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  1. Regarding "special trim"

    As a crafter, I only get the cool boni on Traders, where I don't need them.
  2. I love winds of change as unpredictable factors in battle.
  3. Thanks! I'm on it;) I hope to see some of the UI implementations soon:)
  4. Exciting OR RNG crafting is back, and I have a problem with it.

    Exactly that. I hope for crafting/trading rewards, that are usable in Admiralty. E.g. a "Trade-Mark" each 2000 oak planks or for harvesting 2000 fir. So resource- and material-crafter would get a usable reward for supporting the economy.
  5. Thank you very much for Legends! I guess lots of people will, like @b.westall like it more than the "main" game, because it is quick fun. In my humble opinion it is a perfect addition to Naval Action, but never could replace it. I am the type of gamer who prefers Diablo to Dota , so the main game is my choice. Nevertheless Legends is fun and if the two help each other (e.g. keeping players on their ships and not leave for something else at all, keep people who just want to fight others from ruining new players experience,...), I think I'll keep supporting both!
  6. New "Special" Trims

    Please add reduced speed and turn to the mast thickness of sturdy rigging. A "fail" on PvE Server.
  7. Hull thickness feedback

    then keep it as it is. please don't start to rebalance everything again and again and again... imho it really is just the wasa that, for a 3rd rate now, is a bit weak, the rest is fine and the changes result in interesting fights.
  8. Exciting OR RNG crafting is back, and I have a problem with it.

    Auto crafting would be nice, but on the other side it would cost a lot of hours, that now are delivered by others that craft the components. It would need a checkbox! When talking about crafting: What about a shipyard-depot, where we could store the mats and dock limits per port?^^
  9. Exciting OR RNG crafting is back, and I have a problem with it.

    @admin I understand your point of view and like the way you see these things and are willing to talk about it. Thanks for that! I know that there are this examples of gifted names in history. On the other side there always was a chance to improve the ships, rework them without scrapping them completely. What I suggest, is the option, the opportunity to upgrade ships during a refit process It'd be fine if it only were the number of slots to be increased when the planking being changed e.g changing the planks from WhiteOak to Crewspace with the planks and frame parts needed, some extra coins, e.g. Lignum and Compass Wood and the original (selectable, or the only empty one) ship and players can slowly, step by step upgrade their ship this way, even from grey ones, if they capture a ship and are lucky to find a wanted bonus on them. Or crafting a complete refit (e.g. for each ship, in different qualities, adding one or two slots?) that can be used on a ship (right click > use and select the ship). How would you like this ideas? It would imho bring much more meaning into crafting again
  10. Love and Hate Post

    currently I love "the game for its existence" but I "hate": the random aspect on crafting the weird opponent scaling on PvE missions (eg1. One experienced Captain in Wasa and a n00b ina Bellona get a horde of 3xPavel, 3x3rd Rate and 2 Constis in 4th rate Fleet Missions, nearly every time, eg2. With a group of two experienced (Rattlesnake/Mercury) and three Greenhorns (Snow/NavyBrig) for a lowest(!) 6th rate mission, we get 18 ships (ok, Snow&Brig) on the enemy side?! eg3. On a 3rd rate Solo mission, we entered as a team of two (Aga+Wasa), we get a two Pavel,...)
  11. Hull thickness feedback

    IMHO the Wasa "lost" a bit too much (could use about 3-5cm more). But the rest is just fine as it is now. And yes, 1 pood are very strong. But they are limited in numbers and sink every day...
  12. RNG Crafting Trim/Slots

    Basically that is true. But this doesn't work in a world, where everyone needs to have the very best.
  13. RNG Crafting Trim/Slots

    Different levels (grey to orange/gold) are ok, even if random. But implement the option to upgrade the ships step by step. The additional boni on top should be selectable like the planking or at least directable by type. Anything else is crap, as it was crap two years ago.
  14. Combat tutorial feedback

    The boarding tutorial btw. is like: "Kid, the first letters of the alphabet are A, B and C. Now please write a novel about the meaning of life." There should be (like for the other tutorials too) an advanced tutorial, where the correlations of different factors (marines, Muskets, Pistols, fencing skills,... preparation, morale and the time to choose for player and NPC) are explained. Maybe by tutorial step one: Board an Indiaman with a LGV Refit. The scenario starts with the Indy's sails to 50% and the Crew down to 300, the LGV e.g. with Marines 20 and Rum Rations. For the second step: Defend the Indy (e.g. full crew and barricades) against a boarding warship (Heavy Frigate or 4th rate). Explain the correlations (of factors and upgrades/knowledge) and all aspects of boarding during a scripted fight.
  15. Please Explain This

    Boarding is one thing that needs a bit of love. Not that a complete overhaul has high priority, but there are things that need explanation (optimally integrated into an advanced boarding tutorial script): .) What influence has morale and what influences morale .) What influence has preparation (time to choose). Cost and gain are based on rounds, but the effect isn't .) What do marines, muskets, guns do? What do they and their effectiveness depend on? .) What do the Upgrades exactly do? It is all maths, but knowing the formulas and correlations would help very much