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  1. Newsflash. A Game where a Small Group of Players can Refuse to let 80% of the Playerbase Participate. IS NOT GLOBAL. But hey whatever. I already Quit a Week ago. Have Fun while it lasts.
  2. This was actually more about PvE Engagements. Not about PvP Engagements. Funny but True. In a PvP Engagement if you get Sunk your Bots can Escape to the next Harbor without a care.....
  3. European clans setting US timers & ethical gameplay

    Honestly said. I dont think the European Clans setting these Timers is to Prevent Port Battles. But to Prove a Point. The Current System which allows Unrestricted Setting of Port Battle Timers is being Abused by the Clans which have Access to the Off Hours were little to no Players are Active. To Prevent Port Battles against their Ports from happening entirely. This way they can Hold far more Ports than they would be able to if they actually had to Fight the PBs. And RvR Suffers Heavily from this as it means that Retaking Ports is pretty much Impossible for European Based Clans. It was stated several Times that this System will Ultimately Destroy RvR because sooner or later all Ports will end up outside the Playtime for 80% of the Population. What the Clans you mentioned are likely doing now is not an Attempt to Protect their Ports. But rather an Political Message. Its fairly Simple to be honest. They on Purpose move all RvR into the Offhours. Speeding up the Process of Destroying RvR in order to Force the Devs into acknowledging the Problem. The more Ports end up in the Offhours. And the less Possible it becomes for 80% of the Playerbase to Participate in the Game. The more Pressure is on Devs to Rectify this Broken and Easy to Abuse System. Its an Pretty Intelligent Approach to be Honest. Because they cant lose with this. The European Clans cant intervene cause they dont have the Manpower during the Offhours. The US Clans if they take the Ports will put them in US Timezone as well. And if Nobody takes the Port the Port will stay in US Timezone anyways. US Clans could attempt to Counter it by Taking the Ports and putting them back into EU Time. But that would result in Empty Battles of constantly Switching Ports with no Defenders. In the End all Results are the Same. RvR System for PB Timers is Broken. Which means that there is no way to Stop them from Crushing RvR into the Ground and Forcing the Devs to Accept that this System is Bollocks Ultimately they simply decided that a Swift and Decisive Death for RvR is going to cause less Damage than having it slowly Die and Succumb. If we wait 6 Months for the System to slowly Die while European Population keeps leaving the Game this would likely be far worse than if the System is Destroyed right here and right now.
  4. Mate no Offense. But you can Stick in your Insults right back into that Hole in your Rear where they came from. Your absolutely and clearly not someone on the PvE Server. I never saw or Read you there. And the way you Talk proves beyond doubt that your an PvP Player who consider the PvE Server an Hindrance. So again. Feel Free to Suggest this Rubbish for PvP Server. But stop with the meaningless attempt to Force People over to PvP Server.
  5. Pls do Something about Idiotic NPC Ship behavior.

    Pls note. I attacked this Fleet from Straight behind with Wind coming from Rear Right of my Ship. So the NPCs in essence had the Choice to either turn around Left or turn around Right to Face me. Take a Guess which Direction they Turned..... Sometimes I wonder if NPCs are Horny Cats. Scratch their Back and your going to see them Lift their Tail and Offer their Rear to you....
  6. Well Mate. I dont know if you Checked the Fleets Driving around there *gg* But if your in a 2nd Rate and get Jumped by an NPC Fleet with 6x 3rd Rates and 6-10x Frigates I would call this Ganking TLDR. Pls keep your PvP Suggestions on the PvP Server. As Part of the PvE Server Community I can Guarantee you we are not Interested in you trying to Ruin our Server.
  7. Pls do Something about Idiotic NPC Ship behavior.

    NPCs are Part of the Game. And thus Should be Expected to Work. Pls keep the PvP Discussions in the Appropriate Topics for that. Your Video aint Surprising Mate. Because currently NPCs have in Essence 2 Behavior Patterns. 1st. If they got a Bigger Ship (More Crew) than you. They will Sail Straight Broadside with you while attempting to creep closer and then turn into you to Board. 2nd. If they got a Smaller Ship (Less Crew) than you. They will on First Chance Break off from a Broadside Battle with you Facepalming right into the Wind.... I know that this behavior can be abused super easily to make the AI do exactly what you want. But thats exactly the Complaint here. I dont know if its a Bug. But the Behavior is very Annoying and gets extremely stale very fast if the AI does it constantly. Its almost always the same pattern in the Fight. If the Enemy Ship has less Crew than me. I will Pass him, Rake his Stern knowing he will turn away anyways. And after Raking his Stern I will Follow after him and Nosedive into the Irons so I can leisurely Broadside the Enemy Ship while Floating Backwards... If the Enemy Ship has more Crew than me. I will Pass him, And Hold my Fire till hes Aligned his Broadside knowing that he will turn onto me and go for a Broadside Duel. 1 out of 2. Extremely easy to abuse and very stupid to watch. Especially when more Crew does not Equal Superior Armor and Firepower. While I agree with some of the Named Notions. I would ask you to keep this Discussion out of this Topic. This Topic is for NPC Behavior and this Screenshot of mine was in Fact done on the PvE Server. So PvP Rewards and Discussion are an different and entirely unrelated Topic here
  8. Seriously. NPCs have always been Incredible Intent on constantly Sailing Straight with their Face into the Wind. For whatever reason they really Love to do just Turn away and Drive Straight against the Wind rather than trying any actual Maneuvers. And while the Breakdancing Ships are Funny for the First Few Engagements. When you have it constantly it becomes incredible Annoying. Seriously by Now most of my Engagements look like this. I am doing Broadside Battles with Enemy Lineships while both of us are Sailing Backwards at 4 Knots.... And this happens all the Time. Because the Moment I attempt to go Broadside with an Enemy Ship with the Wind blowing from behind. The NPC will after short time just Break out and Immediately Go Full Facepalm Mode against the Wind again.... I understand that its Importand to Break Broadside Engagements if the Enemy has an Superior Ship. But could we please Teach NPCs some Proper Sailing Maneuvers of how to do that WITHOUT Facepalming into the Wind and Breakdancing with the Ship in Reverse Mode ????? I mean seriously. There is alot of Naval Maneuvers available that should work for this and which NPCs could Pull off without Driving their Face straight into the Wind.
  9. Why do I have the Feeling that you in essence just want to Force People to Switch over to the PvP Server...... And No. Sorry but NPC Aggressiveness is simply annoying. And would result in the Game being a Pain. Most PvE Players moved away from the PvP Server because the Constant Ganking Annoyed them so much that the Game was no longer Fun to them. So the last thing they want is to now be Annoyed by NPC Gankers. If you want Aggressive NPCs feel free to Suggest them for the PvP Server. The PvE Server does not want them.
  10. Recently Killed Should not be a license to attack

    For now I would say that this is Impossible. From the get go. This Game shows horrendous disregard for New Players. And the Devs have Made Clear that they dont care at all and that this Game in Essence is for the Hardcore Niche Players. But even if we considered them being ready to change their take on this Hardcore PvP thing and implement a more reasonable policy for their Game. Creating a System which grants rewards for Player vs Player Combat without being prone to abuse is Impossible. The Moment you Offer a Reward that is Worth something you are Prone to have PvP Players just Fighting Friends to earn Rewards constantly rather than Roaming Open World. And there is no real way for an Automatic System to know if two Players Fight on Purpose or just Meet each other by Chance. So the only way to actually Prevent Abuse would be Manual Control by an Admin of each and every case. Needless to say that this will never happen because the Devs got different things to do then spend 12 Hours a Day rummaging through the Data to Detect abuse. The Only other way to Grant a Reward without it being easy to abuse. Would be to cost the Player Losing more than the Reward is Worth. In Short the losing Player would for example lose alot of Experience and Rank Down. Or would Incur a Debt of PvP Marks etc etc. To make sure that abuse of the System is non Profitable. Thing is. This would be completely Detrimental to PvP because it would not only Alienate the non Hardcore PvPers from the Game even further and killing the Games Population even more. It would also result in PvP becoming much more Rare because the Loss is a High Risk. If of course you got a Better Idea your Welcome to Share it
  11. Recently Killed Should not be a license to attack

    Well Problem is. Then PvPers would just Constantly Run Matches between Friends. Easily Farming Tons and Tons of Exp and PvP Marks. Which would be very Unfair to those actually Fighting Wars. So I fear this wont be Changed. I do however think that the Recently Killed Modifier Should Prevent you from Attacking others in the First Place. Since your not offering any Reward in a Fight. You should not be able to Initiate Attacks on Enemy Players.
  12. The way it currently is. It is mostly useless and not worth having them. So yes for someone who doesnt want the Feature this is indeed Perfect. With all Due Respect. Then Maybe you Should Teach NPCs not to be constantly Break Dancing against the Wind and thus ending up Isolated 3km Upwind from their Captain where he then has to Wait 3 Hours for them to Finish Breakdancing with each other. Because they barely Shoot each other while doing that and thus Take forever to Sink Enemy Ships. Again. The Very Least you could do is give a Warning Note about this when someone is about the Leave the Battle. You should keep in mind. That this "Crappy Light Ship" that a New Captain has. Might just be an really Fat part of his Fortune which he will be Insanely Pissed about. That is if they actually Obey the Command Properly Most of the Time they will take forever to Break the Engagement and will even while Running still Reset their Battle Timer by using their Stern Chasers to Shoot at the Enemy.... Take no Offense in this Mate. But you See. The Minimum you should do. Is Include a Warning Note that your NPC Ships will be Surrendered if you Leave now. Because there is an Actual HUD Menu which Says "You can Escape Battle Now" in the Upper Center of your Screen. Which does not mention anything about having Negative Effects if you Leave Now. And in General this Mechanic might make Sense if your NPCs AI was actually Competent enough to Fight the Enemy Properly when Set on Follow You. And if it behaved like Subordinates which actually Paid Attention to their Captains Ship Position. Right now Honestly Said I dont even know how my Subordinates could lose Hope over me Retreating as they obviously havnt Paid the slightest attention to me for the entire Battle lol
  13. Sigh its Obvious that your one of the People which want NPC Fleet Ships to be Removed entirely....... No Offense but this is Clearly not Perfect. To be more Precise its Incredible Bad and very Stupid. Aside from you not getting any Rewards for your NPC Ships Combat Performance. So Farming with them being Impossible by now. The Least they could do is Give a Warning Note "If you Leave Battle now your Fleet Ships X and Y will Surrender and be Lost" The Way it is currently. Means that New Players will use a Ship for Fleet to have an NPC along. And will then Lose Valuable Ships to this Mechanic because they did simply not know about this. I can tell from your Post already that you actually dont want this Feature to Work because you actually want to remove any Option to have NPC Ships Supporting a Player. But Mate this Feature is Part of the Game. And making it useless or removing it, is not a very Good Choice for the Game.
  14. Sigh. Good thing is was only Scrap Ships. Stupid Mechanic. They should either make them Fight it out. Or just Prohibit Retreat. Hell at the very very least they could at least give you a Warning that the NPC Ships will Surrender if you Leave now......