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  1. Niagara

    OW Navigation

    After reading 4 pages I understand that its not a easy call. On one side is the learning curve vs fun and in the other side is realism vs fun. I for one started playing with no map aid and thus has learned sailing without tools but use them on longer voyages to check my headings. Perhaps we can find a middle way that allows players the experience to get lost and learn how to navigate and also get help from a feature that is aiding those that need help. A part of the tutorial perhaps?
  2. Niagara

    Poll results are in

    Well, crew atm are just a number that is used to do chores on our ships. I hope that training and other factors will be added and will affect the chores they perform other then by skillbooks and perks. Not sure if race and nationality should matter tho.
  3. Niagara

    Poll results are in

    Well, I think that the Dlc ships are slightly OP due go the fact mods gave them way to much crew and they are not properly balanced either. A Xebec with that much crew should not be able to field that many guns. Its funny that fish add to your cargo hold weight but not humans.... more crew means less speed and less space for cannons and gunpowder/balls.
  4. Niagara

    Delete contracts of previous nation in port

    Great . Then a action like that would result in a negative effect on trade and commerce for a captured port reducing income by quite alot as merchants tends to avoid in dealing in such areas. There is a reason that the conqurers tend to leave such civil matters unchanged to avoid turmoil and unrest. But I am all for clans getting more options but take the bad with the good in that case.
  5. Niagara

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    If I did attacks within the reinforcement zone of another nation I would want a fast and hard hitting ship or fast and boarding fitted ship. However, as I said in my previous reply to another poster what good is it to me if the attacker that sunk my ship is also resting on the sea bottom. If I lose a warship or a trader will revenge get that back? No. I will get a sense of revenge ofcourse but what I lost is still lost unless my ship/cargo was recaptured but that is not a normal nor am I guaranteed that I will get it back from whoever manages to reclaim it. Atm, as a trader I see very few attempts to actually try to salvage any captured cargo or vessel but rather a mad struggle to sink and gain the only rewards the enemy need atm which are PvP marks. I can not change what the attacker does with my former ship and/or cargo as that is now in his/hers hands and I also understand that many times its not a feasible option when faced with revenge fleets. But also as a trader to be able to escape a engagement only to be faced with a new attack and have them have a second chance to kill me is silly. Worst scenario is when you bring a escort ship and manage to get you trader ship(s) away safely yet the attacker can just attack those same ships once battle ends one way or the other. I have read posts from PvP players that complain about being revenge attacked but few will want to give same protection to traders. So, I would like to see battles that are more balanced. If I am caught in a trading ship with no friends close by then I need to face the battle that is ahed of me, but if I manage to escape why not have any mechanic that allows a fair chance to actually get away. Not just a10 seconds increased invisibility timer but something more that actually take in account from where you exit a battle vs where you entered and give a fair chance of evading F11 campers at the entry point. Ofc this should affect everyone even those who attack traders but perhaps not inside reinforcement zones... I think we need more stuff like this to get players out of the zones.
  6. Niagara

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    Greetings. The problem is that some of those players that attack inside the reinforcment zone (not safe) are fitted for a quick kill and then a speed escape and even if allies manages to kill the attacker it does not help the first Target if he is dead.... But I agree that we need content and more reasons to get more players out of reinf zone.
  7. I think its funny that "hunters" wants to reduce the safe zones so they can hunt there prey=traders easier but most "hunters" have no ideas to make it better for traders or make it a fair fight. If you change the balance towards the Pvp players even further you will have traders leaving and no one wants that right? I am tired off the focus spent on pleasing the PvP oriented players at the cost over Traders and PvE oriented players. If you have more content for traders and PvE oriented players you will have more targets to hunt so why not find ways to please them but with a balance. I do not as a trader want large zones where a player can sail afk or be unattackable but I also do not want to be helpless when attacked. There needs to be a balance and that will increase content for both sides. A reason to leave safe zones but it should not be suicide if attacked in unsafe waters. Atm, trader ships have less skill slots then a warship which I assume was introduced to stop people to have boarding fitted super traders hunting other traders, but it makes it unfair as a raider/hunter can be boarding fitted and speed fitted and most traders have to choose. Also, hold weight have a large impact in ship speed. A fully loaded trading ship is much slower, which is ok and fair. However most warships was also fully stored for long voyages and thus should not be able to have so much repairs in hold and still only take a small penalty max speed.If you increase your crew for example it should require more stores to have them onboard thus decrease your free hold and decrease your speed. We need to somehow find a way to balance the speed as its very hard to get away even if your unloaded with speed mods on your trading ship. If you want a raider, you should be forced to sacrifice crew/or guns to save weight and thus increase speed, but atm raiders can have both as speed is king atm. Also, I want to again ask when is TRADERS marks incoming and when can I buy speed upgrades that allows me to sail away from hunters or load insane amounts of goods with no speed penalties.... Just asking cause I would love to be able to get great modules/skills that can only be obtained with TRADING marks and since many PvP oriented players on these forums whine about not wanting to do any trading or PvE yet think that PvP marks is the best choice for anything that you should be able to buy ingame...
  8. Niagara

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Ok. I dont think I was crying but merely pointing out some things that I and other Econ/Traders players have noticed and felt... But hey, if you cry for that little then by all means, let the tears flow. But lets discuss your points and suggestions instead. You cant have 3 fleet ships and have the Hold optimization perk as that is 11 points so that argument is just moot. I dont mind the Devs fixing bugs but atm there has been so little love for Econ/Traders its starting to feel that we are not wanted in the game. 1. I HAVE GUNS ON MY SHIPS!!! 2. IF POSSIBLE I TRY TO DO THAT, HOWEVER NOT ALWAYS POSSIBLE!!! 3. I DO THAT ALSO, BUT TRADE SHIPS ARE DUMB AND WILL OFTEN RUN AGAINST THE ENEMY IF THE WIND IS IN THAT DIRECTION; I WISH THEY WOULD SCATTER AND FLEE IN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS TO INCREASE CHANCE TO GET AWAY!!! THAT MAKES FIGHTING HARD NOT TO MENTION YOU CAN GET ATTACKED AGAIN JUST AS SOON AS THE BATTLE IS OVER WHICH MEANS YOU LOSE YOUR TRADE SHIPS ANYWAY... 4. I TRADE IN A MULTITUDE OF ITEMS TO MAKE MONEY, I ALSO TRADE IN RESOURCES NEEDED TO CRAFT TO AID OTHERS AND THE CLAN!!! There are atm 4 main perks that is aimed at Traders. Fleet Perks 1-3 and Hold Optimization. 25% of those perks just got bug fixed. If 25% of PvP oriented perks got nerfed in a bug fixed I bet there would be more whining here then what I have a few others have made over this change. The perk itself is what it is after the bug fix, but the content created for Traders is little. Where are the TRADERS MARKS? I mean I can see that they are listed right up there with Combat, PvP and Victory marks, yet THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN AWARDED FOR ANY TRADE. Now this could be due the fact that you need to trade from one corner of the map to another to get 1 but guess what, I have tried that and it did not award any Traders marks. But No, I dont think content for traders has been a priority for the developers and that's what it is. Its a small team, they have to have priority's but I think I earned the right to whine here just as much as any other player about what I see as missing content in the game. Or crying as you call it.
  9. Niagara

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    I wont hold my breath.. meaning WHEN I see I will believe it. Also I think its more of a crafting patch and not Econ.
  10. Niagara

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Sadly I have noticed this. Most changes lately has been to cater to the PvP players and few if any has had positive effects for traders and econ players. In fact some have been quite bad for econ players and crafters or traders but hey we dont whine alot here so why bother making content for us.....
  11. Niagara

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    That is all true that the Indiaman still has a big hold and the change is not game breaking in itself, BUT they current tendencies are that traders and econ players gets screwed over and over because most changes are aimed at pleasing the PvP crowd who apparently whines the most and thus gets most attention. When will I get my 100K Traders marks that I can buy equal good skills / modules like PvP marks? Never is my guess as we Traders and Econ players simply dont whine enough on these forums.
  12. Niagara

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    It may not have been the intended effect at the start but it was one of the big reasons for a trader to have it. And seeing as AI ships have loads of perks and modules at the same time to "cheat" why not give all Ai ships this perk aswell. The logic to remove it does not make sense. If your giving Ai more mods and perks to make them better/harder then clearly Ai should also have this perk. I have to agree on this question, What do the Developers have against traders? Traders are a good target for PvP players so in fact to promote more Open world PvP you should try to cater to these kind of players as they very much give more chances to PvP. Many of the changes lately has been to improve PvP at the cost of PvE and especially Traders and Econ players. With this change to the Hold Optimization Perk it seems quite clear that again non PvP players gets screwed as few and small changes have been made to improve the economy and trading in this game but loads of changes and improvements are more to cater to the PvP players. Is that because they whine the most on the forums?
  13. Niagara

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Yet, pre patch a fleet ship was affected by the perk and thus had increased storage....
  14. Niagara

    Hold optimization Perk

    Greetings! It seems that the perk Fleet Optimization no longer affects your fleet ships. Is that a feature or a bug from the hotfix of today?
  15. Niagara

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    That may be true, However a HUGE sideeffect is that the need for smaller crafted ships are diminished as you can redeem a very good ship of your choice Or 2 if you bought both DLC thus removing any need to buy ships from crafters. Most players that craft ships at the start can only craft smaller ships thus you are making it harder (yet) again for non PVP players and crafters as you make it easier to replace ships which in effect give the smaller DLC ships little to no value and as stated Modules and cannons are the only real cost in risking your ship and some players have way to much money and resources to care about that.