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  1. That is a very important information, I've never read anything about this before. Thx for pointing that out.
  2. Change Ship Skill System

    Remove the ship XP system as it is atm. We have 2 different types of ship bonuses: 1.) Bonuses based on ship physics - better planking - additional sails - copper plating - more crew space ..... These bonuses should remain as they are, provided by skill books & mats. Very good. 2.) Bonuses based on crew skill - faster sailing - better turning - faster repairing - faster reloading - faster switching battle stations ..... These bonuses should be calculated as malus depending on hours in battle when sailing a specific ship type. Example: Player A has spend 60 hours in battle with a Endy. He gets malus of 5% on all crew skills. Player B has spend 5 hours in battle with a Surprise. He gets malus of 15% on all crew skills. In the end the experienced Endy captain might turn nearly as quick the newbie Surprise captain. Maybe a player who spend 100 hours on a specific ship type reaches all the ship attributes without malus. The numbers have to be adjusted, but my idea is to reward players for specializing on a specific ship type. This would be a nice addition, because it varies battles outcomes. And it is pretty realistic too, because you now learn how to get the best out of your ship by the time.
  3. @admin, can you please explain the reward mechanic atm? I observed that I got fewer rewards in a battle where AI fleet joined together with me against LGV (maybe call it bad tag) as if I would have fought alone (Though I got the kill). This reward mechanic is the heart of every battle, so I ask you to explain how it works in depth ... Thx in advance.
  4. We all make faults and sometimes something that looks good on the papers turn out to be bad in reality. That's life but I can say that the changes made to gameplay over the past 1.5 years aren't trivial at all and that it is a huge effort to implement them over and over. Everyone who has only the slightest insight in game development knows this.
  5. I've seldom seen devs who implement new content over and over again in this relatively short development time ... must state this clearly -- and game content is already much over the promised amount.
  6. I only meant you should play for the fun of gameplay and don't take everything so seriously because it is about testing a piece of software ...
  7. Nee kann man nicht immer. Die Missionen spawnen teilweise ganz schön weit weg von den Städten ... Aber natürlich mit genug Geduld findet sich auch eine relativ sichere in der Nähe. Wobei ich schon glaube dass man gute Gelegenheiten fürs PVP abpassen kann, wenn man Geduld mitbringt und versucht unentdeckt zu bleiben ...
  8. No one can ensure that a bug will not decide about RVR results ... ? It's a test environemnt, nothing more but nothing less aswell. You have the chance to learn all the game mechanics before release so you will have a great advantage then over new players. Be glad for that
  9. As long as features are added, it will not change status. It will change when it is considered to be feature-complete and everything is then only about finding the last bugs. The fact that features were added is mostly because they were demanded by community. So stop demanding and we'll see
  10. Believe it or not -- you have bought a software piece in ALPHA status. This means not even beta. Consider it to be full of bugs and be glad when you've found one. Don't see it from a serious perspective.
  11. Some kind of problem about Help Fleet

    That's what I call heavy reinforcement -- hahaha!
  12. Genau das ist ja verbessert worden. Die Gurkerei ist weniger geworden, weil die Materialien weniger Gewicht haben und somit die Schiffe mehr laden können.
  13. Port Battle Limit

    Me too and Teamspeak is of essence. You never can type commands as quickly and only through communication you'll be sucessful.
  14. After having played yesterday for 2h I fully agree. I made 400k only doing 5th missions. 1st rates should be special ships so people should not expect to get easy replace for it in 2h playtime. This would be ridiculous.
  15. The problem are players joining in minor ships. So the decision was to restrict port battle participation only to clan members. I agree that clan environments are a pain but this is common in all multiplayer online games ... sad but true, nobody sees you so people feel like they are protected by anonymity ...