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  1. springby

    Good reviews

    lets leave this here for a moment so we all can read it carefully and remember what has been said so many prophets. they all know when games "die". in reality they know jack shit.
  2. springby

    Good reviews

    why are you here?
  3. springby

    Reinforcements update

    they can do whatever they like, its their creation, their product and they dont have to listen to irrelevant useless whine like this. make your own game and do what you think is best with it. stop being a douche
  4. springby

    The Battle of Ecnomus

  5. springby


  6. springby

    Swedish call to arms

    i can comment all i want all day long mate
  7. springby

    Swedish call to arms

    a battle/game/match is not very fun when the outcome is given beforehand.
  8. springby

    Swedish call to arms

    i dont play. but my previous post is how i read this entire thread; some nation lost a great battle. now the winners want more battle but there isnt any enemies... i wonder why? "please play so we can pwn you even more. you play for our sake."
  9. springby

    Swedish call to arms

    yes, your enemies need targets. go play so they can sink you. you are nothing but cannonfodders.
  10. springby


    i see nothing have changed xD c u in ½ year.
  11. springby

    Prussia,Russia,Poland Why?

    gameplay > realism
  12. springby

    Holdfast: Nations at War

    piddly, but i think the water looks amazing
  13. Love the setting. Love the title. Hope it will be as historical correct as possible. Looks pretty. Following this