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  1. Now the Title is already telling alot about what Direction this Game will be going in. So lets get Started. The Reason why this Game will never Succeed is Super Simple and Completely Obvious. So Obvious that it might be Hard to grasp I guess. The Reason this Game cannot possibly Succeed is that the Devs cannot Decide on what they want this Game to be and try to Cover all Angles a little thus driving away the majority of the Players because hardly anyone really fits into the Game. You See. For a Good Open World Game the First Decision you make. Is if you want it Player Based or Content Based. Or to use other Terms. Do you want your Game to be PvP Based with the main Content being by Players. Or do you want the Game to be PvE Based with the main Content being in the Game for the Players. And here Naval Action unfortunately Fails. Because Naval Action tries to Run the Main Content in PvP. There is little to no Protection from being Attacked everywhere. And there is not much to do aside from Fighting each other. Meaning that the Main Focus is Players Fighting other Players. However while the Content is clearly the PvP Aspect. The Remaining Game is completely PvE Based. You need to Grind through an Incredible Boring amount of Repeating the same thing to get into anything that even allows you to have any Chance in PvP. And you need further Grinding to actually Sustain PvP because Ships and Upgrades as well as Materials etc etc etc. All come from PvE. And here is a Fatal Flaw. Because you see. Players which will Put up with Grinding and Building up Stuff. HATE to be Attacked at all times by other Players. They will NOT PLAY AND NOT GRIND unless you Give them a Large Safezone where they can actually work without constantly being Bothered. They might like a small Risk Challenge of getting a Single High Profit Transport by Crossing from one Safezone into Another. But in General unless you allow them to go about their Business without being in constant Danger of PvP THEY WILL NOT PLAY PERIOD. Meanwhile the PvP Players are of course the other Side. Because PvP Players will usually be the Type to Crave Action. They want to Fight. And they dont want to Fight 1 Hour a Week and then go Grinding for 20 Hours. THEY WANT TO FIGHT 9 OUT OF 10 HOURS THEY PLAY. And they wont be Putting up with Grinding all the Time just to Sustain being Able to PvP. Now Take a Guess what this Game does. Right. It Requires both. Tremendous Grind AND Constant PvP Danger. In Short. The 2 Largest Player Groups WILL NOT PLAY. Thanks to that we only have left the small Group of Old Players. Which could Build up Tremendously in Older Times with Large Safezones thanks to which they had lots of PvE Players and thus now got Large Reserves and Storages to Maintain PvP. But no New Players are coming. And the Old Players are leaving one by one over time. As long as this Continues this Game will NEVER Succeed. The Devs Need to Decide. Either they Say. Ok this Game should be about PvP. Then they Need to Completely Remove the Grind. They need to Start Players so that they can Fight others Right Away and with Minimal Effort to Sustain Fighting others. If its Takes 2 Weeks just to get a Proper PvP Ship with which you aint just instantly Raped 999 out o 1k Players will not Play. Needless to say they also need to make Reward Mechanics for Fair Fights and Penalty Mechanics for Ganking and for Fighting Enemies that are vastly below your Level. Or they Say. Ok this Game should be more PvE based. Then they Need to Implement Large Safezones or Simply Turn things around and instead of having Safezones. Have Combat Zones. So that the smaller PvP Community can Fight in Combat Zones about Special Rewards etc. While the Large PvE Community Works on the Remaining Map in PvE to Supply the PvP Community with Ships, Upgrades etc etc. I dont care which one. But Seriously Decide on One Thing. Otherwise this Game will Forever be Stuck on having a few Hundred Players Tops.
  2. Thats not really True. I still remember when you Buffed the AI Fleets. And that was not Challenging. It was simply a mess. The NPCs basicly ignored Wind and Waves and could Shoot Full Broadsides out of their Front or Rear because their Cannon Shooting Arcs where basicly 170 Degree instead of the like 90 Degree a Player gets. The NPCs were just as stupid and boring as before. Instead of having any improvement on constantly sailing straight into the Wind and getting stuck they simply Cheated and kept Broadsiding you out of their Arses.... And this is not Challenging. Because Skill doesnt help here. After all what good does it do to you when you can Maneuver as you want and still will be inside the Enemies Broadside Arc simply due to him having Arcs so wide that they can shoot Broadside out of their Rear lol The Problem with NPCs is that they are Boring. All of them Sail almost exactly the same. They are 100% Predictable and constantly get Stuck on Beaches or against the Wind unable to do anything to you because they need an hour to get around. All of em can be Manipulated because if you Turn in on them they will turn around as well showing you their Rear and allowing you to just shoot into it. What we wanted you to Fix was that the NPCs become somewhat Smarter and more Varied. So they Employ different Tactics and dont constantly get stuck. Instead you simply went ahead giving them such wide firing Arcs that they could get Stuck but just Shoot you anyways. Its the same as with Strategy Games. Turn Civilization on Godlike and the NPC will be just as stupid as before. The only difference is he gets like 100 times ressources and research thus having an Army 10 times as big and 2 ages ahead of you. Challenging would be if after a Maneuver I would not know how the NPC Reacts. Challenging would be if the NPC would not Shoot each Cannon as it goes into the Arc thus allowing me to just Deflect his First Salvo by Angling. And would instead wait for a Good Chance to Shoot. Challenging would be if the NPC would be able to Sail Properly and would not constantly end up Stuck on Beaches or against the Wind and then needing long to get around again. Challenging would be if the NPCs would have Different Classes and Tactics. Each Rank of Captain should have a Set of at least 3-5 Tactical Behaviors for each Ship Class he is usually using. So that an Admiral with a Ship of the Line will attempt to stay at Range and in its Fleet Formation. Instead of instantly closing in due to the "I have higher Crew so I try to Board" programming.... While a low level Commander with a Small Frigate might be more stupid and try to go for a Close Combat Fight Maneuver Fight. The entire Programming based on Stats is Bullcrab anyways. In Reality you did not know the Enemy Crew Strength and while you could classify a Frigate from a Ship of the Line. Anything more Accurate like Class or Armament etc was something you would not know till your much closer. And you would never know how fast or agile that ship is and how much Firepower it has. Having the NPC Programmend to line out its entire behavior based on such Stats is not only unrealistic but also makes the Game super Boring because the NPC always does the same. The NPC Should decide a Strategy based on Raw Size/Class and should have a Chance to Alter this Strategy during Battle. For example if both the NPC and the Player have a Frigate. The NPC could decide to go for a Straight on Broadside Battle. Then if he takes 2 Broadsides where he takes Significant Damage while not causing much Damage to the Enemy he could have a certain Chance to Disengage from Broadside Battle and Change to Maneuver Combat. There should be Variations here as well. One NPC Should try to Match Speed in Broadside Combat trying to stay on Middle Range. Another might try to be Faster while Closing in on Parallel. A Third Strategy might always run faster or slower but staying distance to try and force the Enemy into Bad Wind. If you want to make NPCs Challenging just Buffing their Stats and allowing them to Cheat is not going to make any Player have more Fun. Do you know why Dark Souls was so Successful despite being super hard ??? Because it was FAIR. Enemies where not Dangerous due to being Cheating or Overpowered. But because they had Behavior Sets and Attacks which changed with each Enemy thus keeping the Game super Interesting as you constantly had to Update your Tactics but never had the Feeling that you only lost or died due to the Enemy Cheating you.
  3. The Last Point is the Critical thing. There is no real Protection left. Thanks to the Update you can now even Gank Players in the Capital Reinforcement Zones. So New Players come in. Get Raped and then leave saying yeah Screw you, I am out. Leaving a Negative Review making a Negative Review and if Possible Return the Game. But a Fair Go is Impossible right now. The Entire Game System is laid out so that you are absolutely useless in a Fight unless you already got High Grade Ships to Farm for Equipment and Upgrades of PvP Ships. New Players right now dont even get to the Point where they would actually have a Chance to Learn something from a Fight. Because they just get Bashed by Ships 3 times as Strong and 3 times as Fast with Armor that they cant even Hurt when Sterncamping.... But thats not all. The main Problem remains. Because the PvPers HATE the Constant Grind for new Upgrades and Stuff. And the PvEers dont want to be Constantly Fighting. This Game cannot possibly get anywhere unless it decides on One Group and Adjusts the Gameplay Accordingly. Actually there is only 100-200 Thousand Owners Listed. Not 300... Pls note that not all of these were Full Price Purchases. There is Events and Sales in this as well. By now the Game only Costs 37 Euros. I think it was about 50 at Start. But hey lets assume 50. That would be 10 Million. Take off Steam Shares and your down to 7 Million. Take off Development cost like Salary for the Devs and Equipment to Start as well as Rent and Building Maintenance and Servers etc etc and your likely down to less than 2 Million. And here is the Catch. The Game is still Costing Money. If the Servers and Maintenance would cost less than 10.000 per Month I would be Really Surprised. And the Dev Team needs to be Equipped and Fed as well. Meaning that you can likely assume at least 30-40k per Month on just keeping the Lights on. This means the 2 Million of actual Profit they made is being Eaten away at a good Pace. And the Main Sales are done. The Sales will likely only Drop from now on. Needless to say less Money per Sold Copy comes in due to Price Drops. Long Story Short. Not even 2 Years after the Game is out. They are likely at a Point where each Month their Stockpile of Money is Dropping rather than Rising. Now gladly the Devs are not just Stubborn on their Game when its about how they make it. They are just as Stubborn about making it. Meaning that they will likely keep the Lights and Servers on till the Bitter End. But at this Rate right now. This Bitter End might come in 3-4 Years. And unless they change something Tremendously this might be faster than the Game leaves Early Access Now who knows. Maybe they got an Ace up their Sleeves and will Suddenly bring out a Super Big Update that will actually change the Game. They said in the Past that they were Planning to Add much more PvE Content for the Players to Play with. Which would Run the Game more into PvE Direction by Providing actual Content and thus might give some new Momentum. But so far unfortunately little to nothing happens.
  4. Well this would in a Sense get rid of the Grind. Because most if the Grind for PvPers is about stockpiling Equipment. So yes. This would work as well. Actually nope. It happens for the Countless Early Access Titles which Failed. It doesnt happen for the ones that Succeeded.
  5. Your Free to Like it. But if not even 10% of the Players who buy the Game actually stick to it. Then your Unfortunately Part of a very small Minority which Likes the Game. Fact is. 90% of the Players who Buy apparently dont like it. And thus Discard it. If you consider your Product a Success when 90% of the People buying it stop using it after a Short while and your Sales Drop rapidly within just 1 or 2 years. Then well. Better dont Join any Companys that Sell Physical Goods cause for these People this kind of happening would not just be a Failure it would likely Destroy their Company lol. Comparing Content Based Games where you got a Preset Story and mostly Play alone. With an Open World Multiplayer Game that has barely any Story or Content and is Played almost entirely in Open Multiplayer... The Only Halfwat Acceptable Comparisson is Elite Dangerous. But Elite Dangerous is just as Bad as Naval Action in this Problem. The Difference in Elite Dangerous and the Reason why Elite Dangerous, while having the same Failure of an Open World Multiplayer as Naval Action, still has 10 Times the amount of Players that NA has. Is because Elite Dangerous Offers to just Opt out of this Multiplayer almost entirely. Thus Appealing to an FAAAAR Larger Playerbase than NA Does. And Mate. Having a Few Hardcore Nuts which Spend their Life in the Game is not exactly something I would consider Successful 10 Hour Long Game which I leave Satisfied and Happy. Is better than 200 Hour Long Game which I grinded hoping to find the Big Gold Pot and then got Dissappointed. Well not that it matters. The Thing I stay with entirely is my First Statement. This Game needs to Decide if it wants to be an Open World PvP Arena. Then it needs to get Rid of the Absurd Grind and Level System which results in Ganking and Boredom for anyone who is not an Older Player with Fully Established Supply Chains. Or if it wants to be an Open World MMO. Then it can keep the Grind. But it needs to Cater to the Type of Players which are actually willing to run this Grind. Thus they need to Remove Open World PvP and Create PvP Zones instead. So that the Large Grind Economy is Run by PvE Players and the PvPers can have Fun Fighting each other in Concentrated Areas where they actually find Fights. Add some High Reward Transport Missions which lead through or into these Combat Zones and you also Cater to Piracy as you will get People which want this High Reward.
  6. Any Statement by anyone is an Opinion. This should go without saying and does not require a mention in title. After all my Opinion is that this Game cannot Succeed due to that reason. This requires no doubled mention of me having the opinion that I have the opinion that this is why the Game cant Succeed. Albeit you feeling so pressured that you had to edit the title is a statement in itself. You losing your cool and abusing your moderation powers to change/censor the statement made there is good evidence of you knowing that its the truth. If it had been just an opinion in your eyes or even a lie, like you try to imply, you would have kept your cool and just left it there saying *ah just another know it all nub* but you didnt. You felt so much discomfort abd pressure from this statement there that you changed content of another user without even marking that properly.
  7. Sunleader

    Reinforcements update

    The Answer to that is rather Simple. Because RPK and Ganking is not PvP What most Normal Players think of when Joining a PvP Game. Is Epic Battles and Duels. Which in Open World might not be entirely Fair at all times. But will be Fair in at least half the cases. There is a Two Choices 1. Simply Remove all Grinding and Leveling. Everyone Immediately has Access to Competetive Equipment. This way everyone can Fight and will have a Chance in a Fight. PvE Players will Stay away from the Start and you will get PvP Players. 2. Divide the Map into Zones. PvE Players stay in the Safe Zones where they Run the Economy and where Newer Players can Level. And PvP Players go into the Contested Zones where you can get Harbours and Booty from Enemy Players by Fighting a War. This Game Unfortunately does neither. There is a Tremendous Grind. So PvPers Run away from the Game. Moreover it takes long before you get anything Decent that actually Stands a Chance against other Players. Meaning most Newer Players just get Bashed and Leave the Game right away. But there is no real Zones anymore either. So PvE Players which would usually run the Economy thus easing the Grind for PvP Players. Do not Exist. They all left because they got Bashed out by the RPKs and Gankers. Also We tend to always Sort People into PvP and PvE Players entirely. But Truth is barely anyone is 100% of either. Most PvE Players Join PvP Server because they actually like PvP. But not 24/7 and not when they are Driving around a Small Frigate and the Enemy is Driving around with 2 Constitutions and 2 Ships of the Line. Right now This Game is a Complete and Utter Failure.
  8. Sunleader

    Reinforcements update

    Too Late anyways. The Game is Dead. Even if they Changed it back now. Everyone who Left will stay away. And the Few People who are left is for most part just the Gankers and Griefers anyways. So they would throw a Tantrum if it got Changed. Face it. This Game has gone into the usual Spiral of Death. Due to weak PvP Protection the Population Dies. PvE Players demand Stronger PvP Protection. With Stronger Protection but less Players the RPKs and Gankers no longer find Targets and demand less PvP Protection. Due to weak PvP Protection the Population Dies. PvE Players demand Stronger PvP Protection. With Stronger Protection but less Players the RPKs and Gankers no longer find Targets and demand less PvP Protection. Due to weak PvP Protection the Population Dies. Thing is. We are now at the End of that Spiral. There Simply no longer is enough PvE Players as that they would warrant enough Complaints for a Change. So the Game will slowly but surely Die. And there is nothing you could do against it by now. Because are already below the Threshould where you could Pull around anyways. If you check the Forum 9 out of 10 Answers you get is from Toxic Griefers and RPKs that want to Kill everything at any Time they please with no Restrictions. And meanwhile the Playercount Drops and Drops. If you Changed it now the Player Count would Drop even Faster because then the Griefers and RPKs leave as there is nobody left to Grief or RPK. So the Game will now Simply Continue Dying a Slow and Steady Death losing 3-5% of its Players each Month till the Population has Dropped so Low that even without any Protection Zones they are unable to Find anything and thus the remnants leave as well.
  9. Sunleader

    Reinforcements update

    Nah they never Happened. Currently we got about 400 People Online in Average. Back then we had over 1200 People. If they did not come True. Would you mind telling me where the other 800 People Disappeared to ? Let me Guess. They were PvPers. And because they hated the Removal of all Safezones so much. They left ? Yeah nice Try. Well. As I said. I dont expect you to believe it this time. Lets talk again in a Year when the Server will be sitting at like 200-300 People...
  10. Sunleader

    Reinforcements update

    Mate. 200 Miles. Not 200 Square Miles. In the Game you easily Spot any Ship within like 50 Miles In Reality. Even the HMS Victory with its over 60m High Mast would barely be able to See Ships at about 25 Miles And that was assuming 100% Clear and Calm Weather and a very Good Spotter which happens to actually Notice the Ship sticking out behind the Horizon and the Waves. Pair that with the Surreal Speed at which we move. And you notice. That a Raider is easily able to completely Lock Off entire Trade Routes without any Chance to go around him or make a Run for it. Now pair that with the now entirely Removed Protection. And you know for sure. That Traders are in essence Removed from the Game with this Update. Well not that I care anymore. Back when they Removed Safezones we had 1000 Players Average and I told you guys this removal Safezones will result in the Game losing most of its Population. A Year Later you got less than 500 Players Average left. You guys did not listen back then. You wont listen now. I already know that. All thats left to do. Is to wait for the Game to Die. The Joke is. In a few Months. When the Game is down to like 300 People and you are unable to find any Targets despite hunting for Hours. You will not say. Ok maybe that Change was Crab. Maybe we should try to give the New Players and PvE Players some Room to Play and not Chase them out of the Game because without them the Game dies. You will go ahead and say that the small Remaining Protection should be Removed as well. So you can Massacre and Drive off the last remaining Players as well. I have long given up on this Game anyways. The Devils Circle Never Ends. Its always the same Circle for these Games. PvP Players dont get enough Targets = PvPers Demand less Protection. Less Protection = Less Players staying in the Game. Less Players staying the Game. = Less Targets for PvP PvP Players dont get enough Targets = PvPers Demand less Protection. Less Protection = Less Players staying in the Game. Less Players staying the Game. = Less Targets for PvP PvP Players dont get enough Targets = PvPers Demand less Protection. Less Protection = Less Players staying in the Game. <------------------------------------------------------------------ Thats about where we are right now. Less Players staying the Game. = Less Targets for PvP PvP Players dont get enough Targets = PvPers Demand less Protection. Less Protection = Less Players staying in the Game. Less Players staying the Game. = Less Targets for PvP PvP Players dont get enough Targets = PvPers Demand less Protection. Less Protection = Less Players staying in the Game. Less Players staying the Game. = Less Targets for PvP And so on and so forth and so on and so forth. Till there is Nobody Left....
  11. Sunleader

    Reinforcements update

    1. Thats Bullcrab. As inside the Safezones there is Barely any Good Trade Lanes. In General Tradelanes in this Game consist of Shipping Goods from Producing Ports to the Capitols. The Capitol is in a Safezone. But the Producing Ports are not. And anything beyond small Profit Trade Goods are outside the Range of your Capitols Safezone. But since Trading outside the Safezone is Suicide. People simply dont use these much better Tradelanes. 2. I expect Raiding, Trading etc. Thing is. In this Game Trading outside a Safezone is near Impossible. Because you need ways to Avoid Raiders. in this Game however. As the Raider can Just Camp 200 miles of Ocean you cant really sneak past. You are always Forced into a Fight. Which is simply not a thing you can Win as a Trader. Hence no Trading happens outside Safezones. 3. You can make Millions by Repeating the same Mini Trade over and over inside the Safezone. Thats True. But Sorry. Farming Missions or just Open World is Faster Money. Because inside the Safezone the Profit Range is extremely Small. 4. Gold has no Value because Gold cant actually Buy you anything. You can have 50 Million Gold. But what Value has that Gold when the PvE has been Killed entirely already ? Ships and Upgrades are by now pretty much a Clan Business Only. On the Market you simply do not get anything for Gold. There is nothing you can buy for Gold. As Clans etc got their own Crafters and need Materials not Gold. If you want Gold to have a Value you need stuff you can Buy for Gold. But Playing this Game as an PvE Oriented Player Producing Goods is next to Impossible unless your in a Clan. And IF your in a Clan you will move these Goods into the Clan not into the Market. Hence Gold has no Value because even if you got 50000 Million Gold. There is nothing you can Buy for it. But this will actually become even worse now. Because now Producing anything without a Clan will be even Harder. So Clans will Sell even less Stuff on the Market. And the few remaining Players which produce for the market will be crippled even more as they get even less materials etc. In short. This Change will make Gold even more useless. Because there will be even less to Buy for it. 5. True. The Inbalance is a Problem. But this is not Fixed by this Change. Its not affected at all. Its not really relevant. to this Topic. 6. I Speak of a Gank when a Coordinated Squad Hunts for Solo Players. Nothing else. 7. Sorry but you can Talk as Big as you want. And its still Bullcrab. Sure its Part of the Game to lose a Ship. But what you completely Fail to Realize. Is that being Rich is Completely useless. You can get something for Gold because your part of a Clan. You get Ships from your Clans Crafters. Thats why to you it does not hurt to Lose a Ship. But the Common Player. Has to Buy Ships on the Market. So he only gets useless low Tier Crab. Losing any Ship Hurts Tremendously. Because he cant really Buy new Ships properly. Which is because the PvE Side of the Game is DEAD. And with the PvE Side being DEAD. The only Crafters and thus the only available Replacements are almost all in Clan Hands. This Game right now. Is trying something incredible Stupid. Its trying to make an Open PvP Arena which is 100% Focused on PvP but requires Crafting and Grinding. Thing is. The PvE Players which would usually handle the Crafting and the Grind. Cant really Play this Game. Because its 100% PvP Focused and thus absolutely not Fun for them to Play. And to the PvP players this Grinding and Crafting Stuff is more like an Annoying Sidejob which they dont really care about. So the PvPers which actually want to Fight each other. Run Away because they get annoyed that from the Rewards they get from Fighting they cant really Buy new Ships etc. Thus ending up Forced to Grind. And the PvEers all leave the Game because they cant really play the Game properly anyways. As they just get Hunted everywhere. I said it in my other Post already. This Change will result in a Major Loss of Players for the Game. A Loss that will likely not be Recovered for Years.
  12. Sunleader

    Reinforcements update

    OK. OoooooK. Mate. I will be a bit Rude here. But I ask you to Calmly Read the Post out. As I will be giving you an Honest Opinion. 1. I would ask you not to Run Threats like this. Most PvE Players are gone anyways. So it wont be the staggering 50% loss this time. But I am fairly Sure there will still be a Considerable Loss. And when the few Traders that are Left. Leave as well. The RPKs will Follow soon as they Run out of Targets. And when Players Leave in large Numbers. You will likely break down again and Add back Protection. 2. I dont think anyone Questions that 2 First Rates was Overkill. But you are now going Overkill into the other Direction. 1 Ship of Equal Class is nowhere close to Perfect Protection. 1 NPC of Equal Class is a Joke that any halfwat Decent Player can easily Ignore while Killing the Trader and then Leisurely Kill afterwards. I used NPC Escorts a few Times. And 3 with Upgrades Equipped Frigates will not even Stop 2 Player Raiders of Equal Class. Not because they lack Combat Power. But because the Maneuvering AI is so Horrible. That the AI will simply not really bother the Raiders. The Raiders will be able to Simply Ignore the Raiders for most of the Time. Kill the Trader. And then either Escape or Kill the Escorts. And even if they are Buffed. Just 1 Enemy of Equal Class will be no Challenge to most Raiders. 3. This Change is Incredible Counter Productive and does not Solve the Problem at all because it does hit the entirely Wrong part of the Population. The Common Complained from PvPers is that these Reinforcements are abused by PvPers to protect their Ports. But PvP Squads. That actually Fight back and from the get go had a Fighting Chance. Will still be nearly Impossible to Beat with these Reinforcements they get on top of their own Combat Strength. However. New Players and Traders which have no Combat Capabilitys will have no use here. In a Fight they get Killed too Fast for the Reinforcements to have any Effect. And when they Run away the NPC Reinforcements will simply not be Maneuvering Good enough to Serve as any Protection to them. In short. This Change will not Solve the Problem of PvPers using the Safezone as Hiding Spots at all. But will completely Remove Newbe and Trader Protection. Resulting in an even worse Player Retention than we already got anyways. 4. This Change is not well tought out at all. In Fact this Change is a complete Failure. Because with 1 Equal Ship as Reinforcement. This means that a Single Attacker that Attacks another Player for an Honest Duel. Will be Fighting 2 vs 1. Meanwhile the 6 Guys Ganking Squad that Massacres a New Player will be Fighting 7 vs 6. And thus be barely at any Disadvantage. In Total. Let me tell you this. If I was a Ganker. I would get 2-3 Friends. 1-2 Would use Fast Frigates 2 Would use Heavy Armored Ships of the Line The Frigates will Swiftly Rush in to make sure that the New Player doesnt need to Suffer too long. While the 2 Ships of the Line will Dispose of the NPC Reinforcements. Which will be 2 Ships of the Line and 1-2 Frigates. A Heavy Armored Ship of the Line will easily Dispose of pretty much any Equal NPC Ship. And the Frigates even if they are Buffed will not really Change the Numbers. And the New Player or Trader will be Easy Prey for the 2 Frigates. Long Story Short. This Change Promotes Ganking Squads. This Change Removes all Trader and Newbe Protection. This Change does Not at all touch the Problem of PvP Players using the Safezones to Protect their Harbors. This Change will result in a Loss of Players and Reduce the Playerbase further. Greetz Sun
  13. As Title says lol Seriously. I take a Patrol Mission. Want to go to the Patrol. And its Half the Map away. Its going to take me like an Hour or something just to get there assuming I wont be Intercepted. This aint going to Work. How am I supposed to get any Reward out of PvP if I first have to Drive an Hour to the Patrol Area which I will likely never even Reach lol
  14. I havnt tested it yet. Cause well too far away lol But this is actualy what I tought as well. I think the PvP Patrols are not so much to cause Duels. But to Create a PvP Hotspot. Where People gather and do PvP. PvE Players can get PvP Marks by being in that Hotspot and have a way to get Rewards even if they never Win a Single PvP Fight. PvPers got an Area where they have a higher Chance of Finding Fights and Targets. At the same time as other PvPers will be there they will also find more actual PvP Targets In General its an attempt to recreate the Situation we had back in the Day. When every National Port would have Reinforcement NPC Fleets. Back then due to all Nation Ports being sort of Safezones. The Freeports were a PvP Hotspot. I think what they are trying. Is To Bring back this PvP hotspot by simply designating an Area as such an PvP Hotspot and giving Players Rewards for Playing there. Their other mentioned reason. To Teach Players that losing a Ship is not really a Problem. Is of course also included. But I think the Primary Target really is to get a PvP Hotspot Area where PvP happens. This is in fact also a Good Idea. Because in a PvP Hotspot you will always have more PvPers around. So forming a Ganking Group thats outside the Power level of what Random PvPers can Unite to Deal with is much harder. Current Problem is a Ganking Group cant be Beaten by the like 3 guys which do PvP in the port Attacked. And it would take an Hour to get People from other Ports. But with the PvP Hotspot. You can assume to always find enough PvPers in a short Distance around it. To go and Kill a Ganker Group. I really hope this Works. But Seriously. We need 3-4 of these Zones Spread on the Map. Nobody is going to Travel 1-2 Hours every Day to Follow these Zones....
  15. Too Bad. I hoped that with this we might see more People Roaming around instead of forming Ganking Squads. Well. Maybe it will work at some Point.....
  16. Oh. Guess its a Good Time to Try PvP again. Maybe now there will be some actual Fights and not just Ganking Squads hunting New Players...
  17. Sunleader

    Fun PVP for everyone!

    Oh. So you did Listen for a Change. Too bad I didnt pay attention for the last Month. Well no matter. Its better to be Late than to miss it out entirely. I Greatly Approve of this Idea. This will Finally Give new Players some Options to actually Learn PvP and Participate in PvP without just constantly being Smashed down by older Players and never getting any Foot in the Door of the Game. I really Hope this System will be Increased and Supported Further. Greetz.
  18. Sunleader

    Redeemables Clearance Question.

    I just read that on March 15 all old Redeemables will be Removed and that we should Claim them before that happens. Does that Include Forged Papers. And if Yes can we expect a Set of Forget Papers in a Chest to later Change Factions ? I am currently waiting with Changing Factions because on PvE Server there currently is no way to use the Admirality Store for the new Nations. Greetz
  19. Sunleader

    Redeemables Clearance Question.

    I am not sure if I like the Idea of a Wipe or not. But regardless of that. I am not a Tester and dont do testing beyond just Playing. No Offense. But this aint an Open Beta test or something. Its a Game I Paid for to be allowed into Early Access so I will tolerate some Bugs as I play and give Feedback and Reports if I stumble over something or find something annoying. But I wont be going out of my way to Test things. For this they do have testers. Either Volunteers which hopefully at least got something ingame in Return. Or Paid Testers.
  20. Sunleader

    IMPORTANT: Redeemable Wipe Mar. 15th Reminder

    Whats with the Forget Papers ? I want to Change Nations to Prussia on PvE Server. But you cant use Admirality Store as Prussia Right now has no Home Ports and thus cant use it. So I want to Wait till thats Fixed before I change Nations....
  21. Just Left a Battle. I was way too far off and had something else to do. 2 of my NPC Ships were still Engaged tough. They were clearly Superior and clearly Winning. But I didnt want to wait till they would finally Think that Enemy NPC. So I left the Battle. Then I found both my NPC Ships are Gone. Are they just Deleted if you leave Battle without them ???? Its gladly not such a Big Problem as it was just random Ships I Captured or Bought. But its still somewhat annoying....
  22. Newsflash. A Game where a Small Group of Players can Refuse to let 80% of the Playerbase Participate. IS NOT GLOBAL. But hey whatever. I already Quit a Week ago. Have Fun while it lasts.
  23. This was actually more about PvE Engagements. Not about PvP Engagements. Funny but True. In a PvP Engagement if you get Sunk your Bots can Escape to the next Harbor without a care.....
  24. Sunleader

    European clans setting US timers & ethical gameplay

    Honestly said. I dont think the European Clans setting these Timers is to Prevent Port Battles. But to Prove a Point. The Current System which allows Unrestricted Setting of Port Battle Timers is being Abused by the Clans which have Access to the Off Hours were little to no Players are Active. To Prevent Port Battles against their Ports from happening entirely. This way they can Hold far more Ports than they would be able to if they actually had to Fight the PBs. And RvR Suffers Heavily from this as it means that Retaking Ports is pretty much Impossible for European Based Clans. It was stated several Times that this System will Ultimately Destroy RvR because sooner or later all Ports will end up outside the Playtime for 80% of the Population. What the Clans you mentioned are likely doing now is not an Attempt to Protect their Ports. But rather an Political Message. Its fairly Simple to be honest. They on Purpose move all RvR into the Offhours. Speeding up the Process of Destroying RvR in order to Force the Devs into acknowledging the Problem. The more Ports end up in the Offhours. And the less Possible it becomes for 80% of the Playerbase to Participate in the Game. The more Pressure is on Devs to Rectify this Broken and Easy to Abuse System. Its an Pretty Intelligent Approach to be Honest. Because they cant lose with this. The European Clans cant intervene cause they dont have the Manpower during the Offhours. The US Clans if they take the Ports will put them in US Timezone as well. And if Nobody takes the Port the Port will stay in US Timezone anyways. US Clans could attempt to Counter it by Taking the Ports and putting them back into EU Time. But that would result in Empty Battles of constantly Switching Ports with no Defenders. In the End all Results are the Same. RvR System for PB Timers is Broken. Which means that there is no way to Stop them from Crushing RvR into the Ground and Forcing the Devs to Accept that this System is Bollocks Ultimately they simply decided that a Swift and Decisive Death for RvR is going to cause less Damage than having it slowly Die and Succumb. If we wait 6 Months for the System to slowly Die while European Population keeps leaving the Game this would likely be far worse than if the System is Destroyed right here and right now.