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  1. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    I dont claim to know this, i just read what people say, i have tools to calculate speeds, i looks whats likely. It became definitely pretty hard to reach speedcap for many vessels without upgrades and specific books. I think liq said hes not using speedcapped ships anymore. You just told me that most wasas arent speedcapped. Slim just said this. Im using simple logic, therefore it should be pretty simple to point out flaws. And im not the one going defense claiming to know what youre arguing for.
  2. Making gold, Missions V Trading

    I referred to everyone defending current rewards. You did, or did i misinterpret?! You also proposed later to reward trading with mods. Is this really important? :s
  3. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    You probably dont get my point and im not willing to continue discussion once again about obvious nonesense. Its disgusting that players even defend stuff like this. Im not saying that it was much better before, and just removing speedcap alone wont fix the gank meta. Defensive tagging is there since i can think for example, the same level of nonesense. "The difference is with the caps, more ships are viable now and the previously overpowered ones are in line with everything else." - I explained why this has nothing to do with variety, this is not a valid answer. Ofcourse speed is currently controlling the fight, thats why im trying to tell you how this can be changed. Think out of your box. And im not talking about slow heavy ships. How efficient you can take down sails on distance is also just a variable, you dont win the fight this way, and i can do the same with your sails. I could just sit there, turn my sails 90° and wait for you, because you are the aggressor. Fixing defensive tagging also means that ships spawn closer to each other. Control instead of tagging means you cant sail on max distance and use heel to shoot me while i cant shoot you. Sailing profiles just became messed up with all ships speedcapped. The surprise with 12.3 base speed is not a very fast ship, but it has a superior sailing profile. Speedcap takes away the downwind disadvantage, ships with good upwind profiles became OP. The surprise can escape everything upwind, and nothing can catch anything downwind, thats what speedcap brings. As i told you, the reason its much better again is that many ships arent speedcapped anymore since they nerved upgrades and raised the cap. Ships not able to reach speedcap equals removing speedcap.
  4. Making gold, Missions V Trading

    You do realise that economy is dead already, because people earn 10+ times more money/value than they sink?! Rewards and money sinks have to be balanced no matter if we like it or not. Nobody is going to be attracted by meaningless NPC trading seperated from actual economy, no matter how you push the rewards. Sure you can include "trade marks" lets say to buy mods and books and people would start trading. But forcing players into dumb gameplay would make it even worse. The fun part of trading is not carrying goods from A to B for good rewards, but to interact with the market based on supply and demand. Attracting people that enjoy economic gameplay would bring much life to NA. Realise how many people play games like eve for this reason. And we saw purely economic focussed players already in the early NA, while this is effecting any average player expecting slightly more than pretty ships and combat, currently unlikely to start NA.
  5. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    EvE graph seems wrong. http://eve-offline.net/?server=tranquility
  6. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    No, people used Surprises for month. Whats the point then to use Indef or trinc over Connie, or Frigate over Pirate Frigate?! Maybe they buffed those ships, equaling out turnrate in addition?! Reno is a worse ship even in teak compared with a fir surprise. Why dont just give all ships same base speed for maximum "variety"?! Thats nonesense, so is speedcap. Its not variety if all those "different" ships are speedcapped, build in the same way and have similar specs. How much decisionmaking is involved here?! Speed grants some control in OW and battle besides beeing a combat stat and is always going to be important, but it must never control the fight. And thats exactly what speedcap does, pushing the value of speed to extremes. We should do the opposite and try to reduce the meaning of speed. If you cant fully repair inside a battle, speed wont lets you escape when you messed up. If slower ships can intercept you, speed looses value. If smaller ships are by default faster than larger ships, speed looses meaning. Speed is not that great anymore once youre in an actual fight. Since your fastest connie is going to be catched by fast smaller vessels and outruns all other 4th rates nevertheless, there is no need anymore to go for max speed. Then balancing is possible. Variety is achieved when people start to make decisions how much speed they need at cost of manouverability or firepower. Brainlessly maxing out speed has nothing to do with this. 63 wood combinations, dozens of upgrades and skills. Assume those would be balanced, do you realise that it makes 99% of this redundant?! I can just point out the obvious again. OW PvP is not working when ships are all the same speed and enemies have to agree to fight each other.
  7. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    It was a pure surprise meta after the cap... I dont know the current situation, but thats hard to believe reading about speedcapped Wasas. If something improved then because they nerved speed boni and increased the speedcap -> made the speedcap less important.
  8. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    Please dont start this disussion again. Equaling out conditions has absolutely nothing to do with variety. Variety is a result of balanced options. Speedcap simply reduces these options?! Balance ships, frames and planks if you want more variety. And reduce the OPness of speed, in the first place by removing this magical cap granting sanctity, messing up all general ship balancing. Youre not only lacking an explanation how exactly this should lead to more variety, reality proved that its not working.
  9. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    How do they know they are. If they are its still a risk that they dont have to take. Well, balance frames and planks?!^^ Most importantly nerv escaping: Remove speedcap. Remove defensive tagging. Restrict repairs. Allow ships to intercept an close enemy. Nerv 100% accurate chasers. Control as a default mechanic. It should be obvious that open world PvP cannot work when ships are not able to force each other into battle. Besides that this all is simple, logical and fair. Its neglectable how battles are fought, its important that they are fought.
  10. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    On paper its a fair fight, but if these ships are fir they are exponentially weaker than any teak ship. Fir is heavily imbalanced, its not a fair payoff of hullstrenght for speed even if you define speed as extremely valuable. Such ships are made for escaping, what game mechanics allow and support. Thats ganking. Reducing rewards isnt fixing any of those issues...
  11. Numbers rising again

    You cant just reduce it to PvP vs PvE. Eve hired experts for economics. In eve it takes years to max out a character, and weeks to build a single large ship. Eve offers depth and complexity. If eve would have asked players how fast they want progress to be, it most likely wouldnt be nearly as successful. Designing a thoughtful game is working, thats what eve should teach us. Take the early WoW when it wasnt focussed on end game content. Lvl 60 took month, many players never reached it. In NA 90% players are max rank while there is no motivating end game. Thats simply bad game design. Comparing very basic mechanics of NA with those of such successful games is a joke. NA is a bad sandbox game for several reasons and PvE content would not change that. Eve has lots of PvE content, but it also has working PvP mechanics and a complex economy motivating all kind of gameplay. As long as NA offers none of these PvE content should be least important.
  12. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    When there is a 3v1 situation, no admiralty would tell you to engage one by one or to ignore the target because the fight is not fair. This doesnt mean that you should run from a 3v4.
  13. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    Gold is also given to you by the admiralty... Yes it makes sense for a reputation system, but PvP marks dont represent that. Usually you cant sell your reputation for millions and its gone then, its a reward. In terms of rewards the admiralty would never promote high risk, but to keep losses as low as possible.
  14. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    Why not just fix the cause of the problem instead?! Unfair battles are no problem at all. Its a viable tactic to outnumber an enemy and wouldnt effect youre rewards, its not plausible that youre nation pomotes maximum risk. When PvP marks are a problem this should be addressed. When people surrender/give you their ship to deny PvP marks, something seems to be seriously broken. For a proper reputation system it might actually make sense to reward heroism, but not for current marks that directly can be converted into gold.