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  1. Slobodan

    Day One Victory: Cold Harbor!

    Wining complete battle can be done, but casualties sustained are too big imo and not worth it. Especially since following battles are also meat grinder and will drain even big man pool fast. On other hand, devs just released patch to make winning as CSA on first day even harder, so I'm not sure if that can be done anymore.
  2. Slobodan

    Day One Victory: Cold Harbor!

    As CSA I think it's a must to win on phase 1, too many casualties if you do complete battle (Union keep attacking all the time) Also won it doing similar strategy as described above , it''s hard but can be done.
  3. Slobodan

    Battle of Chickamauga

    Well, I'm playing my campaign on BG level, and I was able to win every single battle so far with preserving solid manpower in reserve. In last battle (Cold Harbor) I've fielded 72k troops (although depleting my reserves) and, since I won on first day, my manpower reserve will get filled again I guess. My point is that, with some careful planning, each battle can be won with acceptable losses (lesser than gained from victory)...at least on BG level.
  4. Slobodan

    UGCW Feedback v0.78+

    After playing Saunder's fields as CSA, I must say that there is noticeable improvement in 20pdr Parrots. Now, they have actual usage (with long range canister)
  5. Slobodan

    UGCW Feedback v0.78+

    Same question here...doesn't really make sense to re-do whole campaign this late if next patch will also require restart. I'll be continuing my current campaign anyway, bug is not that essential and I'm eager to checkout new battles
  6. Slobodan

    Renaming Brigades

    I usually mix State of origin and "nickname" For instance: Tennessee Tigers, Florida Vipers, South Carolina Lions, Texas Rangers, Virginia Emerald Greens, Kentucky Orphans etc. Of course, 1st brigade in 1st division of 1st Corps is always Stonewall Brigade And, as a rule, brigade gets named after reaching 2* level
  7. Slobodan

    Reputation Points - Spend Them or Hold Them?

    Actually, I think I was able to field one 2000 men strong brigade with Fayettevilles at Fredriksburg. pre-Gains I agree it's not realistic to have even smaller brigade equipped. My point is that you should start investing in them from start, and than you'll get enough of them once they are really essential.
  8. Slobodan

    Battle of Chickamauga

    Hm, if you don't take all objectives on 1st day you actually lose battle To defend at Jay's Mill and Brotherton Road: place your brigades in woods, on both side of roads where Yankees are coming. Place some artillery behind your infantry brigades. Always try to move your troops to flank enemy wherever opportunity arise. When reinforcements start to coming, use them (most of them anyway) to strengthen your week points. I also had several Calvary brigades (2 Mounted inf and 1 Melee Cav) as reinforcements, which I used to harass enemy with attacks from behind, destroy routing enemy and more crucially to capture some supply wagons (since there's no way you have enough supplies for whole day battle).
  9. Slobodan

    Reputation Points - Spend Them or Hold Them?

    I actually had 2 full 2000 men brigades armed with Fayettevilles at Chickamauga (with ~500 more guns in reserve). I used reputation points to buy every single Fayeetteville I could and also bought all available in armory (they replenish after each major battle). Worth of note is that on Brandy station you also get Fayettevilles from your 2 inf brigades, so it's also a kind of free replenishment Imo they are great guns, my 2 3* brigades mentioned (along with 3rd 3* brigade armed with 1861 Spencers) really won me a battle of Chickamauga...so I would say Fayettvilles are a must for CSA player.
  10. Slobodan

    Battle of Chickamauga

    I broke Union front at Viniard Field using my best brigades, than they push north flanking Union troops. Try using this approach (I had similar army as you and lost only 16k to Union 41k)
  11. Slobodan

    Antietam -- Need Help

    Which level you are playing on ? There are some useful tips in forum. My favorite strategy is to defend in woods around Dunkerk church as long as possible and detach some troops from Sunken road and Sharpsburg to defend at stone bridge. That should work.
  12. Slobodan

    Reputation Points - Spend Them or Hold Them?

    I play as CSA on brig level, and I used my reputation points solely on buying weapons (rifles and 24 pdrs). In my campaign I kept my army very small up untill Antientam, which allowed me to build healthy pool of reserves (some 22k before Chickamauga). I think investing in Politics (career points) early on is a must really.
  13. Slobodan

    Battle of Chickamauga

    As a Confederates, I always finish it on 2nd day (probably the reason I haven't seen all of my troops from reinforcing corps come to think about it )
  14. Will do it next time but one battle comes to mind immediately: Chickamauga 1st day: lost the battle even that my last VP (the one furtherst down of map) was only had 2 min to finish being contested (talk about bummer )