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  1. Ellias

    special request

    I made a suggestion about this zone recently. We can still push this idea. +1 for Portugal, it will create a very nice triangle of events in the southeastern corner of the map.
  2. Sadly it's true. There are 2 major content zones atm: 1. RvR: in which you rice hostility, counter hostility and do PB's. Bringing as many L'Oceans is the key. 2. Seal clubbing: Pick the best, fastest ship to enjoy your superiority. You can try hunting on Endymion or Trincomalee for a week and we can talk again about it...
  3. Nowadays, you either sail L'Ocean, Le Requin, Hercules or a trader. There is almost no place or content for other ships.
  4. Ellias

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    This post made me start to question this game future like none else... Master of Visas World of Lotions Mighty Hercules vs Chinese junk ship What is coming next? Let's wait till next patch and all of us can sail designated ship of the month. You have to balance this via economy. This way or another. This is a simulation game not a stimulation for babies to offer them the best toy, right?
  5. Ellias

    Caribbean Invasion News

    @Admiral Horatio Homblower you are best of your kind. Respect.
  6. Ellias

    RvR suggestions

    Strategic resources should be acquirable by anyone. Just for sake of keeping the game balanced since they are mandatory for competition (bad design). Gimme more power cause I am powerfull!!!.. I am soo good, should able to shoot and sink 2 ships at once. That is NA's biggest flaw. Rewarding good play unnecessarily while giving new players no chance to catch up. PvP mark reward system is garbage, ridiculously fat upgrades are garbage. You should not need them to able to compete. You can have t/wo bellona doing 14+ kn in battle. This is ridiculous. Making RvR more interesting can be done by making ports more valuable in the economic perspective, I do agree with that.
  7. Ellias

    Safe Zone Suggestion

    Neutral zone is part of the map, that is the key here. Want to join the fun right away, have friends, clan whatever, just sail out to them. Nothing is locking you there.
  8. Ellias

    Safe Zone Suggestion

    Exactly. Want to have better ships, more resources, better goodies, better reward ratio per time? Come to PvP zone baby!
  9. Ellias

    Safe Zone Suggestion

    Economic exploit can be solved, tuned any time. For now, allowing only 3/5 ships without any refit bonus is enough. Having 1/3 of normal resource production and 1/4 trade goods spawn, no strategic resource availability should prevent it.
  10. Ellias

    Safe Zone Suggestion

    Dear developers, Want to make a suggestion about the safe zones. There is no doubt that we need safes zone for new players. They simply need space and time to get into the game. However current huge safe zones around capitals do not provide that protection completely. They are still the main target for many players as a source for easy pvp marks. I would suggest creating a separate, neutral zone in the Gulf of Mexico, completely protected from PvP with basically ⅓ economy production to avoid economic exploit. This zone was never popular even when we had 1500 + players. Rarely anyone sails there and by map composition already serve as a very safe zone for French nation only. Players start the game without pledging allegiance to any nation. They play, enjoy PvE content, learn and later on decide about their nation if they want to experience the next level. That being suggested you can put limits on how many ships we can dock on certain ports based on their size (importance). Not every port have the same size harbour. That way we can diversify strategic importance of ports even further, capitals having the biggest harbour. Regards, Elias
  11. I bet you don't remember your failures against Sweden as pirate either, eventually switching nation. Talking about memory, can you remind us why you have left the game?
  12. Yet you follow the forums of dying game. I would like to see SORRY back, your delusions amused me a lot. We need more fish to catch. You will be most welcome, Lord Delicious.
  13. Ellias

    La Requin - how to fix a broken ship

    This ship can ram enemy stern forever without going rigging shock. It's only logical considering it is a premium ship. However, I don't understand why enemy ship doesn't go to "Stern shock". You will be shocked if somebody sticks your ass with a bowsprit. Let's make La Requin great again.
  14. Ellias

    Incentive for nations to own more towns.

    What are you talking about? In prime time we have 400+ players, some of them alts. How many ports do we have in total? 333 or 373? Almost 1 port per player.
  15. [CABAL] is a clan which focuses on PvP and RvR in the Swedish nation. We are looking for experienced and inexperienced players, age 30+ (Exceptions possible) CABAL is an international guild communicating in English. It is a well-established guild in which many of us sail together for a long time. We sail to battle during weekdays in the afternoons (CET) and on the weekends. If you want to rise up the challenge and want more in a relaxing and mature environment CABAL is the right place for you. Pm Tac in game and join [CABAL] now! You can check some of the battles in Tac's YouTube channel. Guild Target: To create a working structured fleet, capable of dealing with any challenge. To have a relaxed environment, based on maturity and professionalism paid with fun and victory. To create a fleet where you belong, not to feed or entertain some... Language = English Nation = Sverige Requirements: Maturity Patience Desire to learn Teamspeak (able to listen) An ability to hold your rum and laugh at your own miserable failures is essential.