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  1. HachiRoku

    La Requin nerf needed

    Agreed. Only with demasting have I ever managed to kill it. Surprise with carros is the best square sailor to kill it imo. Demasting is very effective with surprise.
  2. HachiRoku

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    We are waiting for roe fixes and requin fix. Lost 3 good ships to requin ganks this weekend. I can't afford to build this many ships. Worst part about requin is that they don't even shoot. They waste their chains and when they run out ram me until their allies catch up..... I guess we will be returning in 2 months or so.
  3. HachiRoku

    DLC ships

    No its not. That's like complaining that you cannot access the last mission of gta if you have not completed the first. You own it true but games do not work like that. Many games require you to "work" for the content and there is definitely not an issue with ship notes.
  4. HachiRoku

    DLC ships

    Notes would solve many issues. As I pointed out before. The lack of logistics breaks rvr a a good bit. Banning those ships from pbs is BS because simply balancing them would be enough. This and making the ships capable until battle over would make me happy. Balance is not what this topic is about and others know the shop better than I
  5. HachiRoku

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    You saying we won't get a 10gb patch with all fixes and new engine?
  6. HachiRoku

    Russia vs France. Round Two.

    Becouse? Hahaha brilliant!!!!!
  7. HachiRoku

    Russia vs France. Round Two.

    Well I was not going to tell you but fuck you traitorI. I wasted 175 pvp marks crafting connies until I got a 4/5 very fast and crafted 6 trincs on Gomez until very fast. I also spent 3 million and took 3 mods from cw. Now stfu on the forums and get me teak, gold, mods and books. You know what Otto. I don't even feel bad about it.
  8. HachiRoku

    Russia vs France. Round Two.

    You mean after I left sorry and you begging me to stay? You can say what you like Mario but the community will believe me over you because I'm an honest human being.
  9. They're retards. You're to nice to say what we're all thinking.
  10. HachiRoku

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    Every time I Loose a ship I blame it on the wind and the game.
  11. Rediii was also playing every day this weekend. I have him on steam. Even if he wasn't playing he would have a good reason not to.
  12. Hmm. If you don't see me online you're not playing buddy just look at global. I ask for 1v1s every hour. You just made an idiot out of yourself there.
  13. I already paid for a game that is still unfinished. I will gladly support the devs when the game is fixed. It has never been more broken than now. You know what happens to games with a community like you? Star citizen. 186 million and still not even an estimated release date but 30 grand ship packs because the devs are so poor. Money does not always increase development time and in cases of early access it makes things worse.