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  1. Liq

    Full Manual Rudder Control

    +1 And more hotkeys options
  2. Liq

    Retag griefing

    you should be untouchable after leaving a battle when noone joined it during the 3 minute jointimer you don't like teleport to port, but like "teleport" in OW to the exact battle pos.. ? don't provide revenge squads content. they're lazy.
  3. Liq

    Retag griefing

    For the reinforcment zone I understand your worryings, its supposed to be a more safer area now (thus battle is open 90 min with the ability to join anywhere) But for anywhere else on the map, if after 3 minutes noone joined, well noone was in range to help out, right? So why would you be welcomed by a dozen ships after an 1 hour battle outside in the open world? Should also be able to get away then. Players (outside the reinforcmentzone) themselves should be worried about having *enough* protection aka escorts with them.
  4. Liq

    Retag griefing

    Battles in reinforcment zone are open all the time for defenders. So no revenge fleet possible (or needed) there, especially when you can join anywhere in the battle with that huge join area possibility. However, anything that is outside of that zone should be you see what you get alias 2-3 min join timer. Solution is pretty simple... Increase invisibility time after leaving a battle to a reasonable amount. Currently it's not of any use if the *revenge squad* outside has any brains. Increase the "you cannot attack" timer (Can still get attacked!) after leaving a battle to a reasonable amount, something along the lines of 10-15 minutes. No ninja jumping out of battles to attack a lone trader prey That was also suggested like a year ago, but didnt see any comment on it (dev side) And I cannot really see a downside of it.
  5. another thing id like to see for the next patch gameplay wise is that once one side of a ship is down completely (0% HP left), sternraking should deal way more damage to the internal strucutre.
  6. So no need for pushing into the wind anymore, just go side by side and board at 10 knots if the speed difference isn't all too great? I thought the requin boarding plague couldn't get worse. lol
  7. so two frigates next to each other, one sailing 10 knots, the other 9.8, can board each other because the difference is only .2 knots? Or is there still a max. speed at which boarding is possible (formerly 3.5 knots)?
  8. Liq

    Little things you'd like to see

    Time of Chat is your local time Time of Port Battles / Server Time in general is GMT
  9. Liq

    Little things you'd like to see

    1 unique number per player in the battle, to make things more easy - Numbers from 1 to 50 Next to the Player's name in the playerboard when pressing tab On the Map either on the ship icon or next to it, whatever works better Next to the name of the player above the ship in the battle itself Allows for easier communication. So no more "I NEED HELP!!", but rather "17 here, Nr. 29 is showing us his weak side." Also less misunderstandings, aka English Speakers not being able to pronounce russian / french / ... names (or vice versa) and others picking up something different, going after someone else as a result
  10. Liq

    Desperat need of ships in the US

    as far as i know, cutters can join PvE Battles (battles that were started vs. an npc) Battles that were started vs. a basic cutter In this case, the herc. tagged a cutter, as you can see in the picture posted.
  11. Liq

    Storm weather in port battles?

    I can see this becoming very annoying very quick. And also see the "you only won because of storm" arguments.
  12. Liq

    Is the requin bad for the game?

    Where are these stats?
  13. I guess the poll results are quite telling. IMHO we need More Spots in the OW where people can willingly PvP each other (fixed RoE) A small 100% safe high sec. zone with lower production and rewards in general Make GEAR alias MODS matter less, so "risking a ship in a duel isn't worth it" because it cost 15 mill. isn't a thing anymore
  14. Liq

    Crafting gold ships

    I know the basic rules of probability calc, and my comment(s) here were not meant as complaints. Simply wanted to share my experiences and wanted to know if others had similar results.
  15. Liq

    Crafting gold ships

    result of 30 attempts.