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  1. Knobby

    limitation of wood classes in the construction of boats.

    What's a helmet? and NO, just no
  2. Knobby

    Facts and Truth of Spain.

    Wait, kloothommel is in 7up now?
  3. Knobby

    [CABAL] Recruiting

    That's ok Otto, you fit perfectly where you are 😀
  4. Knobby

    F11 Coordinates removal

    Landmarks on the map, or the ability to make notes on the map (for instance whether the port is to the left or the right of that big mountain.) and just more tools for the map in general. I've been asking for map tools like in silent hunter since I started playing this game Approximate position once a day in good weather (noon) would also be historical.
  5. Imo this whole discussion about carrying your gold with you goes again to make NA into more and more hardcore mode. I thought we had learned in the past that this is not good for player numbers... And needing to actually transfer gold for port upkeep, might as well quit my job and start 'working' NA fulltime...
  6. I don't understand the currency thingy. Will this replace the gold used in the shop? Will each nation get their own currency? Or is this only used for crafting? Sounds way to complex with this coin being worth 8 of these and 4 of those etc. Why have so many different denominations?
  7. While testing elite spanish rig refit i noticed a definite boost to turning when using manual sails. Mainsails bonus basically gives yard power bonus.
  8. Better to contact Jointventure to consult how to a make a port massively profitable, even with only 10% tax...
  9. Knobby

    Thickness meta is back

    Oh look, somebody else visited the french with a similar build. Instant tribunal for 'hacking.' So maybe this new meta is too strong after all?
  10. Knobby

    Thickness meta is back

    I was having fun in the panzer lotion. (Cabal was doing it before it was cool ) But that was only because I was not on the receiving end. I don't supposed the dutch or Spanish had much fun when our fleet of 5-6 panzers rekt their 15 1st & 2nd rates... I don't think we visited the french yet, otherwise you'd have been complaining about how unfair titanium ships are.
  11. Knobby

    Thickness meta is back

    If only somebody would have made the 'no stacking of bonus to same stat' suggestion long ago... /s players have been asking for this forever... This, or better yet, diminishing returns on stacking bonuses to the same stat would solve so many problems that have existed for ages... It works perfectly in EvE for instance.
  12. Knobby

    Make Naval Action more realistic

    You are wrong. They could completely dismantle royals and topmast at sea, for instance to make the ship safer in an apporaching storm. By the time a captain would give this order the sea would already be rough and winds would already be gale force. There is no reason they could not put up replacements masts or jury rig during normal weather in a temporary lull in the fighting. Even easier to fish ('splint') a damaged but not completely broken mast. There are plenty of documented instances, i'm sure @maturin will have some examples.
  13. Graf, could you please try to argue your point without all the condescension? Would make it much easier for ppl to actually agree with you.