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  1. You go French or Prussian after the merge? I think Fap went French. What nation is Black? I haven't even jumped into the discord lately.
  2. Ahhh, the good old days. I was one of the USS/SSU guys. Latron might log in once in awhile now. Snackbar I think does too. Most of curse/dc rolled into Black as did SSU eventually.
  3. Ser_Slack

    Port Wipe

    I seen you picked up kingdom come deliverance...surprised you have time for anything else. I'm enjoying training up my bohunk.
  4. Ser_Slack

    Why did players leave?

    I have the wrong game then. The amount of time investment required to be successful in a rvr clan isn't worth pissing away. One of the reasons the population has taken a nosedive.
  5. Ser_Slack

    Why did players leave?

    Why invest more time when it's just going to get wiped? I haven't played seriously in quite awhile. From the look of the clans discord they haven't been either.
  6. Ser_Slack

    Towing Ships

    Sounds like an exploit. Which was the point.
  7. Ser_Slack

    Towing Ships

    Why stop with repairs? How about those Carros and long cannons.
  8. Ser_Slack

    Towing Ships

    Yes, they should have made it opposite. I was extremely surprised to see that towing was instant. Some decisions dont make sense. I'd love to see deliveries from free towns return too.
  9. Ser_Slack

    Towing Ships

    I agree - game is still a rediculous time sink. I wasn't surprised they chose to do it this way.
  10. Ser_Slack

    Nerf the Wasa (Poll)

    Ya - pretty much. I just started playing again and Wasa is the answer to everything but lineship port battles. Boring as far as ship flavor is considered.
  11. Ser_Slack

    Nerf the Wasa (Poll)

    It's rediculous. No one is even bothering to build anything else. It's shouldn't be the best 4th at everything.
  12. Ser_Slack

    VCO Takes the Black!

    Sandor not Gregor. And Sandor isn't knighted.
  13. Ser_Slack

    End of the server

    You nailed it. The issue with most clans/guilds in NA (global/pvp2) is that they usually have one or two "pushers". Leaders who keep people interested and motivated and have time to spare. Black has 8-12 guys who push (which is a testament to the clan). One of the reasons I didn't play this season after 2 weeks is because it was just gonna be deja Vu of last summer/fall with even more time sink. There was none hardly willing to even challenge. Where are the huge GB/US clans from March of last year that were north american based? After the Exodus to pvp1 they were never heard from again.
  14. The OP was Yar Matey and koltes posted in it but I thought he had his own thread with more details. *Edit* Read alittle farther with another link http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/18908-poll-reformation-of-servers-hardcore-pvp-test-server/
  15. I know koltes had written up a hardcore rule set around 3-6 months ago which we were hoping they'd implement on pvp2. Admin had showed some interest since I think it was closer to what he had envisioned.