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  1. Latron

    Game-Labs should take responsibility for voice

    I understand how being kept out of voice comms can make you feel like an outsider, but clans using those comms have things to be concerned about. They can't allow just any random player to join for fear of them being an alt meant to spy on that nation, and sometimes there are entire clans who are untrustworthy to them.
  2. Latron

    Game-Labs should take responsibility for voice

    With many other games with voice chat, people use teamspeak or discord regardless because of how it can be organized for large groups. If voice chat is added I don't think it would be used most of the time.
  3. Latron

    Flags Flags Flags

    I think the Swedes could use a bit more variety than what was shown. There is this flag here that was used by the navy in the 1600s, but there aren't many pictures of it, and the ones I have seen have varying numbers of stripes. So that might require more looking into. Also can we include flags with their coat of arms such as the three crowns?
  4. I see someone already beat me to the Shrek joke. 😕 But with so much hostility being thrown at the Swedes lately, it feels like we're under siege, and Davos is coming to save us with his onions. It's just like the real Davos Seaworth, but with a midwestern accent.
  5. Latron

    Can we fix the AI now?

    There are plenty of annoying things with the AI but I'm referring specifically to two things; where they sail in the open world and them shooting at the forts. They used to sail only along the coast, and then it was changed so more would sail into the ocean to get to far off ports, but a new bug was created after that. Now they frequently sail into the land to get to their destination. I don't imagine fixing this would be too difficult since they avoided land once before. With the old AI I can think of only one place where their pathfinding led them through land, but one or two bad spots is better than all over the place. When it comes to the forts, the AI don't seem to go out of their way to go after them, but when they are close enough they will fire away. This isn't a huge issue, but besides looking strange, since the forts don't shoot back, it occasionally leads to AI keeping near the coast, which potentially means the player getting themselves beached. It's a minor detail but the game needs a lot more polish before release.
  6. Latron

    Desperat need of ships in the US

    I have always felt a bit sorry for the US. They've had it rough for a long time now, which is why I don't hunt along the US coast anymore. It was always filled with inexperienced players who are afraid to take risks because they're too used to getting pounded by everyone else. I don't really keep up with them nowadays but I think their capital needs some breathing room if players are still hunting around there. So for those who have a lot of experience and often sail around Charleston looking for easy prey, just take a hike. If you want to fight then stop sealclubbing and go fight someone your own size.
  7. Latron

    Mission changes

    I can imagine some will try using alts to complete the PvP hunts.
  8. Latron

    Pirate Patch and Content

    I would agree that pirates need a change, but no bonuses to things like speed or boarding, that would just be unfair, and no outlaw battles. It was added and removed several times for the exact same reason. Unless it is somehow activated through very specific means that won't allow it to be abused, then that's a no from me.
  9. Latron

    LGV Refit (my new favorite!)

    I also got an lgv refit recently and I like it a lot. I likely won't be able to use it much in pvp even though I'd like to try it. I can't get pvp marks very easily. If it cost combat marks then that would be way better.
  10. Latron

    Storm weather in port battles?

    Nice job with the math, but it should be enough. Since the players are the ones testing the game, it's up to us to determine what works and what doesn't. If some won't bother to get on the forums to make their opinions known, then that's on them for not participating.
  11. Latron

    Storm weather in port battles?

    Storms wouldn't be the same without some bigger waves. Is there truly no alternative? I would even settle for specific areas on the map where every battle started in the area is in rough waves with those areas never changing and the rest of the map always being normal. Anything to break up the nearly perfect weather in battle would feel refreshing.
  12. Latron

    Remove clone ships from game

    I think the shallow trade ships should be switched with more original models, but otherwise I'm fine with the cloned combat ships.
  13. Latron

    Flags Flags Flags

    It's for a fictional country called Osea from a completely unrelated video game.
  14. Latron

    Flags Flags Flags

    I already have the flag I want