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  1. Specs and Performance

    Intel Hd 5500 graphics card, intel i5-5200u 2.20ghz CPU, 8 gigs ram. 20 fps on all low until someone fires a cannon, then tanks to 4-9. 3k hours and not blind yet!
  2. Returning Player and Meta

    Pirate frigate is best ship pirate is best faction i was British and turning pirate cured my gout. Go black and you'll never go back
  3. Core of the problem is lack of traders. Fix the problem bottom up not top down. primary income should be trade based, whether the fix comes as a radical adjustment of the economy or better trade missions. Create stable base of traders. Escorts, hunters, and a sinkhole for resources and materials will open - also provides reason for average player to leave safe zone more frequently.
  4. hello kitty the money, devs just gave brits 1k tar. You usually see rare resources like tar and crooked drop once or maybe twice a day for between 5 and 10 pieces- Devs just gifted brits a ~125 day bonus to the most sought after RvR mod in the game. hello kitty the money, and hello kitty the devs. You want to know how to kill a game? Have devs pick a side in a war and supply their pet.
  5. I remember when another corp was the devs pet. Devs just fed one faction a massive supply of the most OP mod in the game and 20mil to boot - I think I speak for more than myself when I say that BoB style developer favoritism and hand feeding is unacceptable. This had better be fixed.
  6. l'oceans and 36pdrs

    Precisely - and with current fleet tactic of blobbing - sterns are protected and are (marginally) less vulnerable to mortars, sailing and maneuvering is largely limited to splinters that rush capture points. If we want variety in fleet composition you have to eliminate the ability to spam 24 1sts. Their role was as lynchpin of fleet- like Posts in rugby, not the entirety of the fleet. QM failed to limit their use, just neutered people who couldn't get them. It needs direct addressing e.g. Fleet br cap. If that were the case you could conceive of using other ships, but as it is - bring 10 1sts and 10 bellonas and unless the wind hands you victory on a plate you will lose. Cap BR to 10k in lineship battles and you'll see people bring a mix of rates as well as L'oceans load lighter guns to DPS down the smaller ships.
  7. Not to mention manpower and prep necessary to get people and ships into position to grind multiple ports. If SWERG can successfully grind 5 ports on the same timer, let them. Going by monk33y and qw639's thread, the expansionist clans will soon hit critical mass and be required to grind missions religiously to get ahead of upkeep costs, so the risk of having too many fronts that a clan can't defend will likely decrease as people pull back and only hold ports around their Econ hubs and strategic interests. With new clan centric system, limits just hamstring Australian clans on global and smaller clans on eu, they don't actually accomplish anything
  8. l'oceans and 36pdrs

    3rd rates will never be a logical choice in a port battle so long as we have no incentive to mix fleet construction. You can argue maneuverability, but we can all see from streamed port battles that people who want the turning and speed will still just build 1sts, but with lighter woods. In order to see fleets with diverse and realistic compositions a BR cap/limit to number of each rate of ship for PB, and ideally OW battles as well, as suggested frequently in the past, is the only way to do that. Even with immediate post wipe QM limitations the rush was immediately on for the old mono fleet- nothing competes in this model
  9. Be thankful they aren't CONCORDs. If you want to hunt in capitol waters, spec for high DPS and tagging speed - e.g. A light build Indef with carros and reload mods. Those Santis spawn 500m out IIRC- plenty of time to kill an Indiaman at point blank and pull a runner
  10. Place buy contracts. Don't know your server, but 3x per day I check Mort's market and buy all oak/iron etc available at a halfway reasonable price. Undoubtedly other people are using the flux in market to stockpile which is probably why you're having trouble finding things for sale- they've been bought already
  11. Yes and no, I expect most of the bigger clans won't expand into the majority of ports - we'll see people centralizing around the money makers - white oak, teak, and upgrade spawns, as well as rare production resources such as gold/silver and labor contracts to ensure access. Most of the map will stay neutral except when a port is nationalized to stamp out an entrenched raiding group with production set up within spitting distance of an Econ hub. Due to the admiralty/pirate den Wasas for 4th rate pbs, people will have to be watchful and counter a nation taking a port within striking distance of them(1) - we now have a risk of PB fleets being instantly assembled at the FOB rather than transported there in a fleet or trickle that can be intercepted. As a result we'll see clans erecting buffer zones around their vital ports, even if they are an Econ sink(2). because of reduced production we'll see a partial return, even for larger clans, to early 2016 resource collection from Ai to increase the stockpiling necessary for RvR. It will be economicaly imperative to control these ports as a way to counter losses through tax - even if they're just paying themselves at that point(3). (1) combat marks, despite their increased availability, will skyrocket in costs as people stockpile them for just this purpose - money leaves the system via tax in capitol, or in upkeep paid in a 1% tax trade hub. (2) clans will pay out several mln a day protecting those vital ports from a fleet that can't be effectively screened coming in from an adjacent neutral port or tactical flip, removing money from the system. (3) upkeep and buying from Ai, whether from EUTrader or basic contract, will further reduce money in the system. In conclusion - inflation will hit - but the market will stabilize, likely just above current pricing, and national/clan borders will return to near - pre wipe locations except possibly deep gulf and the New Edinburgh- Dariena region of panama
  12. Increasing the player base by traders

    Actually I bought this game in the first place because it popped up as relevant to Port Royal 3... don't get me wrong, I didn't put in several thousand hours for love of trading with the Ai, the RVR and pvp held interest, but theres no reason not to flesh out a side of the game that is currently barren
  13. Increasing the player base by traders

    I think there's a good middle ground here that could be explored. The idea that more traders = more pvp is valid, as is the fact that people moving vastly profitable goods frequently use any tactic they can to avoid vast stretches of sea. Personally, money trading is something I only do with an alt account, more of a "fire and forget" ship that I'll check on when it reaches its destination. To it; delivery orders as implemented are mostly unused due to the fact that their work is greater than the reward- 5 minutes checking the trader tool will find you a better port to sell to, often closer. Instead, they could be implemented as a purely delivery service - you get a "package" which is immediately loaded into your hold - removal or destruction cancels the mission. Successful delivery earns you a value based on the rate of trade ship - simply the weight of the package 500 kg, 1000, 1500, 3500 - and the distance travelled, while failure costs nothing - like a combat mission, there is no buy in, while failure most likely cost you the ship or at least a tidy sum in repairs. If the ship is captured, the "package" can be sold by the capturing ship at the destination, perhaps included in the item description, for the full price, or in another port for a drastically lesser price. more traders who are less likely to rage quit after losing a massive cargo, and a moderate incentive for the hunter. It would at least increase the number of people out and about in the open world trading - most traders as mentioned above do their 1-2 massive routes and are done. Those big money routes will still be their, but it would provide variety at the very least. Most will still sink the ship for the cm of course, but it's something.