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  1. One issue i see coming: Clans taking ports in the weekend to drop them after monday. More VM without timer costs due to cooldown....
  2. Great Patch, i love most of the changes! - Love that VM's get more accessable for everybody. - Love that you do not see names anymore. - Love most of the smaller changes you like to do. But - I think the thing with many VMs for clans with many ports togheter with the high costs for timers will lead to that: Small clans will have troubles and large clans will be even more powerfull. Independent players who like to RvR will be completely out of business. I estimate that some parts of the map will go neutral and probably stay neutral. Costs, as others said are a bit extreme with 500k/day for each port.
  3. Invasion Suedoise en cours...

    We are looking for cool fights, nothing else - that has always driven us, that didnt change.
  4. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    GG WP o7 French captains - good to see so many of you active! We got screened out, never has loosing a PB felt sooo good.
  5. Naval Action Meme collection

  6. long term plan

  7. poods

    poods need to go as they are now PERIOD
  8. Call to the Commonwealth

    you shoudld jjoin tee bbkiiƓooody runy side i say!!!
  9. Fun PVE for everyone?!

    PvE is braindead grinding ONLY at this point. It aint fun, it is completely repeating and I personally stopped to do it at all, i am grinding my slots in PvP. Poor souls who cannot do that.... I do understand why PvE players rate this game very poorly, not much has changed there since EA Steam launch. I am not going into the epic missions, as i focus on single player content in this post. Also, with all due respect, just pumping base values to make it "epic" is in my eyes not the proper, good game design i am looking for in NA. --------------------------------------------------- Lets be constructive: Bring different type of missions, some easier then current missions for the soft hearted and some harder for diehards. Easy setting (lower kill reward): - No boarding attempts. - No single shooting your stern. - Less ships in Fleet Mission. Diehard setting (higher kill reward): - Bring in repairs for AI ships (one of each type) for the harder missions. - Make them chain if you drive away. - Make them go for leaks if you show your belly. - Make them single shooting your masts with charged shots. - Give em Poods. - More ships in Fleet Mission. Mission types: - Patrol mission as the Devs want it for PvP, but for PvE hunting OW fleets. - Attack a convoy type, sink a specific ship. - Boarding mission, board a ship bring it home, sink the rest. - And yes, please bring the something similar to the exams into mission play. All to be seen as IMHO - i am not really PvE player - this is more what a PvP player would wish to see in PvE.
  10. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Training fight between BF and Swedes - many thanks for that fun!
  11. Caribbean Invasion News

    Dear diplomats: Talk with sveno or it didn't happen.
  12. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Islamorada Sweden vs Spain Commander Sweden: Havelock Commander Spain: ? Outcome: Sweden won Sweden prepping their attack. Result at the end of PB. GG WP o7 Spain!