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  1. John Cavanaugh

    2018 Duel room thread!

    You want to duel the devs?
  2. John Cavanaugh

    Reinforcements update

    Firstly, if you are unwilling to fight without some perfect build ship, that's your problem, not the rest of the server's. Plenty of people have pointed this out already, and when I used to craft ships for sale in the old days of crafting notes I had dedicated customers who exclusively ordered purple ships rather than gold, because an extra slot meant less to them than having a moderately good ship they can sink for cheap. second you say "forcing people to have your fun when it isn't their fun causes people to stop playing." Obviously we don't need reinforcements, but rather a "do you consent to this battle Yes/No" screen every time someone tags.
  3. John Cavanaugh

    Safezone? Yes! For max lvl too? No!

    When resources were scarce, not just rare woods but basic crafting materials, and had to be bought by contract, many clans spread out all across the map, and there were dozens of hotspots for pvp, as well as rvr for basic needs. If building production is drastically reduced in safe zone and natural port production increased map wide, this incentive would likely return and bring many out of the safe zones. It is good to have a hub to return to, but an economic incentive is probably more of an effective means for getting people to sail out, as it was once.
  4. John Cavanaugh

    Punish PvP mark farming harder

    While not a complete fix, keeping track of the ID of the last 2-3 accounts sunk by a particular player and paying out no rewards for an additional kill would at least reduce the problem of alt farming
  5. John Cavanaugh

    Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    1) you dont get to decide how other people play the game. they paid for it same as you did 2) call people carebears all you want - but EVERY time you've faced blowback, you've gone into hiding. SORRY KOS'd you, and NSANE ended up disbanding only to reform once they were gone. BLACK got into a fight with you and you arranged a non aggression pact. PLANB, LEGO, CHAOS and others took up arms against you after you hounded PATU from the game, and you and your whole clan hid inside ALOHA after banished said he could control you. 3) those so-called carebears you claim to have driven out of the nation? they joined the Russian nation - with no safe zone and no permanent ports, in order to properly organize and get engaged in RVR without having outlaw tagging mechanics tearing apart battlegroups and singling out shot callers. Fox Proudfoot, for all i'll say about him, had bigger balls than everyone in NSANE and STD combined - when they faced blowback they actually fought it out. You? you've found someone to protect you every time. And now? you complain that you can no longer gank solo and new players outside MT. You're the carebear m8. projecting much?
  6. John Cavanaugh

    Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    because file limits defend a port - Atwood was fun when people showed up, with just a handful of WTF there and no screen everyone was bored.
  7. John Cavanaugh

    Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    aw poor Vile, self proclaimed king. is that why you abandoned the fight and joined ALOHA to protect you within 24 hours of wardec'ing PLANB? was looking over your shoulder 24/7 a bit taxing for you? no laws but your laws - tax undock and harass new players out of the faction - pic very much related.
  8. 1 Ocean 625 br 2 bucentaur 900 br 4 wasa 1000 br 10 Essex 1800 br 5 hermione 700 br 1 mortar brig 75 br 5100 br fleet, 23 ships where exactly is the problem commanding this fleet?
  9. No, screening is fine. It isn't complained about for shallow PB - RUS/RDNN screened our mercury fleet with 3rd rates back last year. It isn't complained about for 4th rate PBs, even though they are screened by heavy ships. When we attacked Atwood the first time, we had to join ships far outside the circle as they were being tagged to keep from pulling the fleet in to a battle. That is screening, it is and will always be a part of the game unless you want a lobby queue for PB? Maybe we can scrap whole of OW and just move map lines like For Honor after enough ships is killed
  10. John Cavanaugh

    Nerf or Re-balance the Wasa

    Problem with was a is two things mostly - PB meta and pvp demasting meta. On the first - the superior cannon weight allows for penetration at greater range compared to aggy, and with current damage model the DPM philosophy of lighter guns only really work on mid weight ships - not so useful vs thickness build PB ship. On the second, the 32s and second deck of 24s gives much better demasting capable from longer range, basically force multiplier on already strong tactic. Can Connie out sail was a? At some points of wind. Was a still out tacks through wind do to weird physics model on the ship. Can skill Connie pilot kill was a easily? Yes. But I say this - i duel Hachi, his Connie vs my was a. Did with full guns, did with only 24s on main 12s on middle empty top deck. Hachi is much better pilot than me, but I won 3 duels and lost 0, because of Wasa better sailing even when missing masts,
  11. John Cavanaugh

    Caribbean Invasion News

    this whole thread
  12. John Cavanaugh

    Solution for Empty Portbattles?

    RVR and war in general isn't a mere contest of skill, in which the two sides meet twice weekly and settle their differences with fisticuffs. it's a slog in which the ultimate determining factor is a contest of will. Will you continue to log in and fight, or will you not. When we were still british, ROYAL and SINK, among other clans, sat Port Morant 3 hours a day, every day of the week, for a month when it had a flag pulled on it every day, waiting for an attack that wasn't simply a probe to test our readiness. That's RVR. That's war. Empty port battles are the majority of port battles. want great fleet action? sail a fleet into an enemy's capitol region - some of the best fights i've been in or seen recorded came about simply because someone decided to sail 20-odd ships into KPR, or La Habana. want RVR? be prepared to slog it out for a few months and chase your enemy port by port like we did in the broken baguette campaign. cutting out the option for diversionary attacks, especially as they are already limited by hostility grinding and the lack of warbombing, is simply counter-intuitive.
  13. John Cavanaugh

    NorthViking False Accusation

    Anolytic is currently in battle, but he has taken several screen captures. He has no [X] next to his name, so clearly you missed?
  14. John Cavanaugh

    NorthViking False Accusation

    as clarification character, created today, attempted to be invited to the RUS battlegroup by participating in +'ing up for invite sailed with ALOHA out of La Mona in pursuit of the fleet later entered a hostility mission with RUS fleet (Anolytic has images and i believe video as well)
  15. John Cavanaugh

    Nerf the Wasa (Poll)

    1) reducing calibers on gun decks would be a significant nerf, but not the one that is needed. More importantly, and on a tangent, why is Wasa more heavily armed than the basic 3rd rate? #buff3rd 2) the real issue is it's sailing. It tacks far to well, it's too fast for what it is, it turns to well, and the physics are just borked to hell (I've tacked through the wind missing the top 1/3rd of my main mast and all but bottom 1/3rd of foremast without dropping below 3.5kn) if the wasa lost a kn off its base speed and had a sailing profile more akin to the L'Ocean than the Pfrig, and if its borked tacking was fixed, it would be able to fill the role of super heavy 4th rate, rather than being a bellona with several jet engines strapped to the weather deck