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  1. [EXILE] PvPEU Pirate Clan.

    Just yesterday these 2 clans told me i'd pay but somehow they are sinking
  2. [EXILE] PvPEU Pirate Clan.

    RIP SORRY, He ran to danes for help LOL
  3. [EXILE] PvPEU Pirate Clan.

    Lil bitch. edit, im so stupid I forgot to remove the name in the top left but everyone knows im a pirate killing bastard anyway :))
  4. i must buy that game and smash you in that too.
  5. Increasing the player base by traders

    do people buy a game like this to trade? I bought it for naval action and not the time sink it has been for a while now.
  6. Rig repairs are OP

    in real life ships were not demasted 1 minute into battle. In real life ships didnt give up the wind so they could aim higher and demast top sections. The repairs need to go back to the way they were in the past. 1 each. Masts need a thickness Nerf but a hp buff. Its the only thing the devs haven't tried so far so I dont get why they dont test that. The current combat system is the worst it has been in a long time. Ships need to be balanced and too. Im done with game anyway so good luck.
  7. speed bug

    dock and undock and it should be working again
  8. [EXILE] PvPEU Pirate Clan.

    I bet vicious commanded you guys over ts and live stream
  9. Double shot overhaul

    No. There are alot of things I disagree with ingame when it come to cannons damage, penetration and mast thicknesses. It might be nice to have doubles damage increase and small bit and limit penetration to 50m ranges like you said but if they were to do changes like that carros would need a rebalance/fix. Carros do need a range buff by maybe 20-50% imo. Charged shot should be removed then because guns would explode with to much charge. I guess if you used double there could be a possibility to burst the gun and loose a cannon to make it risk vs reward if the damage was high
  10. Trincomalee and Endymion

    Them problem with small battles was that where were little tactics involved. Except for the endymion there is not a single 5th rate a trinc can fight and win the wind from.
  11. Trincomalee and Endymion

    try it and duel a pirate frigate
  12. Trincomalee and Endymion

    whats mark?
  13. Ghost Ship

    Myself and bom have seen the dutch player Apina Kin outside in LA MONA in victory with neutral flag 2 days in a row. I have contacted the player Apina Kin and he said he was in a Trinc at the other part of world at the time. What is this??? I will bug report it next time
  14. Trincomalee and Endymion

    the rocking is a realistic part of the trinc. I believe the trinc turn rate needs to be increased to 3 and maybe make her a whole 1 knot faster close hauled. That way she still is a whole knot slower than other ships Edit. 2 knots close hauled speed buff is a must she is far to slow