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  1. Credit where credit is due

    Good thread. Agree completely. My young daughter (6) sometimes sits near me when I play and she always asks me if we can look around the ship with the camera, she loves to see these cool things too. Appeals to all ages. Nice job on this developers.
  2. If you're talking about the Aggy, it's now 3, both sides upwind to about 40 degrees off bow. Just took it for a spin. Could use another boost in future. Seems to react the same alone or fleeted with a Connie as lead or lag.
  3. Nice well thought out patch IMO. I enjoy the tunings more than the major overhaul patches, so this will provide a lot of fun for the community over the next few weeks and hopefully highlight the strengths of ships more.
  4. Agamemnon changes

    It is slightly better, not enough upwind IMO. The 2 knots went to 3 until about 40 degrees off the bow either side. Still painful.
  5. Global Chat on Global Server

    I also think the question a little odd. It's public behavior, and in a predefined environment. If you are looking for a yardstick I doubt you're going to find an exact definition. You should already know how to act I would think. Maybe consider yourself in a public restaurant and conduct yourself similarly? OK, Reservoir Dogs scene does not count. There are others listening around you that have different backgrounds, different faiths, some are children/preteens/teens, some aged, different cultures and races, etc etc. Respect as best you can everyone that you affect, all the gamers online with you, and don't be deliberately malicious (but definitely sink them). Also some foul language is expected but vulgarity especially persistent is not warranted in public. It's not a jail or a military barracks. More like a wedding reception - have fun, let loose, but control yourself. Bottom line is that you'll know the bad stuff when you see it, and an experienced mod will know and should have the tools he needs. The advice above to not escalate is good too, because it stops a whole lot of it from snowballing into over the top. IMO you just need to have your own gauge and know how to use it. Most people do. But some people need mothering no matter how old they are. Otherwise moderators wouldn't even be necessary. Hope that helps answer your question. This is my view, others may disagree and that's fine.
  6. Mousewheel Issues

    If you do wind up buying a new one, I highly recommend THIS ONE by Logitech, or THIS ONE if you want Bluetooth enabled. I own both and they are great mice. Logitech also has some good gaming mice.
  7. Graphics stuttering

    For some reference, my son and I play the game together in the same household off the same router/service and I don't notice any ill effects when we do, even when server connection is through a common range extender. We both have Geforce experience running with overlay.
  8. Mousewheel Issues

    What mouse? In case someone else has same model.
  9. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    Lol I think you're trolling me now. My forum birthdate is probably a couple months after game birthdate, not sure where I would see that anyway. Game birth Feb 2016, not that it makes a difference in this conversation, but you brought it up and actually in response to something that had nothing to do with it. I agree your opinion has as much value as mine, but your point by point response to me is argumentative in nature for no good reason, and it indicates you missed the entire point of my post, which is this: the sum total of communication flaws are [--->]my own[<---] opinion of the problem. Arguing point by point is just playing words and unnecessary. Incidentally, being around for a while you would've seen my same comment in different forms many times before from others, so it shouldn't shock or offend you so much.
  10. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    I addressed the OP, not you. You should do the same. I'm not arguing with you, it's my opinion. And it stands. I also do not care how many hours you or others have or date of captain birth. I only listed my own to say that I didn't play for 2 hours, quit, and give a bad review.
  11. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    They also said in a thread a while back that the game is in fine condition with plenty of incoming purchases. (communication issue again?)
  12. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    I really like Norfolk's idea and the chart he created. Well done. I get the gyst of your argument Archaos, but I disagree with the limiting clan size approach. On the contrary I think this should promote enlarging clans. Your clan specializes in a certain 5-hour time groups so you can field decent size battles for that region, then you expand your clan to allow your clan to specialize in two of those time groups, and ultimately three. Requires strategizing and encourages progessive dominance. I also agree with above that the USA time groups should be adjusted, that is if you are only looking at the USA. I'm on east coast coincident with NYC time indicated, so no big deal for me. But west coast is 3 hours behind (yeah, you guys can't keep up, slackers), so that time group needs to shift forward by at least one hour. And there's no reason it can't be 1.5 hours either. Just my thoughts, try not to hit me with the ole' but hey you don't RVR anymore so shut up.
  13. Agamemnon changes

    Haven't sailed this ship much personally. But with the redeemables, I started putting it in as a fleet ship. And man, the OW sailing became a joke. 2 knots going upwind? Sweet. As someone else above said I can grow a beard, and I have a baby face. Fights pretty good though once you get there.
  14. [suggestion] Ship refitting, modules and knowledge

    Sounds like that kind of backs The Red Duke's point above.
  15. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    My comment here addresses excatly what the OP says (not any periphery conversation). I qualify my comment by saying I have about 1500 hours in (plus my son plays), and while the game has plenty of flaws and problems I still really enjoy it quite a bit, and I would recommend it to others (and have). But the OP is right, the genuine problem they have is poor dev communication (i.e. lack of information). They don't communicate anywhere even close to enough. They respond in riddles and ambiguity to questions in this forum. The responses on this forum are arrogant and defensive in many cases. Entire subjects discussed on this forum, and participants, are completely ignored by dev team. No response. Complete and total ignore to the entire population of PVE server. No communication there. Dev team won't hire a fluently English speaking counterpart to flood this forum with English responses. Change one word in an English sentence and you can change the entire meaning. Happens a whole lot. Blame to this community that the participants pointing out flaws in this game are responsible for the poor reviews because we didn't counter it. Very little communication in-game to people who do not participate in this forum. On and on, just poor communication. They can only blame themselves for that IMO and stop blaming this community. They wanted an Early Access game to get community input (I suppose)? But then don't communicate properly with the participants. Makes no sense. Like I said above I like the game, but they should wake up: the populace is generally pleased and very forgiving when you have well-though-out, continuous, respectful, interactive communication from the developers (the response to this however, will be my third point above).