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  1. Niagara

    Rework of Admiralty shop

    I understand the reasoning to lessen the grinding, however most players will tell you that often in games the path to reach the top level is the fun part they share with friends. Once you reach the peak you start another grind that can also be rewarding in gathering top end eq (ships/skill books/etc) in our case. But there is a fine balance to finetune with grinding. This is why so many areas is MMOs are empty areas once people have levelled or grinded past it. There is simply no reason to be there once you gained reputation with a group/area or collected all the oddly shaped leafs you needed to get that special thingy you just wanted. However much it sucks that randomness is a part of the game , its also a reason to keep doing stuff. If you could grind something to trade it in people will do that and then never repeat that again. It would be better if you could trade in 2 rare books for the special book you need to complete your set but we can trade with other humans to do that but it takes more time then a automated admiralty clerk. Reducing rewards inside safe zone for higher ranked captains is ok, but it needs to be done to keep it fun for the casuals without punishing them. However, I am all for a rework of anything that adds more content to not only PvP players. Where is my Trading marks that I can spend to buy a skillbook that gives +speed only in OW ? But removing content is not needed as there is not exactly to much choices what to do at present time.
  2. Niagara

    [suggestion] Not So Empty Bottles change

    Interesting proposal. Just one small objection typ. What if a wreck spawns in a area like just outside a enemy Capital or port?. Even if I sail there at once chances are high that it has been looted. What if you open a bottle and dont have time right then?
  3. Care to add any more info to how blueprints will change? And why not have MINT added as a clan building instead. make it so clans can pool resources and a clan officer can use those to build it and clan members can then in the port where the Clan Warehouse is located use it.
  4. I think this is a interesting option. May I add that perhaps this is a golden opportunity to look into expanding the outpost system. Currently they all provide the same service and the only cost is to add another one or to close and reopen them. But what if there where levels for outposts just like when you increase the size of your warehouse size. Ofc Larger warehouses means that you pay more tax/upkeep Level 1. Basic facilities. Allows you to teleport to and from this outpost and store minimum of goods and ships Say Max 2 ships and no Large Vessels and/or dock fee for your ships after the 3th in dock. Level 2 Improved facilities. Same as Basic but larger warehouse and option to issue and use notes of credits if in good standing with the port / nation. Max 3 Ships and 1 large vessel can be left in dock. Decreased dock fee. Level 3 Medium Docks and Warehouse. Same as previous but increased docking space and the ability to use the outpost as a bank for trades in the near area. Level 4 Large Docks and Warehouse. Same as previous but increases the area in which you can issue notes of credits and can also aid clan members in issuing Notes for players in good standing. Level 5 Huge warehouse. Can store huge amounts of goods and ships. Acts as a branch of a bank. May Issue notes for all players for a fee. Can store other players ships for a fee? Gives good connection to local customs and governing system providing swift and speedy help when needed. Decreased tax due to large investments in the local port. Perhaps there is a max amount off how many warehouse of larger size a port may sustain due to the space they require. Note this is just a quick suggestion on what improved outposts could provide and by no means a balanced and full suggestion. But I feel that for those Traders / Crafters this would be a good way to increase content for them.
  5. This is a good way to get lower level players to leave the starting area. Most other mmo have a red thread moving you from area to area by using storyline or by reducing your gains so you are forced to seek harder opponents elsewhere.
  6. Hopefully we can replace missions with better content. Task a player with the transport of a member of the governors staff that needs to inspect a port or deliver despatches to outlying forts to check on suspected ships that might have been sighted. In short missions that dont always require battle. Or intercept a suspected smuggler that might surrender when fired upon or might try to fight you. But I agree that there is plenty of targets for high level players.
  7. Funny cause that is what alot of ships did back then. Approach a trader or warship and see if it is a enemy or a trader carrying contraband or sailing under a false flag/papers. If you do a tag and discover that its a friendly just sail away. Tbh smugglers should be seen on OW as normal and only when you tag or get close enough should you see thats a player sailing under the smuggler flag.
  8. Niagara

    Sinking ships after capture...

    Greetings! Recently I was involved in a small battle with some 1 st rates and smaller ships. At the end we (The group nearest to the fleeing ships as the rest left to pursue another battle) was chasing a L'Ocean that managed to board one of our Victory's that sailed to close and to slow to avoid being grappled. This L'Ocean was fitted for boarding actions with plenty of Marines to aid in the capture of our Victory. Despite the rest of us being close we did not manage to separate or in any other way interfere to avoid the outcome. Now the L'Ocean player loots what he/she/it can and then sinks the Victory. I see 2 problems with this scenario. The first being that you need to sink enemy ships to gain the Kill and the PvP marks. The second is that the entire sinking of a ship is instant and despite having several allies close by that could potentially try to save it, once you select sink ship it is irreversible. Now, First off I can only congratulate the L'Ocean player for some smart thinking and strategy and he/she/it should get good rewards for that great move while outnumbered without the need to sink the ship. But, Perhaps have a short timer on ships that are not sinking by itself to allow for players to try to rescue it. To avoid farming for upgrades and PvP marks, Once a Player selects sink, the upgrade is there for looting in hold and the ship is placed in a semi usable state meaning to save it you need to transfer enough crew to repair any damage done in battle that would otherwise allow water to overfill the ship and a min crew to keep it afloat. Several ships could ofc send crew to do this task. It would be unusable in that battle and after a lengthy timer try to sail away to safety or just man the pumps depending on the amount of crew... This could also be used for surrendering ships to give a reason to surrender and to accept surrender. If no one is close enough to try to save it or just don't care to save it then the ship would take in water and sink after a period of time? Any timer should ofc be based on structural damage + set minimum. A undamaged ship that was just boarded should take longer to sink then one with loads of holes in it. Perhaps the enemy lights a fuse and tries to ignite the powder room to get a fireball... and damage any surrounding ships in the process. Or leave ships to lure players to try to save them to divide the enemy forces
  9. Agree. However how fun a game is tends to correlate with player numbers both in total and active. Most forum fighters tend to not take that into account when providing input on various subjects other there own enjoyment. As a hybrid player who likes to do crafting and thus also needs to do trading to keep costs down, I realise I will get hunted while trading and sailing but it needs to be fair so a trader has a chance to escape. If you have that chance it can still be fun even tho I might get losses. Most changes done lately tends to cater to the hunters and make it harder as prey. Balance is good as it gives players more incentive to go out into OW.
  10. I agree that the total info we had before is not good on long range. However when inside a certain distance like the tag circle stuff like ships and fleet ships would be close enough to make out and you might even be able to spot what clan a player is in based on pennants and other features you can see in battles but not yet in OW. As you point out perhaps at long range you should just se faint sail sizes and no BR or nation until you get close enough.
  11. Well that might scare People off from leaving the safezone ... Better to inform that indeed danger might lie ahed bit also adventure and great things to experience and discover.
  12. Sounds interesting! Limiting stuff allow us to test and adapt tactics and play styles. I still think that repairs need to increase in weight as a trading ship will fill its hull to the max of cargo capacity with decreased speed as a disadvantage but a combat ship can carry huge amounts of repairs and lose very little speed. And still have loads of cargo space over....
  13. Well, again i write that the bigger problem is that the current system promotes ganking as that is a easier and more risk free way of gaining PvP marks, Yes 5 people splitting 10 PvP marks from killing 1 player is going to be less then 1 player getting all 10 for himself but the risk vs reward is not worth it. The good PvP players dont need to gank but can alone attack bigger or more opponents and get a higher reward but most prefer to hunt in groups as that is more fun and gives a higher chance of actually getting a reward. There is also little incentive to stay and fight if you are outnumbered as you do not get any PvP marks for doing damage but only if you kill/assist a enemy player. Hence most tend to hunt in packs as that is easier to get PvP action and the reward for it or avoid it all together if you see groups of enemy players. Also, most forumposters seem to want to promote more PvP by removing safety for other players because that is good for themself but not necessarily for the server in large. I am still waiting for my Traders Marks to appear and the fun and nifty rewards that I can buy with only them, to counter the advantages PvP rewards have provided for players with PvP marks to buy them. For example a 6% speed increase in OW only. Or better sails/rigs that allows traders to increase speed with full cargo but slower when unloaded... The current system that makes a loaded ship slower is realistic, but the problem is that no sane person loads a non trader to the same degree giving traders a huge disadvantage. Despite the fact that most Non traders was packed with water, ammo, food etc when leaving port to be able to stay out for long periods of time. Increase the weight for repairs, seeing as spare masts would be large and bulky in a non trading vessel. Or shallows near land that trading ships can sail over in OW and in battle but not the fast big warships allowing traders to be able to run to hide in shallows near land while in battle and OW. It was a valid tactic to avoid being captured. Its silly that a small Traders snow can go as close to the shore as a 1st rate like the Santisima. Limit all ammo types or put a timer on how often you can bring balls from the holds like you have a timer on repairing your other ship essentials If you make it so its more balanced more players will venture out of the safe zones and thus increase the PvP activity in OW. Try proposing changes that do that instead of limiting what we have now...
  14. Wow, Checking that spreadsheet shows that the ports gave a total value of - 19 999 120 gold for that day alone.. Not that many clans or ports show a positive income bar a few. I am not saying that you should be able to make tons of money governing ports but this clearly shows that it will be hard for smaller clans to afford to pay the upkeep for unused ports that hold only a strategic value. I am not sure if all ports have a set timer either so the total cost might be even higher if that was set for all ports. This clearly shows that the economy needs a overhaul to make it feasible for smaller clans/nations to afford to RvR. And Yes I know that money is easy to acquire in the game from doing missions but still Trade should provide more income to the governors of the ports then what is now the case. But I will post suggestions on that in a more suitable thread. Awesome work.
  15. Niagara

    Abusing RvR System

    Ahh, You must mean American Handball, a sport that features the ball being passed by the use of hands much more then by the foot, hence it should be called American handball. Or American Rugby but that is a insult to Rugby players tbh... But while we are on the subject of ports management... You capture it for your Clan and a clan has ownership and decide to keep it or leave it undefended, but you cannot set a port to be used by clan members only... Or give Clan members special features like lower tax etc... Why is that? We wish to promote RvR and thus enabling clans to have a larger impact over the ports they have captured is surely something that is worth looking upon.