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  1. Question on playing servers???

    Yes, actually that is how it works. If you start a new character on a second server (or 3rd server) you start from scratch. New name, or same name if you like, but not linked. XP and other assets are independent. Before the server data was segregated (back in May I think?) players had a chance then to establish 3 separate characters, and have their XP on each as a redeemable. Now if you start on a new server you start from scratch. They are independent and nothing is screwed up. You can log into each server and play each of the 3 separate players.
  2. Increase ship spot distance in OW using spyglass

    I hate when using the spyglass that it is always on full zoom-in when first activated. Especially in battle when you want to use the glass and almost always want it zoomed out some.
  3. the single player and his ship

    Cannons are also sold by the port, so you do not need a workshop. You can buy meds till the cows come home. And if you are selling the ship you don't fit it out.
  4. the single player and his ship

    Well you can still craft ships on your own. You might wind up destroying buildings and rebuilding though, this is what I did building ship(s) on my own. But trade is the other option. You have four buildings after the shipyard, and you don't need a workshop to build a ship. If you want to do it all without trading with anyone it will take longer, just stockpile from a building, destroy, then build a different one and stockpile that, till you have all you need for a few ships.
  5. The PvE server needs some attention...desperately!

    Tax credit. Great idea, hadn't ever thought of it, and would make a temporary trade boost in the region for the receiving clans. Not an end game but good content to make gameplay more enjoyable.
  6. Increase ship spot distance in OW using spyglass

    I typically use fullscreen, not windowed. Seems to work as intended in FSM. Had not seen that issue you describe above.
  7. Increase ship spot distance in OW using spyglass

    Are there issues with this? I use the wheel for zoom, and the tracking for movement, and the clicking like normal to ID. That seems to work, can you say what issues you are having? (I have not read of any).
  8. Increase ship spot distance in OW using spyglass

    I was able to find a couple statements from those threads, to followup on above comment.
  9. The PvE server needs some attention...desperately!

    Yeah that could work. With two additions: first that only neutral ports could be turned over to national, and second, that as hostilities decrease over time (through lack of those things you mentioned), then those originally-netural ports should recover back to their original neutral state. Self-healing map, as it were. However, some people still will want the pve experience in the larger scenario of port battle, without the element of the second P; I couldn't say just what percentage of people that is on the server, but there are definitely some.
  10. The PvE server needs some attention...desperately!

    Looks like port capture could/would be limited in the same fashion as on pvp servers, which is to say maintenance costs. I believe that should work. Also, the OP suggested a reasonable way of alternating hostilities/alliances on the pve server that could be tailored to assist port capture mechanics. The flipside is you are right about the inability to stop a port capture if it is all AI defense; but most of the pve server people that have spoken up prefer such a scenario; I do as well. But remember any port can be RE-captured any number of times, so one capture is not a final say-so for any nation; same as pvp server. I'm not sure in the end that I personally even want port capture on the pve server. But many are asking for port battle availability. This could also be established by allowing hostility generation, a port battle, and then resort to a no-territory-gain, just to deliver the experience. Initial map spread of port ownership would always stay the same, and just tuned initially for a decent balance/expectations. I'd be for that configuration, just to add the additional content for the server. You have no basis for such a statement. There are opposite statements by the devs. I won't look them up for you, you should go find them. But please don't spread rumors. And further, you are off topic in this thread. Please start a separate thread if you wish to discuss abolishing pve server.
  11. Increase ship spot distance in OW using spyglass

    There were a few very detailed discussions on this over a year ago on this forum, with calculation methodologies provided. Using curvature of earth, and spotting sails emerging over the horizon from the crow's nest. Devs already stated that it would be too much tax on the server to render it [more correctly], so we get the popping at a reasonable distance/location from your viewpoint. I believe this is a good compromise, and most of us have learned to accept it as reasonable.
  12. It's weird, but I have been finding, and consulting with others it's not uncommon, that the bigger AI traders, LGV e.g., seem to have less loot on them than the Trader Snows and Brigs, and for a higher effort. Not sure why but LGV's seem to be a disappointment in loot lately. Last time I got salt, and something else very minor I can't remember what though. Perhaps they need to be caught leaving a port instead of entering, or some other trick to it.
  13. I think they are still ok on pve server, at least last I checked a couple days ago? Not too few, not too many, and group/BR sizes distributed nicely. That's been my experience lately though, might be certain areas of the map only that appear to have an issue.
  14. XP for traders

    Oh knowledge XP. Not XP. Disagree for LGV and Indiaman. See the other threads on how these ships are versatile for combat. For lesser traders, probably I agree.