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  1. My multiplayer battles always ends with a victory after one minute of gameplay - it seems like a crash or a bug. I played UG a year ago without problems. Any suggestions?
  2. Naval Actions Legends - Infos and details

    Whatever. Guess you have a LOT of sparetime...
  3. Naval Actions Legends - Infos and details

    I dont agree on this. Maxed everything out in OW and played it since feb 2016. The game was so much more fun back then. Too hard core realism kills fun in most games. The fun for me is pvp but I hate the fact that I have to use like a week or two just to get a ship and loose it in a minute. Its too grindy now. Red Orchestra2 is fun becourse of the one-bullet life you got. One mistake and you drop dead. Thats a bit realistic for a shooting game. And it takes skill to stay alive for longer duration. But the respawn is not realistic. But it makes the game not boring. Would I play Red Orchestra2 if I had to build a caracter or a weapon and this would take me a week? No Sir! No way! And yet NA is just like this. Great combat but very. very, poor and boring road to get a sea battle going. I love to maneuvre a SOL in a large battle - but I simply cant and wont spend many, many hours just to get one or maybe two port battles every half a year or so. Sorry dude. Im out.
  4. Naval Actions Legends - Infos and details

    Yes. A lot of potential lies ahead. The current state of NA is boring for most so legends could be a new target for gamelabs to come back on track.
  5. The Frustrations of a Future College Student

    Oh. So you are saying that w have a game where players are suppose to sail in Lynx and Snows all the time? Wow. I remember once where most players could join port battles in their lineships. Maybe this company should change their promotion from blasting Men of Wars to a lonely Lynx on an empty sea.
  6. Signaling

    But bad for traders and possible pvp. Reinforcing should be possible as in real life...
  7. Looking for Multiplayer Matches

    Maybe some other time. I'm going to sleep as it is late... :-D
  8. Looking for Multiplayer Matches

    I think its hard to find opponents too... No one is actually joining games. Maybe too few online these days...
  9. For the People Wanting to Quit the Game

    Too much grind too few years on planet earth for that. No Swedish nation can make up for wasting my valuable time in real life.... ;-)
  10. As an old Age of Sail player, I like to battle it out in large battles between fleets. The road and time to do so is too grindy and the game has turned into a pirate trading game instead. For me I have to wait a couple of years for the next title.... A shame as this game had a lot of potential and gave me what I was looking a year or so ago....
  11. I'm done

    Omg Hodo. Are you bored in real life? A pc game has to be fun. Not a grind or a second job. In january 2016 this game was addictive, fun and had 2000 online because it was just that. Now it's boring and even hard cores uninstall it.
  12. I'm done

    Naval ACTION! :-D
  13. This games players are leaving for good. It's not about playing it wrong, playing it bad or playing it faulty. It's about being too bored and simply quit. Uninstalling the game. Where does this leave the rest of you that still wait for "the next patch"? I'm done waiting. Nothing happens. Thegame IS boring. And more so now than ever before. Quit idea of RvR and aim for the single players who like pvp. Then RvR will automatically occur. The other way around does not work.
  14. Naval Action Legends Suggestions

    Nah. You don't have to reduce factions as this type of game would be very popular... ;-)