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  1. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Same response to you. Do you really think your nation population should determine whether you can win any pb? The alternative to this offer is we take Cartagena, Belize, Bragman's Bluff, Campeche, and Vera Cruz. In that exact order. Make your choice son.
  2. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    So your saying instead of fighting a port battle 25v25 we should get screened in by the whole nation. That's hilarious. When I say screened I mean intercepted by dozens of spineless 5th rates that run from us without giving a fight. No thank you. As long as we have a way to avoid that we will. Get a 25 man group that can beat us instead. That sounds as even as I can make it.
  3. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    You'll get back Savannah when you can take it. This is good for your nation. It'll make you tougher like spinach.
  4. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Just to let you know Kanay if you come pirate(and this goes for everyone else that gets the bright idea to go pirate for victory marks) we will kill you every time we see you. Same goes for anyone else that swaps without our approval. God it's good to be a pirate 😎
  5. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Sorry red duke. I quoted Kanay on that. Don't know why it quoted you. My bad. Maybe because I'm on my phone.
  6. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    This is a problem. We took one port and the largest population nation gave up. For the people who left I'm sorry. But when the going gets rough if your first response is to quit the game then this server is not for you. We have a pve server just for that mentality. British still have more ports than us... for now. We haven't even taken a port that people have been in long term. There are predators and food in this game. We have a high percentage of predators in our nation. You have a high percentage of food in yours. Predators need food to survive. We're just giving you a manageable area until you can turn that food into more predators. And this is all dictated by the constraints of who gains victory marks.
  7. A Cunning GB Plan...

    I'm sorry, but the brits have abandoned them. They're the highest population nation with the lowest percentage willing to fight. AUSEZ are fighters, but they needed help. If we were in the same position and pirates didn't come to help defend our nation you'd better believe our kos list would increase dramatically. We understand the Brits situation and have given them as much time as needed to train up and produce a skilled fighting force. Hopefully they use this time wisely and don't lash out prematurely.
  8. A Cunning GB Plan...

    I guarantee I'm not Duncan's alt or my name isn't Sir Texas Sir... oops
  9. Port Battle Outlaw Battle Exploit global Server

    What are you crying about? We go into a battle before server shutdown. You're allowed to enter if you get into something bigger than that free cutter. And the PB is hours away after reset. We have to work hours ahead of time to try to get into a port battle because you guys can't face us in even port battle. If you want to quit because you can't have 75 guys keep us from making into the port battle then please find another game to play.
  10. [PvP Global] Political Situation and Port Battles

    I'm sorry. Do you think the game mechanics of screening are anything more than griefing. Meaning the biggest nation can always defend their ports because they have the numbers to keep out anyone who trys to take their ports. That system is bs to me. On global their would be no nation that could take a brit port unless all the nations combined to stop them. I'd rather see that decision made by who has more skill and tactics in the port battle rather than who can keep the enemy from getting to the port battle.
  11. White Peace - France-Denmark Trade Conflict ends

    Those areas aren't yours. Don't count the conquest marks as yours that don't even belong to you. Get some conquest marks off of the 2 Dane ports that are in your territory.
  12. White Peace - France-Denmark Trade Conflict ends

    Damn Slamz. I'm not feeling the love here. The point was if you continue talking smack about the Danes and Pirates you're just putting a strain on this peace. The Danes never took any extra ports. Only the one port to equal what you had of theirs before they wanted a ceasefire to get a general consensus from all of their clan. Same happened on your side. If you're interested in peace give the Danes time until the Swede ports are off cooldown and you'll see them putting hostility on them. Although it really doesn't matter who controls those ports as long as they don't go past that line. If you want to say screw the peace then give the 3 day notice that was agreed to back out. But before that please put your nation first and confer with the other clans. We have nothing to gain by involving ourselves in a war against France and we've never broken a deal. btw how is your mother doing?
  13. White Peace - France-Denmark Trade Conflict ends

    Sorry it took longer to get a consensus on the agreement from the Dane side than I thought. They were in agreement a day earlier, but needed to wait for the weekend to hear out all their players. They had asked for a cease-fire until a decision was reached. That was denied which I understand. You didn't want to slow down your momentum in case it was disagreed. But it sounds like the biggest problem I hear is that you guys were expecting mark income and bovenwinds mats for a longer period. That shouldn't be expected. If the reasoning is the time put in then that's the best reason to let it go. With the peace there will be no more pointless exchange of ports that just swap back 4-5 days later. Overall mark generation as a nation will be more steady than before without having to grind a port and attend an empty port battle nightly.
  14. White Peace - France-Denmark Trade Conflict ends

    I'm not seeing much of this mutual respect in this thread judging from half of these posts. That is going to doom this peace very quickly. Remember @chailang uses a translator so it's hard to get perfect communication. With the language barrier there must be patience involved.
  15. White Peace - France-Denmark Trade Conflict ends

    But it's the truth. The Danes won't feel comfortable if you guys have the exchanged ports in your hands while there endo of the bargain is also in your hands. They will give it to the swedes as soon as they come off cooldown. Either way it hurts nothing. You think if they wanted to betray you it matters if they leave from SJ or their capitol during their time. I'm not trying to sell you anything except staying out of the endless loop of empty port battles and having to constantly grind them. Just give peace a chance.