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  1. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    That sure wasn't the case when you called me out in global chat over some random battle we had 6 months ago. After calling me an idiot, a retard, and taking things out of context to make me seem like the bad guy, it seems clear to me that when you say shit in global, it is only to stir up drama. Kinda like how you have to post a "memory screen" of every single little pvp battle you win, which to me just says "Hey, I just beat you and now every one knows it."
  2. Happy B-Day =)

    1. Latron


      Thanks man. It's nice to see that some pirates don't hate me yet :P 

  3. I also took screenshots as it happened. http://imgur.com/a/QXUqX
  4. Believe it or not France is doing much better than it once was. ICS is still ICS but we're trying to improve relations with them, and the rest of the clans get along with each other very well. So when exactly have we been disrespectful to the Dutch? Sure there's a little RvR and OW PvP but I wouldn't call that disrespect.
  5. That's easy for you to say since there's a whole ocean between your nations and the Danes aren't making any secret deals with one of your clans to purposefully harm the rest of your nation. Also as far as I'm concerned this has nothing to do with you. You may be allies with the Danes but that doesn't make it okay to come into this thread to call others stupid.
  6. That is the most insulting thing you could ever say about France sir. Although we do wish to improve our relations with them, a majority of France still don't trust them, and for now neither should you. You keep acting like ICS are the true representatives of France and that they are the most powerful group of players in the nation, but that simply isn't true. You need to make better friends Chailang.
  7. *cough*Cordova*cough*
  8. I was hoping the wipe giving every player a fresh start would put an end to all the pointless complaining and bickering between nations. Old alliances are staying as well as old grudges that have been fueling player's hatred towards each other for months. It's idiotic. Can we please just play the game like it was meant to be played?
  9. The devs must be changing the prices of some national goods because a majority of those I sell in Fort Royal are selling for less than what I bought it for. I went from 400K to 30K because the British goods that I bought from a British port somehow wouldn't give me a profit at Fort Royal, which consumes those goods. It doesn't make any sense and without the gold I used to get from trading it will be nearly impossible to produce the resources I need for crafting. How on earth do they expect us to make a decent profit?
  10. Vive la France- the Republic grows - PvP2/Global

    Roughly how big would France be in comparison to other nations in terms of population? I was planning to join France from pirates because they usually seem to be the underdog.
  11. PvP Global poll... who you sailing for??

    I'll go wherever my clan goes, which may or may not be pirates. It mostly depends on where we'd get the most pvp and which nations would need more players. I'd hate for us to join the largest nation and make everything a gankfest.
  12. What exactly counts as an "extremely rare" ship? The "rare" ships you get from events have become some of the most common ships since those rewards are given so often. The only ship I can think of would be the Santa Cecilia, but giving every player one will make the value of that ship drop significantly, and those fortunate enough to already have one would probably feel like the Colonel 100 in Battlefield Friends. Also just one ship is a let down for vets who have spent ages collecting a whole armada of ships to choose from. I have a great npc capped 3rd rate that I got a year ago. A rare frigate won't make up for a ship I'll never have again.
  13. I don't get why people complain about Black Flag ganking them like we're the only ones. Our clan gets ganked all the time just like the NATs do. I once had a fleet of 18 players gank my one Niagara, but I hardly cared since it was normal to see it happen.
  14. NATs on PvP2 server should really check themselves

    OneEyedSnake, you really need to grow up. You don't put any effort into your arguments and are representing the Dutch very poorly. I actually feel very sorry that they are led by someone who can't do much more than complain on forums all the time. And if you are going to try to make a more lengthy post, try not to make it look like an obvious rant. Seriously, that paragraph takes up most of my screen. It's actually hard to read because you forgot how to use proper grammar.
  15. Dutch Oven

    And do you honestly think those are the only victories we have? Of course we're going to talk about larger operations but there's so much more. Black Flag is a large clan with lots of skilled players. We win battles literally all the time and only a fraction of the good ones get mentioned on the forums at all.