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  1. agreed lots of work yet to do, and your right its not perfect but step in better direction that six months ago.
  2. what the devs have done with thsi last patch is good enough, they have areas for pve around unconquerable ports, they have the rest of the world for pvp, PERFECT. now they just need to work on ways to bring people together for pvp, those who WANT to pvp. such as i hope that new game they are working on that is like world of warships they should put it into THIS game so that players use their existing ships to do their pvp battles and this gives crafters LOTS of business.
  3. Diplomacy

    diplomacy and deals needs to be more about player interaction and less about game mechanics. that will make the sandbox we play in far more chaotic and fun. forcing game mechanics for diplomacy will always..... ALWAYS lead to more problems and imbalances. just leave the diplomacy to players and a free for all , everything will sort itself out.
  4. Increase ship spot distance in OW using spyglass

    thanks for the science lesson, somehow i think my point was beneath you.
  5. In OW as your sailing you can use the spyglass (shift) to zoom in on an area . as i understand it, you dont see anything further with it you just zoom in on what you can already see in OW. my suggestion is to make it so the spyglass is more functional and a benefit to those who use it in OW. The KEY IS Open world, OW. So my proposal is if you use the spyglass in OW and you scan the horizon you can spot the sails of OTHER ships regardless of enemy or not, maybe 10 or 20 percent further away? perhaps larger ships get an even better bonus of a few percent more as well. this makes spyglass in the game more functional and historically it did help increase the distance you could recognize or spot things. you would see people use this A LOT more to spot ships earlier.
  6. Remove ship rating limitations on MISSIONS

    Im sure of it and it happened again a day ago. st pavel in my flag captain mission. with my no upgrades, oak oak bellona its just too much to handle. st pavel should come at commodore missions not flag captain could be a bug, i f11'd it
  7. For new players and vets alike it may be a bit confusing at first glance which ports exactly are unconquerable on the MAP. I would like to propose those ports that cannot be fought over be made solid red or blue or brown or whatever your nations color is. That way it is more clear on the map.
  8. I have to agree that what the devs just did by making some ports unconquerable for each nation AND making a zone around those ports semi safe with the reinforcements. its perfect i hope they just keep it that way so we can move on to improving other parts of the game!!
  9. WOW makes a move on Naval Bases

  10. i like almost all of these suggestions and some of them i would think are easy to implement that would make players VERY HAPPY such as adding paint or letting players name their ships even if only they can see the name, it helps identify ships in yoru dock if you have multiples of the same type. great suggestions!!!! heres to the future of NA
  11. this last patch was one of the best i have seen from the Devs . if they keep this up they will have a great game for release. key features i like a number of ports for each nation are unconquerable , that is really important for the pve and carebear types. and its balanced because the big profit ports are conquerable. reinforcement creates a semi safe area around unconquerable ports to encourage more carebears and pve players to join the game , that is really important to welcome more players. brilliant idea!!! do not change this its really a plus for the game and will feed more players to the game eventually which will make pvp players happy in the long run. clan ownership of ports was perfectly balanced by making clans PAY for the port. that way the most powerful clans and countries cannot just take over everything. it is an empire limiter. brilliant idea guys!!!
  12. Good point, the last thing we want to see happen to naval action is to become like POTBS that will kill this game.
  13. Open World

    The population is low because the devs keep waffling back and forth trying to figure out and learn how to set up a successful MMO open world naval combat game. the devs are learning but they are very far to go. I keep telling them since they seem so confused and unsure how to make a variety of players happy in an open world mmo, look to EVE Online as an EXAMPLE. I fully support the game having more options for moving ships you dont want to sail manually or having fast travel zones that can also be magnets for pvp. but keeping the integrity of the size and scale of the map (ow manual sailing) is key to ensure the game stays big and vast.
  14. Remove ship rating limitations on MISSIONS

    superb ideas!! and you are spot on, spot on about using missions to teach new players the game and flexibility to choose the difficulty like we had last year was key.
  15. Interesting concept, one thing is for sure the movement and momentum for one server blending pve and pvp attributes is growing, which i fully support. i like my idea better but yours is yet another call to devs to rethink how they are doing the servers.