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  1. derekticus

    Combat tutorial feedback

    For the gunnery tutorial, it would be nice if it mentioned that "once the target ship's structure bar is destroyed, the target ship will sink"
  2. @admin question, will our Ship redeemables come with the permanent Upgrades/Modules we have already placed on our Ships? p
  3. derekticus

    BattleTimer exploit ?

    You got "jobbed" by a cheater
  4. @adminWhy am I suddenly forced to buy books in blocks of 10 when using Contracts? Makes absolutely no sense - these books are expensive and one is lucky to get even 1 within 14 days. Please change it back to the way it was, where the minimum purchase is "1" rather than the newly implemented "10".
  5. @admin My feedback on this Patch is that I find it to have been an improvement to the game. I have 2 reservations: Firstly, the neutral or AI controlled Ports should offer up a higher level of resistance, as 6 AI Ships are too easy to destroy; and, Secondly, having a "free" 4th Rate ("crafted" using only Combat Marks) is a great idea, but it cheapens the game when that Ship is the most powerful of all the 4th Rates. If the Wasa is to be the most powerful 4th Rate, then make it so it has to be Crafted, and hand out free Constitutions or Wappen Vons for those who can't Craft. Devs are undermining the integrity of the game with the Wasa. I suggest either Nerf it down to a lesser 4th Rate, or have a weaker 4th Rate as the "Craft-free" Port Battle ready Ship.
  6. derekticus

    The Pump on the Connie???

    same w/ Open Magazine - you'll get a fire EVERY single battle!!!!
  7. derekticus

    Repair timers need attention

    I think the current system is good. No need to gives koltes any more advantages in his gank attempts.
  8. derekticus

    Please post your major annoyances

    @admin My major annoyance is an exploit that has gone from "occasional, and randomly used by a few" to "National modis operandi" for the Pirates. Here is how it works: One Pirate Player signs on as an Alt in an enemy Nation. They then camp themselves in a known major shipping lane of said enemy, and report in on ships/activity there. When an appropriate target is spotted, fellow Pirates are made aware, and sign-on in the OW at or near that same location to make sudden, surprise attacks on the enemy's shipping. So, as an enemy Player scans the seas, they see only a friendly (usually in a Basic Cutter), and assume the coast is clear. Then suddenly, there is an attack on their ship! This exploit has a simple fix: Just as those who log-on in the OW have to wait 30 minutes to join a Port Battle, you could make it so that those logging-on in the OW must wait at least 10 minutes prior to attacking an enemy player.
  9. @admin Just wanted to thank you again for this Patch - the decision to go with Combat Marks as opposed to PvP and PvE Marks as separate entities is a huge improvement to the game, and has brought me back into the PvP Global server from the PvE server. With this change you open the game up and allow for more styles of play to compete successfully within the same incredible world system!! Well decided, great decision-making, and I send you much joy and thanks for your on-going efforts! Keep up the great work - this is the best game I have ever played.
  10. derekticus

    Realism Gripe Regarding Contracts

    @adminIn an earlier iteration of the game, a Trader Ship under Smuggler's Flag could stealth into a foreign Port and place a Contract to buy or sell a Resource / Material. This has been removed and takes with it Realism, Potential PvP engagements and "Come-back" ability of the non-owning Nation. I advocate for this feature to be re-introduced into the game. When a Nation does not have access to a Resource, they can be severely handicapped; and if they a smaller Nation, their chance of gaining said Resource through Conquest maybe rather limited, meaning their chances of "making a comeback" are hampered. By allowing Contracts in foreign Ports, enemies are encouraged to "take a chance" and risk PvP encounters both going in to establish these contracts AND returning later to collect whatever resources they have managed to acquire. Also, I would argue that realism is at stake, as often in human affairs the "highest bidder" has won out over National Pride/Loyalty. A prime example were the US oil tankers in the mid-Atlantic who regularly sold oil to German U-Boats because it was a lucrative business. As I have argued before, and will continue to advocate for, this game is a RICH one, having MANY paths to "victory," and multiple ways to provide the individual Player with a sense of accomplishment; and it is always disappointing when one gets turned off or shut-down. There is "smash-mouth" PvP and Conquest; but also stealth, shadows and alternative routes to the same end. I think the alternate "fix" of having Contracts expire is the correct route to take - it forces the Contracting player to return to the danger-zone to collect, AND, it eliminates the "trolling" type Contracts that might cripple a Port out of malice or neglect, such as ones set by a player who then stops playing. This game is the best I have ever played, please keep up the good work!
  11. With the newish "No Area Captures For First 5 Minutes" it seems the Attackers now have a huge advantage in Shallow Water Port Battles. This is partly due to the speed of the Ships and that the attacker can be spread out and grab the outer 2 Areas before the defense can set themselves. In a recent shallow water PB, the battle was declared over (1,000 pts achieved) extremely shortly after the Ships of the two Nations fully engaged each other. Only one or two Ships were sunk/captured prior to victory being achieved.
  12. For me this is the BEST patch ever! By combining PvP Marks w/ PvE Marks I feel once again I have a chance of success playing on the regular servers. No more boring PvE server for me! The game's greatness is being restored!!!
  13. derekticus


    @admin I am VERY happy with the addition of the Protractor Tool! It is one of the best enhancements I have seen. Is there any chance you will be adding a "noon reading" indicator on the map? A small red dot in the approximate location of the Ship each noon? Maybe there could also be a 3 day "history" saved to the map.
  14. derekticus

    Hotfix 4 for patch 10.00

    If the Devs want a Player based economy, they need to entice the economy building players BACK to PvP Servers. Currently, most of us are chilling on PvE and ramping our respective economies. Again, don't kill your game by forcing EVERYTHING to be PvP 100%. Without the PvE Mark to PvP Mark exchange, players like me feel they do not have a chance to be successful on a PvP Server. Again, if pvp players NEED pvp all the time - give them a Lobby so they can get that. Don't turn the PvP Servers into just another version of the upcoming "Naval Action Arena" game.