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  1. Never really understood economy much. But before I was able to build, sail and fight in my own ships. I used local materials only becourse of short distance and less time. I liked that. Now it seems like a nightmare to do so...
  2. No. Pirates needs to be in remote areas. Open battles provide more action. We need more not less action.
  3. As a single player, I find it hard to trade and build. It's no longer a game for the casual player... too much RvR focus.
  4. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    Admins. Please Kill the whole clan-idea.... Build the game around single players organized in a nation instead. No customer likes to play a game in such a toxic atmosphere. It's no fun at all. Kill them. Do it fast. And make the game great again.
  5. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    Hence is why game mechanisms should turn down influence of clans to a minimum!!
  6. Idea: Mixed fleet Port Battles...

    And please make them open FOR ALL!!
  7. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    That clan should have any special roles in a game is the most terrible feature I have ever come across in 30 years of gaming. All players regardless of status should be treaded equal regarding to rules and mechanisms. I think that many, many more players than you ever thought of has left the game becourse it went from fun for all to RvR focus. The game simply got boring becourse of this. Get rid of clans. Hard cores will organize themselves anyway spending most of their lifetime in front of a pc screen anyway.
  8. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    This would be a terrible and ahistorical decision definitly killing the game. Please turn down clans and turn up nations! Rename the clans squadrons or similar. Clans really make the worst gaming community I have ever seen. How come such behaviour is even allowed? Most single players or small clans fight for nation but do not want to be ruled by other big clans like RDNN who think they run a nation. It's such a crappy design to favour clans and not nations. Kind regards
  9. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    RvR sucks as a mechanism. It just provide a poisonous environment. Focus on nations and single players instead.
  10. Fully rework PVP/redone PVE

    In the old Days clans was formed with the purpose to help players in own waters against gankers. That made the whole community a living place. It all died when ROE timers where cut. Now it's all about PBs and big clans. Small clans and single players are now playing other games as they where kicked out by RvR focus. Such a shame.
  11. ROE open for 10-15 min is the answer to safe zones as well... :-)
  12. Fully rework PVP/redone PVE

    In discussions on ROE players seem to forget one vital thing: reinforcements. If you are ganked and the battle closes only option is to hoist the white flag and move on. Is that fun? No. Not for anyone. The attacker maybe have something but gameplay wise iit's just frustrating. Battles needs to stay open and be reinforced. In that case even the most outganked player has a chance of turning the tide. The attackers are fighting time and can't just kite rigging from distance. The defender will almost always try to stay alive until some buddies come to help. This is easier the closer to own waters and harder the longer out on open sea you are. Pirates would then operate at remote areas of map like in real life. Open battles is what could and will save this game. Gankers should be running a risk. Also: when battles can be reinforced players will have lot more action and nation chat will be alive. We had this a year and a half ago. It was a great game back then. ROE should stay open for longer duration. 10-15 min at least!
  13. I know its an old song. But imagine a 10 or 15 minute joining timer at ROE. BR doesnt matter. What happens is that the closer to an enemy port you get the more dangerous it becomes to attack a ship. Pretty much like in real life. If you are more than 10-15 minutes away from a port - say somewhere at the open sea - no one can come for help. Pretty much in real life. For the traders going across the open sea the benefits for huge profits must be enhanced. In this way pirates have their real role as they had. No pirate ever sailed just in front of a fort capturing traders. They did so in remote corners. A longer joning timer would reflect this. Longer joning timers would also make big battles an option. Sail out - find a battle- enjoy the action. I simply wonder why the ability to join action has been limited to enhance gankers close to enemy capitals.