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  1. [SPAM]

  2. Swedish call to arms

    i can comment all i want all day long mate
  3. Swedish call to arms

    a battle/game/match is not very fun when the outcome is given beforehand.
  4. Swedish call to arms

    i dont play. but my previous post is how i read this entire thread; some nation lost a great battle. now the winners want more battle but there isnt any enemies... i wonder why? "please play so we can pwn you even more. you play for our sake."
  5. Swedish call to arms

    yes, your enemies need targets. go play so they can sink you. you are nothing but cannonfodders.

    i see nothing have changed xD c u in ½ year.
  7. Prussia,Russia,Poland Why?

    gameplay > realism
  8. Holdfast: Nations at War

    piddly, but i think the water looks amazing
  9. Love the setting. Love the title. Hope it will be as historical correct as possible. Looks pretty. Following this
  10. [SPAM]

  11. [PvE] Combat Missions

    Currently, we pick a 4th rate mission and get to fight a 5th rate. We pick a 3rd rate mission and get to fight a 2nd rate. I dont see the logic.
  12. [PvE] Combat Missions

    Mirror the players ship and make this the ship player meet in mission. Also copy the players AI fleet (if any) and player-fleet-members as well as their AI fleets (if any) ships. Then you devs wouldn't have to worry about balancing. Players would get to test their builds and see how they perform from outside. Players would always be sure what to encounter in combat missions. Since we can capture 5th rate NPC ships, this mirror thing should only be on mission post-5th rate.
  13. im fully aware of the rules of the tribunal. but this i have to say: i dont think this belong here. bickering is not a tribunal matter