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  1. zum fertigen release wird (höchst wahrscheinlich) eh alles bis auf XP gewiped, sprich gelöscht. Aber bis dahin geht es noch eine gute Weile nehme ich an. Die redeemables solltest du vor dem 15. März einlösen, damit sie nicht gelöscht werden.
  2. PvP Rank

    If you see going hunting and looking for fights as grinding, you cant be helped IMO sure its nice to have some spare marks but if you pvp regularly youll quickly sit on many marks not knowing what to do with. Im at 340 marks atm (and I know others like darkjoker, moscalb or ram got many more) nothing to spend them on (except a navy hull refit every now and then) You grind the crew-rank to be able to command more crew; the pvp rank has no real meaning in terms of unlocking content, so you dont "grind" it. Its a side effect.
  3. That's how it should be if you were not in range of first main tag, simulates that you first have to get to the battle (and not use hyper OW speed and surround the enemy), IMO
  4. AFAIK the one massive join circle was removed so players couldnt join on the best possible location and surround enemies. Joining should only be possible where the iniital ship that tags / got tagged was in OW - thus the two circles, so noone can surround anyone by using OW speed advantage and sailing past the ship. Might end up similar with 3 join circles per side
  5. Unequal battles

    Pvp flag on pve server, sure Pvp flag on a pvp server in a mmo? Hell no Spread ressources needed for upgrades across some more ports, but in general, its not like "gear is not available for everyone" - it is, its an MMO PvP game, you want a ressource you go capture it or buy it It is an MMO afterall and I think upgrades like they are atm are in a decent spot. If you strongly disagree you might be more interested in NAL
  6. Unequal battles

    +1 Everyone starts from 0 experience at some point.. of course you lose in the beginning (no matter what upgrades or gear you got; thats not an "I WIN" button). But eventually you will get better (or just alt f4 because you dont want to learn, game is not for you then)
  7. Unequal battles

    Meh, players ran in sea trials / NA Legends where its completely free, because human nature doesnt want to lose and prefers running for its life
  8. Unequal battles

    I remember those times... but to me it always seemed more like kamikaze with focus of actually denying a fight (enemy PB fleet getting to the PB) by fighting a suicide mission... not really the most fun in my eyes..
  9. Unequal battles

    And here I am thinking people did PvP.. well.. for the PvP itself.. (?) Ive been a giant carebear in my first half year of playing.... Was not interested in PvP at all, just wanted to progress to the biggest ship as fast as possible, and that was fun for me at that time.. Obviously that gets boring after some time, that is where one packs his stuff and goes wandering to another nations capital. First few times I got sunk, but that got me thinking "I must be able to do better..." Blackjack, there were plenty of occasions where more experienced captains managed to sink several similar ships before Strucutre (and new repairs) were added - But I Agree, PvP rewards should be only Optical... (paints, pennants, more flags, idk)
  10. Unequal battles

    repair mods got nerfed severely
  11. Unequal battles

    Becaus there is nothing more to spend them on and gold is useless (when having spent hundreds or thousands of hours on the game) if paints were ingame (for marks), guess some of the rare and popular ones would sell for quite a few marks too... is it benefitial? nah not really.. But need to have it just becuase
  12. Unequal battles

    I think it's funny how many think that a few % extra (speed or HP or whatever) will make a player way better. doubt it. Give a medium skilled player the best possible ship (with all the crazy expensive mods) and let him fight vs someone more experienced using a cheap ship costing 500k - 1mil max. Guess the outcome
  13. Unequal battles

    Get ganked 10v1 regularly in OW = deal with it, shit happens Get ganked 10v1 by a revengefleet camping the exact battle positon in OW = bullshit (especially when they left a battle where they already had the upper hand just to be 100% positive to get a zerg kill) Scale safezone on rank - midshipman 125% of current safe zone, rear admiral 50% Transform "random trims" to crafting bonusses from indivdual regions, give players a reason to leafe safezone