realism, Potential PvP engagements and "Come-back" ability of the non-owning Nation. I advocate for this feature to be re-introduced into the game. When a Nation does not have access to a Resource, they can be severely handicapped; and if they a smaller Nation, their chance of gaining said Resource through Conquest maybe rather limited, meaning their chances of "making a comeback" are hampered. By allowing Contracts in foreign Ports, enemies are encouraged to "take a chance" and risk PvP encounters both going in to establish these contracts AND returning later to collect whatever resources they have managed to acquire. Also, I would argue that realism is at stake, as often in human affairs the "highest bidder" has won out over National Pride/Loyalty. A prime example were the US oil tankers in the mid-Atlantic who regularly sold oil to German U-Boats because it was a lucrative business. As I have argued before, and will continue to advocate for, this game is a RICH one, having MANY paths to "victory," and multiple ways to provide the individual Player with a sense of accomplishment; and it is always disappointing when one gets turned off or shut-down. There is "smash-mouth" PvP and Conquest; but also stealth, shadows and alternative routes to the same end. I think the alternate "fix" of having Contracts expire is the correct route to take - it forces the Contracting player to return to the danger-zone to collect, AND, it eliminates the "trolling" type Contracts that might cripple a Port out of malice or neglect, such as ones set by a player who then stops playing. This game is the best I have ever played, please keep up the good work!
  6. With the newish "No Area Captures For First 5 Minutes" it seems the Attackers now have a huge advantage in Shallow Water Port Battles. This is partly due to the speed of the Ships and that the attacker can be spread out and grab the outer 2 Areas before the defense can set themselves. In a recent shallow water PB, the battle was declared over (1,000 pts achieved) extremely shortly after the Ships of the two Nations fully engaged each other. Only one or two Ships were sunk/captured prior to victory being achieved.
  7. For me this is the BEST patch ever! By combining PvP Marks w/ PvE Marks I feel once again I have a chance of success playing on the regular servers. No more boring PvE server for me! The game's greatness is being restored!!!
  8. Protractor

    @admin I am VERY happy with the addition of the Protractor Tool! It is one of the best enhancements I have seen. Is there any chance you will be adding a "noon reading" indicator on the map? A small red dot in the approximate location of the Ship each noon? Maybe there could also be a 3 day "history" saved to the map.
  9. Hotfix 4 for patch 10.00

    If the Devs want a Player based economy, they need to entice the economy building players BACK to PvP Servers. Currently, most of us are chilling on PvE and ramping our respective economies. Again, don't kill your game by forcing EVERYTHING to be PvP 100%. Without the PvE Mark to PvP Mark exchange, players like me feel they do not have a chance to be successful on a PvP Server. Again, if pvp players NEED pvp all the time - give them a Lobby so they can get that. Don't turn the PvP Servers into just another version of the upcoming "Naval Action Arena" game.
  10. Hotfix 1 for patch 10.0

    I agree, without Coal one cannot even Craft Hull Repairs - so the Port Battle for a Coal region will be rather unbalanced...
  11. I have to say, I am very glad I moved from the PvP USA (now Global) to PvE! Makes the game refreshing and new all over again!!! Enjoying the new stuff, and was happy to see Midshipman Missions not put a Player up against 2 superior enemies! But, I sure could use some Coal...
  12. Traders in Shops

    @admin I hope it is an oversight to not have BPs for LGV, Trader Cutter, Trader Lynx and Indiaman in the game. I know the emphasis of the testbed is PvP, and I know you want primarily PvP on PvP Servers, but I think you are over-stepping and hurting your game. As it was, you had a beautiful, complete and wonderfully complex game. In that game, there were MANY avenues for a player to take to be and feel successful: they could PvP, they could do Conquests, they could Trade, they could Craft, they could haul logs / Resources / Materials to get an economy going. Many ways to participate in Nation building and have pride in a game well played. But it seems that in the blind goal of "PvP being ONLY PvP" you are hurting the game by eliminating many options for players; the Players like myself who do some PvP, some Conquest, some PvE, a lot of Trading and Crafting, and most importantly, tons of Resource location, hauling and economy building. A 100% player generated economy can't happen w/o the correct tools in place - part of that is players like myself AND the Trader Ships needed to bring in the Resources to a central point. Without the LGV or the Indiaman, I am hamstrung. Right now neither can be captured, neither can be Crafted and neither can be bought! When I make a Resource run, I bring what I need plus whatever else I can fit. If I can fit a bunch, then I can put that up for sale or trade it to start the economy rolling. If I can't even bring in what I need, then NO trade occurs and NO economy is established. To even get a Trader Brig, I must first accumulate 500 some Oak logs - so maybe my best best is to redeem my Victory and use her as a trader ship... AND, I have heard romours that the Smuggler's Flag will be disabled - this will disable the game in many ways. With no Smuggler Flag certain resources will be out of bounds for many Nations, AND, Nations with smaller populations who lose ports and position, will NOT be able to adequately make a comeback through Conquest. Please reconsider the "PvP ONLY" focus of the PvP Servers, for the sake of the success of this AMAZING game. OR, if you want "PvP ONLY", best to remove ALL AI Fleets altogether...
  13. L Last time I checked testbed offered neither the LGV nor the Indiaman BP - so, NO, unless the Indiaman gets re-instated, @admin has mis-spoken in regards to traders using 3 Indiamen as Fleeted Ships.
  14. Naval Action - Magic moments

    I remember sailing into George Town (Caymans) for the first time: it is a BEAUTIFUL atoll!!! And, re-writing my first piece, after playing "Naval Action" for the first time: "2, January, 1786 Naval Gazette: A Commission! “Port Royal?” I stammered, stumbling out of The Admiralty’s home office, “Where in the devil is that?!?” I, Sir F Drake, had just been handed my first Admiralty Orders! As a Midshipman I was to command the mighty, “HMS Wroughtenboughtham,” of His Majesty’s Royal Navy, and was to proceed, “with all due haste,” to some, “Port Royal.” My head was swimming with delight and I tore off towards what I thought was my appointed post. But, as luck would have it, Port Royal is NOT the royal docks near Buckingham Palace, as some rather derisive gate-keepers let me know with more than an adequate level of humiliating back-chat; but rather a rather remote Outpost across the Atlantic Ocean in the bloody Caribbean! And, before I could say, “Bob is your uncle,” I was hastily whisked away on the first available tide in a Royal Navy packet bound for the island of Jamaica… (Narrator: The author has just purchased the game, “Naval Action,” on Steam and is just beginning to explore its workings. Firstly, a player chooses a name for their character, then they choose which nationality they will be affiliated with: Great Britain, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, the USA, the Pirates or to play as a “Neutral.” Any Player who signs up as a British Captain is given an Outpost with a Warehouse in Kingston/Port Royal, limited storage space within said Warehouse, a dock space for up to six Ships, and a “Basic Cutter” as their only Ship. This Ship is an 8th Rate with fore-and-aft rigging which also comes equipped with 10th Rated Four Pounder Cannons; which are the weakest Cannons in the game.) My name is, Sir F Drake. Upon hearing my name many assume that I am no other than, Sir FRANCIS Drake, the rather infamous Captain and Privateer in His Majesty’s Royal Navy. This error on their parts has served me quite well in life so far, and may well have been the key factor in my landing this sweet commission. However, in actuality I am merely, Sir FREDERICK Drake, a MUCH, MUCH younger brother of the legendary “Francis;” with the “Frederick” shrunk down to an unassuming “F” for the sake of allowing an element of confusion to slip in… Upon my arrival in Port Royal, Jamaica (known as, “Kingston,” by the locals) I inquired as to where I would find the HMS Wroughtenboughtham. With a few odd smirks and smiles on the side, I was directed to the docks and shown my first command: A “Basic Cutter”… The wind came right out of my sails, and the term, “major disappointment,” was not strong enough to truly describe my initial emotions towards her; for my glorious command was an aging, and very heavily weathered, 8th Rate of a Ship!! Being flat broke, I was advised that the best path forward was to go into the local Office of The Admiralty and request a Mission; so as to both gain experience, Rank and get some lucrative government pay-outs. When I did so, the Official handed me some orders to: “Sail ‘round Jamaica to a Port called Saint Ann, and rid the seas there of a troublesome pirate!” (Narrator: In the game, “Naval Action,” there are MANY, MANY Ports scattered all around the greater Caribbean area; which, for the purposes of this game, extends from southern Carolina, clear down to the northern part of South America, being bordered to the west by Mexico and extending eastward enough to include Bermuda, as well as the Lesser and Greater Antillies. All of these Ports are in play, though only the owning Nation’s Ships may enter them, save the Free Towns, which are available for all to utilize. Initially, all seven of the Ports in Jamaica were under British control, so sailing around to Saint Ann was a low-risk undertaking. The game starts each player in their Nation’s home Port where they can access many different parts of the game: · One may press “M” to view the map, and the map can be zoomed way in or way out depending on one’s specific needs at the time. · There is a Shop in every Port for buying and selling of Materials, Upgrades, Cannons, Consumables and Resources. · One may Craft Resources into Materials, Upgrades and/or Ships. · There is a Missions tab for selecting various types of missions. · Or, one may click on the “Sail” icon and proceed out of Port and into the “Open World:” a beautifully rendered three-dimensional world consisting of mountains, trees, shores, towns, docks, rocks, water, waves, clouds, stars, sun, and, of course, one’s fantastically modelled Ship. Currently, movement in the Open World is both simplified and accelerated, such that less time is required to merely sail between Ports. “Missions,” which YouTubers recommend as the best way for beginners to earn money and advance in experience and Rank, are easy to undertake: Creating a Mission means choosing a difficulty level, accepting it, and then, using the Map to locate it. Then, one must sail out into the Open World and find the mission icon, and click on “Enter” to begin the mission. Entering a Mission places one’s Ship within the “Combat Module,” wherein a pirate or pirates are to be engaged. This “Combat Module” features much more detailed and robust graphics, and herein the options are to sink the enemy, be sunk by the enemy, or, disengage if one both needs to AND is able to do so.) Sailing from Port Royal to Saint Ann was a straight forward affair, and once there locating the pirate was rather easy, as she had become VERY bold and made no attempt to run from us. But upon engaging her, our troubles began in earnest… The weather turned ugly in a hurry, as it is prone to do in this region, and our battle commenced with wind and wave seemingly joining in league with the bloody pirate! My first action was to gain the weather-gauge, and then I commenced firing, catching her smartly on her hull with our initial broadside!! Huzzah!!! But, from there on out, the encounter turned against us: Numerous times my gun crews were both unresponsive to commands to “fire,” and my “able” rated sailors proved themselves to be quite otherwise; being rather “unable” to get us out of Irons, what with the horrendous wind and waves. In addition, this pirate was no Ensign, and knew his way around a quarterdeck. At the end of the encounter, it was the pirate holding the weather-gauge, switching tacks expertly, and raking us repeatedly with both of her broadsides; one after the other. The HMS Wroughtenboughtham was sunk, both literally and figuratively. It was both horrific and embarrassing, I thoroughly expect to be “flogged around the fleet” for this wretched performance! (Narrator: The game, “Naval Action,” initially would not function on the author’s PC; this due to the weak specifications of the computer’s factory-installed graphics card - read: no graphic card present! So, a new graphics card was quickly ordered, and the author borrowed his son's PC in order to give the game a try. Firstly, the game’s graphics are AMAZING, from the Ship models, the blues of the water, to the beaches, the sand and rocks in the shallows - at times you can even see belts of sea-weed and kelp! Unfortunately, the borrowed PC is only attached to the inter-web via a less-than-stellar wifi connection, and the game demands much more for anywhere near optimal performance; or at least there lies a convenient excuse for the author’s sub-par initial foray into the game’s “Combat Module.” It turns out the game ain’t as easy as all the YouTubers make it out to be!) The Admiralty had ordered me to sail around Jamaica in my 8th Rate, HMS Wroughtenboughtham w/ 10th Rate Cannons to deal w/ an experienced pirate, promising 5,000 “coin of the realm” if I successfully dealt with her. My failure to sink the pirate negated the promised pay-out, though I did receive a minor compensation in both coin of the realm and experience for putting a few holes in her hull. Unfortunately, I now found myself without a Ship and shamefully re-assigned to the back-water Port of Saint Ann's ... Sign Me: Embarrassed and Ashamed, But Still Commissioned As Of Now, Midshipman; Sir F Drake."
  15. Hotfix 8 for the testbed patch 9.99

    I agree, this latest patch to testbed is OVER THE TOP with the change to missions. I was attempting to Grind my Endyminion - a VERY expensive Ship, and was sunk in a mission. It seems like the Devs have ramped up the NPC ship's abilities, and my un-modified Endyminion had little chance, especially with the 15 min cool down btwn repairs. I will mention that have played thousands of hours and am decent in battle. Once again, it looks more and more like a beautiful game is getting ruined by the opinions/desires of a few expert players. If the game is suddenly this hard for some one who has played a great deal, then good luck retaining new and inexperienced players. A player HAS to have a chance to be successful grinding solo, since that is where the Ship Upgrades come from. Grinding is now the core of the game.