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  1. [TSD] The Sea Dogs - Pirates

    Thx for unlocking. We may consider back in near future.
  2. [TSD] The Sea Dogs - Pirates

    Recriutment stops until further notice. Game looks dead - we may back some day. Lock topic please.
  3. [TSD] The Sea Dogs - Pirates

    No pets allowed We recruit!
  4. Looking for Pirate Clan

    Just spread a word: new crew The Sea Dogs recruit now on EU server. Visit our website for more info: https://www.theseadogs.eu/ We hope developers will make promised "pirate mechanic" so we all can have more fun in game and many folks will back. However i just made clan now and we recruit anyway. We prefer invite players with any Naval Action experience but there is a place for new ones since we want to be known as a clan with good reputation. We don`t want attack other pirates in outlaw instances until they don`t attack us.
  5. [TSD] The Sea Dogs - Pirates

    Thank you captain. Fair winds to you!
  6. The Sea Dogs Join us today We are multinational clan from many countries We looking currently for experienced players in Naval Action who want join our crew. The Sea Dogs are recruiting men and women who are willing to join a dastardly crew of pirates to earn some coin, glory and place amongst free people. Do you have enough navy duties and orders from your principals ? Join us today on: https://www.theseadogs.eu
  7. Pirates & Lineships after Wipe

    Can be easy exploited by alts being boarded...same with ships. Only more time consuming but no real limit. Totally disappointed
  8. Kurcze chwalic sie gankiem 5 na 1...co za ludzie?
  9. Czego sie tak wstydzisz kolego? chcialbys urodzic sie niemcem albo rumunem? bo nie rozumiem do czego pijesz...wyrazilem swoje zdanie a ty od razu sie czepiasz.
  10. Witam Poczytalem troche dzis forum i z checia bym dolaczyl do jakiegos klanu
  11. Witam Niedawno nabylem Naval Action i zaczynam przygode na wodach Karaibow ! Hej przygodo