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  1. So you're the kind of customer who reads through all reviews before watching a movie in a cinema i take it. Why not make your own opinion based on your own experience? It's even going to be f2p.
  2. Show them new ships

    I think he meant set of ships as in more redeemable ones to use, and not completely new ships. Might be wrong tho @admin
  3. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    L'Hermione seems like a good alternative to the Surprise for OW hunting - If it's going to be craftable and non premium. Masts are a bit flimsy, though not as bad as the surprise's, and it has 12 pdrs Oh and it also looks sexy. The red lines top it off so well
  4. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Would like to report a bug - TheSpud's rigging seemed a little buggy, even though he had 97% sails. I've seen this bug happen rarely before though.
  5. Lol you were complaining about the lack of pvp and were voting for Forever open battles for endless "pvp" all the time, and Now that you will be able to enjoy good pvp by clicking a Button without having to sail an endless empty openworld you dont like it anymore?
  6. Bring back teleport to Habor when misson ends

    I'm actually working fulltime and haven't played NA for more than 30 minutes in a while Prob. gonna be playing the Arena mode game more once they publish it. Ganking works in two ways. Majority of players complaining about raiders invading their waters and being attacked by them, will at the same time do exactly the same to another nation in their waters. Because that basically is the ONLY type of PvP you can get in an MMO (with some rare exceptions). It's part of a MMO, there's no way around - Fair PvP can't always be forced, hence they're going for an Arena game now in parallel
  7. Bring back teleport to Habor when misson ends

    wait, you actually have to sail ships, in a age-of-sails themed MMO? Damn on a PvP server, any time you leave port you should be aware of the fact that you're risking EVERYTHING you're taking out with you, the ship and its cargo. MMOs OpenWorlds are a dangerous place, man
  8. invisible

    But jumping someone coming out of a battle, whilst profiting from the 75x compressed OW is fine right? Oh wait. We're not supposed to PvP in the NavalAction sandbox version, I forgot. Naval Action Arena to the rescue
  9. Sank ship with full sails

    If your crew is in schock (rigging / crewshock) at the moment you sink, the ship won't drop sails.
  10. Serious Exploits

    You probably didnt have any boarding preperation up when yout got boarded so you couldnt hit defend in the last few seconds. What do you expect your crew to do if they get surprised without being prepared at all for it? A ship not being prepared for a boardinh meele IRL wouldnt stand a chance and most likely surrender pretty soon.
  11. Serious Exploits

    I remember the times of one-shotting AI 1st rates in my santisima with 600 marines on. 1 attack wave needed. Then got nerfed But yeah, boarding game is a mind game. "Will he last-sec attack? Or is he faking? Should I counter fake? Or is he going to tripple fake?"... Sometimes its just luck, really. Need to understand the boarding basics though
  12. Ok, that should work But as Eleven suggested above, a custom lobby mode would be nice to have too. War Thunder has it, you dont gain any XP or Gold from them, because its a battle under set circumstances (lobby Room with or without password, you invite the players you want to play with, everyone can see who's sailing what ship) and can test special settings. Then we could finally test stuff like 10 6th rates vs 2 4th rates or something. Or 25 gunboats vs a santi.... Like warthunders biplanes vs TU4.. The possibilities are endless Another question How are repairs going to work? Similar to sea trials where you have a set amount of repairs per battle?
  13. Overall this sounds amazing. Thank you Gamelabs! But how is the matchmaking going to look like? Will everyone just be thrown into a lobby until its a full 25v25? Or are we going to be able to set up our own preferences, e.g. 3v3 or duel? Cant wait
  14. @admin If we were lucky enough to get added to the tester group, will we be allowed to record and / or stream the alpha footage?