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  1. Please post your major annoyances

    Still waiting on the garbage ship specific slot unlocks to go away. Haven't played the game in nearly 2 months because of it. Other avenues of getting books still not implemented. Only way to get a port battle is through missions. Everything above forces grinding AI missions which is a huge turnoff to me.
  2. Best RVR clan in games history

    Gotta make stuff harder. Always be stugglin.
  3. Patch monday - urgent.

    I wipe my ass with million dollar bills. Np.
  4. Patch monday - urgent.

    Challenge accepted
  5. Request for Global Ceasefire

    Very well received, but you'll have to clue me in as to who the other strong personality is
  6. Request for Global Ceasefire

    That's a lot of confession. I have soo many confessions to make if it's per account. I make up 1/4 of the pop on global at 8pm PST. I am 50% of the defense force for George Town last time you came. I definitely don't have a guy in every single major clan on global. 10 Hail Mary's. Am I cool with god now?
  7. Request for Global Ceasefire

    I think of ego as being earned and we've earned it. Question is what nation realizes we're reactive killers and breaks the cycle. Everyone on global knows this but thinks they can get away with it in at a certain time or with enough screeners. We have 40 of the most dedicated guys on group text. Nothing slips by us. Only gives us more content
  8. Best RVR clan in games history

    It's gotta be BLACK. 93% win rate in contested pb's. We'd shit on any of those PvP1 clans. After global was formed several PvP1 clans thought the top PvP2 clan would be crap compared to them. All were put in there place. BLACK is #1 when it comes to rvr.
  9. Request for Global Ceasefire

    I'm about to slap you back to reality Norfolk. We's about to have a reset here. That means a do over for Nats. Work on getting your peeps in line so we don't have to paint it black.
  10. Patch monday - urgent.

    Better question. Are we done with the stupid slot unlocks or not?
  11. Why did players leave?

    Spent a lot of time thinking this through awhile ago and this is what I came up with.
  12. Why did players leave?

    I hated the tp to port after along with combat logging. I also don't like the current 30 sec invis plus super speed. Although I get it. It's basically an artificial mechanic help contend with the the OW speed. Also good to avoid being pulled into battle repeatedly. But it is abused way too much with counter tags and tagging AI fleets. A lone hunter can keep a group of a dozen guys occupied for hours and get away after killing a trader in visual range of your capital port. The biggest problem is the RoE. A player slightly out of a circle needs to turn around and enter farther behind slower pursuers. A player with a nation port in view might not receive aid in time even with those 12 guys sitting right there unable to enter and help him. Tag circle is fine, but give another bigger circle that all players around have a choice of joining. I mean huge like draw distance. Even give players outside of it the ability to join during the whole battle. The edge would take about an hour of sailing in battle instance to make it to the middle anyways. Split the circle in half between the tagged/tagger and joiners have to join on the edge of their half. Perhaps a special little join circle right in front of a national port that members of that nation can join from. All that and I'd be happy to keep invis/super speed. Hell even make it longer. Although no super speed of of AI's or counter tags.
  13. Why did players leave?

    I do on the other hand think the guy that got jumped should get some rewards if he took it like a man and fought his ass off. I'm a proponent for a system that gives rewards based on BR difference and skill level. Skill level is tough to measure, but if a no name can defeat a pvp legend in equal ships he should get a waterfall of rewards.
  14. Why did players leave?

    Not when it comes to lopsided battles like. Should have some pathetic reward like 50g and 10xp split 6 ways to at least show that rewards could exist.
  15. Why did players leave?

    Are you really asking for rewards on a 6v1?