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  1. Liq

    [AUCTION] Golden L'Ocean 5/5 Very Agile

    "Very Agile"
  2. Liq

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    meant funny in another context though Despite being 2 hercs vs 2 hercs + 2 Requins and a Hrattler. Funny in terms of us not losing that; got me in boarding at some point, but manged to disengage and give one requin the last salvo it needed to sink. tables turned after that, heh
  3. Liq


    So we have to give up another valuable perk slot, just to get a chance to disengage from these 337 crew, marine boarding modded Requins? No, thanks
  4. @Mustaparta @Blackjack Morgan I bet they would love to have a word on this too
  5. I only did it for a couple of nights and didnt keep track of it But I would usually end up with 1 bottle on each char. after 8 hours. Sometimes only 5 out of 7, sometimes I got two on one char.
  6. For a while I had 7 accounts afk fishing for bottles over night using a macro to keep them from being kicked for idling. But gpu and cpu being used to almost 100% capacity heated up my room too much so I stopped doing that lol. Is this they mean by sandbox and working ones ass off?
  7. It will also affect the other captains placement, a lot of room for griefing example, Captain A gets to fight Captain B in a duel match; he knows he will probably lose and does not want to give him (Captain B ) a decent kill time - AKA. he runs away to intentionally grief and worsen up his placements I don't really agree that a ship MUST be lost if lost, in case of a tournament. This is not Open World. Maybe a fee to enter the tournament instead. But if you think so, then disabling upgrades and limiting repairs will probably have to be added. My general opinion on upgrades is that the regular mods you don't need any super rare pve-drop books for, are fine (e.g. Northern carpenter, French rig, ...). However, the Elite Versions, especially when combined with the regular ones, really make the difference. A 5/5 ship with elite french rig and Kirimati masts, in a duel, versus one without these, basically has an easy free win.
  8. Liq

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Whats wrong with it? I guess he just joined because PB was gonna be won anyway; so he could secure a port lord protector thingy.
  9. How did you get to the conlcusion that this is a good idea? Ship loss, using own ships with perhaps insane modded ships (elite upgrades, gold ships, ...), and big prizes Will lead to a lot of kiting, to not lose that one deluxe ship. Duel with pre set ships, same mods and equipment --> Based on skill, no excuses possible ("You only won because of better upgrades / because you had poods / ...), no kiting, pure fighting.
  10. Liq

    Real-Life Sailors, Muster!

    I went canoeing once and flipped myself. does that count?
  11. Liq

    Near empty PvP Zones

    Because most have probably given up, as have I. The patrol zones with their current RoE are utter trash. Always ends up the same way. Once you find a decent battle, 20 min into it a massive side joins (the enemies or yours) and ruins the fun. Thread created on march 29, and not even an answer as to why its not gonna happen.
  12. Id like to test that, because I really dont think either ship can do much vs a decent herc captain You up for a test? You choose connie or lgv refit. Ill take the herc.
  13. Do you smell that The smelly smell That smells Like a ban?
  14. Liq

    We tried again but ... eh ... bye.

    But tagging on the shore so enemy join circle is on land is a feature. Some selective feature management.