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  1. Fantastic to hear that another port battle patch has been launced for the small bunch of elite-guys who still play the game. What about playability for the average, common, casual player?
  2. Confederate BG campaign

    I usually use this order: 1. politics 2. economics 3. army organisation (when suitable) 4. veteran units 5. medicine 6. logistics 7. reconisannce (never spend anything on this one, actually).
  3. Stop being negative!!

    I felt my freedom in game has been limited by several factors down the road. I have said some of this before, but I have to say i again. 1) I feel I will have to be dependant of a clan on TS in order to be the happy owner of a 1st rate and join Port Battles. For single players this is not in everyones taste. 2) Port battles are the only option to be in a big battle with lots of ships in them. This is due to several things. Mainly the limited timers on joining ongoing battles (so they cannot grow in size) and the troubles getting new ships when you lost one. (Due to the cut down on multiple duras) You dont just find a random easy to get fight anymore. You try to find a fight where you will 100% certain of a win. Players are not keen to take any chances for the fun of it. Its like being a ww1 pilot wihtout a parachute. Give players parachutes=multiple duras (it actually worked fine even though hard core trader-types didnt like the feature). 3) The battles have become a bit more dull than before. Too many repairs options draw battles out. Not so much ACTION in naval action anymore. Its a hard balance between gameplay and realism. Realism is not always the most fun in pc games. And especially not in an age of sail game where everything took loooong time. The old repair system was actually better than now. 5) Too little option on fighting on distance. Close combat which wasnt common has replaced the long distance duels between navies where line-formations where the key to victory. Fine tuning is needed. Also an optinal use of tuning ship-types toi specific roles. Now its just boarding for all. This is not good for tactical fleet-play. 6) The nations have become minor and the clans major. It should be the other way around. I liked the diplomatic feature where players actually decided on what wars where going on. Clans shouldnt be 100% leading in everything. The feeling of being part of a nation with common aims could be stronger overall. 7) New features. Too little progress on the game makes it hard to see where the game is going. Its like one step forward and two steps back most of the times. New ships, paints, missions, large battles generator, smuggler missions that can actually provide you with something. Maybe some stars on the admiral banner of your ship, everytime you sink an enemy. Something that can give a feel of bonus when fighting etc. Warthunder are good to do these things. 8) Maybe the world is a little too big for between 100 and 600 players online that seems to be the present level of activity. Cut it down in size and make it bigger if more players are joning later. 9) I would like that the very narrow focus on Port Battles and clans could be changed a bit. It seems that theses things prevents the game to progress more broadly and hence keeps a lot of casual players out of the game. This game need a LOT of players to be fun to play. Kind regards fox2run
  4. I think they should cater more for single players. The clans had enough love now. There must be a ton of possibilities to make...
  5. Somehow the gameplay felt great when ships where multiple duras, you had one repair for hull, one for sails and the cooldown repair for rudder etc. Also som longer joining times for battles to keep those pesky pirates away in safe waters. The guns also had power to sink players within reasonable time. There where minor issues like balancing between sail-kiting etc. but overall it was 8-9 out of 10. Now it's a mediocre game at best. Terrible and boring at worst. Does devs even reconsider to look back on what made the game work in good old days and maybe roll something back/develop the fun factor? Kind regards an old whiner who missthe good game it once was... :-)
  6. When we had multiple duras, I played the game a lot, knowing a loss wasnt vital. It was forgiving on THE LESSER AND MEDIUM levels of gameplay. It was a great system! Beginners ships could be lost a lot while a 1st rate had to be nursed around. Realism is not always the same as good gameplay. Bring back multiple duras!
  7. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    You all whine like a bunch of old women. Only option is to make VGK alive again and get some order in the house of Denmark-Norway... Submit or be gone! :-D
  8. Major problem - new player experience

    It seems to be a closed Club more than an open ended pc game for all.
  9. More 3rd rates than frigates where actually deployed by royal navy. All this frigate talk is taken out of context.
  10. Ease? Bring back multiple duras. We wanna fight, not grind. Not all of us like to fight in row-boats. We want SOL in big battles... ;-)
  11. I think that the loss of multiple duras killed pvp for many. More duras where more forgiving on lesser levels. It made good sense before, actually... I have now one surprise. I cannot afford to loose it. Hence I am forced to do pve in safe zones.
  12. Never really understood economy much. But before I was able to build, sail and fight in my own ships. I used local materials only becourse of short distance and less time. I liked that. Now it seems like a nightmare to do so...
  13. No. Pirates needs to be in remote areas. Open battles provide more action. We need more not less action.
  14. As a single player, I find it hard to trade and build. It's no longer a game for the casual player... too much RvR focus.