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  1. Exciting OR RNG crafting is back, and I have a problem with it.

    I crafted 3 Mercury's and 3 Frigates the other night, they were all blue 3/5 and all sold quickly. Maybe you just need to lower your prices.
  2. Developers - Please Remove the Diolkos

    But AI thru land can't possibly be intentional.
  3. Incomplete information is many times worse than no information at all. However, you are flat out wrong. I think they do an awesome job and I am satisfied. But you don't know me, so don't make incorrect assumptions about me. Either way, the comment wasn't directed at you, so no need for your input on the comment.
  4. Why not? Don't you appreciate community help? Or is it the classic case of need-to-know-basis in order to maintain an appearance of control over others? Most of the time if someone wants others' input or help they make information freely available. And accurate.
  5. Brig should be the starting ship

    Maybe, but I think this path forward is a mistake:
  6. Developers, why do we still see AI ships sailing through land in this game? You've got all the shallows and land boundaries figured out for player ships, so why are the AI's alone still sailing through land? Meanwhile you are rebalancing other minor things to player ships while AI's can sail right through land masses. We do not have canals in this game, and it appears like we have game features like the ancient Diolkos set aside for AI. Can we get this fixed? I'm not sure of the in-game physics that make this insurmountable for you, but it seems ridiculous that we still have it at this stage of development. Priority is not an answer, because it's so ridiculous and been far too long this way.
  7. Limit on reactions?

    The last (and actually, first) time I replied to a post with a "-1" because I firmly disliked what was said, a mod promptly deleted my post. So I never did that again, sad to say. Apparently it was not allowed just to disagree, you had to throw up an entire argument. A dislike button would be great, to show disapproval of a post or statement without having to create a forum war. Would be a good feature.
  8. Ships should be in alphabetical order in craft screen

    Well all these screens should listed in a table format with all relevant properties for easy sorting by any column you choose, alphabetical or any other. Make the lists presentable and fully sortable, new UI notwithstanding.
  9. too hard for new players

    Missions against multiple ships is easier if you can separate them. Try a significant sail damage first on one ship and then run with the next ship to separate them, getting yourself more effectively a 1-on-1. Then come back for the other ship after you sink the first. Three ships is harder but same concept.
  10. Trader Skill slots

    First part spoken like a genuine cowardly ganker. But then again, you were already out of the closet, weren't you? The second part is true however, it seems odd that there are only 3 slots. But if you are a trader, you really don't care anyway. Most of the time you just want speed and cargo space, and there are other ways to accomplish that.
  11. New Player Exeprience - 3 v 1???

    It's true, getting your feet wet in a game does not mean diving into 30 feet of water instead of 50. Either way you drown. Let them wade in slowly.
  12. Are you sure you have your settings correct in this forum? YourUserName > Acct Settings > Other Settings > Notification Settings A whole plethora of goodies in there. Browser notifications only gives you that side=bar slide in notification in Windows, not the in-forum notifications.
  13. WTS Orange/Gold Santi with Strong Rig

    Nice ship. I will offer you 500 PVE marks. Oh wait, we don't have PVE marks. Discrimination.
  14. PvP/Ganking Issues

    ...and if you know anything about the players on that server, you won't merge them, you will just lose them.
  15. I really like that as a much better alternative.