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    Patrol Areas

    Has something changed or do I not understand Patrol Areas? Up until two days ago, When I engaged a trader the ship sailed straight toward the area boundary which could be clearly seen. Once the trader crossed the area boundary, I could wait for the trader to sink and salvage cargo. I could get gold for damage, combat points and exp points. For the last two days, some traders sail in one direction but no boundary is seen or crossed. Some ship traders seem aware of the boundary, which I can't see and reverse or change course instead of continuing straight. Now in battles when I get sunk, I only get exp points, no gold or Combat marks or PvP marks. Before I could click on the Mission in port and would be asked if I wanted to collect my rewards. Now I get no such notice. So now unless I win, no matter how much damage I do, all I end up with is exp points.
  2. I am new to crafting ships and have noticed some ships listing Builtin Upgrades such as "Fast", "Agile", "Sturdy", etc. How are these features made part of the upgrades when crafting a ship?
  3. 38gbear61

    Can't start the game

    Within 2:15 min of a Patrol Area Trader Brig capture when the game crashed to login screen. Couldn't log back in.
  4. 38gbear61

    Early Battle Over/Lost

    For 3 times, I have encountered a Battle Over/Battle Lost within about 5-7 minutes of start of a battle. Out of the 5 starting ships in my fleet, 4 were still active and I had over 75% structure. This last time I thought things were going great, about to broadside the enemy, when "Battle Over" flashed. I only got off 70 shots and received 41XP. This early out is very discouraging. It's bad enough to be stuck with 4 pounders for over 8 battles every time you get a new ship - before I can get up to 6s. What are 4 pounders doing on a Navy Brig?
  5. 38gbear61

    Sails damage and repairs

    I agree! Sail repair during battle should only happen once. The current practice of shooting upper sails seems to take 30-40% off speed. I thing jury rigging should only repair about 15-20%. If the whole mast or bowsprit are lost, no repair should restore the mast and sails during battle. The same for hull repairs. Only emergency leaks and fires should be allowed after one hull repair. This may require making it harder to demast the upper sails or shot less effective at hitting masts and sails.
  6. 38gbear61

    Loot timer on sinking ships

    I certainly agree. Even in a faster ship like a Surprise, if you overshoot and have to turn across the wind, the ship sinks before you can get into looting position.
  7. Thanks for the ride. Have really enjoyed and learned a lot by watching. Thanks for all work work in putting the Chronicles together - great opening, good action, great stills of paintings, fun music and songs. Hope you decide to continue, at least on occasion.. Arrrrrrrr Matie
  8. 38gbear61

    Should I stay or should I go?

    Spent many enjoyable hours with this great game. I also had hoped NA would have a great story line. I have spent hours trying to put Jon Williams "Privateers and Gentlemen, The King Over the Water and Decision at Djerba" into play using paper models and WizKids punchout plastic ships. I had hoped NA might set up story lines with historical, semi-historical or fantacy story lines, where you could join any nation, move up the ranks, then join another nation and do the same thing. Or be a pirate or privateer under a Letter of Marque. After a battle was completed the game would reset that battle. Trading and crafting would go on as usual, but could be involved in story lines as could raids on ports. Players would keep all earned gold, exp points, combat marks, but may or may not start over when changing colors. Entering into a story line would be more PvE, but could still sail OW PvP with all it's dangers and rewards. I don't know if any of this could be possible, but after a brief sail on Testbed (enjoyed the new ships and being able to test different wood combos) and fighting the same battles over and over again I will wait and watch for something better. P.S. wouldn't it be great to keep Testbed where you could have all the ships available to test with all the wood combos to gain experience and performance data?
  9. 38gbear61

    Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    A strange testbed Combat Mission. Sailing in L'Hermione with a Brig fleet ship in Class 5 mission against two ships. After 2 rounds of exchanging fire my fleet ship and AI ship came bow to bow, lowered sails and stopped firing. I continued with other AI, but had a great deal of difficulty crossing the wind as the manual sails didn't work. Finally managed to sink the AI, but the keys Q,E,Z and C did not work - so stuck in irons. Finally got underway, but dropped sails to 0 to loot sinking ship but while sails showed Dead Slow ship continued at full speed. Found my fleet ship still with sails down and showing a white flag. The AI had sunk beside the fleet ship. Not sure what had happened with the fleet ship, turned into the wind to investigate. Stuck in irons again with no manual sails, I gave up and pressed Battle Over, hoping the fleet ship would show up. It didn't. I assume the fleet ship was captured, but the AI sank so would I have to recapture my fleet ship? Didn't know that could happen in a Combat Mission. More disturbing is the malfunction of manual sails.
  10. Thanks, didn't realize the "fleet" perk allows you to not only have a ship in your fleet slot but to Cap and add that ship to your fleet. Though with so many Cap ships flooding the sale market, taking the cargo and sinking may still be the best option in most cases - especially if you want the Marks. I will give the combat "fleet" perk a try.
  11. Your play style is very close to what I do in PvE. I have tried the missions with my crafted 5th rates using various wood frame/planking and cannon combinations. But I have lost several and never seem to be able to get to sinking ships fast enough to get cargo. The only consistant success I have had in missions is with the redeemed Indefatigable - such a tank and so slow to turn. I just pound the bots with carronades but seldom reach them before they sink. I have tried to get faster ships with fir/fir but on missions just get sunk faster. Tried tanking Surprises and Renomees, but just can't seem to outlast the mission ships, especially 2 to 1. I figure if I can't consistently beat the AI, I have no business in PvP. But I do enjoy trading and crafting and sealed bottles. On long trips I too watch TV, read books, and develop new characters and roleplaying for Skyrim. So I will continue sailing NA in hopes that PvE might become more interesting or I can improve my combat skill to the point of trying PvP. If the servers are combined at some point, I will have to decide if I want to become food for others up the food chain.
  12. 38gbear61

    Battle Suggestions.

    I have watched several videos in which demasted ships have been able to at least partially rebuild the mast and sails. I can see sails on intact masts being repaired, but what ship crew during a battle has the time and resources to reset a mast? I think the broken mast and the attached sails should not be eligible for repair.
  13. 38gbear61

    How to safely do missions (Alt needed)

    1. By "sail away in mission" are you sailing until "Battle over" appears or sailing away from enemy without being tagged for 3 minutes while still being persued? While waiting 3 minutes, are you in or out of the mission. 2. If you are still in the mission, what has changed to give you a "safe" Mission? If you are out of the mission, how do you get back in?
  14. 38gbear61

    My terrible experience as a newb

    I have often wondered why the playing field couldn't be leveled by some formula based on BR or BS weight. A Trader Brig is listed at a BR of 10, but loaded with 16 - 6pdrs should have a BR of 50 or a BS weight of 48pd. A trader should probably always sail with an escort. So if a cheap Pickle were in Fleet, the total BR would be 90 or a BS weight of 84pd. The total BR/BS of attacking ship/ships could not exceeding the Trader/Escort BR/BS. Once combat begins, no other ships would be allowed to participate. The Escort could distract the attackers, allowing the trader to either participate or escape. Once the battle is over, the trader would be immune to another attack for X time. There may be a different formula needed for combat ship vs combat ship, such as limiting the attacking ships to X (1.5 to 2 ??) times the attacked ship/ships BR/BS. This scenario would only apply to OW combat, not to Port Battles or RvR.
  15. Starting with only the British, French and Spanish as nations would be interesting. I assume that would also mean having only the basic cutter and acquiring or building only those ships common to those 3 nations. So eliminate ships such as Cony, Rattlesnake, Essex (before capture by the British). Maybe the game could allow exploration of the east coast of the US, establishing outposts/ports and declaring independence (once again) and forming a US nation. So then US ships could be built. I agree that pirates should not be a nation and should play the game by roaming about pillaging and raiding, and capturing ships. Pirate infamy comes from hit and run tactics, not from capturing and holding ports. becoming a nation, or building ships. What pirate or clan of pirates in the real world ever had the facility, resources or organization to build a ship beyond a basic cutter? Pirates should sail only what they can capture. Pirates should be able to raid outposts and ports, steal resources they can carry in their holds, but not be able to capture and hold a port.
  16. I just paid a Victory Mark for a Heavy Rattlesnake Permit. The purchase produced 3X Rattlesnake Heavy Permits. The permit says: "Holder of the Permit received the Admiralty approval to construct and launch a Heavy Rattlesnake. I assume I am the holder of the permit since it is in my inventory. However, the ship does not show up in my Craft Ship inventory. How do I use the permit to craft a Heavy Rattlesnake?
  17. 38gbear61

    Little things you'd like to see

    I would like to see a difference between combat and merchant experience points. I have a rank of Master and Commander, but the majority of my experience is sailing traders and crafting in PvE. I would estimate 75% of my EP is non-combat. And it really shows up when I attempt Missions or OW Trader Attacks. My combat experience is probably somewhere around Junior Lt. With 2 rankings - one for merchants and one for combat, the ship you are sailing would better reflect you abilities.
  18. 38gbear61

    Combat XP

    After several combat missions and several OW combat encounters in which I sink or had to retreat, I am frustrated at the policy that if you don't complete the mission (that is win) you get no reward. Some of these battles last 30-45 minutes with hundreds of shots fired and considerable damage done to the enemy. I seems to me with the increased importance of XP for Ship Knowledge rewards that some credit should be given for enemy ship damage during the battle, even if you are sunk or withdraw. After all you have gained experience during the battle. I can understand there being no monetary reward. It gets to the point, with no reward and replacing lost ships, damage repairs and replacing crew and lost repairs - why bother.
  19. 38gbear61

    Admiralty Permits

    It's very confusing. The Permit says nothing about needing to buy the blueprint - says you are ready to construct and launch. If you have to buy the permit and the blueprint (note) that's 2 Victory Marks. Pretty steep price for a Class 6 ship. I have a Shipyard Level 2 and crafting level of 38, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  20. 38gbear61

    PvE Mission Cargo

    In PvE Combat Missions, how do you get the "X" for the cargo in ships that you sink? The sunk ship is almost always upwind. By the time I get turned around and tack upwind the hull is usually underwater but the masts are sticking up and the map still shows the the wreck icon. I drift slowly (less than 2 kts or stop) over the wreck but very seldom get the "X". What am I doing wrong?
  21. 38gbear61

    Viability of capturing ships

    I sail in PvE, and am confused by the current combat system. In single ship missions there are frequently 2-3 enemy to my single ship. In Fleet Missions, there are 5-6 enemy to my Single ship (it used to great fun when the AI provided support ships). So after loosing or retreating most of the time, I tried attacking traders in OW. After 2 battles in which I captured the traders, I found the cargo of little value (mostly cannon - have you seen how many cannon are being sold at Charleston, and British Running Rigging - what is that?) No monetary reward for capture, no combat marks, and most importantly - no ship knowledge points. The devs must not consider attacking armed traders as combat. If that is so why do I have to repair my ship and replace lost crew - since I wasn't in combat. And my ship must have been on autopilot since I gained no ship knowledge from this non-combat exercise?
  22. 38gbear61

    Little things you'd like to see

    I would like to be able to do a ship refit by changing the ship planking without building a new ship. Certainly it was a common practice to renew and /or replace the ship planking during refits or repair. There are now 7 wood planking types plus Crew Space. Example: if you built an Oak Frame ship with Oak Planking and decided you needed more speed or structure, etc., you could replank the ship with another wood type. This should probably require a Shipyard Level 2. You would loose the cost and labor of the original planking (or could recover a percentage of the cost) and then spend the cost and labor for the new planking. This way you would keep the original wood framing, have a new planking type, and not have to build a whole new ship.
  23. 38gbear61

    Fleet Management

    Thanks for your reply! No, I didn't think to hit Tab. So you are probably right - it sank.
  24. 38gbear61

    Fleet Management

    In 6th rate single Combat Missions, I keep getting 3 Rookie Brigs (combined BR = 90; broadside weight = 96) compared to my Rattlesnake (BR 50; broadside weight = 36 with 4 pdrs). So I started taking a fleet ship with me. In another 3 Rookie mission, my fleet ship got down to about 1/3 structure left so I issued an order to Retreat. The fleet ship proceeded to depart and I managed to sink all three Rookies. The battle lasted about 20 minutes after my fleet left. The description about Retreat says that a fleet ship will leave the battle after 2 minutes and is considered safe. I know none of the Rookies chased my fleet ship as I could see them all chasing me. The Battle Over notice indicated it was safe to leave the area. There was no sign of my fleet ship on the battle map. When I got back to port I had no fleet ship. What happened to the fleet ship?
  25. I recently did a 5th rate fleet mission to see if there was any change. I entered the mission with a Surprise and found myself facing 7 AI. Now at the most I have 1 fleet slot. How are you going to enter this fleet mission with 5-7 other fleet ships and risk loosing the majority of your fleet even if you had the slots for that many. I in PvE I have never understood how it is possible to sail around with fleets of 4+ ships. Where do all these slots come from. I used to really enjoy the fleet missions in PvE when you were joined by a good number of AI ships on your side. If they sank, no loss to you. Now with these ridiculous odds, I just turned around and leave the battle.