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  1. The whole point is that you could simply restrict mission jumping instead, reduce join timer to 1 min (you get what you see) for example. 3 min timer and ships spawning ontop of you makes absolutely no sense. New players could for example be untargetable within a certain area if they choose to be, if protection is really necessary. Suddenly safe zones lost all purpose. Safe zones are bad for several reasons, mainly cause its another artificial restriction taking away reliability and freedom of this sandbox. So having them just to enable ship testing for fun is very questionable. Strict restrictions are deadly for a sandbox game. There is a big difference between promoting people to protect their home waters, or to simply deny PvP in certain areas. The result might be similar, but simply denying PvP wont fix the cause of actual problems, the actual gank meta or that people are not promoted to PvP. If it was possible to catch or intercept a repair stacked fir surprise with laser guided stern chasers for example, people could actually defend their waters, would patrol more and increase safety naturally. Thats not how PvP is supposed to work in this game. OW is simulating war, not a matchmaking system. People hunting, and people hunting the hunters, thats how it should be. That a PvP fight very often is only happening when both sides agree to fight is probably the biggest problem current PvP has, caused not only by safe zones but several bad mechanics and balancings.
  2. What is the intention of safe zones? The only way to get people out of is is to reward them, reward PvP. When grinding in the safe zone isnt economically anymore, people would leave it, but for what reason do we need safe zones if not to enable risk free PvE grinds? If it was about protecting new players, there are far better solutions than a simple large safe zone effecting everyone.
  3. Reviews

    A week ago: "Ratings were higher (70%) and dropped to 50 after inflation cutting patch. I honestly i don't give a **** about anything else except about making the main audience happy. So if players want money and easier access to ships so be it."
  4. Naval Action Finance News

    Not necessarily inflating, but this is the major money printing machine. Inflation depends on how much money people sink over the same period of time. Thats basically all money used to gather resources, or that goes to npcs in general. While resources are directly related to ships, the amount of money sunk by resource gathering directly depends on the amount of ships lost. So whenever you loose a ship, you sink money equal to its resource gathering value. When youre ship is boarded, it remains in the game and you only sink money equal to the resource value of its cannons. When more money gets printed than sunk, thats inflation. When you stack resources, thats not a money sink, because you could always exchange those resources back into money (Goods never loose quality or rot, they remain forever). This means that until labour is limiting production, money inflation directly results in inflation of goods. How prices raise not only depends on money inflation. If money would loose value equally to goods, prices would probably stay the same. In theory, cause at some point people just wont sell or buy anything anymore.
  5. Reviews

    Its just that this way of development is never going to work, and devs dont realise this/dont want to realise it. Making decisions based on majority requests, ignoring all logic and argumentation, can only work when everyone is an expert for everything, and when everyone is objective. When you show people that spend hours to figure out possibilities, pros and cons, and more hours to make reasoned suggestions, that you dont care, productive players arent going to stay. In general when you compare numbers in the forum with actual player numbers, majorities become minorities. About 300 people online on average over 23 hours means there are 2-3k total players. Do you know the dilemma when engineers tried to improve planes in WW2? They observed the damage on returning planes, and strenghtened parts that received most damage. Until at some point they realised that damage on these parts probably doesnt matter, cause these planes survived though heavily damaged. It turned out that the opposite is true, parts with fewest damage had to be strenghtened, cause damage on those was much more critical. Its similar for NA, cause when you ask players that are still playing while there are serious issues, these players probably dont care about those issues much, tell you not to change anything, and it becomes less and less likely to improve. Its fine to define an overal goal or direction for the game together with the community. But then you have to stick to it. When a goal is defined you can simply figure out the best possibility for anything by purposeful comparison of pros and cons. When multiple options turn out to be reasonable, then you can make a poll. If we want economy for example, we cant make all ships super cheap. We can talk about what ships should be cheaper than others, but the overall balancing needs to be right and figured out by observing reality. We can discuss what the long time goals should be, but figuring out the actual balancing needs to be done by pure data. Ranks for example are no long time motivation when 90% of the server has max. rank, and this percentage can just be figured out, and can even be calculated/predicted when you know average playtimes. If its supposed to be a long time goal is the only question that can be discussed, but what else should be its purpose?!. Until this is changing, its very unlikely that NA makes progress. When i would do a review i would do it based on the steam description. When this says realistic sandbox, hardcore, and player driven economy, the review isnt going to be positive. Not because of my personal opinion, but because it simply is a bad game based on this, it made no progress in this direction over the last years, and its unlikely to become this game in the future.
  6. I dont think this is a problem. You are basically palying multiple persons acting for you in multiple harbours, it makes sense to control them simultaniously. And we can already do this from outposts. I think its a good idea.
  7. That you cant imagine something doesnt mean its not possible. I sold 40 - 50 ships for profit per month purely using the capital market after the wipe. Even with way more expensive ships it was noticable that demand decreased with time making it more and more difficult. The problem is you cant make ships expensive enough, when people dont loose ships. When no ships are lost on a PvE server for example, ships that never sink or rot with time basically would have to cost infinite stuff, otherwise its just a matter of time until demand is gone. If we cant increase PvP/RvR to make people loose more ships, ships will always be too cheap. Its not important, but people think it is. Take all those items that got wiped, they became worthless. Without a wipe they would still be there. Same is going to happen with goods youre stacking now. Its pointless. Ofcourse you keep up stacks for flexibility or as a buffer, but i dont see the point to keep up more materials than i can use within the next weeks. And there is a problem when you stack too much. Goods could loose value. In general if economy would be balanced, people wouldnt be able to stack that much. When firstrate would be so expensive that fleets would consist of mainly 3rd rates for example. Assume gold would be a limiting factor for first rates, what do you think how fast people would try to make profit on the market an sell stuff they dont need in near future.
  8. See when all prices would become reasonable, you could buy everything from the market. Then you also could start to sell stuff you dont need. Instead of stacking everything to infinity, you would make profit instead that lets you buy from the market when you need to fill up your stacks. Nothing worse for you, but youre actually supporting the whole nation. What is a reasonable price? Again thats relative. When your clan could sell ships for a certain price, materials sold for less labour value become reasonable priced. Same goes for materials, sub materials and resources. Then youre basically doin what im doin as a free shipbuilder. Buying for reasonable prices is everything if you want so, aiming for a good labour margin. This only requires you to know what youre selling and buying for.
  9. What is fun about crafting what other people tell you to craft, for prices that other people tell you to craft for, with materials other people organise?! No decisionmaking involved. Sure you can make wrong decisions on an open market, but exactly that makes it fun. Risk vs. reward is what keeps motivating, and enables you to learn and improve. Thats what a serious businessman would do. Admin does not need to reason his claims, so we cant argue with him nevertheless.
  10. @Peter Goldman Thats not player produced goods. Once again, assume a working market. Fixed npc prices and even production rates for most demanded goods are the problem here. Im explaining it, once again youre just saying i know im right and this will happen. Your posts proof to me that you dont know what youre talking about. Im just pointing out the obvious, there is no way to do shipbuilding and business anymore in a way that is fun and interactive. And youre even suggesting to avoid the market. How can u tell in the next post economy isnt broken?! Sorry, but its impossible to discuss like this.
  11. Seriously, even those guys knowingly selling greedy do more for the nation/market than you do! If there is selling something for a high price, just put up your own contracts and undercut those guys! Selling for a high price when there is no competition is not a problem at all, thats just rational. A problem are people that look at it, whine, and do nothing for whatever reasons. When people buy for high prices, you only are allowed to blame those guys. Its the buyer that defines a price, not the seller. The seller relies on people beein able to buy.
  12. You still dont get the point. Look up the post i quoted redii, there i explained whats wrong with that. I get that you dont care about it, but atleast try to be objective, to understand that other people do. Thats not true, you still dont realise what a working market is. Free LH has no advantage, it doesnt matter for how much you exchange it, everyone is generating the same amount of labour with no quality differences. If you think around the cornor you would atleast profit from a larger general player base. Trading has nothing to do with trade ships, all you need to do is buy and sell smart not even leaving the capital. Thats actually fun compared with mindless trading from npc to npc. Yet again you dont understand. Thinking that wellfare is helping anyone is very shortminded. When you knowingly sell lots of iron for 60, while people would buy it for more, what about other new players that try to sell iron for the market price of 100? Those assholes are simply acting rational. When you put easy profit on the market, you shouldnt blame anyone to make use of it. The best you can do for the market is setting contracts with the only goal to make profit, because then there is competition and prices actually can drop when there is enough supply. Assume a working market without massive inflation. Stuff is cheap when either there is lots of supply/competition, or people dont need those items. If you buy cheap stuff, your doin people a favour that didnt expect their stuff to sell so fast. Then they realise that the market is empty and produce even more of those items. You basically raised prices by faking demand, on a high cost for you. Without massive inflation you would think about that a little longer. Once again, thats how a broken economy looks like. It just looks like this, cause there is no competition. And people are not necessarily greedy, many just dont know what they are selling/buying for, cause the game doesnt tell you.
  13. Youre not referring to what im talking about. Im talking about maximising profit in a working economical environment, youre talking about abusing a broken economy?!. Dont you see that youre just proofing how broken it is? Thats all i wanted to point out. Money and all your stuff became worthless already. You buy materials, not resources. Resource cost of a 5th rate is about 100k btw, bellona about 250k. And you must not forget labour cost. When you use 2k LH to craft a ship all alone, for a labour value of 300g/LH that costs you 600k gold. You dont directly loose 600k, but you loose a potential profit of 600k. Also it doesnt matter if you can do a bellona for 100k, when you cant sell it for more than 100k. So whats your profit.
  14. Im not blaming clans for anything, im blaming mechanics promoting not to use the market. But you shouldnt carry it to extremes, trying to organise everything. Its hard enough with low pop to get a market running, even if perfectly balanced. "Wasting time with crafting and trading", is this all you connect with it? Using the market simply means buying and selling stuff. You neither have to leave the port, nor does it require time. A working market would help clans too btw. Do you think you gain advantages from internal economy? Thats wrong. In general its not a difference to supply 10 people with 10 people, or 1 guy supplying himself using the market. Its not a difference if everyone gives labour away for free (clan), or if you sell and buy labour for 1000 gold/LH. On the other side all advantages a working market brings would effect everyone, including clans. Youre advise is to get hired by clans? So youre admitting that economy is broken? Thats all i wanted to point out... You dont understand, and youre not a free shipbuidler acting on the market. Its not about making random profit, its about profit compared with other goods. You dont sell ships for less than you can sell basic resources for, cause its a production chain. Thats simple math. When i can sell resources for 300 g/lh, i have to sell ships for atleast the same. Ship cost doesnt matter, its just important what you sell your labour for. You dont gather resources as a shipbuilder btw. if you want to make profit, and greed is not effecting market prices at all.
  15. I want you to realise how broken it is, instead of blanishing. I am a shipbuilder, and you should trust me when i say that i would have to sell ships for that prices. Its simple math. And i wont discuss this with one of the most greediest persons i know.