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  1. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Curious, I didn't really notice any graphical elements introduced? I certainly noticed better FPS and utilisation though.
  2. Got it all good, thanks. Yeah its off, and I'm kinda annoyed looking at that.
  3. Can't see anything in Beta options. Why don't I have it ??? Correction: Enter the Beta key provided. I thought It would be displayed first, then a key had to be entered.
  4. It's Time to Merge the Servers!!

    Is it possible to merge Christendom with Jean Pual Vilvenue ? That would actually be epic.
  5. White Peace - France-Denmark Trade Conflict ends

    It is a problem for you, because your ports are being taken as a result of this broken agreement.
  6. White Peace - France-Denmark Trade Conflict ends

    With WO there was
  7. White Peace - France-Denmark Trade Conflict ends

    French broke agreement with Pirates as well. Simple. What goes around comes around.
  8. PB's are too UP. Please extend the players to 40v40 so we can fit the rest of our BLACK members in. We feel discriminated against in this regard.
  9. When will Naval Action be finally released?

    ETA 3 years for beta release.
  10. Death of a server.

    Attend to PB's, try and then we might have some sympathy to give you guys a break.
  11. +5% penetration

    4 Treatise on Making Saltpeter took a while to get.... worth it to me.
  12. +5% penetration

    I have 20% increase in penetration. 4 mods total.
  13. French Rig Refit?

    You're probably right. Hard to approximate a distance greater than 250m. Must rely on the graphical aiming point and then multiply it to get the rough distance.
  14. French Rig Refit?

    Its just super hard to do. Hitting the tiny masts from that distance is insanely difficult to land the shots.
  15. Make Pirates Pirates(yes again sorry)