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    4th rate upgrades

    4th rate ships should use a combined midgrade/high grade upgrade system to make them more economical for the players that will be using them. My idea is to change their upgrade costs to such. Basic 0 Common 1 Mid grade note Fine 1 Mid 1 High Mastercraft 2 Mid 1 High Exceptional 2 Mid 2 High thoughts? suggestions to make this better or relate to other classes of ships?
  2. Kikusaku

    Naval Action Craft

    :/ I crafted a gold pickle I got a mercury bp cant say why i got it, just that I did perhaps i should be screening every ship i craft
  3. Kikusaku

    Leak / Sunk issue

    Hello, today i joined the united states on pvp eu1 i went out of port, entered another port in my basic cutter (after sailing down florida, very boring) and joined a small battle 4 basic cutters vs a clan duo surprise and a belle poule. I went after the surprise and shot some chain at it, but he ran away never to be seen again what a poor sport So i told the other basic cutters to focus down the belle poule, the surprise ran away. after a few minutes and 2 basic cutters left. the belle poule was tired of my shenanigans, and graped my deck i lost 30 crew and leaking rapidly I ran away BP chasing me, managed to get the water stopped somehow. I decided well hell im not going down alone, and ran up next to him and gently swung out in front and let him tap my sides with his bow. 2-3 times later his front is gone, and he stops shooting and I'm guessing panicking as he is now dropping swiftly into the depths.
  4. Kikusaku

    Naval Action Craft

    Crafting a gold Pickle gave me a Mercury BP