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    tele port to free towns

    There is nothing wrong with freeports.. But people shouldnt be able to tp to them! If they want to gank people near Freeport, then they are "free" to sail there to gank. Then it would be more fair since U cant tp a ship with cargo to the destination one desire!!
  2. Khemore

    tele port to free towns

    I agree with TM2804 There is a serious isue here. And i back up on his sugestion 100pct.
  3. Hey, it would be nice to have more sunlight and bright light and blue water, so that one feels that he is actually in the carribean instead of the feeling being on the North sea. i know this wouldnt have highest peiority but it would be nice, i have the feeling that many players will agree. Regards Khemore