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  1. Fargo

    Unequal battles

    Many seem to miss an important point. Sure fear of loss can restrict PvP. But reducing it below a certain point wont promote more PvP. When nothing promotes PvP and you reduce fear of loss to 0, still nothing promotes PvP. You should really stop trying to just "increase PvP" by all means. The whole game balancing got messed up already. Unnecessary restrictions and weird stuff got added making it worse. This huge OW is not going to work as a brainless PvP arena. To make people risk something you need to give them objectives/meaningful gameplay/immersion. Marks/pure battle rewards alone just promote the fast and easy kill. Inform yourself what a motivating progression system means for an MMO. Since you can farm and trade labour even craft XP became redundant. Without objectives, that cant always be there, its just sensible to run from stronger forces. Its nothing wrong with that, mechanics that change this would be weird and stupid. The problem is that it turns into ganking when you allow players to always get away. To pick and choose only the favourable fights = to avoid everything else. Thats what makes ganking a serious problem. Unequal battles dont have anything to do with it. They made this a gank fiesta. By buffing repairs and stern chasers. With speedcap making ships uncatchable. By not doing anything against defensive tagging. At the same time they made anything that could be worth fighting for redundant. They gave people imbalanced ships that cant be used for anything but ganking, making people run even from favourable fights. Mission hopping from behind the horizon. You couldnt really do better to encourage gank tactics. By refusing to fix any cause of the problem, trying to fight the symptoms with weird mechanics instead, it becomes worse and worse. Atleast (after month) speedcap and repairs got nerved a bit. Ill-concieved changes to help the lone guy achieved the exact opposite... It should be obvious that everything you buff effects everyone, not just the lone guy. It should be obvious that the more powerful repairs become, the more youre favouring groups that can make use of more repairs more efficiently. Similar with "buffing skill". When a skilled guy beats 10 noobs its harder to gank him, but thats only one side of the coin. This also means that ganking becomes easier for the skilled player. When you beat 10 newbies at the same time without problems while youre running from every lone high rank that might be skilled aswell, thats also ganking. Buff skill while people can still pick and choose their prey, and medium skilled players probably just run from even more fights while newbies get beaten up even harder. Btw. logically you can buff skill only by making combat more difficult. We know that devs dont want that. So how do they expect this to work?! Besides that plausibility goes out of the window when its possible to beat 10 similar ships alone. You cant just buff stern raking... win conditions need to be balanced. Ships would need to become glass cannons that are really hard to handle. Also gear wouldnt matter at all -> PvP marks loose value -> shooting yourself in the foot.
  2. Fargo

    Impact Tagging

    You can spawn ships at the distance you want. For example at 700m barely inside control range. I dont get your points why it shoudnt be possible. When a ship appears infront of you and he has the wind, then thats how it is. Why should you magically get behind him?! You can manouver as much as you want, when you get within effective cannon range combat starts as it would in reality. Battles arent fought at 700m, there is plenty of room to manouver. You can also increase control + spawn range for more room, at cost of longer lasting chases. Engine limitations?! We only change the condition for the instance to open.
  3. Fargo

    RvR goals

    Im just talking about balancing and there is no reason this should not be possible. You could keep npc goods. But these dont justify labour and gold inflation. They never properly tested anything... And if people hate that they dont get free first rates anymore we shouldnt care at all. If it turns out that low and medium ranks have problems to get ships thats completely different, but no reason to cause inflation. We could make small and medium ships ridiculously cheap, if just other ships become more expensive accordingly, without effecting inflation. Infinite possibilities to set this up. They not tried one, and if you ask devs they dont care about inflation at all. Dynamic trade between nations or just production port and capital is a more complicated topic. But if players would just trade their labour on the market, it would already improve alot. What has afk sail to do with economic balancing?!
  4. Fargo

    RvR goals

    Why.... Why make 80% of resources, the whole player production worthless and 20%, npc goods artificially made rare, extremely valuable?! Why refuse to fix labour and gold inflation?! Why not just balance labour, gold and production rates to balance player production / to make all produced resources valuable? Keep npc goods, but they arent necessary and bad for several reasons. Why not vary production rate and labour cost to make special resources more valuable and rare, while prices remain dynamic?
  5. Fargo

    PvP/Ganking Issues

    These are basically the issues; - NA became a PvP arena purely driven by rewards. - Mechanics result in matchmaking that allow you to leave when youre about to loose. - No objectives, your actions dont serve any purpose. No reason to risk and loose stuff... as it would be the case in war. How is mission jumping fair. The guy inside cant do anything to prevent it and has no chance to win. Bad gameplay and bad realism, i cant believe thats is still in the game. From pure gameplay perspective. Isnt it stupid to give one side the 100% freekill, and then the otherside the 100% freekill? Freekills dont make sense, its boring for one side and frustrating for the other. Mission jumping and counterganks should equally not be possible. That it seems fair in the end is irrelevant, while it shouldnt be fair anyways. You should just get rekt at any capital without getting any freekill. Then we have functional mechanics and RoE.
  6. Fargo

    PvP Mark Appreciation Thread

    It doesnt matter if we like current marks or not, its simply not working and bad game design. OW isnt required for this kind of PvP. Same goes for PBs motivated just by marks, works perfectly without OW. The result: A redundant annoying OW that just slowes everything down for no reason, enables exploits and promotes unfair behaviour. We need to figure out how we can make the OW work from economy to conquest, not how we somehow generate more PvP. Otherwise everything you do will remain meaningless. Make marks as valuable as you want, your action wont serve any purpose in this OW. Now imagine you had to deal with that on multiple full servers.
  7. Why? Ofcourse its a buff for ships missing chasers and its ment to do this. Its just a fair and reasonable mechanic, why should something like this be a perk?
  8. Magic is only the ability to escape while still in gun range, and to prohibit escaping based on a meaningless gun hit. Real fights started and ended based on distance, it would be 100% reasonable to adopt this for NA. For years it was most annoying to see ships escaping right infront of you, good to finally see this improving. Hopefully they extend it to all ships and fix ships spawning ontop of each other aswell.
  9. Fargo

    Punish PvP mark farming harder

    Why would you try that when you can avoid it by thoughtful game design? PvP marks are the opposite. Seems pointless to discuss with shortminded PvPers. Realise that NA is not supposed to be a brainless PvP arena.
  10. Fargo

    Punish PvP mark farming harder

    Im not a PvE player, and crafting has nothing to do with PvE either. So how are you going to handle punishment with multiple full servers? You dont. No its not the same...
  11. Fargo

    Punish PvP mark farming harder

    And with such mechanics its never going to grow. They are valuable, because their rewards are special npc goods artificially made rare and OP/highly demanded. Such marks and items are designed to force specific gameplay. Thats not a good thing. Especially when the headline says "sandbox". Marks just reduce it to PvP for the sake of PvP. In their current form they even demote you to play together while everyone is hunting for the kill. PvP could be so much more than this. I wonder where this is going. Trade marks? Crafting marks? Place contract marks? Shipbuilder marks? Surrender marks? Sail no firstrate marks? Just need to design enough demanded items... If you want rankings, why not do a proper ranking system based on win/loose ratio and enemy rating. With BR and based on battle outcomes instead of pure kills you can do this in a very fair and reasonable way even for all kind of group fights.
  12. Fargo

    Taxation in Safe Ports

    And you would call this a "basic" supply?! Furnishings can be bought via marks/PvE btw. Why is this safe zone active while your nation owns half of the map? Shouldnt it only activate e.g. when a nation gets reduced to a few ports? Newbies can be protected by their own zone or mechanic. What about seperated, risk free and highly rewarded PvE. Intended? I dont think so. I guess some people moved production to where the ships were needed because towing was disabled back then.
  13. Fargo

    Taxation in Safe Ports

    Thats promoting selfsupply. Even if you would restrict it for single players with professions for example, you cant stop clans from organising themselfes. What is totally fine and not necessary. But we must not promote this, to atleast give clans no reason to not use the open market. With a complex fair tax system it might work, but we dont have that. In case thats true, define basic selfsustainable economic growth. You should agree that 100% efficient gold grind and 100% efficient resource production is more than that, and obviously not working for the game. Efficiency seems a good way to promote gameplay in a plausible way, instead of forcing it with restrictions. Only requirement: a balanced economy to give efficiency a meaning. To make people produce resources in multiple/far ports, make production less efficient the more people produce the same resource in the same port. Decrease the production rate to a minimum of lets say 40%. Going for 100% you need to spread out. The larger your population, the more ports are required -> conquest motivated. Plausible, and fair for different sized nations. Thats also how trading based on economy related resources could work, without ever restricting the ship production. Different production efficiencies in different locations naturally would result in different prices. Just vary labour cost and production rate. Then enable viable trade. Add politics including trade agreements -> less risky trade between nations. Make the use of trade ships a specialisation to make people sell in production ports -> short range trade/nation internal trade viable. PvE needs to be balanced as the major money printing machine, or this concept of PvE funding all resource production needs to change. Besides that mission rewards could also decrease, e.g with the number of missions taken the previous day in that port. Plausible, more candidates usually results in less payment.
  14. Seems were back where we started. Poor screening guys have to beg for marks / nations need to organise mark distribution by themselfes. Issue with npcs: If npcs are freekill, thats just annoying grind. If npcs are challenging, youre just loosing against any players joining. You get gameplay thats either annoying or frustrating. The problem might be kiting, outside or inside the instance. Maybe hostility just isnt a good mechanic. Wasnt it ment to simulate front lines? Atleast thats how i remember it. The question then should be if it achieves that goal. If the frontline part isnt working, whats so bad about flags. The time between flag and attack can be set how we want it to be. It could e.g. provide enough time to tow defensive ships to where theyre needed. Buying flags atleast seems a good way to consume crafted materials, war supplies are in the game already. When people buy lots of fake flags they just seem too cheap to craft.
  15. Fargo

    Victory Marks

    It didnt work because once you got a large ship your grind income increased exponentially. Also conquest wasnt working, people had just all time to grind for the largest possible ships. When no ships need to be replaced, you can make ships as expensive as you want without effect. Those ships need upkeep/repair cost that results in similar or even less income than mid lvl captains earn. Balancing in general becomes impossible. You cant make mid lvl ships well accessable for mid level captains and at the same time still valuable for high rank captains like this.