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  1. MassimoSud

    [AUCTION] Golden L'Ocean 5/5 Very Agile

    just because the ship is of my friend licinio I offer 25 fish! 😉
  2. Just to understand better ... privateers linxes princes have all the incredible sailing profile of le requin? Can they be fitted wirh 32pd carronades? Do they have 375 crew on board? Do they sail at 14.5 knt from 45 to 150? Just to know ... this time you decided to defend the indefensible and I'm sad about that. I love this game, it's the only one I want to play atm, but these requins, and in part these hercs too, are boring me! We have so many beautiful ships available, but since a couple of months ago they almost all become useless! Too bad because I would have gladly bought many aesthetic DLCs to help the development of the game, but I will not buy anymore DLCs P2W ships, they are demolishing the game for a few pennies (considering the potential to make cash in many other ways). I hope that someone puts a hand on the conscience and remedies before it's too late!
  3. Dear @admin, the requin is simply an "incorrect" ship! Why? It is the only ship that can attack at will, even in reinforcement zones, and decide when to fight and when to retire at will, without anyone being able to do anything about it! The reinforcement zones are packed with "heroes" in their requins that instantaneously board the new players, with the result that they lose interest in the game and leave it prematurely! When it happens that they meet some more experienced captain then they ask for a "fair" duel, allowing them to be faced with a 5th rate! How kind they are! And here the joke! The battle is simple, the requin tries to bring the 5th rate crew down and try to demolishes the sails to be able to board easily! The 5th rate chain trying to decrease maneuverability and then attempt the demast (rather difficult to tell the truth). Two results: the requin succeeds in his intent and he approaches the 5th rate (nothing to object has been better!). The 5th rate manages to demast the requin, and here the reason why this ship is "unfair" and OP. By te way the requin repairs and flies upwind! Battle over! So it is a ship with exceptional features (it is OP for so many reasons) and the best of these features is that it can not in fact be sunk (P2W)! Does it seem correct? I hope you devs want to answer this question honestly! Thank you.
  4. MassimoSud

    Monthly Duel Room Cry!

    Cry baby cry ... 😃
  5. MassimoSud

    WTS Book of Five Rings - 30 million

    I ll buy it! 😆
  6. MassimoSud

    RvR suggestions

    quote "Give Clans the ability to close the port for other clans except clans on their friendslist." Please no! We do not want a game for a few clans that control the map and resources to the detriment of "solo" players and little clans. It is not closing the ports that we will increase the trades (more true the contrary)! quote "civil war mechanic" Clans can take hostility missions against ports of the own nation and play the portbattle (only clan + clans on friendlist can enter on the defender side). made the hostility to get a timer like PB timer to get attacked by everyone for 1 hour (also same nation) Absolutely yes! This would generate more battles and more drama and would solve some "national" disputes 😄 quote "2. Ports and their m anagement" I agree on everything! Except for "Trading (more tradinggoods)". For me, trading goods should be eliminated leaving only the resources necessary for crafting and upgrading ports (if implemented). quote "3. more taxes" I have never liked the "pensions", so more prizes for the battles but lower income sitting on the armchair!
  7. MassimoSud

    Hercules ship feedback

    I bought this DLC ship (I hope that doing so i have helped a bit the development of the game), but I find it OP (less than the Requin, at least this ship undergoes the pursuit of another Hercules, 4 bow cannons- 2 stern cannons). I think devs should decrease his side hull, so to balance a little, in fact it is already very fast and turns incredibly. I say this against my interest (since I bought the DLC), but I find that it is absolutely unfair that there are pay to win ships (as it s Hercules today).
  8. MassimoSud

    Cant enter to game

    Second "maintenance" in the same day?
  9. MassimoSud

    ship tow

    A tow every year would be even better! Joking aside a tow a day seems perfect!
  10. I know you're a Requin specialist, but you're wrong, if I hit the requin sails with a chain less than 250 meters I expect to cause damage (let s say at least 1%?) as for other ships. Instead, the chains often pass through without causing any damage. Try to sail other ships every now and then, it's more fun! 😉
  11. MassimoSud

    Questions to developers

    Why should VMs be more important? If they were not there it would be better! Instead the first rate should be more rare and to craft them should take more raw materials (and not VMs!). More demand for raw materials = more trade = more importance for players who prefer this part of the game. Even the first rank should be possible to build them with PvP marks so even those who do not like trading would have access to it. But I have already said this many times 🙄
  12. Hercules rigging works good, Le Requin rigging is bugged! Some times you hit sails and you deal no damage.
  13. The Requin = OP ship Why? 1. from 45 ° to 150 ° with the elite pirate refit you can sail in battle at 15.5 knt (even with 80% of the sails depending on the wood used) 2. too much crew to be a 6th rank, so you can board anyone in shallow (also considering that pushing opponents upwind using a Requin is much easier than with any other ship) 3. When they are chained, it seems that they do not suffer the damage that I believe should suffer (wanted or bugs)? 4. When they are demasted they can get their beautiful mast out of nowhere in a few (the other ships usually recover only a part of the tree). 5. Requin has too much hull, in reality it was a particularly fragile ships when compared to others of their own class. 6. They mount 32 pders carronades! So in addition to being ships basically designed for boarding, in reality they are also discreet combat ships (always considering other ships of the same class). 7. Requin arms and disarms the sails too quickly, making the chase almost useless and a possible (as improbable) chain edging. 8. To chase a Requin you need at least two Requin armed with long guns and with the ability to navigate alongside. In fact the Requin has two excellent long guns on the stern (laser guided) and unfortunately four useless (in order to chase) 2 pd cannons on the bow. Result: The Requin sail almost practically undisturbed in the reiforcement zones, in the hunt for new players or traders who prefer safer sea routes. They can even afford the luxury of attacking in reinforcement zones, considering that reiforcement ships are very little, both for firepower and sailing profile. All this is not good for the game because: 1. New players complain. 2. The old players now almost exclusively use Requin and / or Hercules (what do we do with all the other beautiful ships that you have made available to us?). Soon they both will be unhappy because frankly it is very boring to play only with one/two ships when you have much more disposable. 3. There is no antagonist to the Requin, even the Hercules can be pursued and not only by other Hercules! Suggestion 1. Nerf its disproportionate sailing qualities, as for all other ships, the faster you want to be more delicate you will be in combat 2. No 32 pders carronade, put 24 pdrs or less 3. Less hull
  14. MassimoSud

    Russia vs France. Round Two.

    Hachi is back from Vienna and it seems he will return to his motherland GB ... is this the reason why the server is crashing? However wellcome back puttanella 😄
  15. MassimoSud

    DLC's and game release.

    This means that hercules and Requen will remain OP in the future! Has anyone noticed that the Requen can surf at 15.5 knots at almost every wind angle? Has anyone noticed that it is almost impossible to chase? All this is wanted, or do you want to correct it? Thanks for reply @admin