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  1. Server Merge Poll

    or around the capital ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. In order to join a PB you already have to be in a clan and on the friendlist of other clans - so clans will inform players on how it works I say we need diversity - 25 v 25 vic is nor realistic nor does it serve for different possibities of engagements As for the 5th rate experience - of course you are not supposed to go linefighting with a Santisima - but to be a support to your firepower tanks and try to be as much of a pain in the ass for enemy lineships or take out hostile frigs trying to do the same to you
  3. Hmh not sure id agree on that. But yah as teutonic said above, its about limiting the BR and not amount of ships. So you can either get a well mixed fleet in or go for med-bigger ships if you dont have the players
  4. So youd want the devs to remove the 25 v 25 cap (if it was possible) so anyone who is at the PB can join? 50 v 25 etc.?
  5. Not ALL pbs have to be 10 v 10 - some great wars between smaller clans could happen in their pbs - and let the "big" rvr forces have their fun in 25 v 25
  6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Second Naval Action 3 VS 3 Tournament ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Applications and preliminary Rulesetting ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Groups composition & Definite Rules~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Battle results & Leaderboard~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As there now are 16 teams registered for the tournament, we can now go a step further. I would like every participating team to confirm their registration and that they agree with the rules & Community made BR list. Of course you can still suggest changes if you are not 100% happy. Also, please vote in this poll whether or not you want to limit the usage of repairs for each battle of the tournament. Only votes from captains participating in the tournament are valid. DEADLINE for confirming the group and voting on the thread linked above is set to friday, October 20th, 22:00:00 ServerTime. This gives players the possibilty to work on their ships setup and level some skill slots. After every team has confirmed their participation, the group stage will go live. You will have 2 weeks to absolve all your group stage battles (each team will battle each team once, so 3 battles for each team) In order to create the group setup, I used an RNG website. The groups are going to look like this: (Was being livestreamed on twitch) Group 1 [HRE 1] confirmed [ALOHA 1] confirmed [OCEAN 2] confirmed [PoDW] confirmed Group 2 [HRE 3] confirmed [VLTRA] confirmed [CABAL] confirmed [EdR] Group 3 [HRE 2] confirmed [OCEAN 1] confirmed [X] confirmed [DC+] confirmed Group 4 [ALOHA 2] confirmed [EXILE] confirmed [RUBLI] confirmed [DNP] confirmed Group stats & battle results https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Q3SR1pdE1tog2xyLh7ESfSFx9YDNbLbT0V3G_RzvasI/edit?usp=sharing Registered Teams and their lineup
  7. There already is a game mechanic limiting it to 25 per side even though there often are way more captains outside the port ready to join action. So basically its not something completely new but a suggestion to adjust something, so that smaller clans can also get their slice of port battles.
  8. Server Merge Poll

    merge with limits, so that global server is gone, wont happen, pretty sure But what could happen is maybe a char. transfer. But idk if thats possible from the coding aspect - I think admin said the two servers operate individually
  9. Could use one or two more referees / judges (each battle needs to at least have 1 of them in them) which are able to stream and record. PM me if you're interested. (Can also be a participant of the tournament, as long as its not one of your battles of course )
  10. UPDATED MAIN POST: This is the table where all the results will be entered in (if all teams confirm ) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Q3SR1pdE1tog2xyLh7ESfSFx9YDNbLbT0V3G_RzvasI/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Or we could do that - I'll try to get in contact with Player 1 from every team then.
  12. Given there are only 2 teams missing that need to confirm i'll shorten the voting deadline to this friday instead (22:00 servertime) - And will then only count the votes of the players actually participating (we can see who voted for which option)
  13. Very nice, only 2 teams missing @Knobby @PIerrick de Badas
  14. Pour le roi et que nous pouvons manger bcp de fromage!
  15. We already got the 16 teams needed for the tournament - first come first serve principle - there will be a next tournament im sure
  16. IMPORTANT: 16 / 16 teams registered, Registration is CLOSED ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Second Naval Action 3 VS 3 Tournament ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Applications and preliminary Rulesetting ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Groups composition & Definite Rules ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Battle results & Leaderboard ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Based on feedback from this poll, I decided to already open up the applications for an upcoming tournament. On that thread, already 32 players voted that they would be interested in participating in a playermade tournament - that's over 10 teams already. The tournament is going to be 3vs3, and teams matched vs each other will have to communicate and agree on a date and place where they have their battles. Much more detailed information about how it works you can find below How to apply for the tournament List your Group name, the 3 main captains names (both ingame and forum if they got a forum account), aswell as your nation, and up to 5 reserve players (in case the main captains can't make it to a battle for whatever reason). Would also be nice to get a "battle cry" from each participating group. Example: [OCEAN], Danmark Norge Player 1: Tommy Shelby @TommyShelby Player 2: SeaWolf @SeaWolf_ Player 3: Silfarion @Silfarion Reserves: SeaHyena @Sureshot; Ellis @Ellis Demast us if you can Note: Players don't have to be from the same nation to form a team - But if they are from different nations, the battles they are participating in will have to be based on outlaw battles. That means that I will need some pirates willing to help creating outlaw battles, so that ALL battle participants can join at the same time.
  17. you're looking at the indefatigables crew, aswell as the merc - it should be: 3500 / 250 = 14 indefatigables (heavy frigates, could have some lighter ones in there) 1100 / 70 = 15 mercs (maybe have some schooners in there )
  18. my opinion: shallow does need change, frigate not necessarily - some lighter frigates are also fun EDIT: Nope neverimnd, I got the maths wrong, shallow is still 15 mercs. Having some schooners in there aswell might be fun
  19. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Nice - thank you Could we possibly for the future also be able to choose the displayed rank, depending on the ship we're sailing in open world? I'd love to be called a "Korvetten Kapitän" when sailing a Frigate Rather than a "Konteradmiral"
  20. 4000 for regular deep water ports seems ok. But 12'000 is still 20 1st rates - Something along 7.5k -8k should give good possibilites to spread the BR on different types of lineships