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  1. PvP desperately needs fixing

    There is no PvE Server. We got 3 PvP Servers one of which has PvP disabled without adjusting any mechanics and is broken thanks to that. And Mate. The Huge loss of Players happened when there WAS NO SAFEZONES. The Biggest Playerbase was when EVERY PORT WAS A SAFEZONE. Get your facts straight Well mot that it matters. With the NA Arena out. This Game is pretty much dead. Why would anyone play this RPK and ganking infested rubbish when he can gdt proper and fair battles all day long in another Game
  2. Good night, sweet prince ( OW NA )

    Thing is that you guys forget that its YOU who make this impossible on NA OW. Cause your crazed addiction of removing any and all restrictions on RPK and Ganking are the reason that the Battles in OW never look like this..... And instead are 10 vs 1 crabmatches that 90% of the players dont want. I am happy tough. Now I can play PvE Server even if its broken and neglected while getting action somewhere where I dont have to deal with you losers who cant fight unless your outnumbering me 5 to 1
  3. PvP desperately needs fixing

    Hahahahaaaa I would say we are currently seeing how great a Game can survive on 100% PvPers. Servers are practically dead. We got like 10 Players per Port. Portbattles are fought as 8vs10. And most of the Map is Deserted entirely. If they dont start going more PvE soon. This Game will close Servers in 1-2 years.
  4. PvP desperately needs fixing

    *one way or another* is the keyword If you treat an injury on your hand cause you cut yourself you aint a Doctor. People who are forced into PvP against their will are not PvPers. Which is exactly why they are now forced to merge Servers cause by now there is so few people left that both Servers together barely got the Population you had on One Server half a year ago. 5-10% of Population is PvPers. This is not instant. Right now in this Game rlughly 70% are PvPers. But 30% PvEers cant possibly sustain 70% PvPers. Hence you got no Targets and nothing to do. So population keeps dropping until you are back to 10% PvPers. Of course right now PvEers drop faster which is why the Game is practically dead.
  5. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    Not that it really matters. This Game is dead. PvP Servers will be merged in a last attempt to squeeze out a bit more time for the game before its so empty that everyone else leaves as well. And after that it will likely limp about as an corpse for 1 or 2 years before it dissappears.
  6. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    PvE Server is broken and Ignored by the Devs. The New Nations even Months after Update dont even have a Port lol I would actually play there if the Devs would bother with the Server and make it an actual PvE Server. Right now its a PvP Server with PvP disabled. Lol
  7. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    Guys just a Question. But is there actually anyone here Defending Reinforcement Zones??? You keep talking to each other how to reduce Reinforcement Zones or how to get People out of them. Thing is. There is Nobody left to get out of there lol xD Dont you guys notice that your effectively just talking with yourselves here????
  8. PvP desperately needs fixing

    Told you a few Months ago already. PvP Community is always about 5-10% of PvE Community. Since PvE Community effectively stopped existing in this Game. The PvP Population is slowly but surely following. Just Accept that PvP is dead get over with it and move on. Maybe then we get a proper Game with Content out of this.
  9. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    Unfoftunately. The Players you consider Content have already left. The Admin can say what he wants. If People dont want to be your Content they just say **** you and leave the Game Checking Player Numbers at thus Point you could just Remove Safezones alltogether. There is nearly no one left there anyways.
  10. First impressions to a new player

    I am a bit wondering how a new Players knows how Endgame parts work. ^^ But well. I agree with pretty much all assessments ^^ So nvm
  11. Why did players leave?

    The Problem is. That with this you belong to a really small Niche of Players. And this system is self destructive for a Game. Because the older the Game gets the more established the old Players rule. Leaving new Players with no way to make a stand. And thus leaving because they simply have no chance to ever get a foot on the ground against the experienced Vets with their Shipyards and combat experience. Thats why this type of Game dies incredible fast. And there was no need to write anything back then. Free Ports were like an unofficial PvP zone. If you Sailed towards someone in a Warship. He most of the time turned around. No words needed. PvPers and especially Groups usually just ignored Players that would not stand a chance anyways. But more Importand. Players could play in relative safety. Some never came to the Freeports. See Mate. Does it make a difference for you if the Player is not in the Game or is in the Game but you cant Attack him? Yes it does. Because if hes not there at all. It means Lising something is much harder for everyone cause stuff is extremely expensive. If he is there and you cant attack him. You have not a Single target less. But he runs the economy and makes it cheaper for others to get Ships for PvP and makes it less frustrating to lose something as its cheaper to replace. PvE Players being there means that the PvP Players can fight more often. The reason why by now a Player has to Pay like 3 Million for a 1st Rate. Is because the PvE Players are gone. And with that PvP also goes down. Cause who wants to lose a Ship for which he had to farm Missions for Hours to afford it. If this Game wants to Survive you wont get around it to give PvE Players an Secure Area.
  12. Why did players leave?

    Wrong. 1. The PvE Server is useless and a Trainwreck. Because it excludes any Kind of PvP. Has no Existant PvE Content. And Cuts out the one Properly Working Part which is RvR entirely. Hence hardly anyone. Not even if the PvE Players go to the PvE Server. 2. That one is a Joke Question. You get just as many Fights as when you dont ask your opponent if he wants to fight you. Because another Player which assumes he can Win will Fight you if you ask him. Another Player you just Rape cause he cant win anyways is not a Fight to begin with. Are you the Type to call it a Fight when 5 People who are trained for Fighting Gang up on a Random Person on the Steet and Beat him up ? 3. Precisely. Because in this Game there is no PvP. Calling this Ganking and Griefing Server an PvP Server is a Joke. This Game has no Open World PvP right now. It only has Open World RPKing and Griefing. Because for PvP Fights to happen. You need to give an Objective for which 2 Opposing Sides actually come together with the Intention of Fighting. And currently the only Objective in this Game is the Ports which however require Massive Fleets. On OW there is Zero Objectives to actually Fight over. You say the sides care about Winning. But what do you actually Win if you take 3 guys and Rape some Random Frigate ? You feeling Proud after that rubbish ? What reason has the other Person to even bother Fighting ? The moment you tagged him his Ship was lost. I for my part by now just Quit the Game if it happens because I know the Result anyways and are not interested in waiting the 10-20 minutes for it. If you actually want Fights. Then the PvP Server is clearly the Wrong Place for you. And there is no Place for you in this Game right now. Because there is no Fights in this Game. And there is nothing to Fight over except for the Large Clans who can Fight over Ports 4. In Short you dont care if everyone just Leaves the Game You think that everyone but the Hardcore RPKs and Griefers can leave the Game even if it means your sitting on the Server with 200 or 300 People Thats a Fair Opinion. I wont argue with it. But I fear you wont have with the Game for long. Because the Game Servers will be Dead soon after. You See Mate. a bit less than 2 Years Ago. When I Played this Game with our Clan. We had a Reinforcement Zone on every Single National Port. We had 2000-3000 Players Online during the Daytimes. And if you wanted to PvP you would Sail to the Free Ports and it would take like 5 minutes to Find someone to Battle it out with. Not some Random Guy which drives his Stock 5th Rate Frigate and which you just Rape for no Reason and with him never having any Chance to do anything anyways. But some other PvP Player who is actually interested in having a Fight with you. Your making a very Basic Mistake of assuming RPKs and Griefers to be PvPers. But they are not. PvPers have Fun in Fighting other Players. And for that they need Enemies and a working Economy where they can easily Acquire Equipment. Thats why PvPers usually will not Hit on PvE Players and not Hit on New Players. Because they want the New Players to stay and to learn the Game so they become actual Enemies that they can Fight. And they want the PvE Players to keep the Economy Running so they can Buy Ships and Upgrades etc Cheaply without farming alot. RPKs and Griefers are the thing that you just said which you said. (which is by the way the best Proof that your not an PvPer but just another Griefer) They dont care about a Fight. They want to Win over others. Their Fun is the Frustration of others. They are not interested in a Fight at all. In opposite they dont want to actually have a Fight. They want a Victim. Thats why they Hate Safezones. And why they will Attack New Players and Drive around in Ganking Squads to Kill Random Players. The Problem is. When RPKs and Griefers are not kept under control. New Players dont get a Foot into the Game. They just get Raped and leave. And PvE Players hate RPKs and Griefers like the Pest and will be the first to leave as well. And this actually results in the PvPers leaving as well. Because PvPers want to Fight. And without the PvE Players Ships become expensive. And they dont get new Enemies. Meaning they get Annoyed and Bored cause they have to take over the Farming usually done by the PvE Players and because they dont find Opponents. Its People like you. Which Killed PvP on this Game Because nobody Plays as Victim. So if the Game forces it. People just dont Play. As easy as that. Thats why unlike back then. When each National Port had a Safezone. And when we got about 2000 People online at all times. You now got 400-500 People Online during Primetime.
  13. Why did players leave?

    Pretty much this. People who have Fun doing PvP will do PvP anyways. If they got Fun they dont care about incentives or whatever. People who dont have Fun doing PvP will not do PvP. Trying to force em will only result in them leaving the Game. Games are about Fun. Being forced to do something you dont like is not Fun. People dont play a game if its not Fun. I cant really understand why thats so hard to understand for so many Devs......
  14. Safe Zones OP?

    Calling it a PvP Server is a Joke anyways. There is no PvP on that Server. Just Ganking and Sealclubbing. Worse there is no way for new Players to ever even learn PvP cause they either try and just get raped by ganking squads or they join a clan and drive around as ganking squad.... PvP has died the day they removed safezones from all Nation Ports. Because that day Roaming became completely unnecessary. You just camped the enemy ports and ganked the crab out of new Players. Ah how I miss the Game from 2 years ago. Every Port of your Nation had Safezones. Medium Server Population even in the offhours. And over 2000 online people during the day. And if you roamed around the Free Ports it took like 10 minutes to find someone to have a Fight with. Was good times when you could go Roaming without a Ganking Squad and without being raped by a Ganking Squad.... Ganking Squads and Griefer Scum had it harder anyways. Since every Nation Port had a Safezone. They could not camp Ports to grab new players and people farming PvE And on the PvP hotspots if a Griefer or Ganking Squad lurked you had enough people to chase em off. But they had to go and ruin it by removing the safezones.... Resulting in pretty much the entire non Hardcore PvP Community to leave and making the game so impissible to enter for new Players that by now 99% of the playerbase is people who have been here for over 1 year.... as new players quit in less than 3 days....
  15. Safe Zones OP?

    You just need to ask yourself how many new Names you read in Chat per Day. It took me 3 Days before I literally knew every Single Player in the Faction and Stopped seeing new Names in Chat. It took 3 more days before I finally saw a Name I didnt know. Ask yourself. How many New Players do you see per Week. And how many of em do you see again after a week has passed. This Game in its current form has no Future. Because a few Hundred Veteran Players Rule the Server which ensure that no new Player is allowed to have Fun. Abd with the Safezones having been Shrunk to a laughable 15km which dont even cover most Missions. There is not even a way to avoid them. Thanks to that the small gain of players we achieved last Months has already been swallowed up again. And each Old Player that leaves is never replaced cause new players just have no chance in hell to ever get a foot on the ground