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  1. Uninstalling

    I uninstalled yesterday cya
  2. Remove safety zones

  3. Remove safety zones

  4. Contracts

    Ah ok ty
  5. Contracts

    Canceling a buy contract ends in loss all my gold!? Why? a Bug?
  6. Der niedrige Spielerstand heutzutage ist deshalb so niedrig weil es keine Savezones gab! Und jetzt heul nicht rum, du gehst sowieso nie alleine ganken denn alleine bekommste eh nichts gebacken.
  7. Das Problem ist der niedrige Spieler stand, anstatt zu ganken wie die russischen Clans das machen irgendwo hinfahren und im Global ausrufen. Einzel fahrende Händler lieber in Ruhe lassen sonst ragequit.
  8. [crafting] Wood and trim modifiers [Patch 11.0]

    Mahogany Wood STRUCTURE | FIRE_INCREASE_RATE | 10% <- is it sure?
  9. Rewards for port battles.

    First devs should remove clans only PB.
  10. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    Plz both Montañés Class and HMS Leopard
  11. Belle Poule vs Pirate Frigate

    Thanks! The problem i have i can't buy pirate stuff as national.
  12. Belle Poule vs Pirate Frigate

    How much cost BP and permitt for a PF?
  13. An answer to lack of PvP perhaps

    Maybe your pill let you forget to new loss of players. Here we go! the same failed changes back. Did you loose ships / gear when farming pvp marks in wow no! In naval action yes we do! So make ships cheaper to build, game is a nightmare for new players, changes this situation make an decent UI get more players! get more pvp.!
  14. Suggestions

    It is trolling the bad way.
  15. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    What a dishonorable shameful nation now opening even Road Town to everyone. Pooh!