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  1. Galt

    Fleet Ship Crews

    total of 1400 crew at RA = 650 Bellona, 2x 375 Indiamen. What is the issue here? There is plenty for you to run a line ship with two frigates to support you. You could even run 3 connies and be fine. I am not understanding your non-issue.
  2. Galt

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    Ships should have a build time associated with them. A countdown representing how long it actually took to build the ship (and you can only have one ship building at any given time. 5th rates and down construct instantly, or within the day, 4th rates take 24 hours, 3rd rates take 48 hours, 2nd rates take 96 hours, and a 1st rate takes 168. I think they are already plenty expensive to build but it couldn't hurt to increase it a little bit. Add a crafting timer and I bet you'll see fewer ships being sunk (especially lineships) and more ships being captured. I am thinking about how Eve online (a very successful "hardcore" space-ship game) approaches crafting. It takes 8 weeks IRL time to build a Titan (space 1st rate?) and while I think that is too long for something in Alpha, if this game starts to pick up after launch, I think it should be considered. I get that people like to sail ships of the lines, I do. I love my line ships, I feel like I am my best player in them. But increase the diversity of frigates and below and I think you'll see people are more willing to forgo their Bellona every time they sail in favor of a smaller ship. People sail lineships all the time because that's what the enemy is in. Start getting more people into frigates and you won't be as effective in a SoL because they just can't keep up. I think upping or removing the speedcap in battle is a good move forward. 3rd rates are the best all around ship, they still took several months IRL to build (if not longer.)
  3. Be sure to record this, or hell let us know a time and I'll take the day off to watch.
  4. Galt

    Quaker Guns

    No, and they should fix that. But this also plays into the previous conversation of giving some sort of gun load out information when you start the tag. It should be easy to make people think you are a heavy frigate even though you aren't.
  5. Galt

    Quaker Guns

    To be fair, if you lose those odds you deserve to lose everything. I wasn't bitter when I lost all my books and paints a few months ago. I sail with the captain that did it now and I don't expect anything back. He won it fair and square. Losing a battle honorably, especially in a trader, isn't something to be ashamed or scared of. Yeah it can suck having to recover (I took a couple months off the game and now I am back on the blue) but in the end that is part of the game's experience for traders. You are going to lose, but I prefer it not to be every time so I always run as heavy as possible. A LO/WO indy is no joke. Put some carta, basic hull, and pino masts and you're pretty much set for life. If the ship sinks, it sinks. You recover, move on, and go make more of that sweet, sweet gold. But I would definitely think twice about facing down three indiamen, with a captain I have experienced before and I know to be even a decent player. Even if the player is the only one using guns, the AI would appear to have guns with the dummies and I'd peace out. No use risking a valuable quin just for some PvP marks that I stand a better chance to get on a less lucky player. Hell, you can just load Quakers on your fleet ships to make it look like they are packing but don't have to worry about them keeping themselves tagged into the battle. TL,DR: Don't use it if you can't afford to lose it
  6. Galt

    Quaker Guns

    I think the worst thing about the Indiaman is the very distinctive stern carvings. If you could remove those, paint it black with a white stripe then I think people would really thing twice tagging you. I also really love the idea of the tag just displaying the rate and what gunload you can expect. I think these dummy guns can go a long way to deter people with that kind of vague information. Really rewards you for knowing the subtle differences between some ships. (I still mix up connies and trincs) I usually like to run a really heavy trader: LO/WO, large caliber guns all around and two fir/fir fully fit indiamen in fleet. They run sails while you tank it out. I lasted a really long time until @Le Raf Boom came along.
  7. Galt

    Quaker Guns

    or carry three, some other product to fill the difference in tonnage, and you'll know that if you are tagged they are aren't virtually guaranteed to lose the ship and the cargo.
  8. Galt

    Quaker Guns

    Reasonably, you are correct. but apparently there is an issue with traders not running guns and while I would feel comfortable in a quin taking on an indiaman, I know a few captains with much less confidence. Plus this is something that actual traders did making it more historically accurate and it doesn't really take anything away from the game.
  9. Galt

    Quaker Guns

    I think a good way to maybe help traders who seem so insistent on not carrying guns on their ships would be to add in Quaker guns. They would make the ship look like it was fully armed but it wouldn't take away nearly as much weight as normal guns. This would mean more traders would likely survive hunters (since they look to be properly armed (serious, why would you ever not have guns on your ship‽)) but they also would't have the (x) tons removed from their hold space so they can still carry full load. (Seriously, why is this an issue? The amount of cargo space you lose is negligible...) Plus this is just a historic things that a lot of traders carried at this time and it actually helped traders intimidate man o wars from engaging. Edit: Basically you could buy three kinds of dummy cannons to mimic longs, mediums, or carros, and load them into any gun slot on any ship. It would be up to the attacker to know what the actual possible gun load out for each kind of ship is to know if they are feasible of not. They wouldn't require any crew and they would only take up maybe a half ton or so (they are just big logs painted black). I don't feel that this should get in the way of any current content planned for upcoming patched, I also don't think this would take hardly any resources to implement. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quaker_gun https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Pulo_Aura https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bali_Strait_Incident
  10. Galt

    New faction.

    The rules nowadays, at least as far as I am concerned is; anything in the open world is permitted. I remember when alliances were a big deal and certain nations were off limits but now it seems like that rule only applies for ports (which is really a better way, I think.) we don't flip their ports, they don't flip ours, but if we see each other on the blue then it's fair game. (Not that I attack everyone I can, I still have people I won't touch but that's more a personal thing for other captains and not other nations.)
  11. Galt

    New faction.

    Sorry to hear that. I am not at all familiar with the European side of the server clans but I can recommend GB. It's good and central, from what I recall they have a large European playerbase, and they like to be at odd with everyone so there is plenty of content. Find yourself a good group of captains that you like and stick with them. I'd say that the game is definitely more aligned along clan lines that have national restrictions as opposed to entire nations that have an agenda.
  12. Galt

    New faction.

    1) As I understand it, we are working with the Dutch and the Spanish to fight the Swedes (because the actual French players have a hue vendetta so it guess that means content for us?) But I also make a point to run around some other ports just to keep interested. We have a presence in Hispaniola, which is good for hitting KPR. We are on the East cost of the US, we are active in the Gulf and then south of Bensalem, and FR isn't far from Hat and Christiansted so the French really are set up for content anywhere (which is why I am confused that No One wasn't finding content. He just wasn't looking for it (though I can understand how daunting it is too get across the map like that to build an outpost) 2) It depends on when your prime time is. I am CST and there are several clans that I am able to sail with that are almost exclusively English speaking and just about all of the captains are in North America. 3) See point 2.
  13. Galt

    Pirates should be Pirates!

    This is a perfect example of how good clan flags can/would be
  14. Galt

    Changing port abilities

    I feel like a "manufacturing port" is fundamentally the same as a "Naval base" in this case since most people do their crafting where their cwh. I think it would be better to have production and consumption ports be different options. Production ports are the ones you can build production buildings in, where you can buy goods to sell at consumption ports. I thin consumption ports can benefit from trade missions like in Elite: Dangerous where they have quotas to fill and will pay top dollar to whoever can fill them. These are the ports that generate money for the clans. And the Naval Base is where most of the crafting is done. It's the hub that clans can use to establish a real presence i the area. I think that the cost for a production port should be ~250,000 a day, they will make a little money from people buying goods there to ship to naval bases and consumption ports. Naval bases should be between 350,000 and 500,00 a day because you, ideally, would have a high number of players going in an out of here, crafting here, setting this as their fb. Then consumption ports would cost the 100,00 a day to balance them a bit but these would be the ports that clans can tax for the most profits. I really like the idea of forcing clans to capture a few ports in an area if they ever want to be able to effectively operate from the area. You need shipyard to replace what you lose and production ports to get the resources. Consumption ports, realistically, would be the ones of least strategic importance since they don't have the goods you would want to build ships but they are still mandatory unless you want to just hemorrhage gold.
  15. Galt

    Alias History

    Nice try Andrew Wilson, who let him in here?!