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  1. [PVP EU] battle results

    Portbattle Pirates vs Sweden @ Port de Paix Commanders: Sweden: redii, sveno Pirates: Moscalb ? Result: Swedish victory A funny and chaotic Portbattle, a lot of chaos. Some Swedes came too late to the PB. Swedes used 5! mortar Brigs. Pirates attacked from upwind, the Swedes kept close to the shore of the harbour. After that any organisation of both fleets went FUBAR. There was also a mass boarding in the middle with 7 ships and 5 mortars shooting into them. Swedish PoV by @rediii first part (then windows update)... Swedish PoV by @rediii second part Pirate PoV by @Moscalb https://www.twitch.tv/videos/202375460 Many thanks to the Pirates for this Portbattle, we really enjoyed it! GG WP o7
  2. [PVP EU] battle results

    Portbattle Sweden vs Russia @ Cap Francais Commanders: Sweden: redii Russia: Babay Result: Swedish Victory Swedes attacked from upwind with the usual double line, Swedes lost masts while engaging the Russians, Russians lost masts through Swedish mortar Brigs. First reaction was that the Russian fleet started to kite on contact, but after the Swedes isolated single ships they started to brawl. In the brawl the Swedes were able to get a clear decision on the Portbattle. Scenic PB-Screen by @rediii Swedish Pov by @rediii Russian PoV (incomplete) by @BABAY https://www.twitch.tv/videos/202098673 Many thanks to the Russian for another great Portbattle. o7
  3. I will also be available, how about to do it togheter, my left wing contra merge/swerg bias will put things straight. ^^
  4. Future Tournament Types

    I would really dig having a shoutcast guy in the matches, sport reporter style. In Tribes matches way back in time we had that and it was awsome.
  5. Do we have a shoutcast guy? Would be cool to have some sportif commentairy.
  6. [PVP EU] battle results

    Portbattle Russians vs Swedes @ Port de Paix Commanders: Sweden: redii, sveno Russia: Babay, Anolytic Result: Sweden wins A weird and short portbattle. Both teams had 3 mortar brigs. The port is in a very narrow passage, making maneuvering a very close thing. Wind was SEE slightly in favour of the defending Swedes. The Russians had to pass the Swedes downwind, the Swedes evaded almost all mortar shots by doing slalom in the front part of the lines. The Russians were mostly downwind and were not able to hold circles as they were pressed against the downwind Island. The Swedes sent some Wasas to the Russian mortar Brigs and had not to worry about them, while the Swedish mortar Brigs were able to do large damage on the Russian big ships. The Swedes held most of a time all three circles and victory was early, too early, we would have liked to fight a bit longer. WP to the Russians, thank you for this Portbattle! o7 Swedish PoV done by @rediii Russian PoV done by @BABAY edit: added video
  7. [PVP EU] battle results

    We have a new PB system specifically to get more variation, mortar brigs are a part of that variation, as everybody can use it, i think its fair game - also gives fast frigates a sence being in a heavy portbattle. In this portbattle, our mortars only made three assists, no kill. Your mortar was the first to demast a big ship. I wouldn't call them OP against ships, needs a lot of skill.
  8. [PVP EU] battle results

    Portbattle Russians vs Swedes @ Grand Turk Commanders: Sweden: redii, sveno Russian: Anolytic (?) Result: Swedish Victory Basically the Russians went to the Swedes, passed them downwind and then gave up the Portbattle. This was one of the shortest portbattle done between the Swedes and Russians. The Swedes tried to sink as many Russians as possible, also in OW after the portbattle. A feature of interest was that the Swedes used 3 Mortar Brigs in a defensive portbattle. Video will be uploaded when it is ready. edit: Added video.
  9. My new Wapen Von Hamburg!

    You've been spoofed.
  10. After the different nations started to adapted to the new PB system, i start to like it. It mixes things up, looking forward to the BR adjustments.
  11. Thickness Upgrades

    Voted Yes. The impact is to harsh stacked with Carta. No chance to penetrate from medium distance, need to get into spitting distance. That limits the tactics teams can use in bigger battles and feels not very realistic (knowing how the Penetration of a 24lb can be - see Bofors tests). Carta alone was already to high, now it gets "fantastic".
  12. [PVP EU] battle results

    The Swedes like to offer a round of Ovomaltine for the Russians, Pirates, French, Dutch and Preussians. Ovomaltine - with it you can't do it better - but longer!
  13. [PVP EU] battle results

    Busy day for the Swedes, thats how we like it. ^^ Portbattle Sweden vs Russia @ Cap Francais Commanders: Sweden: redii, Havelock and sveno Russia: Babay Result: Russian Victory A very brutal and long portbattle. Until short to the end the Swedes had a chance for a win, but the Russians played very well and won the defensive PB. With 30 minutes more it might have been a Swedish victory. GG WP o7 Russians. Around this Portbattle there were also 3 screening/OW battles with the RUBLI/PodW clan on the Russian side of things and the Danes on the Swedish side. Well played RUBLI/PodW, thanks for the help Danes. o7 Swedish PoV by @rediii, not full PB as he had to Change to Grand Anse after being sunk. Russian PoV by @BABAY, full length PB. Portbattle France vs Sweden @ Grand Anse Commanders: Sweden: redii France: Louis (?) Result: Swedish Victory Swedes starting with only a handfull ships at the beginning, because most captains were still fighting in Cap Francais. We sent our sunk guys ASAP to Grand Anse and made a clear victory possible. GG and good sportsmanship French. o7 Swedish PoV by @rediii. Portbattle Dutch vs Sweden @ La Blancilla Commanders: Sweden: Tac Dutch: Pathfinder Result: Swedish Victory Dutch went for points, the Swedish for kills. GG Dutch, thanks for the fight! o7 Portbattle Pirates vs Sweden @ Nassau Too many portbattles, so we had 4 guys vs 14 pirates, result: pirates won. The planned additional portbattles Russia vs Swedes @ Grand Turk and Preussia vs Swedes @ Kemps Bay the Swedes were able to deflect by attacking the hostility fleets yesterday. 5 attacks by 5 countries, lol really, made our day ^^. Toll, Tally and Splinters: Swedes lost 13 ships in the 3 main PBs for 37 kills. Out of 6 hostility raises, the Swedes won 4 and lost 2. Swedes fielded about 35 captains, the Enemies with 73 captains in PBs not counting screening. Edit: added videos.
  14. As thread starter: Please close the thread, thanks! I think the message was delivered and for the rest oh, uh, well. ^^
  15. [PVP EU] battle results

    Swedes vs France @ Port de Paix Swedish win, French did not have a full fleet, nevertheless thanks for turning up anyway. o7 Outside, our Screening was tagged by Danish BF clan, Danish victory, well played BF! o7 A mixed result for the Swedes today.