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  1. This ship is really a little gem! It is graphically beautiful, has unique navigation mechanics, is simply funny! Pro Navigate well to any wind, suffer a little downwind, but certainly you can not have everything! Maybe it's all too well if you have to correct something. When it will be shallow it will be a good ship (one of the best). Speed control through the yards is exceptional! Great crew, I suggest to invent a special perk only for this ship (like the pirate frigate) to counterbalance the "determined defender" perk. Discrete firepower if equipped with carronate, excellent as anti Prince de Neuchatelle even with 9 pders long. Exceptional speed. Even exaggerated in negative speed. Good turn, especially against the wind. Cons Little hull Little cargo holding
  2. MassimoSud

    The top 10 problems of NA, my view.

    It is certainly not my task to "defend" the game, but if you do not like it and you do not play it, why you write about it on the forum? You do not even know why you do not like it! no name, no flag even your name is useless! A tip: uninstall NA and free space on your hard drive, and at the same time we will no longer have to read unnecessary comments.
  3. MassimoSud

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Great! Thanks Felix!
  4. MassimoSud

    Ship value estimates

    10 Mil. for the Bellona 🙂
  5. MassimoSud

    Free State of Puttanelle

    Let me explain ... the free State of "Puttanelle". To be part of it you have to: 1. Do not engage your little brain in too difficult reasonings, do you see an enemy colored in red? Sink it, board it, make it what you want (if you can). 2. Gank and become ganked it does not matter, tackle the battles as they arise and avoid complaining and insulting your opponent if he sinks you (this is the purpose of this game). You want a "fair" fight? Before explain to me which is a "fair" fight and after that go and play another game (Legends?), because 90% of fight in NA are ganking. 3. You must have a Bellona (better one in each port)! But this is only a piece of advice 🙂 4. Play with your friends and captains you can trust and avoid telling tales and liars, and absolutely avoid those captains who call themselves pro (are they maybe paid to play?). You are interested? No? I do not care! The important thing is to have fun and not take this wonderful game too seriously (even if it could be better with further efforts). Fair wind!
  6. MassimoSud

    Make Skins more common.

    If this is true why do we have the paint for the bellona and for the endimion (which work exactly as permanent refit)? @admin please give us back the paints now as permanent refits (I lose the ship I lose the paint), then after the release let them become like ship knowledge and sold them as part of a dlc or do with them what you want to do (your game your choice). They are already in the game, for now let us have them paying pvp marks! A little effort on your part will grant you our big thanks (if you like it)!
  7. MassimoSud

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    well, if you want to remove the mast penetration for the same reason you will have to remove the hull penetration and the damage to the sails! Frankly I do not understand this decision!
  8. MassimoSud

    First Rates should become rare and very expensive = maintenance, baby!

    I believe that all players must have the chance to own a First rate ship (this is one of the goals in this sandbox game). But I believe that today it is too "easy" to access these ships. I do not like the idea of maintenance costs, they discourage the return of players who have taken a break from the game for various reasons. I agree that the first and second rank must require many more materials and time to be build. In the future I hope there will be less first and second rate ships and when a new player will meet one of these he must have the "Whow! I want to have one" effect (but not so soon and so easily).
  9. MassimoSud

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    I apologize but I never really understand what reinforcements are for! If they are used to protect a warship fighting ai then it s OK for me, they can help a new player to survive the attack of more experienced players. If they are used to protect traders in protected waters they are useless, they are quickly chained and put out of the battle! I understand the "need" to have protected areas for new players and for those who have little time and want to do a little bit of pve. What I do not understand is why these areas must be so big! Okay the capital and a couple of other ports where you can find the basic materials to craft basic ships, but otherwise it must be necessary to sail out of these protected areas. Unlike what sense have all the other ports (too many ports for too few players anyway atm).
  10. MassimoSud


    My request is simple: why during battles must I be forced to read what the players write if they are on my list of ignored?
  11. MassimoSud

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    Boarding is not the funiest part of the game (paper, stone, scissors game) and until it is improved (there was a devs project but I think it was abandoned) I think it must remain an option to capture a prize and not the solution to win a battle. So DD is fine as it is in my personal opinion.
  12. MassimoSud

    GBs KPR fix

    you are too generous ... good captains in GB there have never been, even when EXILE were brits! Come back bitc.es you do not deserve a better nation than ours! 😋
  13. MassimoSud

    Looking for PVP in my trinco

    Come to Jamaica we all miss you, you ll have the best welcome we can give you "puttanella"! 😎
  14. MassimoSud

    Don't support this weekend Multiflip operation against France.

    What do you have against the old ones little bitch? 😉
  15. MassimoSud

    Polish flag

    So finally you ll be a polish "puttanella"! 😎