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  1. @admin My Steam Account(CoachTrack) for my Naval Action character paladin1998 has been hacked and hijacked. The hacker has changed the email recovery address so I cannot recover the account. Naval Action was the only game on that account. I have sent two emails to Valve Corp asking for help and have had no response. Are you guys able to help me recover my paladin1998 Naval Action character? Are you able to associate paladin1998 to a new Steam Account (I have set one up... PaladinNZ) if i can give you details about the paladin1998 NA character proving I am the owner? Thank you.
  2. PaladinFX

    Little things you'd like to see

    Some realistic real world things that we should really be able to do in game: 1. Be able to swap ships to one of your fleet ships in OW. There could be a timer for how long this takes to accomplish, 60 seconds maybe. 2. Be able to pull up to another player in OW and trade goods with them. Again this could have a timer on it maybe. 3. The ability to dump goods and cannons overboard during battle to increase your speed. This should take a little while to complete and should not require coming to a stop to accomplish. 4. Be able to craft certain "special trims" rather than it be at the mercy of the RNG gods. The current list of special trims is very good with plenty of variety but the the RNG is just frustrating for all players.
  3. PaladinFX

    New "Special" Trims

    @admin These Special Trims are really nice , some very good variety but PLEASE let us craft them, ie take away the RNG. Shipbuilders built to a purpose, they didn't pray to the RNG gods lol! One of the biggest frustrations in the game at the moment is that crafters cannot craft what they want trim wise, all you end up with is a whole bunch of vanilla teak/wo Endymions and Bellonas for sale in the KPR shop that no one wants. I'm ok with having RNG for the chance of a 4/5 purple or 5/5 gold ship but we should be able to craft the special trims as part of the ship build please.
  4. Yes we should be able to access our hold in battle and have the option to throw cannons and anything in hold overboard to increase speed. That would be historically accurate. We should also be able to pull up next to another ship in OW and come to a stop and trade goods between those two ships. This also would be historically accurate.
  5. Firstly, those saying that a captain can do unlimited sail repairs are incorrect. Most captains will be limiting how many repairs they carry against how much they are willing to reduce their max speed due to tonnage in the hold. Therefore repairs are not unlimited is the reality when you go out to pvp. Secondly, I'm personally against being made to slow down for repairs. On the surface this would appear to mean that it is unlikely you will effect an escape when chased as the chasing pvp outfitted ships will overhaul you too easily. Or is this thought line on making captains slow down just effectively another money sink because of the increased ship losses??? The system as it stands now with limited chain is working well in pvp; sometimes i can escape chasers and sometimes i dont. When chasing, sometimes I catch people and sometimes i dont. A system of slowing down a ship when repairing where effectively the ship will always get caught and sunk seems wrong and unbalanced in favour of the pursuers to me.
  6. I think Reals/Pieces of Eight/Doubloons sounds good for the new currencies.
  7. I read it as Materials wipe, not resources wipe BUT some resources will be converted with no loss, eg logs to load of logs; per Admin's post. Once Admin releases the list of Materials to be wiped we'll have a better understanding, no need to freak out yet lol!
  8. PaladinFX

    Now that chain is limited

    I'm not finding any problem catching people even though they don't have limited sail repairs. The amount of repairs they carry is limited anyway by other factors such as how much they want their top speed reduced. The new mechanic is working fine as it is. People just need to adjust play style a bit, take a dedicated fast hunter in your group; traders will limit repairs based on speed and how much goods they want to carry. I had a US hunter group of three chase me in my Endy(which isnt even fully maxed out for speed) and they were whining about I wouldve been dead long ago if sail repairs were limited. Well they were limited... by me cos i wanted 13kn+ speed. The Endy/Surprise/Bellona they bought just werent fast enough to do the job well enough thats all and i escaped.
  9. @admin we should be able to raise hostility outside of the port battle timer window as set by the port holder. Assuming the holder of the port has set the window to the best time for them to defend a port, what's wrong with being able to raise the hostility outside of that time, they still get to defend in a PB at at time convenient to them? In my mind not being able to grind for hostility outside of the PB window is just reducing content for a lot of players around the world in different time zones now we have one global server. The hostility grind is tedious, its the PB people want so why not make it so the PB can happen. As said the defenders will still have the window set for the time that suits them for a PB!
  10. Just played first match for today, seems to be working fine now, good job devs
  11. yep still broken, still perma battle load screen map picture!
  12. Cant get back in now, just keeps returning to the same battle load screen with the map and Ally/Enemies player names. still no Join button and Esc key not working.
  13. Mini patch just deployed, relogged, Top Secret Level map now showing Player names but still no Join button and Esc key still not working to leave screen; F11'd it.