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  1. Latron


    From what I have observed the Privateer may be one of the least used ships in the game. The cutter is free, the lynx is fast upwind, and the pickle has a good overall sailing profile. The Privateer on the other hand, can use bigger carros and has just a few more crew. That doesn't seem to be enough to make people use it especially since 7th rates should bring cannons to pvp with. So I think giving stern guns to the Privateer makes the most sense especially since it is supposed to be the best at fighting.
  2. Latron


    Give them all butt guns
  3. Latron

    SELL NA to another developer because.....

    Mistakes have been made but we should let them learn from those mistakes rather than simply giving up. They easily could just stop supporting the game like many other developers for early access games have, but they still work on it because they obviously care.
  4. Latron

    There is NO such thing as GANKING

    It's not an excuse for ganking to be a thing just because unfair fights happened in the real world. Being hunted, ambushed, or chased is all fine, but this is a video game. I can't think of many video games where it is generally accepted to be caught up an a 1v10 battle. This game has a lot of realistic elements to it, but that doesn't make it a simulation. It needs to be fun. People won't have much fun if they're forced into horribly unequal battles more frequently than they should. If people can't have fun, then you've got a bad video game.
  5. Latron

    Suggestion Summary mid '18

    I've shared this idea twice already but the people I run it by seem to really like the idea so I hope to see what the devs think. Also I'd like to see a second mortar ship.
  6. Latron

    To All Of Those Hunting Around Capital Ports

    They already did that once and it's unlikely to happen again. The only thing it would do is make going from point A to point B slightly faster, and right now that's not a commonly talked about problem.
  7. Latron

    To All Of Those Hunting Around Capital Ports

    I feel pretty bad for the US. They've been getting bullied for a while now and aren't getting the opportunity to grow like a nation should. A lot of the people ganking may try to justify it but if they were the ones being camped at their capital so much then I'm sure they would be the ones complaining about it. At the very least let noobs play in relative peace. I've done plenty of hunting around capitals in the past, including Charleston, but I always try to leave noobs alone. I may fight them but I won't sink them. I'm hoping we can improve the new player experience but events like this all but destroy that hope. If you are one of those who will sink inexperienced players with no mercy and only do it for the sake of killing then you should really consider pulling your head out of your ass and set an example for others.
  8. I also came up with this idea later. It would be a big task but it could vastly improve the poor new player experience we have now.
  9. Latron

    Newbie clans

    I think the new player experience would benefit by doing something similar to what Planetside 2 does and have a small separate region(probably in the Pacific) that can be accessed only by players below a certain rank, but they have the freedom to stay or go straight to the the Atlantic until they reach that rank. They would only be able to choose between two factions while they're within that region since having all of the main nations is unnecessary and most would have no one playing them. The two factions would have a large safe zone for PvE, but could venture out and do PvP with the new players in the other faction. Perhaps they could also have port battles over a few ports. It would likely be too much for the devs to add at this point but I've seen a lot of games have a system like this and it works wonders for them. In a complicated game like NA, I think it would work here too.
  10. I don't think anyone wants to be unable to leave a port because it's being camped by players in superior ships. Players who pick these harder nations surely expect a challenge, but not like this. Imagine starting a singleplayer game on hard mode, but it starts you in an area with high level enemies that are impossible for you to kill.
  11. It's very troublesome to have players who just joined Poland, Russia, or Prussia start off at Shroud Cay. It's a very active area and not a great starting point for new players who don't fully understand what they're doing. Without communication from their nation they likely won't know where to go or where to avoid, but the biggest problem is when the game gets an influx of new players because with so many cutters in the area some more experienced players decide to go there to get some easy kills. I understand how some people use cutters to transport light materials and thus they become a good target, but when these cutters happen to be new players who just started the game, it could make them want to quit the game and possibly get a refund. In a game with such a low population, driving players away on day 1 is the last thing we need. I think we should change the spawn point for players in each nation to a port that the nation actually owns so long as that nation still own any ports at all. One possible idea is to have the players of a nation vote on a port they own to be the "capital" where all joining players will spawn, and if that port gets captured, then the spawn point could default back to Shroud Cay until another port is selected. It may not be the best idea ever, but if this game is going to keep any sort of decent reputation, then we shouldn't allow new players to get ganked the moment they set sail from the docks for the first time.
  12. Latron

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    I mean the whole thing from top to bottom. I guess with how tall it is only the devs would have something like that
  13. Latron

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    Is anyone able to get a picture of the entire map?
  14. I think 12pd guns would work well on it. It feels way too weak for a 5th rate
  15. Here's little things I have issues with while going through the tutorial: The text box is underneath the report button on my screen which looks bad. Demasting is tricky since the guns aren't very accurate. The ship you're shooting in the gunnery tutorial should be angled so the masts appear closer together. The different types of guns at least need to be mentioned in the gunnery tutorial The player should be instructed to go to dead slow, and slowly make their way to full sail throughout the sailing tutorial to let the player learn that there is more than just sitting still and hauling ass. After the wind turned perpendicular to my ship in the special maneuvers tutorial and I was instructed to go to full sail, it wouldn't allow me to go beyond half sails for about a minute. In special maneuvers the player should have to sail in a complete circle, including tacking through the wind, to allow them to have a true understanding of how to handle the ship at any wind angle. You know noobs will still get stuck in the wind regardless of the tutorial as it is. Instructing players to press one button after another is one thing, but for some it's a better learning experience to figure it out on their own, so giving the player free reign of the ship to sail it as they please might better help them understand. So perhaps after they sail in a circle and stop in the objective, let them do what they want and end the tutorial when they're ready to leave. The ship you're shooting in pursuit and capture doesn't get many holes in the sails as you chain it. That should really be a thing. More time should be given for the demasting exam. Shooting a thin target from a fast moving platform with an inaccurate gun takes getting used to. Some new players are sure to struggle with it. The endurance exam should have been against 2 rookie brigs because the normal brigs seemed to rip through my hull a lot more than it should. At one point I had to sail away for 30 minutes to let myself repair before I could keep fighting. I know that kinda defeats the purpose of an endurance exam but lots of new players may not understand the hint of bouncing shots at certain angles. They'll just see the enemy and think that they should go shoot at it exactly like they did in previous fights. The exams in general got pretty boring since it has only brigs. The player should be given a different 6th rate for each one just to spice it up a bit But overall, it's still pretty nice. The rewards are great too.