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  1. Liq

    Combat News & Player Names - sligthly Change

    Good idea.
  2. Liq

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    Fixed patrol zone RoE
  3. Liq

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    I dont think I have ever sailed a golden ship since quality was re added Blue does just fine, if its got an extra slot and / or gets an extra trim sure thats better but doesnt make me use the ships with more care
  4. Easiest fix: Make safezones 100% safe again, but also slightly reduce their size And Fix patrol zones RoE -> More PvP between players wanting to pvp Downside is that "protecting your shores" is eliminated because the game does it for you. One layer of RvR, solo hunting in hostile waters, erased - But I guess you cant have a cake and eat it too.
  5. Noob in super duper deluxe schiff gegen erfahrenen spieler mit 2000 spielstunden in einem shop schiff.. Da bringt dem noob die paar prozente nachlade- / repairbonus oder was auch immer herzlich wenig
  6. Liq

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    Dunno, if it happened to me i would probably try to gather info as to "what the heck just happened" and try to do better next time I think leaks are at a good place atm.
  7. Liq

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    Gotta board em if you cant sink em
  8. Liq

    [Caribbean] the state of pvp

    So when fc barcelona is able to defeat a local towns club 25:0, is there also something wrong? Practise Rewards you, which is good IMO
  9. Liq

    [Caribbean] the state of pvp

    Patrol zones were first used by a lot of Players, noobs and vets Until the gank squads realised how easy it is to exploit the crappy RoE of 30 min open battles without restrictions. Set a bait battle and have the rest join in once the fish is trapped. I am sure with a more balanced RoE these patrol zones would be used again and become popular. Personally Im not playing atm because first of dont have as much time to spend and secondly cant be arsed to get screwed over by players joining half an hour into a battle over and over again.
  10. Liq

    [Caribbean] the state of pvp

    I cant understand all the fuss NA is a game that rewards you as you are getting better and more experienced. It teaches you to take the initiative and engage actively, and not to kite Spend more time "practising" and youll get better. Seems fine to me.
  11. A "story mode" in AAA games provides content for what, 50-75 hours? In an MMO the "real" content is interaction with other players, be it as PBs or ow PvP. So lets focus on making these more enjoyable - there are some good ideas ingame already but not with the right settings (e.g. patrol zones).
  12. The button "craft ship" should be press-able if all ressources and / or materials are in the warehouse, to instantly turn them into mats required and the ship aswell in one click. That way the ones liking doing every single click manually get their share, and others just interested in just the outcome (the ship) get theirs. But thats most likely not gonna happen now with the new crafting units system. We'll see what it brings.
  13. Liq

    Headless Parrot seeking New Contest help

    good effort ill throw in 100 pvp marks to the pool
  14. Liq

    Spain Land Jump