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  1. springby

    War and Peace

    I agree. Alliances formed should be announced officially or else it will all be a little bit too Paradise Hotelish for my taste
  2. springby

    [PvP EU] France-Spain / Declaration

    We dont carry ammunition either. Because its a video game. A videogame with a historical flavour
  3. springby

    [PvP EU] France-Spain / Declaration

    the entire setting and design is historical based lol take away the history and you are left with a spongecake with no flavour
  4. springby

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    I wish that wipes was announced the day before it happend. Reason is that many people become less active or take a break till after the wipe resulting in less content, again resulting in more players lose gameplay. Wipes is part of alphas and early access titles. Wipes should be expected. I dont see why it should be announced.
  5. springby

    GB political situation

  6. springby

    Proper ability to scuttle ship

    I also think that the surrender option could be tweaked to be more dynamic. Personally Ive always dreamt of having the option to sink my own ship
  7. springby

    Near empty PvP Zones

    I think this may also be due to timezone. I and many players I know enjoy the patrol zones, gank or be ganked
  8. springby

    Hoist the Colors!

    Im sure something like this is planned when ever the pirates (hopefully) get overhauled
  9. springby


  10. springby


    To elaborate: Once a player finally obtained the ship, player will fear for losing it, prolly resulting in it taking up a dock slot forever. If player like the ship, player will use it. Eventually the ship will be sunk and player will no longer be able to get a new.
  11. springby


    Is the Rattlesnake really only obtainable through exams? Why not make it available in the game?