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  1. woodenfish

    Long voyages

    I just trained the dog to nudge my mouse once every 30 minutes
  2. https://odealo.com/articles/beginners-guide-to-eve-online-currency
  3. woodenfish

    Flags Flags Flags

    Some more Dutch ones around the right time period
  4. woodenfish

    PvP marks and the seals

    I think the idea of pvp reward being based on the difference in levels between the two captains has some merit. I think now that some lower rank players probably don't engage in pvp because you have no way of knowing what you are going to be up against until it's already too late. All you would have to do it add the rank to the ship info, so a click on a ship would reveal ENEMY REAR ADMIRAL or ENEMY COMMODORE, etc. If you took on someone of your own rank you'de get the pvp reward as now, less if you took on a lower rank and more if you took on a higher rank. People will say you can exploit this with alts, but if it's an alt you already know what the rank is, so you could already do it and if the system was so no-one could hide behind the excuse of not knowing the rank of a player if they are engaged in seal clubbing.
  5. woodenfish

    How do I set up an alt account?

    I have 2 alts I've ground all three of my charachters to level 50 crafters and rear admirals way back when you didn't get any help to do it (No instant M&C for doing a tutorial). Yes I've had a benefit of having extra warehouse space, outpost slots and buildings, but then equally I've paid the moeny and put the effort in on each account (They all have 1000's of hours in the game). What is so wrong with that?
  6. woodenfish

    Fix infinite chain on fleet ships, it is bullshit

    I remember a battle on Global with a bunch of 1st-3rd rates where we pulled an AI snow in by accident and it ended up getting the kill on a Bellona because everyone was ignoring it. And everyone is scared of the mighty AI Pickle!
  7. woodenfish

    How do I set up an alt account?

    No you don't need a second computer. You can do it using a program called Sandboxie - https://www.sandboxie.com/ - this is free for one alt - if you want to run more than one you need to buy sandboxie, but that's only a few dollars. You also need an extra e-mailaddress and you have to buy the game again!
  8. woodenfish

    Managing the Ship Inventory

    1. Yes docks are global, it doesn't matter where you are or where you expand them, you always have same amount of them 2. If I understand it correctly no. You don't get dock space with a new outpost. The limit is based on how many you have paid for - so 17 in your case regardless of how many outposts you have. 3. No - this releases a slot 4. You have to go to the port where you sold it and go to the ships tab in the shop to get your money if I remember rightly. (It's a while since I sold a ship, mostly I just give them to clanmates...or end up sinking in them ) 5. You have to have one empty dockspace to teleport (For the ship you were in when you tried to teleport. If you have 17 ships and 17 docks, then you have no free space. 6. See answer to 5 above, you can sail out because you are removing 1 ship from the dock, therefore they are not full. If you try to telport your docks are full with 17 ships
  9. woodenfish

    Gameplay Intervention (Little River)

    OK, thank you for the information. That leaves only 1 further question..Is the rumour that Little River will become uncapturable is also just a rumour and will that change only happen with the map reset? (And before the rumour mill gets going over a map reset resulting in no-one playing the game until it has happened - I assume we are talking about a map reset that will happen only on game release?).
  10. woodenfish

    Gameplay Intervention (Little River)

    Maybe, but if other things are going to be chaged, (to non capturable for example), then it does make a difference. @admin could you list what changes you are going to make to which ports, so we all understand what is going to happen? I appreciate that involes more typing, but I'm not sure I understand what is proposed and what the consequences are....
  11. woodenfish

    Gameplay Intervention (Little River)

    So hang on @admin, are you saying other things on the map are also going to change? If so, what are they, so that we can discuss the implications...
  12. woodenfish

    RvR - Bringing back a better Flag

    If flags are exclusive then you could publicise who bought the flag (user/clan) that way if the flag is purchased to deny another a port battle then everyone knows who it is - flushes out alts being abused - and if it keeps happening they you could have a tribunal case resulting in a flag purchase ban for a period of time.
  13. I'm also a software developer and I suspect you didn't have a few thousand people with differing opinions telling what you'd done wrong in your system every 5 minutes and you also didn't try to make it work exactly the way an old 18th century cash register worked whilst also able to take credit cards....You probably also had a team of more than 2.
  14. Cool. I knew if I asked someone would already have the info. Now time to make a ship config tool so that you can see what it does... Mind you, looking at the figures, none of them seems to be 0, so I don't know what to refer them to, by that I mean fir framing have 3% less Structure HP than what?
  15. I guess I'm just going to have to make a bunch of the same ship and see what difference each makes... unless someone has the percentage difference each wood makes to speed, thickness and hp?