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  1. Galt

    Clan Warehouse Spreadsheet

    We needed this to be able to look, at a glance, and see what resources we have; rather than just scrolling through the list in game. I was able to monitor changes while not in game, map out resource needs for people to collect, determine if we had enough of "x" to provide x number of ships. It was just a much more efficient way of looking at the warehouse. I also have a partially completed resource that shows all the materials any ship needs that would utilize this spreadsheet to see what ships you could build with what you have in the CWH.
  2. Galt

    Clan Warehouse Spreadsheet

    I made this a year or so ago for when I was managing the logistics for a clan I was in at the time. If you like punishing yourself like I do, I figured I would blank it out and export it so everyone else can take advantage. I have not updated it to reflect resources that may have been added or removed since like November of last year. Use it or don't, better to have it and not need it than visa versa. Clan Warehouse Spreadsheet.xlsx
  3. What are your opinions about something like this for Pirates and clan emblems? Personalized jacks are something I'd really like to see.
  4. Galt

    Chain shot feedback

    My issue with chain isn't playing cautious at 700 meters away, it's trying to chase someone down and my chain not doing much damage meaning he gets out. I think the damage up close is appropriate buy maybe decrease the damage drop off in exchange for less accuracy?
  5. Galt

    A new approach to Portbattles, with troop ships involved

    maybe add a "Transport Refit" for people to carry marines and only enough sailors to work the sails. You wouldn't want too many guns to increase your speed. The sole purpose being to get close to the shallows, hitting a landing button, then your are pretty much done for the battle. You need x number of marines to storm the beaches and take the town while still making sure your fleet is big enough to hold off the enemy.
  6. Galt

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    From reading this feels just like ganking noobs but with extra steps. People keep trying to find ways of getting players out of the safe zones when it's usually the only thing keeping these people alive. I never had any issues hunting at KPR because player battles stay open for a while, there are a lot of players running around fighting AI, I can almost always find a mission or something to jump in. If people want to PvP with you, believe me they will be easy to find. But people who work mostly in the safe zone (in my case) do so to provide ships that are needed for PvP and RvR. Ships are expensive and I can't afford to always ONLY PvP every second of game to provide the rest of the community with content. I venture out to fight on my terms and when I do I usually don't have an issue finding one (win or lose.) I know most have you have played enough to know where to look for players to fight. If you just can't possibly wait another second without shooting at another person then feel free to set up in Nav and sail on down. Jump in some missions, get a group together and brits might just organize and come try to sink you. Or hell, just tell me where your shipyards are and I will make a point to come say hey.
  7. Galt

    Green on Green

    TheRedBaron has been trolling battles, bumping into green players (often attempting to take bowsprits) and pushing people into the wind. @admin I have some video evidence but I am waiting until I have conclusive proof before bringing it to Tribune
  8. Galt

    My suggestions regarding green zones

    or 1.5x the PvP marks and put chests in the PvP rewards store?
  9. Galt

    Event Zone RoE

    I think once that 1.5x BR limit is reached that the opposite side should open up until the BR is equal, than have it be open for both sides again until 1.5x BR is reached, rinse, repeat. This will keep both sides (BR) balanced and still allow players to join until both sides hit 25 or the battle ends.
  10. I commend this agenda, constantly turning the underdog into the king of the server. Always a challenge once you are finished, I might be in touch
  11. Galt

    hostility mission

    I liked the idea that someone had where every nation gets a port near PaP and that region of ports becomes an FFA RvR region (no port timers.) OW is always allowed, why not designate an area with the same rules for RvR.
  12. Galt

    [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    I also feel like the map is too big for the amount of players, especially with the number of empty ports that don't really serve a purpose other than VMs.
  13. Galt

    [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    I understand this may not be the most popular Idea but I am curious what the community would think about blending the PvE and PvP servers where you have a European theater for trading and missions and you can sail to the Caribbean (via portals (though I would just turn on Netflix, find my heading, and run a script to press the spacebar every 10 minutes)) for a PvP environment. That would allow traders like me to make long hauls that are highly lucrative moving goods from the old country to the colonies and back. But I would also base out of the Caribbean because that is where the PvP is. I am also a fan of ports that actually pay for resources (I am thinking of the events from Elite: Dangerous) where ports may be expanding infrastructure and need raw resources, experiencing food shortages, if we ever get pirate raids you can send in relief supplies, maybe allow big clans to set up server wide missions where it prompts captains to deliver goods at a high return instead of just having to hunt down contracts by going port to port. Just my $.02
  14. that sounds about right, with 12lb meds or longs and 6 pounders up front. a fair looking 5th rate. It looks like there are a large amount of square rigs so it should be a better brig.
  15. so Venice is confirmed? (Attacker's flag) https://www.google.com/search?q=nvenetian+flag&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS775US775&oq=nvenetian+flag&aqs=chrome..69i57.2710j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8