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  1. Specs and Performance

    Msi gtx 1070, i7 6700k, 16gb ram, 2560×1440 windowed, about 110-150fps in OW and 60-110 in battle depending on the battle size
  2. Well not really, you could have camped the port in a smuggler trader because it was announced in public that there was going to be cartagena tar supply. And cartagena tar spawns in cartagena Why not take the port off them if you want it so badly?
  3. I cant see the issue? It was being announced in public that there would be supply provided to please the players crying for their cartagena tar stuff. So anyone could have sailed there with smuggler tag and buy it?
  4. Control of Port Battle Fleet Size

    And here its being suggested to adjust a game mechanic because after all its an alpha where testers are meant to suggest stuff ? I think it'd be great to have more variety in Port Battles. Nothing to do with carebear
  5. Control of Port Battle Fleet Size

    You are controlling the attackers on the same level when setting the max number of attackers possible to join to 25 or 15?
  6. Control of Port Battle Fleet Size

    Well its already limited to 25 even though sometimes there are 50 - 100 defending players outside the port? how does it make sense to not let them join aswell? because it wouldnt be fair at all.
  7. A video trailer will help

    The ones we have already cover a pretty decent range. We don't think so because we played the game hundeds / thousands of hours. Pokemon effect
  8. Spätestens nachdem du die Mission gestartest hast, hättest du realisieren müssen dass die 10 1st rates da ausserhalb des machbaren sind und abdrehen sollen. Aber scheint so als warst du nach *Das Spiel ist Scheisse* "Beweismaterial" aus
  9. If chosen for testing, will we be allowed to record/stream?
  10. Why "Naval Action Legends"?

    Fixed that for you
  11. Control of Port Battle Fleet Size

    Would be cool to allow a small clan holding a port to limit PB size to 10 players per side, and adjust the allowed ships range, e.g. reno to Frigate
  12. @everyone in here, thanks for the input. Good and valid points have been brought up. Overall I agree that there needs to be some sort of a safe zone to allow recovery; but then there also need to be reasons for players to leave their home waters. Personally, I liked the pvp event zones a lot. Or maybe those times are gone and the game is now in Full-RvR-Mode, with little to no room for solo / smaller group players. Let's see what Arena brings, hopefully soonTM.
  13. oh whops sorry. Could a mod possibly move the thread?
  14. Trying to get some player opinions regarding the current unconquerable reinforcment safezone. The current implemention fully fulfills its function by stopping ganks onto newbs and gives them a place to recover and level up, but at the same times also kills off most of the "good" PvP. This is not an official poll or anything, just trying to get some opinions.