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  1. Jean Ribault

    Exams - How to pass - tips and tricks

    I failed Endurance 3 times. OK, I am mostly trade, not pvp, and admittedly I suck at battles (all types), but on my last attempt I probably would've won the second ship if I had more repairs. I sunk the first one, not board, but I was too engaged in the battle to think of looting, and I had no repairs to finish up. Someone told me afterwards I could loot the ship, it just never occurred to me, and I'm sure such stupidity is not an isolated case. The tip: if you sink the first ship of the Endurance exam instead of board it, go loot it first for repairs before taking on the second one.
  2. Jean Ribault

    Deep Portbattles and Small ships

    It's coming soon. H2 2021.
  3. I have a few left on both servers. I feared to retrieve them, lest I never see one again.
  4. Jean Ribault

    special request

    Great potential for the game. But...not enough players, and only 7 years away in development.
  5. Oh how I'd like to become a believer. My faith is not so strong as yours.
  6. Jean Ribault

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    That's very true. You know, the flipside to that is it might make rvr more important and also discourage nation flipping?
  7. If you're setting up an Amway structure can I join? If it's early enough, I might get something out of this!
  8. Jean Ribault

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Right now my opinion is the only good Requin is a sunken one. Add that to the 1-liners, por favor.
  9. It's not really their fault (the hunters). They are kind of forced to use what's now available and common on the OS. The sweeteneness is made too attractive to ignore, so mechanics must overcome this, and right now they don't. Encouraged actually, with such tools as Le Req and Herc.
  10. Jean Ribault

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Glad you called it "funny" and not great. Too many DLC OP garbage ships too, I call that a travesty for this game.
  11. Nice idea, nice service, and excellent webpage. Sounds like a potential scam though. Scams have been performed many times in NA past unfortunately. Too easy to recreate characters, transfer to alts, and disappear without trace, or even with just a condescending laugh. There is no tribunal basis to recover the funds either, should the transaction(s) go awry. I'd like to believe in the upright business practices of players, but lack of recovery mechanics along with no transparency and past stunts, I must remain a skeptic. What would you do with the couple hundred thousand sugars, etc, I have? Do you also deal in tangible assets and holdings?
  12. Jean Ribault

    War and Peace

    Frankly, it wasn't perfect but I thought the only major flaw in the previous alliance system was the unfortunate state of the permalliances. That part was bad. I was never a member of any large clan, but the national majority should be able to vote on war and alliances IMO. Clan members will naturally vote with their clan politics for the most part. Solve the permalliance issue, perhaps allow clan wars as well, and the system could work. I wouldn't be opposed to RNG wars dictated by Admiralty either, as suggested above.
  13. Jean Ribault

    War and Peace

    It certainly does need a real name, doesn't it? PVP-only players probably don't care about it, but just calling it PVE server is a bit lame I must admit.
  14. Jean Ribault

    [PvP EU] France-Spain / Declaration

    But it sounds nice!
  15. Jean Ribault

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    What's a Constitution 2 ?