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  1. HachiRoku

    It's time for Justice

    I would go swed if I were you. As soon as we are playing again in 2 months there will be blood against trashiii and his minions.
  2. So how come unlimited reps vs limited chain is good and unlimited rum vs limited grape bad? It is simple maths that unlimited is infinity more than limited. This is simply broken and 2 good player can fight until they are kicked out of battle. The funny part in naval actions gameplay is that the further into battle you get the easier it is to survive dueled havelock and after 1 hour both of us had 90% sails and no chain. Every time one player was damaged enough he would kite and restart the battle again. 0 skill involved in it! Chain shot is still garbage. Damage to high and drops off to fast. For bigger ships atleast. 4-5th rates are ok. If balls did a bit more sail damage it would actually be ok or atleast better. People have just stopped complaining because whats the point? Noone complained about the old repair system. It was good. There was 0 reason to add it but the devs did and ever since then we have had repair and armour meta issues. I recon most people do not want repairs limited because farming AI and sealclubbing is way easier. If this game was a lobby based pvp game we would not have unlimited repairs because it might add 1 tactical thing to a batter has destroyed many others. I would really like if players atleast admited they enjoy multi reps for sealclubbing and carebearing because its not for the hardcore pvpers imo.
  3. HachiRoku

    Full Manual Rudder Control

    +1 Like trimming wings in flight games. Ctrl + tapping arrow key
  4. I told you limited chain would be a disaster and it is. Havelock and I can 1v1 for 3 hours with our reps. Same goes for rum. Unlimited vs limited does not work. Common sense.... To this very day I have not heard a solid argument for repairs. You yourself told me it's a goldsink and adds nothing to the game. Make NA hardcore again!
  5. HachiRoku

    It's time for Justice

    He is Horatio. I'm on Mobile now but I can tell you later how we found out. 100% sure. Its also funny he talked to you about Horatio because I never noticed who he was until Batman told me.
  6. HachiRoku

    It's time for Justice

    Yes and we dont think, we know.
  7. Oh I agree! Black fleet must fight! The mistake 95% of even good pvpers is that they kite to long. Black fleet in this case needs to react as fast as possible. I love the idea of boarding and think I myself even mentioned something like this system. I really hope it works out because it's far more realistic imo.
  8. I'll try explain fast on 3. If blank fleet damages 1 red the red always has the option to turn into wind and other reds will drive blacks downwind. Extremely rare someone sinks in that situation.
  9. 1 black ships are not in the position to decide if they fight. 2 attacking sails of red upwind ships has no real effect against good captains. With multiple reps the windward ship cannot loose the wind unless he is stupid. The leeward ship will run out of chain before he can take wind. 3 I don't think I need to point out why it is IMPOSSIBLE for the black ships to sink the windward red ships. The one great thing in this game is how well and realistic you can use wind. I am very surprised by your statement there since in my oppinion you are 100% wrong in everything you said.
  10. Sail area wise the requin is a hard ship to hit. There is no denying that.
  11. Why? The required speed difference is something that can be great at fine tuning. My guess would be 2 knots because 3 seems a bit easy.
  12. Can't wait to see this in practice. The boarding part is something that will either be great or terrible. I'm hoping great.
  13. Yeah your input is really important... You play how much? 1 day in 6 months???
  14. HachiRoku

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    well considering we paid for a product we kind of are