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  1. VO101_HWick

    Chain shot feedback

    Chain should just lose energy a lot quicker and retain a bit more damage till 2/3 of it's range. At the moment if flies as far as earlier but does no damage. Make it lose energy quick to represent more realistic ballistics and to aid us judge the distance of effective chain shot range better. I think damage is a bit too much, decreasing it by 10% may do the trick, availability is enough. Also we can increase time between repairs to make battles a bit more decisive. Adding 2 extra minutes between repairs maybe a good start.
  2. VO101_HWick

    Reinforcement Zones - A Better Approach

    what is called when one does the same thing over and over again expecting different results? 😉
  3. less clicking while crafting i would say.
  4. VO101_HWick

    not Hostility, rather Stability

    awesome idea to get trading be part of RVR and make it more rewarding.
  5. VO101_HWick

    GBs KPR fix

    It is actually, nothing else just being lazy or lack of time. Come home from work, login, got on TS, someone spots a single enemy ships and everyone goes, the next minute you realise we are chasing 1-2-3 ships with half of GB population. It is fun in a way but most of all it is convenient. If the enemy piles up, we have some great battles. Simple and easy. Port battles are a pain and require a lot more commitment and time. not all of us have that or not at the time needed. i am a late player in the EU timezone, by the time i login, most port battles are done and dusted. so whats left is to hang around KPR, La mona, Aves, doing some raiding, Patrol mission or doing the glorious KPR home defense. it will change cause people will get bored of this too. Then back to RVR more. Lets just enjoy the content and come and turn up in numbers so we can have massive fights. I raiding other's capital, we see the exact same response. the other day i attacked 3 indiaman, i got jumped by masses in Swedish waters. Happened near the French capital and with the Danes too. Massive revenge fleets and piping up on the morsels they have available. Everyone is doing the same thing.
  6. VO101_HWick

    Day-Night cycle in battle instances

    Because it's instanced, it doesn't need to be in sync with the OW time and the engine is more than capable to handle whatever you can come up with.
  7. VO101_HWick

    Day-Night cycle in battle instances

    C'mon now, we have fairly close to historic performance on ships, with around 1 min reload, sailing speed and turning, not so much sped up. Little faster than RL but close enough.It doesn't warrant this rapidly changing day-night cycle, in 1.5 hours how many times it changes? The multi-day engagement would be when Tag-battle-escape-tag-battle-escape-re-tag-battle sink. In this we would have a full cycle, thats fine but not within one battle. Or is it just me afraid of the dark?
  8. VO101_HWick

    Day-Night cycle in battle instances

    hi Team, I suggest that you lock down battle instance time of day and day-night settings to the state the battle was initiated in OW. If i tag during day time, the battle will be fought daytime, if i tag night time, the battle will be fought night time. It would be a most welcome change. It is one thing that bothers me since the beginning. Greetings, Wick
  9. VO101_HWick

    Perk reset

    i trade and i fight. i need to reset twice in one day when i do trade runs. 50 combat marks are expensive, i either buy them or pve it but since i am doing a bit of everything, it does eat in to my profits or time available to play. so at the moment i find it expensive.
  10. VO101_HWick

    lord protector?

    You need to participate in winning port battles. If the port remains in your nation's possession by the next Monday morning, then you get a Victory Mark with your title.
  11. VO101_HWick

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    alright hold you horses. I am all in for as many players to play on the server as we can get. I am also one of those people logging in for an hour or two if i don't have more time. It is possible to have PVP, PVE or even trading done in those couple of hours. That's how i play a lot of times. We were talking about the cancellation of missions preventing people to play the game. I do find this overly exaggerated. If players just find those secluded spots on the huge map, its possible to do missions as much as anyone wants without the risk of being intercepted.
  12. VO101_HWick

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    Well, for these players it would be so much easier just to play on he PVE server isnt it.
  13. VO101_HWick

    Chain shot feedback

    I do think it just needs a little tuning, maybe add 2 more minutes between repairs.
  14. VO101_HWick

    Chain shot feedback

    could be to make repairs heavier to force limit or face slow sailing. that is not bad, but then as we already tanking out the ships, who will bother losing one more knots...
  15. To be honest, i am not a big fan of the possibility of losing hard-earned rewards after a battle. Problem is it will punish lower skilled players exponentially more than organised teams. It is hard as it is to progress with a lot of grind to produce money to replace ships and so on. I would like to see changes and additional content in other areas. I do believe we can still have treasure fleets and stuff without the need to over-stretch realism by making Combat/PVP marks or own gold reserves losable. Maybe gold only but that would be as far as i want to see this develop.