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  1. Jean Ribault

    Safe zones and Newbies

    Wouldn't be dead with flags.
  2. Jean Ribault

    Safe zones and Newbies

    Great, you just made my point for me! Thanks. So quite easy to take this and move to a quiet location to learn.
  3. Jean Ribault

    Safe zones and Newbies

    A new chap has 0, no need to state the obvious. But it's like 10,000 gold for your first outpost, this is peanuts to every player. You get more than that in a single cutter mission or a single trade run of worthless goods in the safe zone. I can't remember but I think the first outpost permit is only like 5K gold. So for 15K you can easily do what I suggested. This is not a problem for anyone, not even a person who just learned how to WASD. No need to argue about a suggestion for arguments sake, it's thrown out there as a quite viable option.
  4. Jean Ribault

    Safe zones and Newbies

    Not that I disagree with your statement, but new players IMO should establish themselves AWAY FROM the capital, not at it. They can go to any of several quiet places on the map and do their missions and trading and also do the tutorials. Establish themselves, gain experience and gold, and then start expanding to new outposts or back to the capital and join a clan. New players don't have to be established within 1 week to play this game. No need to hurry. If they do it this way then safe zones are irrelevant to them.
  5. Jean Ribault

    Blame devs for everything

    TBH your original post was not structured well. 🙄 But I read it 3 times and finally got what you're trying to say, I think. But in the long run, I think your assumption is wrong. All those Steam reviews blaming devs aren't blaming them for the chat toxicity or bragging publicly to tear others down. That's an entirely different subject, and as you point out, it isn't prevalent in NA. Most of the NA community is not that toxic, but IMO since the community right now is a small one, actions like that get focused on. If there were 5000 players in this game then the few toxic folks would get buried in that. Just my opinion though. And actually I agree with your premise that those kinds of things are a detraction form the game, however I don't think that's why players are leaving the game and blaming devs.
  6. Jean Ribault

    RvR - Bringing back a better Flag

    I wish I could +1 this a dozen times. This little tidbit of intangible truth is so lost in all the flag mechanics discussions. It was this excitement factor that made flags so wonderful, even in spite of abuse. With flags, I didn't even mind so much being 1-ported because at least it was exciting (it happened twice thru flags). Why is this fact so overlooked? It outweighs all mechanics issues IMHO.
  7. Jean Ribault

    Trade in Sea Bottles

    Wouldn't be "as much" of an issue if you could pick up the loot in segments at a time. Once you open it up it is visible to all in OW (but not on map view except you). You can come back to pick it up, or it could be stolen, or even your clanmates could come get it for you. Simply wipe all open bottles from the map during daily maintenance to reduce numbers of artifacts in the database.
  8. Jean Ribault

    Exact X & Z co-ordinates for the ports on the map

    Sail out about a couple meters, turn around and sail back. It will be at zero.
  9. Jean Ribault

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    I think it's unfortunate because that would spark people's continued play in NA IMO. If you beat me in a battle you should get more, no question. But I don't wanna be beaten down continually, I will just quit (cuz it's no fun).
  10. Jean Ribault

    Exact X & Z co-ordinates for the ports on the map

    If you are inside the port you won't get the coordinates on F11, but if you exit to OW at the port and then F11 you get them.
  11. Jean Ribault

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    Your thinking is upside down here. It's not that people lose stuff and it's potentially a small amount, it's the fact that they are not winning, just as Marcus Corvus implies above. People don't log onto a game and stay and keep playing it over and over, in order to lose stuff. They want to win! Everyone likes to win, not lose and especially lose consistently. Don't quote the git gud crap either because we know that some people have time to do that and others don't, or will never be good perhaps because they're older or maybe just less talented even with practice (let's be frank, I'm in there somewhere). Here's what I'm saying......do you know the reason I like to play CS:GO, even though I can never be one of the best? It's because when I get shot and killed, the message comes up on the screen that says something like this: "You got killed. You won +$2400". Bonus! I didn't actually lose anything, I actually won something for dying. And that in a nutshell is what NA is missing. If your ship gets lost you should get bonus and in fact be in a better position than you were before you lost the ship. Then you won't be losing players who get farmed, or players who can't compete. Think about it and you will see 1 very good reason why that game is so successful with repeating players and NA currently is not.
  12. Jean Ribault

    The top 10 problems of NA, my view.

    The premise for my comment is that I believe most solitary players enjoy economic depth to a game. So I think #1 problem with the game is the lack of depth, workability , and activity (content) in the economy of NA. It affects and cascades down to everything in the game, such as ship sales and construction, trading, support for clans, OW sailing, on and on.
  13. Jean Ribault

    Why not have sailing in the OW?

    Unless you've changed it since, your original post does not suggest optional. Again, twist it, and that's fine. But my reply is to your original suggestion. I assumed you wanted to discuss its merits, sorry.
  14. Jean Ribault

    Why not have sailing in the OW?

    That's only in the OW. It's a portal for entering an RVR combat system and an economic/trade game (which is surely poor I readily admit). When they added the OW, seems to me it was an afterthought to the simulation game of combat. If simulated sailing was an optional and additional thing, nothing would be wrong with that. Adding that piece of it as optional content is not something that is bad. I believe you already have those things in the combat model, or pretty close to it. Not sure how much more you want that piece of it developed, unless you are just looking to also make that piece part of the OW? Again, optionally adding a sailing game and not mandating what is originally proposed as obstacles to the OW would be additional content.
  15. Jean Ribault

    Why not have sailing in the OW?

    There's no question more content is needed for this game. However you make an awful lot of assumptions there about what I like or dislike in this game. Unfortunately your assumptions are all wrong. I have never once used a tow to port, in fact I don't even know how it works. I don't like the concept, so I don't use it and have never tried it. I don't know about freetown patrol zones either. I generally don't visit freetowns. And I certainly don't have any turbo speed garbage, I despise all magical upgrades and feel like they have separated the player base. Please don't go assuming what you have no idea about me or my playstyle. Additionally, the OP did not present this as "the option to do stuff during ow sailing" as you twist it around to say. You are deliberately changing the suggestion's words to bolster your argument that is an already wrong assumption about my playstyle. You double-downed on your wrong response. I was replying to my own view of the actual words of his suggestion, not your view of it twisted around. Further, I've been reading for over two years how most players have not wanted to spend massive amounts of time sailing between two points. OW is compressed you know? The OP did not suggest that his methods were "optional", so my comment is taking all those discussions into account as well. It is already time-consuming enough to sail a massive world, and believe me I do enjoy it. But a 2 hour trip across the map where I then might run into reefs and rocks and tear my ship apart and don't even accomplish what I set out to do in the limited playtime I get? No thanks. Your goal of getting new players would be defeated at least with me, because I would never play such a game. It's not vets who don't understand this, unfortunately you don't. The other game by the way is any sailing simulator. I didn't say I invented or programmed it, or play it. I said it's just not this one. However this one still does have a pretty realistic combat model, and from what I have seen and read that was the intention of the development team.