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  1. Privateers and gentlemen

    You can buy "Privateers and Gentlemen" rules and couple of adventure books at http://www.rpgnow.com/index.php
  2. Conquest Mark Rentsystem Discussion

    I would go with more daily/weekly activity based system. Lets have each region generate conquest marks for players of owning nation who earn x amount of xp in the area. The xp limit could be fixed or maybe based on some balancing factor, like nation population or total regions owned. This xp can be earned from deliveries, PvE, PvP, etc. (but I hope they increase PvP xp a lot). This could also be expanded by giving different rewards for different types of xp (resources for delivery xp, blueprints for craftng xp, ship premits for PvP etc). These rewards can also be different for different regions. And also any rewards should be delivered into players outpost in the specific region. Also the reward should be 100% certain only if there is no hostility, otherwise the chance is lowered by total hostility in the region.
  3. Conquest Marks

    The benefits from RVR and owning regions should go to active players. That means one time participation in port battle or something like once build building should not generate marks forever. Lets have each region generate fixed amount of benefits per day for the owning nation (at the moment Conquest marks), and distribute them to players who earned most XP in the region. The XP should have a minimum level needed, but can be from PvP, PvE, delivery contracts, crafting or whatever. This could also be further developed by having different kind of benefits for different activities (like blueprints for crafting, ship permits for PvP, better delivery contracts for delivery missions etc.) or different benefits from different regions. And in order to not block small nations out of competition (like having no SOL's), maybe each higher rank player should have permanent permit to own one SOL (rate based on rank).
  4. Many more than 3 changes, but here are three hopefully doable things; 1. Refine OW ROE (e.g. tagging circle to defender, groups pulled only if tagging/tagged by member of the group and maybe even teleport-to-port for defender). 2. Remove universal speed cap and make it 5-10% cap for upgrades/skills. 3. Less "required" PVE (higher rewards for PVP, more craftable upgrades/books, no PVE only loot drops) Other big and small things I would like to see; Develop real pirate mechanics (with both benefits and disadvantages), Create more activities affecting hostility (normal trade and warsupply delivery missions, raids on multiple ports, blockades on multiple ports), Bring Alliances back (but with max 1 ally and none for country with most ports), Introduce national paints.
  5. "Home Defense Fleets"

    Couple of points regarding "TP for defender" If you counter-tag you are not the defender. And how often you are defender against fully loaded indiaman or other trader? Also if overloading is a problem, then just add "no TP when overloaded" (so remeber to ditch some of that loot )
  6. "Home Defense Fleets"

    Things I would like, 1. TP to free port for the defender. But should this be limited only to original ships (no captures)? 2. Normal entry timer of 2 min (visible ships). Longer timer in Capital area for the home team (5min or more). Also I wonder if it would be difficult to implement "Defence fleet mission". Meaning, group of players can take a mission in specific area and if they stay in the area they have longer entry timer for all battles in the same area.
  7. Change how permits work?!

    Nice idea. I would also like something similar. System where you could build ship hulls, that don't need permits and don't need dock space (but are placed in-ordinary). In order to get a ship into use, you would need to apply a permit and outfit the ship with guns and rigging. As with different gun setups, rigging could then be standard rigging or something special (just use and expand current national rigging refits). You should also be able to later decommission ships back into-ordinary, and have few reserve ships. Even better if you could store these hulls in clan warehouse/reserve. As an further idea, if and when we get the alliance/war system back. Maybe we could make the permit cost (or even some kind of permit time limit) be based on war/peace status of the nation. Then we could make line ships common only during war time (permits with conquest marks are expensive during peace). Similar price/time limit system could also be used to balance small nations if needed.
  8. Speed limit

    Agree, current speed thing is not good. If you really want to use the speed limit, then it should be ship specific and not universal. Better yet, drop the speed limit altogether, lower the bonus per mod and limit the total bonus from mods to max 10%.
  9. Swedish 2nd rate "Spiran" by F.H Chapman

    Maybe we could hope for "Chapman 1790 Swedish fleet proposal" ship bundle! ... ;-) (included: 66, 74, 80, 94 and 110 gun ships, not sure if all of these had even plans made)
  10. Alternatives to the removal of endresult screen

    What if we had "tow-to-port" option available only for the defender. This would help at least against repeat tagging.
  11. Why limiting the number of Ships someone can hold??

    Maybe we should have a possibility to put few ships "in ordinary" (reserve). These unarmed ships could be at your capital, and you would have to pay some gold or resources to get them back into dock. This way you won't get more dock space that is available for all outposts, but you could still have few ships in reserve.
  12. Reward the hostility makers and takers

    Also, During the port battle there could be some increased rewards for PVP in the region. This way the essential screening fleets could get some benefits too,
  13. Reward the hostility makers and takers

    Very good idea, sir!
  14. Herrat Kapteenit, Ruotsin (PvP1) riveissä on seilannut useampikin suomi-poika. Tosin hajaantuneina eri klaaneihin. Itse valitsin ja valitsen jatkossakin Ruotsi(-Suomen) laivaston. Pääosin historiallisista syistä, ja koska mukavan haasteellinen altavastustajan asema on kiinnostava, Jos nykyinen kansainvälinen klaanini (KHAUL) jatkaa niin ajattelin myös itse pysyä mukana siinä (EU palvelimella). Jokatapauksessa olisi mukava nähdä lisää maanmiehiä tai jopa kunnon Suomi klaani. Eihän tuo rakas naapurimme ole paljon sodissa menestynyt ilman suomen joukkoja.
  15. Screenshots of a Swedish 4th rate : Wasa (1778)

    Nice looking ship, even in white. Hopefully we get it soon. I wonder, if those sliding carriages could be represented as a new "cannon type". Not sure, but I think they had some advantages like smaller crew size, but also some disadvantages (in addition to the smell).