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  1. Sea Archer

    Combat feedback

    I do not complain about being sunk, the other player has used his possibilities and deserves to sink me, I simply do not like the mechanics. When we want to have a somewhat historical game, only battle repairs should be possible, but not building up the whole ship twice. Battle repairs should be something like setting a few guns up and stop leaks for the hull and repairing some lines and sails for the rigging. Setting up a new mast can never done during a battle.
  2. Sea Archer

    Combat feedback

    I had batttle yesterday, me in a frigate another player in pirate frigate. It was quite fun, having a skilled opponent, but when it came towards the end, the other one had repaires about 3 times his ship, me only once, for lack of repair kits, finally the reason why I was sunk. I personally do not like this multiple repair option. I would like to see one repair for sails and one for hull during battle, if sufficient repait kits are in the hold. Many have cried for the one dura ships to make the game more "historical", but this repeated repair is less historical than several duras. A naval battle should be decided by the skill of the players not the repair kits they have abort. I don't see the fun in having to sink a ship twice for all the repair that is done during battle. I would even prefer to no repair option during battle than the current system.
  3. Sea Archer

    Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    Why is everybody so keen on sailing 74s? Ain't the frigates the vessels promising the interesting battles?
  4. Sea Archer

    Hotfix 1 for patch 10.1

    I still think demasting is too easy, even when it got harder. It should not be possible to demast a ship with a 100% undamaged hull or the hitboxes for the masts should be drastically reduced.
  5. Sea Archer

    Mega Patch 10.0

    After some time testing the new patch, I want to give you some feedback. 1. I like the cannon crafting and that guns must be purchased individually 2. At the moment I am not sure if shall like or dislike PvP, PvE and Conquest marks. They have some good sides (more incentives for action) and some bad (If you do not get enough Conquest marks in the beginning, the enemy, that has CMs, will simply kill you, since he can build the better ships). 3. I like the new repair mechanics, though I would limit the repair to half of the maximum damage, to simulate that sea repairs (especially in battle) cannot be as good as repairs done in port. 4. I like the system with looting sinking vessels. 5. I have to get used to having only one life for a ship. Of course this increases the thrill during battles, but on the other hand it decreases the the willingness of some captains to fight when they do not outnumber the enemy. 6. This game has become a dismasting game again. I heard storys of dismasting an Ingermanland with an Indy in two broadsides or a Niagara with one (the first one shot in the battle). I shot the mast of a traders brig away with a basic cutter with 6 pdrs. This is something I don't like. In my opinion, it should be necessary to damage the ship, before dismasting can take place. Historically the shrouds must be shot away to kill the mast. To simulate that, I would like to see dismasting taking place after reducing the structure of the ship by 1/3 or something like that. 7. There should be some incentive to build a regular cutter. Up to now, everybody can use the basic cutter for free, with free repairs and it is not worse than the regular one. So why should someone build a cutter? Please limit the basic cutter to 4pdr guns, so that only the regular one can carry 6pdrs. 8. Currently I have traders cutter, that cannot be armed. When I leave port, I am always asked if I really want to sail without guns. Please remove that for ships, that do not have the possibility to mount guns. 9. I like the new NPC fleets sailing around. They have a strength that gives a real chance to beat them. Some NPC ships still find a course through land, please have a look at them. 10. For my taste the battles are too short, the damage inflicted is too high. 11. I don't like it, that you have to sink capped NPC ships after battle. I would prefer ther option to sink them to get XP or to send them to Admiralty as a price to get money. I hope you can rebalance some features to improve the game.
  6. I will be away till Wednesday next week, too bad I cannot start right on Friday
  7. Sea Archer

    Naval Action - Magic moments

    My first magic moment was when I set sail for the first time in my tiny cutter and the ship moved with the waves, dived into them and came up again, it was like real sailing. A damn great moment. The second was when I switched to the surprise and the third when I attacked the first time with 18pdrs in a frigate, suddenly I was able to make big holes. And I still enjoy firering full broadsides
  8. The pirate mechanics sound promising, though I wouldn't go for a pirate republic. Anyone who wants a governmental order can join a nation. I would see the pirates as outlaws with secret ports, that are not shown on the map for nations. Only pirates will have them on the maps.
  9. This games developed in a direction where you have two strategies. If you are in the bigger, less agile vessel you have to take down the enemy's sail or you will be raked to death. If you are in the smaller ship you rake the bigger one, just have to stay clear of his broadsides. For me a naval battle should be mainly taking down the sides of the enemy's ship with few chances of demasting and stern raking. But both shall only be elements of the battle, not the main purpose.
  10. I still think that the relation between SoL and smaller ships must be rebalanced. It is too easy to take down the big ships with smaller, agiler vessels. There is a reason why frigates in historical battles stayed away from SoL fights. Even when for gameplay reasons not the full historical difference can be shown, it should be bigger then now.
  11. Sea Archer

    Scale, proportions and dimensions

    Great idea, though all ships are much too big in relation to the islands. There must be somewhere a compromise between realistic view and gameplay.
  12. Sea Archer

    Mix up Port Battles a bit more

    You could even make port battles for every ship class, 6th to 1st rate. That would be a good first step. 7th rate battles are not necessary.
  13. Sea Archer

    Mix up Port Battles a bit more

    I like the idea of adding water depth to the port battles, that should result in other strategies without forcing players to use certain ships. There won't even be a limit for certain ship types necessary, since you cannot sail them in that area. So a 1st rate might give some supporting far from the coast but without being able to fight in the hot zone. This would require maps of the ports, so that a proper planing of the required ships can be done.
  14. The difficulty is to neutralise the screeners. This you can only do with own screeners. You might need two or three waves of them, which makes it a question of numbers. That is an advantage for big nation, but in the end like real life.
  15. In addition to the 30s you have the 20s tagging timer and in 50s in total you can sail a good distance. I agree that you do not have much time for orientation after exiting a battle, but your enemy has the same problems. He doesn't even know when you will popp out. The surprise should be on your side.