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  1. Suricato Rojo

    PvP marks and the seals

    Remove PvP marks. Shouldn't be profitable for a 5000+ hours captain in a high end 5th rate sink a 20 hours captain in a brig. And now it is. Restore Name+Clan+Rank in OW and restore OW player chat so: a) 5000+ hours captains now if they are tagging a rookie. b) a rookie now if he is tagging a more or less equal player and not a high end one. c) A player of a nation which is allied with most clan of another nation can know if that "other nation player" he spots at sea is friendly or foe. d) Different nation players can coordinate themselveslfs together in OW without need of TS/Discord.
  2. Suricato Rojo

    4 de Julio

    También nos devolvió el favor cuando en la Guerra del Ifni EEUU veto que España pudiera utilizar ningún avión o armamento de fabricación estaestadounidense. Y fuimos a la guerra en plan vintage-retro-revival.
  3. Suricato Rojo

    4 de Julio

    Gálvez tenía ya preparada la invasión de las Bahamas y de Jamaica. Gibraltar estaba a punto de caer... y los franceses nos obligaron a firmar la paz. #putavida #coitusinterruptus
  4. Suricato Rojo

    Yearly/six month map wipe

    Best moments of NA are after a map&ships wipe.
  5. Suricato Rojo

    Flags Flags Flags

    @adminI will buy as I have already bought the Requin, Hercules, Shipyards... but please promise to hire more programmers.
  6. Suricato Rojo

    Le requin exploit.

    So do I. I did the "admin-exploit" and now I have 1 Requim in one port and 1 Requim in another port to which I tp it.
  7. Suricato Rojo

    To All Of Those Hunting Around Capital Ports

    1.- Remove PVP marks so is not profitable sinking a new player. 2.- Show again name, rank and clan in the OW info.
  8. Suricato Rojo

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    1. Names and Clan in OW 2. Fleet details in OW 3. Chat with other players in OW 4. +1500 players 5. Less special events that give prices to same people.
  9. Suricato Rojo

    The top 10 problems of NA, my view.

    - I would remove PVP marks. They make profitable sinking new and unexperienced players. Before PVP marks you just let them go. - Anonymous OW ships info. Its supposed to be a clan based game but u cant tell if that pirate o or french, etc belongs to a friendly o foe clan. - No OW chat between ships. Therefore no coordination with players of other nations. - PVP patrol zones. Remove players from OW. PVP in PVP patrol zones is not real PVP and generates PVP inflaction. - 1 dura ships. With old 5-3-2-1 duras players were more pronned to enter in battle. - Rare pvp-expensive Books & Upgrades. They give too much advantage to players that already have advantage because of their experience. - Special ships you give in tournaments that are only won by the same 10 players. - Too few outposts and ships slots. DLCs could solve this. - I miss the flag system. It could return in special events. It was really fun wondering from where to where the flag would go.
  10. Suricato Rojo

    nvm :)

    I dont understand the proof. Booth ships sail at 14.6knts despite what it shows below. In other words... the left ships which says it reaches 15.26knts never go over 14.6knts... just like the one on the right. EDIT: OK. It was a no-bug proof. Sorry.
  11. Suricato Rojo

    Holy Grail of Shipwrecks

    It actually was Britain who did that. Spain gave citizen rights quite fast to all natives who braced catholicism. Tell me any thing slightly similar to the Laws of Burgos (1512) done by the british or any other colonial empire: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laws_of_Burgos
  12. Suricato Rojo

    Dudas y temores de una recién llegada.

    Bueno... depende de lo que estés dispuesto a que te hundan. Hay jugadores que hunden 20 y les hunden 3 y hay jugadores que hunden 5 sin que les hundan. Yo soy mas de la segunda clase, y sí implica "tener un instinto de supervivencia excelente" que es la forma bonita de decir "ser un putillas".
  13. Suricato Rojo

    Dudas y temores de una recién llegada.

    Yo añadiría que jugar SOLO en el hámbito del PVP también es posible. Implica tener claros unos cuantos conceptos que van a maximizar las posibilidades de que seas el cazador y no la presa y tener unos barcos y libros muy concretos (especialmente los que dan velocidad). También implica mucha paciencia... porque lo mas difícil ahora mismo es encontrar presas. Te puedes tirar dias sin ver nada cazable.
  14. Suricato Rojo

    Breaking up Ships with Upgrades

    What happends if you take a ship with upgrades as a fleet an attack an IA, and let the ship be sunk... Does it have the chance to drop one of those upgrades?
  15. Suricato Rojo

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    Im a solo hunter with 5500+ hours and I can say both maps are wrong. Second one a bit less wrong than the first but wrong as well. Right now... there is only activity in capitals, in the free town near the patrol zone, and in a bunch of sanctuaries were some clans think is safe to do some missions and fleets and trading. For instance: If patrol zone is near aves... Tumbado is empty. Free Towns used to be trading hubs. Right now traders try to avoid Free town as much as posiible.