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  1. I feel like wind changing with the ship in the 2nd tutorial will be too confusing and / or misleading for new players
  2. idk but back in my day (steam release), we didn't have safe zones, we didn't have fleet missions - sometimes kpr got raided, but that provided content, brought the nation together to fight them and as I see it, the way developpment is going is away from missions - Complete the exam and get your master and commander rank and a frigate; do the tutorials to learn basic manouvers, no more need for pointless hours of grinding ai
  3. As we know, the last tournament attempt was a failure - partly organizers fault (I guess not being strict enough on setting dates), partly the result of essential changes making it pointless to continue and having a comparable result (sailing profile changes), and partly simple not being able to get 8 (+1 ref.) online at the same time for 90 minutes to have a battle. I am still very sorry for all the teams that got let down, that actually did their battles and are now disappointed. The way it ended is perhaps the worst case scenario. Thus my conclusion is that organizing a 4v4 tournament across time zones is pretty tough - And that I personally won't try it again. Why not step it down a bit? Are you interested in a 1v1 / 2v2 tournament? And if so, what ship. CONTENT. If we get enough players and see if the most liked setting is 1v1 or 2v2, discussion about ships setup can continue.
  4. Frigate only patrol zone is good, RoE fix would be better
  5. IMO we shouldnt promote running from a winnable battle even more; but surrendering should have a benefit over getting sunk
  6. 100 days at sea, got one sealed bottle; droprate is a little low dont you think?
  7. Good reviews

    The conclusion of having a 2+ years early access alpha Lots of changes bring lots of negative reviews Example: No safezones at all: Big wave of casuals dropping a negative review; most likely won't come back Safe zones added: "Hunters" are mad and drop a negative review, likely won't come back (meanwhile old reviews complaining about capital camping are still up) Thus the huge amount of negative reviews has to be judged carefully. Game needs to settle its final rules and get to a release state, else the review stats will look even worse
  8. Any new ships in development right now?

    Christian VII (1767, Dano-Norwegian 90-gun ship) Montañés class (1794, Spanish 74-gun ship) Wreker class (1798, Dutch 80-gun ship) Téméraire class (1782, French 74-gun ship) Source:
  9. Event Zone RoE

    ? that's two different topics limited chain is good, proper event RoE is good
  10. Event Zone RoE

    battle started 1v1, few mins later turned into 1v3 - bit later some US arrived, but guess what Why make it 5v3 (still easy) when you can make it 7v1. lol so broken
  11. Tooltip on loading screens

    like this?
  12. spamming chain didnt have much to do with tactics either now you need to be careful when to use what cant we just test it first?
  13. Most of them; I had one case where a bunch of princes targeted and chained my belle poule - couldnt catch them. Now that should be partly solved with limited chain, so i like it. (patrol battles still need a RoE overhaul tho )