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  1. Music

    If you have nothing to add to the discussion on music, then go away. This is a discussion on music in the interface, not your input on other things. It's not my vision for the game anyway. It's a suggestion to make the game more pleasant overall. Not sure why that's bad, or why you have to choose between that and a tutorial. I don't choose between tires and a steering wheel on my car.
  2. Music

    Ah, I see yes you did suggest it before. I agree with you, the design team has zero vision and does not care. I didn't expect them to respond, was more for others' input. Actually I expected them to just shut the thread down like that last time I made a suggestion, to which they got a negative review with dozens of likes.
  3. Music

    How about some background music options for when you are in port or sailing OW? Could be just part of the game on the client side, and play from your own machine, with some in-game controls. I know you can play your own, but a collection selected from design might be nice.
  4. Duelroom

    Yes, needed. During low-pop times, and to replace Legends. Also for structured training, and for instant gratification during more boring sessions.
  5. hostility poll

    LOL maybe the salt was all yours. I never had any nor experienced any, no need to project that on my game, as it never affected me. However, when hostility was introduced I did try it and that was the end of any RVR for me. So your argument makes no sense in my view. Was it perfect? No. But was it better? Yes.
  6. hostility poll

    Doesn't always happen and so what if it does.
  7. hostility poll

    Flags were instant fun, lots of interest and activity at once, scrambling when you saw the big announcement pop up on the screen, and allowed for overnight unexpected changes. Hostility has been flawed from the start. Bring back flags.
  8. Good reviews

    The steam reviews aren't negative or positive, they are a recommendation to buy the game or not. Many with thumbs down have very positive comments in them about the game. Bottom line is, given the experience of the player whether they would recommend someone else buy the game. In the extreme the game could be awesome but if it was $200 I wouldn't recommend it, it isn't a negative review. You should be encouraging people to be honest, not make blind statements because you recommend the game. Frankly when I read the comments on Steam, looks to me like the developers of this game cause a large portion of the thumbs down to begin with. Maybe send them a private note encouraging them to change their ways and provide some good PR.
  9. DLC - Outposts and Buildings

    You can use my dock spaces if you like. I'll give them back, promise.
  10. 2018 Duel room thread!

    I would like it too, and I don't even pvp. Listen to him, and help coax us into it devs.
  11. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Still, fireships are spectacular when they blow.
  12. @admin can you state the nature of the chain limitation? Number of rounds for each cannon? Total weight of chain prorated to ship class or size? Or hold size? The OP does not state the nature of the limitation, maybe you don't know at this point? More details would help with a more fruitful discussion. Maybe I missed it, I didn't see that discussed.
  13. Changing Sails (0-20-40-60-80-100%)

    That would be common sense. But ships still sail through land, you see, so why go there?
  14. Well said. With no working economy, they should just create Legends and be done with it.
  15. Merge PVE and PVP Server?

    The rise and fall of player numbers on PVE server during EST (when I play) seems to match the curve on the Carribean server, just lower numbers overall by comparison. The number of overall players on PVE it seems has also declined consistently with the declining numbers on Carribean. In other words, player numbers are a game issue, not a server issue.