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  1. very good news, coming from a global player. I like the return to old fashioned timers with a good catch. This adds a completely new level of strategy in regards to instant port timers so be sure to keep pb ships in your valuable ports. I for one won't be using that 1 time teleport just in case I need to move something immediately for an instant pb. I am glad to hear that there is a merge and it will be good to see some old faces.
  2. Join me and together we will rule this Middle Earth...
  3. 1 v 6 in Kingstown. Kingdom of Prussia vs. AI (Prussian victory) GG to AI clan, they had the numbers but just didn't play the objective well enough. This was the best photo I got of them all but basically they chased me all around the map while I took away their sails. I was in a Teak/Teak Wasa and they just couldn't keep up. All things considered it was actually a pretty fun time.
  4. Server Merge Poll

    Failure to contribute to a vote does not constitute a shortcoming on the other side. Even if this was just the Global population, it's clear that they are not happy with the state of things, all 182 of us. So it looks like there are two choices, either the servers merge and EU gets (let's just say) 182 new players, or the game loses those players. Also this thread has over 3k views, I am not sure if those are from specific users or if this site just keeps a tally on how many clicks the thread gets, but it's clear a much larger number of people have looked that this than actually participated. At this point that's just tacit consent.
  5. Server Merge Poll

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slippery_slope I'll just leave this here for you. It's my opinion that the server continues to lose numbers because of both the toxic nature of some of the players (which can't really be resolved without bans) and the already low numbers. PvP EU has always had more players so it is much easier to actually PvP. Global has always been the smaller server so you have to travel much further for the same ends. The game already lends itself to those with more down time in their lives as opposed to less. I'm not playing much because I work two jobs and go to school; I don't have time to fight hour long battles and sail 4 hours to where the fun is anymore. Game numbers were better when we had the port timers on all ports, that's what I would like to see again. But I believe that real;y the game just needs more players to be viable. (Not to mention the ping issues really only North and South Americans get on the EU server. I couldn't play it if I wanted to.)
  6. Server Merge Poll

    -Vote was dumb and no one cares -Merge the servers I get that right?
  7. Server Merge Poll

    I'd say this is good enough to win an American election, @admin. I'd like there to be a discussion for how to go about port timers but think it's fair to say that nearly 3/4ths (71.43%) of the game want a server merge, so take that for what you will. The people have voted, this is what we want. -John Galt
  8. Server Merge Poll

    You are able to host one shard across several servers so global latency is low and everyone can be on the same world. This is technology that exists.
  9. Server Merge Poll

    That's fair, I spent about 5 hours getting it all done the night before so I can understand if not everyone is able to do that. In respect to the time restrictions, I was actually a huge fan of the defenders setting the time for the battle that works for them making that attackers actually have to coordinate assaults. You can flip a port in the middle of the night but the battle time should be a window like we had with the flag system.
  10. Server Merge Poll

    This is to get an update on where the player base stands on a server merge in light of the newest patch. (on PvP Global) The Prussians have 5 players, the Russians: 2, and no one has gone Polish (as of 10/16.)
  11. Excellent point, I will be more diligent in the future. Thank you for pointing this out and I will be sure to include that from now on. Hadn't even crossed my mind because I have been playing so long that I just know who is who from the clans and the names.
  12. Jeremie pb, good fight all around. 21 pirates v 16 brits. British victory BLACK left once AIB got some more ships in so that the battle was more balanced. o7 to all you fine gentlemen. Brits joined to the East where most of the rats started but were in a much tighter formation allowing us to pick off one or two early on really giving us the advantage. Battle was fun and it was great to see such a turnout on both sides. Look forward to seeing you all in the future!
  13. I started with CKA right around when the Corrientes Incident happened, so I don't doubt that the U.S. was stomping the rats before but the issue between GB and the US was, to my understanding, completely isolated. It had nothing to do with you attacking the East coast because we were fighting the Americans in Mexico at the time. It was after that when you started grabbing up ports left and right so we made an agreement with the U.S. to fight you all together. Historically, the U.S. has not been an elite fighting force. I think everyone agrees that the only advantage BLACK has is skill, you are better fighters than most of us because you make it understood that you are not a causal clan from the get-go. CKA insists that players play as much as possible but there are only about 10 of us that are on everyday (including AGW.) We don't have a group chat with everyone's phone numbers (CKA is split between the U.S. and Canada) and a majority of our players don't talk outside the game. And that is certain one thing I respect the hell out of is your commitment to success. But I fail to see how, even though the U.S. and GB have been traditionally shit at working together, us at least trying to work together now will kill the game. There is a reason the Devs moved the spawn zone for GB to Belize and expanded the safezone for Charleston. It's because the rats, all rats, continue to camp our rookie areas so GB and the French did the same to you last season. You guys abandoned Mort, the only clan that came out to fight much was AIB (great group of guys.) BLACK pulled back to their home base in the secret islands so we headed up there. You moved to Bermuda. I think it fair to say that you all have established yourselves the antagonist through your actions so when you have a server that is trying to organize against you, I don't see how you can find that as a surprise. You bully the rest of the clans on the pirates to "either you help us or you are KOS." Anytime a nation pushes you, you set up on their front door (Savannah la Mar/Savannah, Georgia) and block them in sniping their new players so it's no hello kittying wonder why everyone goes to the pirates, because they are tired of being camped day and night. Sure it may not be BLACK specifically that is the one constantly running around the capitals (Willis, JDShots...) but there were other clans (HYDRA, BLOOD(BLACK2.0)) that were using the port you captured to. You try and play the underdog card but you are not underdogs. You continually win because you have a dedicated player base that is well drilled and knows what they are doing and you make a point to make sure everyone shows up for a battle. GB, at least, does not have that sort of coordination. We ask our players to be there but we understand this is a game and we treat it as such. But it's really hard to enjoy a game where you can only win when you have 3x as many players, and that has only happened once to my knowledge (PaP - start of season 2) and you guys lost your shit. It's hard for us to coordinate because it's clear you have a large network of alternate accounts you use to your advantage. Hardly anyone in CKA has them and if we do we expect them to only be used on the same nation and for crating/trading. That's why we seem so paranoid is because from our point of view, you play dirty. We choose to rise above, and if that means it makes our lives harder than so be it. I also feel it's hypocritical to insist you want "good fair fights" but make deals to keep nations divided (MARS was told not to defend Nassau, VCO is not allowed to attack La Navasse.) I'd bet good money it doesn't end there. Even when we had alliances with the Dutch and the U.S. we still lost. The claim that "A server united against a common enemy will kill the game" is backwards. A clan that posits itself as the server regulators and exacts "justice" as they see fit is backwards. The game continues to lose players, in my view, because 1) the devs have created a huge experience curve that takes an disproportionate amount of time to overcome, 2) Clans shut themselves off to new players because with the crazy amount of alts we know you have, how can we be sure they are real players. 3) The actual scope of the game is too large for such little content. Nice big empty open world. I agree that occupations are horrible for the game, which is why everyone on GB has agree not to move up the East coast. But we also understand that you are planning just that. Victory, it seems, is what matters to you. Not fairness in play. I like the analogy you draw comparing the Global server to Game of Thrones (A show I thoroughly enjoy) but in my eyes it's closer to something like the Lord of the Rings. The Elves (GB), dwindling and hidden. Man (U.S.) numerous but ineffective. Dwarves (Dutch) basically keep to themselves. You are Orcs; the unceasing evil that looks to conquer the world, as you have tried to do time and time again. I know some of the talk is "teach these asses a lesson and bring them down to their home regions." While I understand the ire (You are the way you are becuase you were one ported, why should we be expected not to feel the same way?) I, personally, feel that killing a nation just for the sake of revenge just as bad. What I want from this is an understanding. You keep to your North side of Cuba and Haiti and I will keep to my south. (Saving for some tasty PBs and OW sorties)
  14. I figured you guys would get a kick out of that lol