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  1. Your Ideal Naval Action

    PVE-server for you?
  2. Your Ideal Naval Action

    Make a model where things are accesible for the average player. Like combat - losses - wins etc. If I loose a ship, I dont want to spend a week to have a new one. It was much better balanced in 2016. Also many more where playing the game. There is a connection IMHO.
  3. The only game that I know of, which has been made more and more boring down the line. Eine Schlafspiel.
  4. Searching hours for PVP

    A game design that creates explanations where blame is placed on the player is a very poor game design. Obviously.
  5. [POLL] Should 1st Rates be Considered "Rare"

    Hell. With this elite-exclusive-approach you end up with only one player per nation anyway.
  6. [POLL] Should 1st Rates be Considered "Rare"

    When we had multi-duras they where rare as you only had one dura first rare. The system worked pretty well and players fielded many ships on the map and could go to battle every night of own choosing. Why in heavens sake did you leave this very good system? Now the game is a dead horse.
  7. a larger variation of battles... 1 player vs 1 player and 5 bots on each side gets boring in the end... the possibility to recreate preset historical battles: A menu that goes like this: Skirmish (like now but with a lobby to get more players meeting each other and several options also, like how many participants etc). Historical battles (shown with number of players in game lobby): Trafalgar Copenhagen Battle of the Nile Battle of etc... etc... It could be rather cool to have large battles as well....
  8. Bring back multiple durability

    Its not that hard, really. If you like a server with lots of action in it with battles and many online, you need easier ways to respawn after a loss. Grinding for a week or two to build a ship is not the way to go. Nor is it fun to grind laser-PvE ships. Hence multi duras and an easy to get economy. If you do NOT like a naval ACTION game, then you should make it hard to get a ship once it is lost. You should also make the economy tough and grindy and building a ship should take weeks on end just to gather the resources and letting the player spending hours and hours of sailing around in a trading ship from port to port. If a gamer have like 12 hours a week of gaming time - let the 11,5 be grind and put him in a battle in the last 30 minutes where he is ganked and cant have any reinforcements or help from his mates. In that way it is certain that he will give up and play something else... Ehm... yes....?
  9. PvP desperately needs fixing

    The headline "pvp needs fixing" has nothing to do with pve. Most players that like pvp do not like to grind for a week or two to get into a large battle. So what to do about this IF the pvp server should still be online that is. Many players go to pvp server but hate the idea of a world with many battles in it... As is. PvP server is not for pvp customers.
  10. PvP desperately needs fixing

    LOL - its incredible that what made this game good to play has been totally ruined. Once there where several simultanioysly PBs that where filled. We had many battles going on all over the map. And yet players think its a good development. Im simply chocked.
  11. PvP desperately needs fixing

    I agree on this one. The focus should be on navies in the napoleonic age instead as they began with. But EVE and Pirates of the Carribean meant more to some I guess. The combat are fun and with some tweak it could be very good indeed. But I really miss that Horatio Hornblower - feeling or some kind of a career towards the battle of Trafalgar alike environment. It began so well but got spoiled down the road. I wonder if anyone would ever make a proper age of sail game. :-)
  12. The Devils Advocate

    Wipe and too much grind for getting ships plus the ever more restricting rules to avoid easy access to PvP made me leave. I have never been so bad treated as a customer. I have this feeling that I bought a really promising and great product that just got totally destroyed by wrong development. Furthermore the devs have a totally crazy relations to customers. Maybe some kind of a relic from the old USSR where humans mattered little.