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  1. Latron

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    I mean the whole thing from top to bottom. I guess with how tall it is only the devs would have something like that
  2. Latron

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    Is anyone able to get a picture of the entire map?
  3. I think 12pd guns would work well on it. It feels way too weak for a 5th rate
  4. Here's little things I have issues with while going through the tutorial: The text box is underneath the report button on my screen which looks bad. Demasting is tricky since the guns aren't very accurate. The ship you're shooting in the gunnery tutorial should be angled so the masts appear closer together. The different types of guns at least need to be mentioned in the gunnery tutorial The player should be instructed to go to dead slow, and slowly make their way to full sail throughout the sailing tutorial to let the player learn that there is more than just sitting still and hauling ass. After the wind turned perpendicular to my ship in the special maneuvers tutorial and I was instructed to go to full sail, it wouldn't allow me to go beyond half sails for about a minute. In special maneuvers the player should have to sail in a complete circle, including tacking through the wind, to allow them to have a true understanding of how to handle the ship at any wind angle. You know noobs will still get stuck in the wind regardless of the tutorial as it is. Instructing players to press one button after another is one thing, but for some it's a better learning experience to figure it out on their own, so giving the player free reign of the ship to sail it as they please might better help them understand. So perhaps after they sail in a circle and stop in the objective, let them do what they want and end the tutorial when they're ready to leave. The ship you're shooting in pursuit and capture doesn't get many holes in the sails as you chain it. That should really be a thing. More time should be given for the demasting exam. Shooting a thin target from a fast moving platform with an inaccurate gun takes getting used to. Some new players are sure to struggle with it. The endurance exam should have been against 2 rookie brigs because the normal brigs seemed to rip through my hull a lot more than it should. At one point I had to sail away for 30 minutes to let myself repair before I could keep fighting. I know that kinda defeats the purpose of an endurance exam but lots of new players may not understand the hint of bouncing shots at certain angles. They'll just see the enemy and think that they should go shoot at it exactly like they did in previous fights. The exams in general got pretty boring since it has only brigs. The player should be given a different 6th rate for each one just to spice it up a bit But overall, it's still pretty nice. The rewards are great too.
  5. Hell yeah taking the bahamas as USS and then going pirate and taking them all back with SSU was a freaking blast. The US server may have very different if we hadn't done it.
  6. Latron

    Horatio Hornblower

    I offer you... one quarter portion
  7. Latron

    England Declares War on Poland!

    Going to war against a nation for the actions of one player is a bit silly, but for me I did appreciate him going after those traders. The whole deal made with the brits hardly benefited us at all and I'm glad to see it fall apart. Let's hope for a good port battle with no funny business
  8. The game isn't too far from a full release so we're likely not going to see any big changes. The only thing I really want now is storms in battle.
  9. Latron

    WTS Orange/Gold Santi with Strong Rig

    Poland would gladly accept this donation
  10. Latron

    Safe zone Rework

    I agree that safezones need to be changed. Since the merge I've killed only 1 player, and it was in an arranged fight. I've encountered dozens of other players but half of them are in fir/fir ships and run away from everything, and the other half never leave the safezones and thus are untouchable. This is a PvP game, so the fact that finding PvP can be so difficult is laughable.
  11. Latron

    Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Political Status

    "Trader Non-Aggression Pact" More like a hostage situation
  12. Latron

    Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    He's the hero we deserve
  13. Latron

    Call to the Commonwealth

    I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was To cap them is my real test To sink them is my cause I will travel across the sea Hunting far and wide Each filthy Brit as they all flee The power that's inside COMMONWEALTH
  14. I'm being disrespectful because I witness a lot of players running from an even fight? The real disrespect comes from when those players call for backup during the chase, and immediately after the battle they come at me with a gank fleet behind them. Should we be encouraging that? Am I disrespectful because I want a fair fight now and then? I just want some pvp bro. It's frustrating when I'm denied that time and time again in a game designed for pvp.
  15. According to the wiki the wasa is the one with better speed and maneuverability and the bottom deck of a 3rd rate has 24lb guns instead of 32. So since the wasa has more chasers and the br of a bellona isnt a lot higher it seems unlikely that the 3rd rate will be used much even now