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  1. End of the server

    You nailed it. The issue with most clans/guilds in NA (global/pvp2) is that they usually have one or two "pushers". Leaders who keep people interested and motivated and have time to spare. Black has 8-12 guys who push (which is a testament to the clan). One of the reasons I didn't play this season after 2 weeks is because it was just gonna be deja Vu of last summer/fall with even more time sink. There was none hardly willing to even challenge. Where are the huge GB/US clans from March of last year that were north american based? After the Exodus to pvp1 they were never heard from again.
  2. The OP was Yar Matey and koltes posted in it but I thought he had his own thread with more details. *Edit* Read alittle farther with another link http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/18908-poll-reformation-of-servers-hardcore-pvp-test-server/
  3. I know koltes had written up a hardcore rule set around 3-6 months ago which we were hoping they'd implement on pvp2. Admin had showed some interest since I think it was closer to what he had envisioned.
  4. No one's been asking for pirate mechanics more then the pirates since early '16. Sadly I have my doubts whether any will be developed. A possibility would be to remove the player base from pirates and just make them aggressive ai on the open world. Keep USA - Brits - Spain - France as nations.
  5. Been saying it for months - devs said it was going to be their focus. Haven't seen ANYTHING to address it. Seen plenty that'll only make the problem worse. This is also Slamz que to berate these people for not having enough gumption or something. Which I guess includes about 99% of the people who've purchased the game.
  6. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    About 8-10 of us. And we all ended up in Black. Only one of us is playing atm and he was playing French. All old USS clan. After the one porting we went rat. We started SSU then folded into Black. That was March/April of '16. PvP 2 was still relatively decent at that time before the mass exodus caused by merger rumors.
  7. Letter from a Filthy Casual

    Pretty much spot on. The only difference is I am in the largest pirate clan on global. I played for 2 weeks after the wipe and decided to let them develop the changes more. I got the razee outfitted with 42lb carros and I stopped. I had my money maker. No point in burning myself out. New people I feel sorry for. I especially agree with your comments on the flag mechanic. O.W. PVP took a huge hit after the removal.
  8. The Frustrations of a Future College Student

    I guess I wish they would have stuck to what they had planned. Late last year they identified the games biggest problem (player retention - especially early game). This was going to be their main focus with streaming lvling and other tweaks. They've made it worse. Even if I personally like some of the changes they are not good for new players. And it seems from the regular forum rabble the consensus is, " who gives a shit" and "it's a niche game". As if that's an excuse.
  9. I'm done

    Wow - on pvp2 I ranked up mostly on pvp. But I seem to remember pvp having higher rewards then pve. I maybe wrong.
  10. I'm done

    That's just, like, your opinion man. If they had a good mix between Jan '16 and now I'd be playing. The elimination of flags for hostility took a huge chunk of ow pvp away. Enormous. If I look back and see where I pretty much cut way back on playtime it was with the introduction of the hostility mechanic. I don't know - maybe current people playing the game like the rvr mechanics - I personally despise it and I was primarily a rvr player.
  11. It's a sound idea just alittle complicated. Honestly I miss the flag system. Simple and fun. Was in need of some tweaking but was a source of rvr and probably biggest in terms of O.W. pvp.
  12. I AM BORED: Why I am thinking of quitting Naval Action

    I kept trying to say this since day two of the new big patch. No one is interested. What you have left for a player base is mostly jaded.
  13. Your not going to get any sympathy on the forums for "new players". No one's interested in what their experience will be.
  14. A nightmare for casuals

    Why should new players depend on the capital of those that came before? As far as expertise (as far as making cash) it's now the same as it's ever been. Soloing fleet missions. A few hot fixes ago they nearly doubled the weight of trade goods which was the opposite of what they should have done (double production). One of the biggest issues with this game is the zero regard for a person's time. With the trade good weight change they just doubled the time or exposure a person had to deal with. Again, devs have stated - not very long ago mind you - that the vast majority of people didn't make it to the brig. Now how the hell am I to go to former players and say, " hey guys come back" when the time staring at the screen has doubled. The other thing is people thinking the former economy was shit. It wasn't shit till a few things happened. The first was the ability to use an alt with your buddy's to pull in reinforcements at a port to farm. Made a few millionaires myself included. The next was compass wood which was allowed to run for months. The removal of flags made the main money sink vanish. And finally fine woods which at that point the camel's back was already broke.
  15. Make the game forward not backward FFS !

    It takes time no doubt. Since patch I've been doing groundwork and now I'm getting the benefits. I really haven't even bothered with pvp yet - to much to do (fortunately? unfortunately?)