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  1. I know from experience that more players mean more screeners. The pvp itself is a reward. Most people prefer to screen since the pressure is lower.
  2. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Are you kidding me? Having half the first rates of Spain is not an excuse for not crushing them. They have never had a decent victory in the history of game. That battle is a humiliation.
  3. Most nations don't have the players for effective screening.
  4. What is the perfect angle reference? 0 or 90??
  5. Thickness meta is back

    Who said it was bad? There are minor issues that needs fixing. Did you quit because it's bad? What should change in order for you to come back?
  6. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    Patrol area has nothing to do with war. It's random battles and the outcome doesn't matter. Solo players should be able to do more. Green zones already made open sea pvp harder but patrol areas have decreased it more. I have a trick where I patrol waters between patrol area and Freeport to attack people going there so I get a few 1v1s. I need to do that in connie because my trinco is to small to fight all the 3rds. I have no idea where to go with my trinco most of the time now. There is currently 0 pvp for frigates and that is a shame. There used to be loads of hunters in surprises and renos but ever since green zone frigate hunters are dead because fighting revenge Fleets is really hard with them.
  7. Thickness meta is back

    There are plenty of people on the forums that always have an opinion but never play. I'm not listening to them. Rediii gives and explanation for the cons of thickness meta. Show me me one good argument of Tromp. He says its OK but doesn't say why.... I know why. It's because he never used battle tactics. Russians go in full retard with the tankiest ships possible and out tank enemy. This is an age of sail game. Fleets that have the wind should have a huge advantage. Atm that doesn't matter because focus firing an ocean is a waste of dps. We had our entire fleet windward from Swedish fleet but couldn't kill anything because they had 3 oceans tanking our whole fleet and covering their leeway wasas. For the first time ever in an engagement I did not know how to react and give commands. It's very very hard to rake and decrew determined defender with rum. Rediii has even admitted they only beat prussias with full tank and not skill.
  8. Thickness meta is back

    Navy structure isn't the issue. Most people don't use it. Carthagena northern carp and floating battery or hp mods are current meta. Live oak oceans are the biggest bounce problems. 5 percent of base isn't big buff
  9. Thickness meta is back

    Are you hello kittying kidding? Rediii plays 10 times more often than you. I have not once seen you in OS and see rediii all the time. I am in battles vs him at least once a week. I have seen you one time to be fair. 2 years ago or so we ganked you trading.
  10. Thickness meta is back

    On the contrary... He was using the live oak wo floating battery ocean and its was us Brits that couldn't sink him.
  11. Thickness meta is back

    As admin already said. Slowing down aiming would be a pain in the ass. Increasing dispersion also. If mast sniping was so God damn easy it would be a meta. It's not. You have a few players that are great at it because it takes skill and practice. It's not something a mod will help you do a lot better. I only do it to troll, stop someone that kites and in no way out situations. If a newbie fights me I will not ruin his fun by taking his masts every 2 min. I'll give him a chance to learn and chain him.
  12. Thickness meta is back

    Then what advantages do longs have over mediums if they are nerft? Should devs nerf longs because 10 players can snip masts really fast? Nerfing dispersion is the biggest pain in ass. I'm not seeing people snip my masts at all. I would rather dismasting be removed overall than longs not hitting anything.
  13. Thickness meta is back

    On a good day 90% with longs and 70% with carros. I have been sailing carro surprise around this weekend. Tell you what. I'll duel you. Both ships no mast mods and I'll take mediums with no dispersion mods. Would love to see if it myself but I say I'll still beat you no problem.
  14. Thickness meta is back

    Rediii... It doesn't help. Come duel me with carro ship and I can mast snipe you with a 70% hit rate on good day. Dispersion nerf is not a solution and a pain in the ass for chaining. Mast sniping will always work because mast snipers adopt to new mechanics. I say it all the time. If dismasting is possible we will use it and if impossible we will cry.
  15. Thickness meta is back

    Being fast has never ruined game play. My ships are mostly above average speed wise but I am having no issues killing, raking and catching fast ships. The tank meta, no way to grape, rum and repairs are just insane atm. I'm sailing Bellonas a lot atm and all I can hurt in zones are 3rd rates. Santis are OK, victories are glorified 2nd rates but oceans just a joke. You say 50m no pen. I have had issues with 24s vs oceans at 10-20m.