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  1. Ellias

    Incentive for nations to own more towns.

    What are you talking about? In prime time we have 400+ players, some of them alts. How many ports do we have in total? 333 or 373? Almost 1 port per player.
  2. [CABAL] is a clan which focuses on PvP and RvR in the Swedish nation. We are looking for experienced and inexperienced players, age 30+ (Exceptions possible) CABAL is an international guild communicating in English. It is a well-established guild in which many of us sail together for a long time. We sail to battle during weekdays in the afternoons (CET) and on the weekends. If you want to rise up the challenge and want more in a relaxing and mature environment CABAL is the right place for you. Pm Tac in game and join [CABAL] now! You can check some of the battles in Tac's YouTube channel. Guild Target: To create a working structured fleet, capable of dealing with any challenge. To have a relaxed environment, based on maturity and professionalism paid with fun and victory. To create a fleet where you belong, not to feed or entertain some... Language = English Nation = Sverige Requirements: Maturity Patience Desire to learn Teamspeak (able to listen) An ability to hold your rum and laugh at your own miserable failures is essential.
  3. Ellias

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    Thanks for bringing it up Pluto. Concentration obviously result of reward system. You can get everything in these regions, crafting, PvP marsk, Pve... There is almost no incentive to sail out these zones. People simply keep looking to maximize their gain by remaining there. The scale of map is too big for 400 players. Probably it was designed for 2k players. With current population most of the map will stay isolated. I believe PvP marks do more damage than good. They simply promote ganging and reward it. Forces you to stay and hunt around capital zones, unless you are after traders. PvP combat is split in two main areas by design and they hardly has effect on each other. Open world PvP, which is around capital zones and recently added patrol zone mission areas with almost no effect to RvR. RvR battles (quite pointless besides generating pvp content), which fail to promote open world PvP at desired level. if these two can be combined well, we can see populated open world pvp action zones moving with RvR conquests.
  4. Ellias


    Make strategic resource only available to port owner guild. Create AI strategic resource smugglers spawning in the region, which can be captured. Let people compete to get them. It will create a hot zone with lots of open world pvp opportunities. We need open world content. I have no idea what you try to achieve with "working RvR system". You will keep ending with the system working for some not for all. World history is a proof. Thanks.
  5. Sweden was forged after the battle of Fort Baii against the mighty armada of Danes. They gave a break to the game after losing that battle furious to newly added 4th rate PB's. Every other nation was threatening us and many players left the nation since we had few ports left. We kept winning against French and Pirates after. Want to create a winning nation? Start winning your battles and get rid of any obstacle preventing you doing that (mainly wanna be leaders).
  6. Ellias

    [PVP EU] Political Situation

    I want a screenshot when they misbehave!
  7. Ellias

    Hostility System without PvE

    We need to define real PvP first. It seems like for some you cant have a real PvP without lots of organization, and the rest is doing nothing. "Where is the logic in it?" Logic is not needed when you are in love with yourself.
  8. Ellias

    Hostility System without PvE

    Just another terrible idea. Every "battle event and its counter" you tried to create failed, why so insisting on keep failing? Let battles develop naturally. Peter's idea is the way to go and offered few times before. Simple and uses most of the features game offering.
  9. If you would be gaining points just by sailing, blockading region you will build tanky lineships. Example, 600 BR ships gain 600 conquest points each 20 minutes it stay in region. Fast 140 BR ships gains 4 times less. Even proximity might be implemented. Closer of main port you gain more. If you sink 600 BR ship you gain 6000 conquest points. Simple. Even it will give opportunities to player to test very different builds, including fir 1st rates. There won't be "enough points", its race for 1 week. Reaching any kind of points its part of the non working system. If you escape the battle, you loose points based on first tag. If enemy escapes you win.
  10. You balance the ships with classes, changing values around the same stats, like cannons, hit points, speed, turning ect. then you decide to made them acquirable by completely two different currencies which don't have any transaction at all. I don't think that will lead to any healthy economic structure. Soon we will see full 1st Rate fleets since its is easily accessible for some nations in current state. If you have difficulties obtaining marks or materials, once you loose a PB, you are done. Better to go and play another game than grind once again for another failure. This kind of system focuses so much on hardcore players while pushing away casuals. Snowballing effect to kill playerbase. We have a PB system that is not working and is cancer to the game and to heal it you keep breaking things. 1st rate are still very logical to build, made them illogical to be built with lots of materials.Now people will choose L'Ocean over 2 Bellonas. With current system, we didn't saw any real PB yet, probably will see very few. PvP marks encourage speed build ganking, no real brawling and fighting. Before you get involved in fun fight mainly cause screening. Since we don't have PB's now, no screening too. Many veterans will agree that this screening fights were fun part of the game. Now nobody fights, its you ganking or running. Not because of speed mods, because its more logical to play like that atm. What's so wrong to fight over a region for 1 week in open sea to decide the next owner? You still have same 25 battle cap there, you have your towers, forts. Lots of, non stop fun may be? Availability to fight during all hours may be? Nothing prevents you going in lineships to dominate the region. You said that you were happy with PvP event. Why not having that between 2 nations for 1 week? Whoever sails there gains points, if you sink enemy you gain even more points. Fight, run, sink, get sunk, come again, go with big ships, go in small ships. Outnumbered?, gather 25 and go. Some regions may have battle cap of 25 and some 12, shallows 6. Everyone have his fun, casual or hardcore; small nation or big nation. Lots of opportunities for pirates and alliances. Simple is better and clever than complex! Regards, Elias
  11. Ellias

    PVP and Basic Cutters

    Auto disconnect the cutter who initiate a combat and put them in queue giving enough time for defender. Win-win.
  12. Ellias

    Ship Knowledge grind

    Shall we implement the same to fishing. You can't catch big fish before you catch 5k small fish. Brilliant!! Cannons as well?
  13. You can go both ways; like WOW making almost all content reachable or going like EVE and make some content exclusive.. Just remember with second option you wont make people happy here cause you gave it once. All golden ships and upgrades with tons of money in our treasure chests. No matter which path you choose, snowballing effect should be avoided. We should have chance to fight back.
  14. Ellias

    Global or European

  15. We already have player limitations for battle instances being 25 per side, 50 in total. Just as same as PB. The only difference of any PB is being a pre-arranged encounter in a certain time with a bit different set of rules to win. Being a part of countless PB's as captain and admiral as well as lots of Open Sea encounters I ended up enjoying more the randomness of open world with tons of different possibilities than static, repetitive PB's. PB might be fun at the beginning when you have an opportunity to see big fleets pointing big guns to each other, which might be a very rare occasion in open sea. Yet I think it's the main reason why so many players left the game. PB's was presented as an only medium to win the game/RvR/map. Everything happening in RvR scale is to feed one single PB instance. It puts a lot of stress on it. All "old" PB Fleets replaced with new ones. I know very few players who non-stop keep participating and enjoying them. On contrary know many players who enjoyed them at the beginning and get tired of them with all the hassle they bring. Eventually quitting the game. Yes, people do not quit games because of fine woods, combat mech. changes ect., they quit when they can't find a suitable and enjoyable place for themselves. Being the most decisive and important, limited instanced playground in the game, it will keep serving to some "elite" while repelling the majority of the population out from the game. Nobody will enjoy throwing himself in front of unbeatable armada countless of times. Eventually, they will leave PB's to their fate and then the game. You will have 100 happy players who dominating the game and watching the rest of players leaving because of "fine woods". More you complicate things, more complicated problems you create. You win a very strategically important PB, which you will loose in few days because of a night flip, some chain loaded screening action, mistag of your own nation, alt interference, some bug, a dinner to attend, bla bla. That's why I think removing PB might solve many problems and support the idea below. 4. Remove port battles as they are completely and make regional ownership depend on multiple raids and economy influence. (allowing to keep one pvp server) Hostility generation total via PvP, PvE and Economic activity for a week may decide the next owner of the region. You can create a PvP event zone for contested region. As a lonely player let me flag myself for hostility generation, as soon as i reach the area inform the defending faction that there is a party (BR, insert smth here) raising hostility. As long as i sail unchallenged i gain points. Bigger my ship is more points i get. Battle is the fruit at the end of the branch. Sometimes I get it sometimes not. If i flag myself for hostility increase for specific region i should gain XP as long as i sail in designated PvP area. Just few extra ideas. Regards, Elias