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  1. reinforcement area, how to

    Once in battle you get the option to call in reinforcements Youll get s hyper ai 1st rate per enemy attacling you, no matter what ships he / they are in
  2. Please dont make the new upgrades pve rng only. Other than that good changes, capsizing on overextensive yard management seems.. interesting
  3. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    If you were going to chase him with lineships, of course thats not productive and no fun for any side, but instead you could bring a reasonable amount of ships and an appropriate size and have a nice battle with him / them. I used to be a brit for well over a year; when we had visitors at KPR, the first reaction was to aquire as many lineships as possible, just because "they were invading our waters" - Completely forgetting that they could have some great fun with them in a REAL battle. One case I remember, swedes came to visid said place, kpr, in 5th rates - same procedure, Bucentaures etc. were lining up quickly - Luckily I could tell them to not waste time on chasing, but to bring out something reasonable, frigates to fight them - At some point where our force was matching their side; I made the move to charge (and they luckily followed), cause otherwise they'd have waited til the ships filled the complete kpr harbor.
  4. So because side A abuses OW speed to get to battles they should never have gotten to, that means side B is justified to do it aswell because of it? It doesn't matter who did it first, fact is it needs go to and as for "only pvp where I win" Lol come on. It might be your thing to do, only engage in superior numbers, however there are quite a few out there that accept a challenge - I for myself have tagged outnumbered (1v2 1v3 etc) several times; sometimes I lost, sometimes I won - What matters most is that if we want to keep it real, only ships more or less in range (hence the 3 min join timer) should be able to get there. Weren't you one of the guys saying 3 min join timer was way too long, since you once were able to get to a battle you didn't even see, in a live oak bellona? Anyway I don't want to ruin this nice compilation thread of suggestions by rediii, so I'll stop here
  5. thats actually a good workaround for the revengefleet nonsense imho For whatever reason we went back to a way too short invisibiltiy time - could have just let it be 30 sec, but also increase the "you cannot attack" timer to a significant amount, as in 5 or more minutes
  6. Sorry for my lacking spanish knowledge, and google translator would probably only mess it up even more, so i'll just write my thoughts in English The ship had 38 guns loaded before it fired - so the main deck guns, the heavy ones, were most likely not loaded Moscalb was at a somewhat angled position, not point blank Moscalb said he had all the thickness upgrades (they need to be removed in my opinion) The spanish ship probably also shot with double ball - Double ball at that angle, not shooting the main calibre guns, against an 1st rate with such a thickness (probably 100+) WILL not do any damage Conclusion: Not a cheater, but thickness upgrades need to go
  7. Add Upgrade Full Thickness

    Thats most likely point blank at an 90° impact angle In reality you just need to angle yourself a little bit to greatly increase the actual thickness a ball needs to go through Thickness is a little over the top I agree.
  8. Server Down

    content patch coming or regular maintenance?