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  1. sveno

    Real-Life Sailors, Muster!

    Started with 5 years on an Optimist, sailed large range of Jolles (Askeladen, E-Jolle, 420, Lazer etc) and Catamarans in my youth up to now. Did three diplomas on Jolle (E-Jolle and 420) racing in the North Atlantic in Gothenborg Sweden (GKSS). Sailed multiweek turns with Yachts in Denmark, Greece and Florida & Keys, sizing from 18 to 36 foot. Normally sailing each year, but in the last 5 years it was hard due to financials.
  2. sveno

    National only Combat News

    Please leave it as is, it is hard enough to find OW PvP. Furthermore, it is the only info we get about how PB's are going generally.
  3. sveno

    Community Representatives.

    May i inquire what the status of this initiative currently is?
  4. Any national tool should strictly keep hands of the allowance of targets in OW PvP. Such a limit would just drive away PvP players from NA. We had such a thing before - and we did not like it at all.
  5. Will read that when i am home, missed a lot of info while i was gone for 3-4 months.
  6. The issue with clanbased only organisation is that often one clan claims all decision power for itself and even starts to include only their own members into RvR. This makes access to end-game content difficult for medium and small clans, which i do not think is the aim of the devs. Worst case scenario is when there is hate between clans within a nation, which is killing fun for a lot ppl - cannot get to a conclusion of that conflict, as clanwars were never included into NA. This can easily making players leaving NA all togheter if they don't want pay real life money for a game function (in EA!) as changing nation without loosing all. A good national organisation is boosting the action and fun of most players, if a council and RvR is open for all clans. The issue is that someone has to organize, get together clans and keep things rolling to have a good national organisation under the current NA system. I've done that in Sweden for a long time (togheter with others), 6-12 hours "work" each day (wouldn't have done it if i didn't love it), totalling up to 4.6k hours in two years. Now that i am working full again, i had stop doing what i did for Sweden in that regard. Doing that job proper without burning out as a normal player is close to impossible. I would like a simple and good national organisation tools in NA; but i do understand that it is impossible to expect prior release or even ever in NA (1) at all. Pointing out: I am pretty sure a good system would increase the fun for all players, de-salt the inner workings of nations and retain more active ppl in NA. Maybe we could have paid mods organizing (NOT leading!) national councils? My humble 2 Öre. o7
  7. sveno


    I think you did missunderstand me, i think the variation we have now is pretty solid (at least 5th rates frigs).
  8. sveno


    I think it would offset balance - i hear already ppl crying about OP Essexes, Poules, Renos and Trincs. The Privateer however, that would fit giving it stern guns.
  9. sveno

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    wb North Viking and Anolytic! Any Chance that Babay will make a revival to?
  10. sveno

    What music while playing Naval Action

    The official Swedish Battle theme:
  11. sveno

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    Interesting times ahead
  12. sveno

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    Lazy to do brainless PvE?
  13. sveno

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    Could France & Spain get their act togheter and attack Sweden please? We need targets. Thank you for your consideration.
  14. sveno

    The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    TERRS was participating in council meetings before in that said channel, but seemed to have lost to drive to login to the TS and therefor missed the recent council meetings. There are some clans not participating either in national politics / councils or the TS itself - which is fine and I thought you joined their ranks. To repeat: All clans on the TS are automatically invited to the council meetings, we try to set the dates at least 3 days ahead, usually a week. If your clan is online on the TS when the date is set, i even come and inform you guys about the upcoming meeting and most important themes. To tell that we ignored clans is just outright wrong, and you know that @Hači_CZ, if you do not participate you will not have an Impact - it was your decision. o7