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  1. Mmhm games on sale -60%, hope that combined with new UI boosts playercount a little
  2. Maybe UI dlcs? As an addition to paint dlcs Not pay2win and gives devs some more money to work with. There are probably people who would spend quite a bit for a "rare" UI look, just like there are people buying golden iphones for a stupid amount of money. Not been online to test yet but the pictures look nice. Also glad we finally get the option to change the chars name
  3. Liq

    Safe zones and Newbies

    It has gotten too easy / tedious to achieve stuff. Combined with there not being leaderships in most nations. Bad mix. Because when a new player hits Rear Admiral he thinks hes done with the game. Whereas back in my day when I got to the max rank (was the 2nd brit to reach it on PvP 2), conquest / rvr was booming - not because the ports were needed but because both sides were enjoying it. Now it seems like most of the RvR vets, after 100s or 1000s of hours of doing the same over and over again got bored. Cant blame them, really. And new, capable nation leaders dont fall from the sky It seems like most vets now have shifted towards a more Privateery / OW PvP oriented game preference. This can be confusing to newer players - they dont have a clue about what happened in this games 2 years EA stage, rvr wise. Nobody tells them why there is no active conquest going on. I think fixing patrol zones to a reasonable RoE combined with making safezones safe again and advertising (after UI) could help; "growing" the playerbase ans attracting more RvR interested players maybe even capable of leading a nation. Fresh blood is needed
  4. Liq

    Gun Packages

    Tbh I dont see a problem as long as those type of dlc guns stay untradable / unsellable and dont have a bonus to regular guns
  5. Liq

    Hercules vs X (Experimental Testing)

    There is no more fleet practise ingame :x
  6. Open for the whole 90 min? That makes no sense. Should only be the case for battles against the nation "owning" the reinforcment zone (if even that)
  7. Still no patrol zone RoE fix.. Bleh good thing it's summer ✌️
  8. Liq

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    Fixed patrol zone RoE
  9. Liq

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    I dont think I have ever sailed a golden ship since quality was re added Blue does just fine, if its got an extra slot and / or gets an extra trim sure thats better but doesnt make me use the ships with more care
  10. Easiest fix: Make safezones 100% safe again, but also slightly reduce their size And Fix patrol zones RoE -> More PvP between players wanting to pvp Downside is that "protecting your shores" is eliminated because the game does it for you. One layer of RvR, solo hunting in hostile waters, erased - But I guess you cant have a cake and eat it too.
  11. Noob in super duper deluxe schiff gegen erfahrenen spieler mit 2000 spielstunden in einem shop schiff.. Da bringt dem noob die paar prozente nachlade- / repairbonus oder was auch immer herzlich wenig
  12. Liq

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    Dunno, if it happened to me i would probably try to gather info as to "what the heck just happened" and try to do better next time I think leaks are at a good place atm.
  13. Liq

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    Gotta board em if you cant sink em