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  1. Id rather have a 10 min queue without any bots in there than 1 minute with bots
  2. When in windowed mode after leaving a battle, the mouse gets shifted and is not actually where you are clicking at Can solve it by holding the Window bar and drag n dropping it to the same position again
  3. [NAL] Good Battles

    I cant see ram dinark in there :0
  4. [NAL] Good Battles

    good one
  5. holy sheit that looks like a full house now imagine everyone in frigates
  6. Neu oder Bug???

    Scheint den devs bekannt zu sein
  7. I'd suggest you go try it yourself first before calling others "snowflakes" ? Yesterday, there were 12 players in queue. All of them in 7th and 6th rates. I was one of them, in a Snow. However, I got mathced with only one other player in the enemy team; AI filled up the other slots. I also would very much welcome the option to get mached in Players v Players battles only.. Even if that means waiting for 10 - 15 minutes. Still no comparison to the time wasted in Open World sailing around seeing nothing.
  8. I dont see the reason for why when 12 players are queueing up, only 2 get matched in a battle (all in 7th and 6th rates). I do like the suggestion of taking over bots but not sure if thats possible. Also the option of choosing the battle size.. "duel anyone"
  9. Grossartige Neuigkeiten Kapitäne! Die Beta von Naval Action Legends ist nun für alle Spieler, die das Hauptspiel Naval Action besitzen, zugänglich. Wenn Ihr Naval Action auf Steam besitzt solltet Ihr Naval Action Legends ebenfalls gleich darunter in der Bibliothek sehen. Die Server sind bereits live. Entwicklungsplan Hauptpatch 1: Events und Gruppen-Herausforderungen Hauptpatch 2: Integrierung eines Tutorials Hauptpatch 3: Einführung von Premium-Inhalten Hotfixe werden jeweils wöchentlich vorgenommen. Viel Glück auf See Kapitäne!
  10. That made me lol Sad part is... its accurate and true
  11. XP/PvP-Marks-Farming

    They can probably only wipe the spanish account though... this proves again we need pvp rewards to be cosmetical stuff only
  12. Read it some time ago, beautiful work mr Doran Something similar maybe could be implemented ingame in a new tab in port, call it Manual, FAQ or "treatise on naval action" or whatever... Id imagine a manual kind of booklet where the most important things are listed and linked so a player can look it up there first. Maybe a bit more basic and not only battle oriented mechanics (e.g. ships listed with stats shown and explained, crew and rank explained, repairs, crafting a ship, buildings, ....)
  13. Reinforcement Zones PVP1/2

    Size is okay I think.. but up to flag captain rank, I agree. Let players try out a lineship without the fear of getting ganked on the maiden voyage.
  14. I have played about 10-12 games today and every time there were way more people in the queue than I got matched with in a battle.. sometimes 12 players in queue, and I get matched against 1 other player and rest ai... Cant we just allow matchmaking across all rates for now? Or maybe max 3 rates difference... It worked like that in Sea Trials right?
  15. had a battle on the map with 1 fort... enemy side captured it; fort opened fire on me (probably 42 pounders).. 2 volleys and I was gone lol.