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  1. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Allright, @HachiRoku sank me in front of La Tortue in a fair fight Aga vs Wappen. Please let him have my bounty. o7
  2. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Ah matey, thats Trumpish for KK!
  3. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Putting a bounty of 1MM on @HachiRoku for breaking my heart by calling the Wappen a piece of shit.
  4. Carronade buff.

    HOW DARE YOU!!!11111 you just broke my heart......
  5. Carronade buff.

    But but but i want my carro Wappen.....
  6. I dreamt last night that the @admin gave me the carro Wappen. On a serious note to the Wasa: It is a shallow draft ship (as most Swedish designs), shallow draft means less displacement, less displacement means higher speed. Going with that logic, shallow draft means less weight, hvy cannons leave then even less weight for armor, means should be a glass cannon. Shallow draft means also high COM, high COM means lot of heel, so being badly armored and heeling alot could be the logical nerv for the Wasa.
  7. Buffs: - Victory upwind sailing performance. - Essex taking speed. - Wasa BR (the other ships should be real alternative in PB's). Debuffs: - Thickness of ships 4th rate and higher. - All thickness mods, please also no stacking. - Please no stacking on masts thickness mods, maybe debuff their stats to, might need to tune the mastpen accordingly (smaller hitboxes?). - Wasa thickness and maybe reduce crew # to debuff their broadside DPS somewhat (32pdr is historical). - I think the leaks are bit much right now, generally, fights shouldn't be over after a single broadside (takes skill yes, but anyway).
  8. - 1 - I really liked the subtle wind changes in portbattles we had before the advanced sailing patches were implemented. Also if it was recently nerved from 130 to 90 degress, it still seems very random making formation sailing close to impossible. Furthermore, fighting for the wind has became like the minigame we have - a pure thing of chance. - 2 - Heel is pretty nicely implemented, tho some ships (shallow ships with high masts) i would expect to heel a lot more. Would be interesting to experience different wind strengths, making some ships need to go 80% or lower to not get turned over (or saildamage?). - 3 - Leeway seems generally a bit strong, on the other side it should never reach 0% with sails down - the hull, esp. on tall ships generates a good % of leeway drag. Maybe we could have an anker to stay on spot? Could be like the brace function, with preptime and cooldown? That could also be a logical nerv for the mortars, as they need time to anker to properly shoot. - 4 - Turnrates are generally believable and feeling good. The only thing bugging me is the utterly bad performance of ships like the Essex, im pretty sure that this ship could tack without getting in minus speed IRL. Maybe review those ships, proper tacking sail management might not be feasable to animate in the game, but should be simulated. - 5 - Speed- / windcurves seems pretty good, with one exception popping into my mind: the Victory - should be able to outsail the other 1sts upwind. - 6 - Taking time for most ships feels ok, with the exception of the Essex. - 7 - Downwind turning seems ok to me, no specific observations there.
  9. [PVP EU] battle results

    Looking at the names, my condolences to the sheep. ^^
  10. Change teleport again

    If we all agree that it is a bad thing for the game, lets agree on that and agree that we disagree who started it. Life can be so easy, if you just want it to be. ^^
  11. Change teleport again

    Happened today after Carta PB: Russian used tow to port to teleport from Carta harbour to Baranquilla to be able to cut the retraiting Swedish PB fleet. Worked like a charm, but i dont think tow to port is intended for such a situation. Solution: Block tow to port in the BP region (in and out) 1 hour before the actual BP to 1 hour after the BP.
  12. I would like you guys to worry more about cannonballs then words. Internet is sometimes outright silly.
  13. Me prepping the Swedes for Carta:
  14. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Isnt this an old screen? Didn't hear that redii lost a Vic this week....
  15. Duel Rooms, Again...

    Dear Developers We need duel rooms back, no question about it. It is really annoying that you cannot help your friends get trough that pvp skill barrier, where you need a pro being closely working with you. Many thanks for your consideration! Regards, sveno