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  1. I think it's necessary to review the formula for calculating the BATTLE RATING of each single ship. I have prepared a spreadsheet where I have weighted the importance of the following features in port battles: Broadside Long cannons I gave a weight of 36% Broadside Carronades I gave a weight of 8% Hull (side) I gave a weight of 36% Crew I gave a weight of 10% Speed I gave a weight of 5% Turning I gave a weight of 5% In the attachment sheet you can change the weight of the individual characteristics (feel free to make a copy to do that). I'm not sure about the Hull data and anyway it can be corrected. I hope it can be useful. Good job developers. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19xBCpR8x1Ojvwy1M_4leBYCONfv5etLoSluZbiGu7es/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth PvP EU

    Good luck!
  3. Is this okay?

    You forgot staysails and studding sails best upgrades ever!
  4. [ALOHA] Mercenary Privateers

    Scrpl you know my in game name and i really love you because you re the best poet in the entire game! Best regards great admiral!
  5. Attenzione agli inviti

    Sarebbe utile il nome :-) Comunque meglio non accettare gli inviti dagli sconosciuti! Se riesci a procurarti screenshots o altre prove riportalo in tribunal. Buon game
  6. BUG

    I was in battle near vieaux - fort in french reinforcement area, the other player called reinforcement and the game send me out twice (i logged in and out again). I did F11. I m sad because i lost a Wasa full refitted with the best refits with no chance to fight because when i log in again i was almost sunk. Thanks MassimoSud
  7. @Peter Goldman At the end my dear "friend" I know who you are in the game! You change name but you do not change your passion to discredit players that are not aligned with your ideas! Dear scrpl / banished privateer, keep hiding behind pseudonyms throwing mud on people who have the courage to express their ideas openly (even when their ideas are not particularly popular). Anyway, I confirm what I think of you and that I told you directly in Team Speak last time! A tip: try to play the game and write less, if you can!
  8. Cartahena Tar Issue

    do you have any proof of what you are saying? No you do not have it because you've never bought a tar from a FIRST at 1.5 mils! I ask you politely, stop to say lies and if you have any other problems with us it is the case that you are more explicit!
  9. This will be my only comment on this discussion. 1. It is unfair to insult people and / or clans in the nation chat! It's easy to name traitor and/or mafioso hidden behind a monitor! This is unacceptable and a vicious and cowardly attitude! 2. @peter goldman I do not know who you are in-game, so I find it difficult to explain to people I do not know about identity! Maybe you use the same name in the game (in which case I've never had the pleasure of meeting you), maybe you use a different name (to be free to say whatever you go for your head). 3. Cartagena tar. I do not understand why me and bb3ar should be called exploiters! Game mechanics related to NPC-generated goods are clear to everyone for months and function in the same way for everyone. The developers have known it for more than a month! So either devs have most important things to do or this gaming mechanics works as intended! If that was not the case, then the game mechanics linked to the generation of NPC goods shoud be fixed! I and / or members of my clan have never inflate the market (resources are generated at the base price even in the presence of a sales contract, and you can buy these goods with a simple click!). I and my clan have in no way restricted the resource inflow. As mentioned, even in the presence of sales contracts, NPCs continue to generate the resource at the base price!) 4. Let's remember that this is a game, not real life, but personal insults concern people directly, so it is necessary to behave politely and civilly. Personal considerations regarding other people should remain "personal" and not end up in nation chat, because in that case they become insults, and no one has the right to insult other people especially in a game where it s supposed to have fun!
  10. Please developers engage Liqicity as moderator, he is a correct and polite player, never excessive. The only defect: to be passed to Denmark (it is clearly a joke).
  11. The forum asks you to remove the 15 kn caps and what do you do? Do you nerf all speed upgrades leaving the malus unchanged, but doing the benefits useless? Really brilliant! Now I understand, we serve you to test the human capacity to endure, this is not a game, it's a social experiment!
  12. PvE-Leaderboard

    Good idea!
  13. An alternative to TOW to port

    In fact you can continue to navigate freely in nothing for hours like now, or you can choose to risk and use collection areas.
  14. An alternative to TOW to port

    You may not agree, but obviously you did not understand the purpose of the proposal! If it is not clear I repeat it: avoid long voyages in nothing! If you like to navigate in nothing you will be free to continue to do so. I know already that I will spend my time better! Thanks for your intelligent reply (i love subs).