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  1. Galt

    Free Ports & PvP Zones

    no no, I am on your side here. He is saying that Free Ports should have r zones but there are plenty of open ports to use instead. I don't PvP zone too much because I feel like you have to have a group or you just lose your ship. OP should either use one of the other open ports or work with his nation to get a port nearby, if it's that important to him. Then again, I don't understand the rage when you are tagged in OW as opposed to the PvP zone. I feel that that already makes your life easier because you won't have fresh ships dropping on you 20 minutes in.
  2. Galt

    Free Ports & PvP Zones

    Good thing Nav is open
  3. I disagree, it will just become a bit more realistic. The richest super powers will be able to field the larger ships so they will most likely win, until we get to the point we are at now because the way economies of scale works. RvR will slow down for a bit because people are too afraid to fight in the best (for some reason.) Besides, they are not wiping any ships so people will still keep their lineships. Replacing them will just take time.
  4. Galt

    Suggestion for the next big update

    I'd like it all if all of my ships I have in port would appear. Just an easy way to tell, at a glance, what ships I have available before I start running through my windows.
  5. Galt

    Repair Balancing

    I could support this system just because I think it has worked really well with leaks. The lower percentage of sail you have, the further your repairs will go. Full stop = 150%, Battle = 100%, and Half Sails = 50%. (or something to that effect)
  6. Galt


    I think a fair trade would be to outfit the top deck of a ship with them as opposed to the normal gun outfit, but they would greatly increase your performance in boarding
  7. Galt

    Questions from potential buyer

    I absolutely prefer to do my PvE on the PvP server because the RvR battles you can only get on the PvP servers are incredible fun. Sailing in a team, against another team. It's fantastic and is, in my opinion, why a project like this has been made. The Devs prioritize PvP over PvE so you're more likely to find players to sail with, there is actual competition for resources, there are actual reasons to spend your resources to the benefit of other players in your nation, and even though you might not outright like PvP; sailing with players that are inherently better, because of the AI limitations as opposed to fighting other people, will make you a better captain. This game, and the PvP server more-so, is in need of all the players it can get. I have argued before that PvE has an important role to play in RvR agendas. We need people to move goods, to grind for marks/knowledge/upgrades/etc, to craft ships for the war effort, and so on. This is me trying to convince you start on the PvP server. I would pick the server with about 100 players at its worst to nearly 500 at its peak; as opposed to (what I think is) 40 or so players at its peak on the PvE server simply because I prefer to sail with other players and the content here is just better, imho. You can't transfer anything between the servers so if you do decide to switch later on you will have to start over. Anything you can do in the PvE server can be done on the PvP server, but at least here it will have a purpose that benefits the nation. There is no nation building on the PvE server. No capturing ports, nothing to really put your resources to work for you. Please let me know if you do come to the server, and you are a North American/evening player, I'd be happy to help you get established with whatever you need. And I know that you could get the same offer from just about any nation, but evening France is arguably the best RvR force on the server, at that time.
  8. Galt

    Questions from potential buyer

    Or come to the PvP and we can get you set up. It has a much higher population.
  9. Galt

    Open World Trading

    I can also confirm this is an issue. I will post a screenshot as soon if I see it again.
  10. Statistically the Pavel should be the harder ship, but realistically the Bellona is a bit more dangerous (imho) so this seems fair to me.
  11. Galt

    Naval Action Meme collection

    God wills you carry guns, who are you to defy his law?! (besides and idiot that hates having a ship)
  12. Galt

    Maybe some ships that might see the light of day?

    While I am always on board with adding new ships (The Couronne sounds especially interesting,) there are already a good number of diverse ships. The game is too far along to insist that Danes can only use Danish ships, Dutch- Dutch ships, etc. because of the already large proportion of English and French ships. On top of that, it can be hard to find correct information for some nations because the records of the ships just don't exist. The English, for instance, were exceptional when it came to record keeping of the ships and their parameters. To my knowledge, we just don't have a proportionate amount of schematics for the respective nations for this specific era.
  13. Galt

    pve server name

    There will, but there is no need to do it when I don't have to. European Salt is a hot commodity. Now I think it's important to clarify, for my sake, that PvE does have its uses. Should there be a dedicated server? No. I don't think there should. PvE, in my eyes, is an activity used to give PvP agency. I sink 1st rate fleets to farm for marks, loot, xp, etc. I do that so that I am able to be better prepared for PvP. The issue I have with the segregated server is it has no purpose. You reach max level and then what? I can kinda understand just wailing with friends and sinking whatever you can find. I get that it appeals to the casual player who just wants to log on and shoot at this for an hour. But in the current scope of the game, they are not the target player base. They are an inevitable side effect of making a cool game like this. The focus of this game has been captain against captain, nations at war, and that's what I mean to take advantage of. That's what I am here for.
  14. Galt

    pve server name

    It is the main server. The devs have stated that they have little desire to foster a PvE only environment. The fact that the PvE server exists is a courtesy but is not at all the priority of the game. PvP mechanics are what force the evolution of the game
  15. Galt

    pve server name

    I would ONLY accept being on the PvP server, I don't know that I ever eluded to the opposite (and if I did, that was not my intention.) I am saying that if they open up a second PvP server I would remain on the European server. I am not keen on starting all over again and I'm happy to set battles for the early hours of my weekend. While I feel like that's a garbage way to run a community game like this, you can bet your ass I'll be fighting against it. And when there isn't RvR, I will still be out there hunting at all hours.