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  1. I guess they made a PvP server for a reason? I like to battle versus humans more as they are harder and more fun to play with. Also more cruel. But this is well known.
  2. The new ship is still ugly. (Not bad programmed). Nice to be reminded of the difference in design. Can we soon have some Danish ships in the game? They where almost all beauties instead of this sailing mistake. It's like a mix between a German pub and a Brazilian carnival. It looks like it would sail sideways instead of forwards.
  3. The Newbro Problem

    I can't remember being ganked as a beginner at all. Why? Becourse beginners start near capital in a cutter or so and go for a PvE mission. Only risk when we had 2 min join timer. But with longer timers players can ask for help pretty easy. Closer to own waters is more safe.
  4. Is it just me or is that ship a bit ugly? Looks like a tavern with sails on it.
  5. Good reviews

    To be casual means not having too much time to play. To have some rewarding xp out of this game is hard. PvP is hard to get as too few are online. It takes too much time to figure out where to find the enemy. I remember many hours of wasted time sailing around, moving outpost etc to no avail. This is the key to a larger player base. Not some UI.
  6. Good reviews

    UI and tutorials doesn't add to gameplay at all. Gameplay is lacking depth and easier access to PvP. PvP is somewhat broken. To fix this require new ways of thinking. Which seems hard at the moment.
  7. Needed hostility for ports a bit weird

    But, but... we had this before wipe...
  8. Needed hostility for ports a bit weird

    I'm just thinking about accessibility for an average, common gamer including myself. Many players dislike hanging around in TS night after night. Clans are a bit odd in my book. (At least they could be called squadrons). But I still favour the idea that all aspects of gameplay should be for all players. If you buy a game then you should be able to enjoy all kind of gameplay. To be single player now is hard and you can't get into PBs or craft very easy as before. To have more players the game structure has to loosen up and be more open.
  9. Needed hostility for ports a bit weird

    Then its just a pirate game. I like to recreate a sense of historical play as a part of a nation that had navies. Clans are good for organizing battles in TS but they are too fragile to be backbone for a game. We need in game mechanic for this. Like the old diplomacy where players could vote for war of peace. It gave the game some flavour even though some players where pissed off by democracy... LOL.
  10. Needed hostility for ports a bit weird

    National system involved all players. It gave a common ownership and gave more depth to the game IMHO.
  11. Needed hostility for ports a bit weird

    Is hostility missions only for clans or can single players contribute? If yes, then how?
  12. Reinforcments zone protects everyone....

    Put up some constructive critisism of the game. You act like the smaller guy on these forums.
  13. PvP Leaderboard

    Hmmm. We all did. LOL. You want us to come back?
  14. Reinforcements update

    Why don't you understand that it is never the players fault if a game population fails? The game lacks fun. It had some of it back in 2016. I have made a lot of feedback on this. But I'm met with an army of bezzerwizzers. If I don't find the game fun, it's my own fault. Ok. What about this: NA is crappy and gets bad reviews. It's a bad game with big flaws. You can change things or you can blame the players. What do you think will work the best? Have fun blaming, dude.
  15. Reinforcements update

    Get a boat? What an insult. I'm level 50. You cannot put an admiral in a boat. But I'm also a single player mostly, even though I'm founder of a clan for casual players. I'm missing the days where easy access to stuff meant action every night. Now things are too grindy and takes too much effort. But I guess I have stated this 100 times or so. To no avail.