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  1. I havnt tested it yet. Cause well too far away lol But this is actualy what I tought as well. I think the PvP Patrols are not so much to cause Duels. But to Create a PvP Hotspot. Where People gather and do PvP. PvE Players can get PvP Marks by being in that Hotspot and have a way to get Rewards even if they never Win a Single PvP Fight. PvPers got an Area where they have a higher Chance of Finding Fights and Targets. At the same time as other PvPers will be there they will also find more actual PvP Targets In General its an attempt to recreate the Situation we had back in the Day. When every National Port would have Reinforcement NPC Fleets. Back then due to all Nation Ports being sort of Safezones. The Freeports were a PvP Hotspot. I think what they are trying. Is To Bring back this PvP hotspot by simply designating an Area as such an PvP Hotspot and giving Players Rewards for Playing there. Their other mentioned reason. To Teach Players that losing a Ship is not really a Problem. Is of course also included. But I think the Primary Target really is to get a PvP Hotspot Area where PvP happens. This is in fact also a Good Idea. Because in a PvP Hotspot you will always have more PvPers around. So forming a Ganking Group thats outside the Power level of what Random PvPers can Unite to Deal with is much harder. Current Problem is a Ganking Group cant be Beaten by the like 3 guys which do PvP in the port Attacked. And it would take an Hour to get People from other Ports. But with the PvP Hotspot. You can assume to always find enough PvPers in a short Distance around it. To go and Kill a Ganker Group. I really hope this Works. But Seriously. We need 3-4 of these Zones Spread on the Map. Nobody is going to Travel 1-2 Hours every Day to Follow these Zones....
  2. As Title says lol Seriously. I take a Patrol Mission. Want to go to the Patrol. And its Half the Map away. Its going to take me like an Hour or something just to get there assuming I wont be Intercepted. This aint going to Work. How am I supposed to get any Reward out of PvP if I first have to Drive an Hour to the Patrol Area which I will likely never even Reach lol
  3. Too Bad. I hoped that with this we might see more People Roaming around instead of forming Ganking Squads. Well. Maybe it will work at some Point.....
  4. Oh. Guess its a Good Time to Try PvP again. Maybe now there will be some actual Fights and not just Ganking Squads hunting New Players...
  5. @admin Does Permanent Redeemable Frigate mean that you get a New One whenever its Sunk ?
  6. Fun PVP for everyone!

    Oh. So you did Listen for a Change. Too bad I didnt pay attention for the last Month. Well no matter. Its better to be Late than to miss it out entirely. I Greatly Approve of this Idea. This will Finally Give new Players some Options to actually Learn PvP and Participate in PvP without just constantly being Smashed down by older Players and never getting any Foot in the Door of the Game. I really Hope this System will be Increased and Supported Further. Greetz.
  7. Redeemables Clearance Question.

    I am not sure if I like the Idea of a Wipe or not. But regardless of that. I am not a Tester and dont do testing beyond just Playing. No Offense. But this aint an Open Beta test or something. Its a Game I Paid for to be allowed into Early Access so I will tolerate some Bugs as I play and give Feedback and Reports if I stumble over something or find something annoying. But I wont be going out of my way to Test things. For this they do have testers. Either Volunteers which hopefully at least got something ingame in Return. Or Paid Testers.
  8. IMPORTANT: Redeemable Wipe Mar. 15th Reminder

    Whats with the Forget Papers ? I want to Change Nations to Prussia on PvE Server. But you cant use Admirality Store as Prussia Right now has no Home Ports and thus cant use it. So I want to Wait till thats Fixed before I change Nations....
  9. Redeemables Clearance Question.

    I just read that on March 15 all old Redeemables will be Removed and that we should Claim them before that happens. Does that Include Forged Papers. And if Yes can we expect a Set of Forget Papers in a Chest to later Change Factions ? I am currently waiting with Changing Factions because on PvE Server there currently is no way to use the Admirality Store for the new Nations. Greetz
  10. Newsflash. A Game where a Small Group of Players can Refuse to let 80% of the Playerbase Participate. IS NOT GLOBAL. But hey whatever. I already Quit a Week ago. Have Fun while it lasts.
  11. This was actually more about PvE Engagements. Not about PvP Engagements. Funny but True. In a PvP Engagement if you get Sunk your Bots can Escape to the next Harbor without a care.....
  12. European clans setting US timers & ethical gameplay

    Honestly said. I dont think the European Clans setting these Timers is to Prevent Port Battles. But to Prove a Point. The Current System which allows Unrestricted Setting of Port Battle Timers is being Abused by the Clans which have Access to the Off Hours were little to no Players are Active. To Prevent Port Battles against their Ports from happening entirely. This way they can Hold far more Ports than they would be able to if they actually had to Fight the PBs. And RvR Suffers Heavily from this as it means that Retaking Ports is pretty much Impossible for European Based Clans. It was stated several Times that this System will Ultimately Destroy RvR because sooner or later all Ports will end up outside the Playtime for 80% of the Population. What the Clans you mentioned are likely doing now is not an Attempt to Protect their Ports. But rather an Political Message. Its fairly Simple to be honest. They on Purpose move all RvR into the Offhours. Speeding up the Process of Destroying RvR in order to Force the Devs into acknowledging the Problem. The more Ports end up in the Offhours. And the less Possible it becomes for 80% of the Playerbase to Participate in the Game. The more Pressure is on Devs to Rectify this Broken and Easy to Abuse System. Its an Pretty Intelligent Approach to be Honest. Because they cant lose with this. The European Clans cant intervene cause they dont have the Manpower during the Offhours. The US Clans if they take the Ports will put them in US Timezone as well. And if Nobody takes the Port the Port will stay in US Timezone anyways. US Clans could attempt to Counter it by Taking the Ports and putting them back into EU Time. But that would result in Empty Battles of constantly Switching Ports with no Defenders. In the End all Results are the Same. RvR System for PB Timers is Broken. Which means that there is no way to Stop them from Crushing RvR into the Ground and Forcing the Devs to Accept that this System is Bollocks Ultimately they simply decided that a Swift and Decisive Death for RvR is going to cause less Damage than having it slowly Die and Succumb. If we wait 6 Months for the System to slowly Die while European Population keeps leaving the Game this would likely be far worse than if the System is Destroyed right here and right now.
  13. Mate no Offense. But you can Stick in your Insults right back into that Hole in your Rear where they came from. Your absolutely and clearly not someone on the PvE Server. I never saw or Read you there. And the way you Talk proves beyond doubt that your an PvP Player who consider the PvE Server an Hindrance. So again. Feel Free to Suggest this Rubbish for PvP Server. But stop with the meaningless attempt to Force People over to PvP Server.
  14. Pls do Something about Idiotic NPC Ship behavior.

    Pls note. I attacked this Fleet from Straight behind with Wind coming from Rear Right of my Ship. So the NPCs in essence had the Choice to either turn around Left or turn around Right to Face me. Take a Guess which Direction they Turned..... Sometimes I wonder if NPCs are Horny Cats. Scratch their Back and your going to see them Lift their Tail and Offer their Rear to you....