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    PvE Experience and PvP Experience on ships

    There is no way to encourage pvp. There are wolves and there are sheep. Sheep will always be sheep no matter how much you try to train them.
  2. This is incorrect. Although I do think the ships sailing curve is still to strong it will not kill all 5th rates. 2 captains of equal skill is how you measure a ships performance and I challenge the best captain you have in a requin to fight me in a trinco without mods or perks on both ships to make it interesting. I would even do it with a suprise because i'm thinking the smaller the 5th rate the easier the requin is to kill because of the turn rate difference. I am not defending the ship however because it is still to strong like many other small ships are.
  3. I also love the concept of a lobby based game like we had in sea trials but that is not what we have. The devs decided to go in the sandbox direction and people know I don't like farming for things and pretty much get my money and mods from guys I ask in global. You would be surprised on how many people just give stuff away. Anyway that is besides the point because in choosing to make NA a sandbox, the ships and gameplay all need to follow the same rules. People say that the DLC ships should not enter port battles but that is really bad imo. Everything can be done properly if you see the problem. DLC ships should be redeemed as notes and there is nothing you can say that will make me see it otherwise. Crafting rules should apply to all ships. Make exceptions to those rules and you break the game. Logistics are one of the most important things in wars and this is a war game right? Make exceptions to DLC ships like not allowing them into port battles and you break the ship. Suicide for the DLC model and bad overall game design. The herc having 18s is not an issue like many think. The herc only makes the issue stand out more because she is such a "small" and a small ship "shouldn't" be able to dismast a 2nd rate like a herc can do. Masts and armour penetration are not where they should be in my opinion. If a 9 pounder can pen any ship at 100m then there will be no issues with 18s on the herc. Masts are a bit more complicated but thats where mast hp needs to be looked at again. I believe the herc still has a high thickness and hp but am not sure. Not the only ship where mast balance is an issue anyway. Ocean is completely overpowered too. Masts are way to strong compared to vic and armour and hp just make other 1st rates useless. Look at port battle meta. Santi suffers from having an old model and doesn't have the curves like the ocean. The santi will never be able to be competitive against the ocean if armour values stay like they are because the model is just wrong. Repair mods being overpowered is a product of multi repair mods. You cannot fix the problem without looking at the source. You stack repair mods on multi repairs and you get chaos. In very long 1v1 I have been worn down because opponents had a overall repair advantage of 2%. That is 10% over 5 repairs and can be 1 or 2 broadsides advantage. That is only 2% difference and the difference of a ship with repair mods vs a ship with none is an impossible battle only because of multi repairs. Speed mods don't have this issue because a speed mod takes up the room of a repair mods or some other good combat mod. A fast ship can sail but it will not really win unless its designed to be at the perfect sweet spot between speed and tankiness. You ever see moscalb liqy or other great pvpers using a speed setup ship to sealclub? No but they sure as hell have the best repair mods they can get their hands on. BTW this topic just went way off.
  4. I am not really telling him to behave. I am saying what the facts are. You know I am a man that likes to keep to facts because that is how to be objective. The facts say that I get away with alot in game and on forums. Sure I am currently banned in game for the 15th or more time but I don't blame things on the devs or mods. You know it yourself how bomgordel and I try and find the limit on how much we can insult you in global chat without the warning
  5. Well first of all its not really like that. Mods do not really make the difference between seal clubbing. Repair mods might go to far but repair mods are only a product of multi repairs in battle being very OP. That is where the gap really is. Watch sealclubbing videos and you will see over the course of a long battle with many good repair mods vets will repair 50% more of a ship over seals. That gives them a 50% hp advantage in a battle if there are enough repair cycles to be fair. What other mod gives you a 50% combat advantage?
  6. Thats good. Mods being expensive is something that is actually good for the gameplay.
  7. I have told the devs my opinion many times and am very critical of the game. I have never received a warning nor has a topic of mine been closed. Both warnings were received trolling national chat and I am surprised I wasn't banned for that. Go look at my profile and read the posts about my opinion on the dlc ships and the arguments I have had with admin about them. The reason I don't get banned and others do IMO is that I will never criticise something without giving a good reason for it. You can say what you want and never get banned as long as you have a reasonable point. I was reading your posts last night and you wanted to cause problems. You were actively looking for a ban. Don't be provocative on the forums here because it won't get you anywhere. That is for national chat and @Banished Privateer :p My clan mate and friend otto gets forum bans all the time but they are not without reason. He is currently banned
  8. the problem with the data here is that 2 of the ships here cost nothing to replace. I'm not saying people are sacrificing more DLC ships because I must admit I do not see it much in practice.
  9. HachiRoku

    [HAVOC] Caribbean PvP - VP - PvP/RvR Clan

    how come I somehow have the feeling this is old news and Ive just heard about it now the first time? So this now means you, BF, Reds and rus are in the same nation right? Hmmm you saying BF is a zerg and then joining them is kind of hypocritical isn't it? Maybe I missed something and I'm just thinking out load here. Not that I care since I am done with the game now and highly doubt it will improve after being ruined even more with every change. A shit game with a nice UI is still shit.
  10. HachiRoku

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    Until Russia is willing to get into diplomatic talks again the Danish nation along with our allies will impose sanctions on you! Good luck with bermuda build oceans in port battles. @dark lord rediii Of VP agreed @Havelock Of sweden agreed @Christendom of Pirates agreed @Raxius Of the US agreed @Batman Of GB agreed @Otto Kohl of DN agreed @Jorge of Spain agreed @King of Crowns Of France also has agreed #HachiForNobelPeacePrize!
  11. HachiRoku

    [HAVOC] Caribbean PvP - VP - PvP/RvR Clan

    do liam and pellew still play?
  12. HachiRoku

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    no really man. We didn't need to play. We just stayed in the circle and the spanish did the rest for us. I have no idea who gave them their headings but the only thing they did right was turn at the same time. Looks nice but is useless. We went in with a not give a shit fleet with teak wo speed fit vics. If the spanish tried to fight they would have melted us. Everytime they wanted to sail into circle we charged them. The 1 thing you can expect from people that don't understand the wind is they will turn downwind the second they need to fight.
  13. HachiRoku

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    i don't give a fuck.
  14. Shitbag, Suits you! Never forget it's the shitbags that keep the game alive
  15. HachiRoku

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    BTW off topic. I noticed your trinco avatar. Would you ever like a duel?
  16. HachiRoku

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    speed is also not the problem with those ships. Its many thing like you pointed out with the masts. Their base speed is not that high to be fair.
  17. HachiRoku

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    I like the game man, dont get me wrong. If I didn't like it I wouldn't be arguing with you. I would quit. My point is you did not give the 2 ships enough time to be tested. There is no doubt in my mind about that.
  18. HachiRoku

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    The very fact that you screenshotted a win vs 2 hercs proves 1 thing to me. You thought it was an achievement to win a battle with 1st rate vs 2 5ths. Even now trying to defend the herc you are using a 1st rate vs 2 hercs as a balance. Where is the sense in that? Tell you what. Do ocean vs 2 connies and ocean vs 2 trincos and compare.
  19. HachiRoku

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    for how long? Enough time to fix and balance? How long did it take to balance wasa? 2-3 months?
  20. HachiRoku

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Yeah post links to guides all you want I don't care It just proves you have no solid argument to defend you case of releasing content that was not tested. You said it yourself. The base stats on steam page cannot be changed.
  21. HachiRoku

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    its great you release the ships and gave them hard stats before you tested.
  22. HachiRoku

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    I don't know, good question. Kind of ironic you add 2 dlc ships that are great at one thing. Running away and ganking. You are "almost" dead. Is this not proof the ship is still a bit op. You know yourselves larger ships wouldn't last that long.
  23. My point is that you need to design the ships to handle correctly relative to each other. A snow, herc, surprise did not have the turn rates they had relative to a Connie for example. You cannot design a system where it is possible to sink a 4th rate with a 6 rate. A trinco cannot stern camp a bellona or a victory. This is a perfect example of how it should be. A 6th rate can stern camp a trinco with ease. The jumps in turn rates are to much over all. Edit: just let the captains decide what should be possible or not. Not the combat system
  24. what they don't understand is that it was not some magical balance in real life that made this possible. It was the people. You cannot design these kind of things to be possible.
  25. Also you always use examples of things that happend in real life like a certain small ship hiding under the guns of a bigger ship. These things were extremely rare and the reason we know about them is because the could not be recreated in every battle like in naval action. DD perk was also added to the game because of exceptions in real life that can be recreated in every single battle. Keep in mind that if crew on a real ship are stopping a ship from boarding they did not sail and reload guns at 100% at the same time.