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  1. Liq

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    didn't know there was respawn / talking to each other through an external voice "program" / fleets of 1st rates in the caribbean / etc etc in the 1700 - 1800s. Also if we went full realism we'd probably all be in a trader, sailing the open world for days / months without seeing anything.
  2. Liq

    Flags Flags Flags

    Does that mean all flags will be in 1 Dlc for say, $15? IMHO it would be better to make smaller packs. Per nation or even 1 dlc per Flag, say $1 per Flag. And im voting for blue
  3. Liq

    BATTLE Instance total size?

    actually topspeed is 15.5 knots alias 28.706 kp/h and a battle instance can theoretically last for 105 minutes - 90 min + 15 min after "battle over". so that would result in 50.2355 km max range.
  4. Didnt they increase battle countdown already? Its a minute now i think? That is plenty, IMO. If you still cant load in in that time, might wanna consider either decreasing your graphics settings or upgrading your comp
  5. Liq

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    ^^ this is why a remarkably higher invis and speedboost is a must
  6. Liq

    pve server name

    Could probably do that with 5-6 well trained 1st rates (and captains), since ai are so predictable But i do think everyone should do what they prefer to do. PvE server has a right to exist.
  7. Liq

    Naval Action | Can not Play

    ? Just choose a server and hit select
  8. Liq

    Ship teleported in battle?

    Thanks Just another note: After rewatching it a couple times, I think it was in fact my ship that teleported and not the enemy. (Wave shapes before and after; the Snow was closer to me after the TP and still had a clear shot with his chasers)
  9. Liq

    Ship teleported in battle?

    Ok so I had that glitch / bug again and got it recorded this time. (Had a stream running in the backgorund, that's the noise) My ping was fine. @admin
  10. Liq

    Warehouse Thieves.

    Maybe rethink your officer management Game mechanics are pretty clear. Once an officer, unlimited access to the clan warehouse. Thus, IMO making every new player an officer after 30d kind of is doomed to result in occasions like this one
  11. Funny how there still is no such a chat channel after 2 years ^^
  12. Liq

    Crafters Need quality control

    Crafters should be able to customize their ships more, yes. e.g. trim it for a little more turnability, but also in return get less top speed or something. Everything should have a downside, even if it doesn't always make sense - just for gameplay purpose. I think they should just remove purple and gold quality. I don't like RNG, and when people are given the option to craft gold ships, they won't craft blue ones - because of human nature and people always want to have the best stuff possible. (Just like when we had qualities about a year ago - Seeing a ship that wasn't gold ("exceptional") was pretty unusual.)
  13. Liq

    Craft via Clan Warehouse

    i like, but don't think it's gonna happen.
  14. @admin What are the plans for the santa cecilia in the future? Such a beautiful ship, perhaps the best looking ship ingame. And it has been off screen for what, half a year? (there might be half a dozen still ingame, rotting in ports of players that just bought her for a Fortune to be able to say they own a cecilia - like a Jaguar or Lambo, lol.) Will it be.. Craftable? Premium? Available for marks? Events rewards only? ...