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  1. woodenfish

    Ship speeds

    Can anyone explain to me how you get the speed in the game from the api info? I can't work the conversion out. What unit is the MaxSpeed in the api in?
  2. woodenfish

    Public "API" for Naval Action

    Can we please have the id/name pairs for the new countries so that I can update my maps at theroyaltraderscompany.com? 10 = ? 11 = Prussia 12 = ?
  3. Let me begin by saying this post is not a reaction to what's been going on on pvp global. Within my clan, and within the game, we've been thinking about what the role of pirates should be for some time, both to make the game more interesting for everyone and also to make being a pirate more interesting as an option. Lets get the screams of no from the current pirates out of the way first: Pirates should not be able to capture ports. Pirates should not be able to build anything above a pirate frigate and it should be insanely difficult for them to own/run anything above a 3rd rate. In fact I'm not even sure if they should be able to own anything above a 3rd rate. Why? Because pirates never rocked up in Victory's - they never had the resources to build/maintain such ships, that required a national effort. So what should pirates get to make up for these restriction? They should be able to make ports in places where other people can't, maybe in 6-10 locations around the map. They can build an outpost and move their ships for free once a week via TP. That would allow them to suddenly appear in an area and cause trouble. The nation force in that area would have to deal with it. If they did, the pirates could melt away again. They should be able to raid ports, allowing them to raid all the resources they can carry - up to a maximum of 50% of the resources of each player in the port (They see just the totals of each resource and then it gets removed from players resources on a percentage basis). Each port can be hit once a week. That would force nations/clans to look after their hubs. They should be able to be hired by nations to do thier dirty work - temporarliy sailing under the flag of that nation whilst fulfilling missions for them. They get to fight outlaw battles with each other. I think this would make pirates an interesting option and something different instead of how they are now, which is a nation with additional benefits. Currently everyone should play pirates in order to have a level playing field. All other nations are at a disadvantage.
  4. woodenfish

    Public "API" for Naval Action

    Why divide by 13.03? Where does that come from?
  5. woodenfish

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    So you are saying the only way to fight a war is to fight every battle in order?
  6. woodenfish

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    I didn't think you would, but I hope the developers do.
  7. woodenfish

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    So Duncan, you are saying if you have a defensive PB agains a nation you have to turn up 30 mins before to screen. But EVERY OTHER NATION has to turn up at least 2 hours before to find the battle you've hidden in. It's not the fact that you do it that pisses everyone off, it's the fact that ONLY pirates can do it. That is why it is an exploit, because you are using a mechanic that no one else has for something it was never designed to be used for. I think Pirates should not be a nation. I think they should not have the ability to build any big ships and that they should not be able to take ports. They should be compensated for this by being able to set up ports in places on the map that no nation can - they should be able to move these periodically so that no one really knows where they are, but if they are discovered and fought off, they can run and re-group. That would, in my opinion be a better role for pirates, rather than a nation that can do everything a nation can plus extra things the rest of us can't.
  8. woodenfish

    Hotfix 9 for testbed patch 9.99

    Sounds like you are getting close. Keep up the good work.
  9. woodenfish

    Changing nation will lose your rank and XP?

    Also what happens if you have an account with a character in one country on one server and another country on another server?
  10. So as far as I see, scanning through this thread the questions remain: Will the map be reset on the new pvp global and pvp EU server? Will current Clans/player names still exist?
  11. Is it possible to have a list of the ports that will be in each countries PvE zone? and also what will happen to any Free ports in the area - We are trying to decide what to do with our clan warehouse and don't currently know whether it will fall into one of the zones. Also if you have resources in a port in the area - what happens to them?
  12. woodenfish


    You are not guarenteed the BP's will drop, but with Gifted perk on there is a pretty good chance that something will drop. Breaking up ships gives you a 7.5% chance of discovering the BP, but it's not possible on all ships. http://www.royaltraderscompany.com/blueprintinfo.php gives you which ones you can do that with. Gifted perk is not supposed to increase break up chance, but we all think it does.
  13. woodenfish

    Player rank on clan list

    Last activity seems to be the last time they logged on, not the last time they logged off
  14. But you can't defend in 5 places simultanoeuusly a 2-3am in the morning when 150 players total are on the server and you have no way of knowing before hand that people are coming to that area, because the hostility is 0
  15. War supplies should only reduce hositlity NOT generating it. This machanic is so obviously broken. We now have 7 PBs queued up for exactly the same time. Fair play that they got organised enough to make that happen and got all the supplies together, but come on how could the opposing side have reacted to this? What will happen when they war bomb every region of a nation to create simultaneuos PBs? It's just so obviously broken. Please devs do something about this NOW!!! I love this game and am on almost every day. but I'm now wondering if I can be bothered.