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  1. HachiRoku

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    No cannon should have a problem penning at 200m with good angles. I consider 10 to 20 degrees a good penning angle. When you get into the physics about the shape of the connies hull the funny thing is she probably had more effective armour than victory because of her hull shape. The devs are remodeling the connie and I cannot wait for what they do to it. The Connie hull shape is belle poule 2.0 on steroids. It is a very very difficult issue to deal with because certain ships should have an advantage over others because of hull shape. The connie with a correct model would be a pain in the ass to fight and I really don't know how to fix that. Its kind of a real life meta ship because of the armour and speed I would not see an issue with bigger class ships having the same Armour. The thing is that the santis model(not just santi) in game is not as good as the oceans. The santi in real life was not as flat as it is in game. How do you fix something like this? Give the santi more armour to make up for the lack of curves?
  2. HachiRoku

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    I have pointed out many factors yet the people that disagree with me have no argument in favor of tanky 1st rate.
  3. HachiRoku

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Again another reply that has no argument.
  4. HachiRoku

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    cartha is a topic on its own and 5cm on first rates are less of an issue because percentage wise its less
  5. HachiRoku

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Changing the BR will not really do much. Personally I think HP up and Armour down. Increase HP and loads of rep mods are an issue then so its not a solution. I don't know. Since its alpha why not test Any ship needs to be effective vs bigger ships. Remember the KPR duel we had? Your Armour was 7 cm more than mine since you were cartha teak WO and I was only teak teak. Did I fire at terrible angles? Was our duel close? No you smashed my ship apart because of what? A total of 10% armour advantage in total? This 10% makes a huge difference and around a 40-50% battle advantage. I did not know at that time cartha was changed to cm. More armour should give you a bigger advantage but you know as much as I the effectiveness of a 9 pound long vs a Cartha trinco. Its a hard thing to balance on smaller ships in all fairness.
  6. HachiRoku

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Incorrect statement 1: The Trincos turn rate was around 2.7-8 before leeway was added. At the time the victory was 2.1. The devs buffed the turn rate of many ships with the new sailing mechanics and almost all were nerfed again. The connie was over nerfed and is still to low imo. The connies turn rate was the one that was far to high. Noone has ever complained about the trincos turn rate being to high because in all fairness she is a well balanced ship other than the fact that carthagena makes her and other frigates op. Module issue and not ship. Trinco cannot/barley stern camp any ship of the line and thats good! Incorrect statement 2: I could do damage since I got more marks(18) than 3 other havoc guys in first rates. Look at the assists and ask @Liam or @Pellew Incorrect statement 3: There NEVER was a bellepoule meta.... This is because a few players managed to sink people in first rates because they didn't know what to do. If you think there was a bellepoule meta what change stopped it? A ship with lower crew cannot hug a bigger ship because except for 2nd rates an ocean will kill any other ship in the game by slowing down and boarding it in 2 rounds max... I did the same thing to an idiot in his bellona with my trinco 2 days ago. Should we balance the game according to noobs or people that know their shit? You bring nothing but wrong assumptions to this debate and 0 arguments other than personal biff. If you disagree with me I want to hear a logical reason why 18s should not pen an ocean at 0m. I don't post about trade mechanics and rvr mechanics. You know why? Because I know fuckall about them. I do however know about the combat system and I know for a fact as arrogant as this may seem that I know what is better for the combat system than 95% of the community. Sure I could be wrong on some things but I know for a fact that oceans are to tanky otherwise other ships would not be only circle cappers and br fillers in port battles.
  7. HachiRoku

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    It is impossible to hug an ocean with a frigate since the ocean can stop and one shot the frigate in boarding. Sinking first rates by hugging worked OK vs noobs when there was no rum and raking with balls devastating. Still vs a good player impossible. Question is why should a noob that cant sail an ocean be protected by so many shit mechanics?
  8. HachiRoku

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    You do not want understand because you don't like the fact that you will need to learn how to sail because other than tanking, 90% of forum users are complete trash. Notice the way only noobs up vote your post? Maybe you're afraid ai will be harder to farm? A trinco will never be better than a 1st rate even if they fix the armor but since you don't get the point of this topic I think it is useless explaining to you... 18 longs are the guns for aggys and ingers and were also used on larger ships in real life. We are not having a discussion about if they should pen....the devs stated they already do/should. In practice they don't effectively do fuck all. They are useless on arguably even heavy connies at the slightest angles at 150m. Most people don't complain because they farm oak ai and have no idea what they are talking about. This includes you. Bigger guns were not always better and in real life 32 pounders were preferred over 42s. An 18 pounder is a massive gun but it's effective range is a joke. Same goes for 12s. If the ocean is fine why is the Santi useless?
  9. HachiRoku

    An advanced PvP guide

    I'm with kingy on this one. I have never seen equal ships rip masts off. I rarely take a bowsprit because of the cheap win but having dueled in trincs 3 years now I have to see it work before I believe it.
  10. HachiRoku

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    You mean the days where we didn't have rum and infinite rig reps vs 4 brodsides of chain? We all know why you don't want the armour nerf. RDNN and RUS have never been any good with tactics in battle and never had any other strategy other than full tank and brawl. Without that you achieve nothing. Maybe actual tactics would make things more fun for you guys.
  11. HachiRoku

    An advanced PvP guide

    name the ship that can do it to the same ship? I cant think of one. Trincos cannot loose bow sprits to trincos. They loose them to indefs only from the 5th rates. Maybe indiaman and maybe I forgot another larger 5th.
  12. HachiRoku

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    what do you mean sorry and @North against @rediii. As much as I dislike LV they did all ally up to attack sorry when they could. At this time rediii and north were BFFs
  13. HachiRoku

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Yeah they might pen at the perfect angle with 0 tolerance. All I know is what I saw yesterday was just to much and when 18s and 32 carros dont pen at 0 meters there is something wrong. Sure the trinco might be at a height where both decks fire into the curved part of the oceans hull. I still don't think at 0 meters this should bounce.
  14. HachiRoku

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    nope. Carthagena is the only mod really used atm. Navy structure gives nothing so few use it atm. Carthagena is very strong on frigates but on bigger ships it becomes less op. Feel free to go and test a live wo ocean with no modules against smaller caliber cannons. Saying modules is completely wrong because if its anything it is one module.
  15. HachiRoku

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    You make the same mistake as the devs in my oppinion. You think 1st rates should be balanced with other first rates. This is exactly why oceans are meta and 2nd rates and 3rd rates are useless. 18 pounders and 12 pounders should be able to pen any ship at 300 meters with a perfect angle. This is not the case. The devs said a 9 pounder would be able to pen anything at 250m when they nerfed them last time. 9 pounders are useless even against carthagena frigates with a 10-20% angle at 200m....