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  1. Lobby / Queueing System

    how do you know? In NAL's alpha testing stage, there was a duel option - I really enjoyed that one, fight after fight - 10 a day was the max you could do. Why not expand it to 2v2 3v3 4v4 etc. ?
  2. Lobby / Queueing System

    Now that Naval Action Legends is being put on hold, the game will now have to tolerate both "fractions" again - Those that just want a pure OW experience, and those aiming to get more or less even fights for an enjoyable time. A Lobby / Queueing system would be much welcomed IMO. Sum-up of some reason: Getting "good" pvp is a pain. Battles in Reinforcment zones stay open for 30 minutes - even IF you get tagged by them in their safe zone, they will still have 30 minutes to bring in reinforcments, which, obviously, is BS. Same goes for PvP events. There may be a BR-limit, but that pretty much also tells you HOW / in what fleet you got to PvP - no more lone frigate raiding. Say you get yourself a frigate duel in the zone, great. Now after 20 min, 10 4th rates join the enemy side. Good Game (?) Port battles? Meh - Got to grind up HORRIBLY boring hostility, and have the actual battle happening a day later - without guarantee that you will even get a fight, as ports are now useless and cost way too much. I simply miss the good old days where you could sail around in a medicore sized frigate, attack other frigates without having to worry about IMBA reinforcment 1st rates to spawn in, or have enemies join half an hour later. Pretty simple, set your settings, 1v1 2v2 3v3 etc., ships or BR limit, perhaps a wager, and you're good to go. Get a notification when someone takes your proposed battle settings, and you got a fight. Perhaps ship-loss and / or rewards can also be set in the options, as many now simply want a good fight and dont care about marks or whatever. To compare, AoE2's lobby system. (Pretty simple, but it works)
  3. capsizing doing hostility

  4. give the game a break for a while, play something else - things becoming boring after doing it for long enough is nothing unusual
  5. Best re-release in years....

    omg its even on steam <3
  6. why not also for solo players? MMO = Make your own content Sometimes you just play an hour or two after work, minding your own busines cooling down listening to music, shoot some stuff etc. now if two frigates meet in the zone - and they fight each other. Why would there be any space for a fleet of 1st rates to join half an hour later and completely ruin the experience? Best solution IMHO: When a battle instance gets created in the PvP zone, it's open regularly for the first 3 minutes, as any other battle is. No BR restrictions (That way you can't get "locked" out when you're not inside the tagging circle) After those 3 minutes, players can join sides until it has reached 1.5 times the BR of the other side. Ganking is lame and after a couple hours of doing it you'll get bored very quickly. A fleet of 10 SoLs should NOT be able to join a battle which has been going for 20 minutes on the side which is already outnumbering by far.
  7. Battles open for half an hour or longer without any BR restriction just don't work, I thought that has been tested and confirmed multiple times now in the two years early access stage, but owell.. I like the general idea of pvp events, bring players willing to pvp together, but as they are now, no restrictions, random reinforcments out of nowhere half an hour later and the fact that frigate battles are super rare now isn't quite my taste. Haven't played for a bit now and tbh not really missed it But maybe it's enough at some point, 5000 hours
  8. Nice players

    Keep telling me stories about double standards; what was that about leaking private convo on forums? Your signature, lol You're just salty we joined your guys battle (where u were outnumbering something along 1.6x BR wise), after we joined BR was in our favor about 1.25x BR
  9. Prussia? Smaller battles are more enjoyable IMHO, since you got more direct impact on the battle result.
  10. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    I have never really understood the "point" in trading - you buy (unnecessary) goods (which have no impact on the game / crafting at all) low at port A to sell high at B - so you get more gold Can someone point out to me where the "fun" factor is in doing that? And why would it need more attention?
  11. Patrol BR limit suggestions

    Agree, set BR limit is bad, they should much more be dynamic Make it so players can join a side until it has reached 1.5 times the BR of the other side. That way more players can also join the other side over time. But as it is right now, the events feel like PubG with the shrinking circle, except you dont have to hide and got the option to bring as much power and HP as possible --> no room for frigates, so sad.
  12. Notifications

    Had same issue check if "Someone quotes a comment or post I made" and "Someone mentions me in a post" is enabled here - Was disabled for me for whatever reason http://forum.game-labs.net/notifications/options/
  13. Game has gone back to "be as tanky as possible, live oak super thickness extra HP 1st rates" in PvP events in Reinforcement zone battles as those stay open for the whole time aswell Aswell as in port battles again it seems. Little to no room for frigate engagements in OW. sad.
  14. Im not getting any more notification when being quoted or tagged edit: nvm was disabled in settings for whatever reason