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  1. Naval Action on Youtube

    Did I claim it otherwise? It's Naval Action. It's also not Youtube.
  2. Naval Action on Youtube

    Some fleet actions my clan and I did back in the day. (WARNING: VOLUME IS LOUD - SORRY!!!) (flagged for copywrite music - ahhh well)
  3. Mostly the time difference. Port battles typically happen during my work day or on the weekends when I'm busy (daytime here so I'm usually doing other things). I knew it was going to be the price for staying on EU server when Global went live but I also knew the pop wasn't going to be there on Global - and Combat Missions were still a thing back then so I still had ways of amusing myself. Maybe? Honestly, I doubt it given how tenuously my gold/ships situation is in game. My biggest ship is still the free Indefatigable I got post-wipe. That being said the option would be nice to have I suppose.
  4. GB on EU server. I typically can only play an hour or so a day so my time/availability to commit to a large clan isn't there (I'm also in a North American time zone). Like I said, I'm a casual - as were most of my clan. We used to do Fleet Missions mostly as it made for good pick-up and go action but with a risk of PvP as well (we did our share of PvP as well when we could).
  5. This patch seems to focus on the Clan v. Clan/RvR crowd and the solo or small groups are being passed over. My whole clan (12 people) has given up as time has gone on and I'm putting this game on the backburner for the first time since I bought it as a result. Just nothing I can do in game anymore by myself or with a buddy beyond grabbing the occasional AI in OW. I'll keep watching these forums and maybe there will be a patch for the casual solo/small group player down the road.
  6. Are Combat Missions no longer a thing? Had an hour to kill last night and figured I'd grab a Combat Mission near Belize and get some gold/xp/Combat Marks. Only mission I could get was in a Neutral Region about 2 regions over which was way beyond the sail time + battle time I had available. Ended up grabbing a US AI Surprise in OW but that battle somehow wiped all my Combat Marks.. F11'd it so I guess we'll see. Pretty gutted at this turn of events though.
  7. Forthcoming patch final discussion.

    1. Round trip meant resource gathering to utilize buildings and crafting not necessarily trading. Agreed capitals are the primary hub of trading, no argument there! 2. As Admin said there will be a re-jigging of costs so as to make shipbuilding etc not as prohibitively expensive. I used shipyard as an example but any sort of crafting buildings or resource gathering would suffer the same fate in a Clan disused port. Perhaps you are missing the point I'm trying to make regarding Clan ownership of ports, the taxation mechanic and maintenance. Tying the defense/maintenance/taxation of a port to any one Clan runs the risk of new players getting caught in the wake of that Clan's decisions. This can certainly motivate some players to get involved, but it can also put off many new players.
  8. Forthcoming patch final discussion.

    It's not going to be much of an issue from the perspective of an accomplished Clan or a Rear Admiral. I'm trying to view things from the point of view of a new player (as I think we all need to start doing). 5-15% is a huge difference for someone who is counting their coins (as you do at an early stage in the game). It can be the difference between good profit and barely scrapping by. Between good returns for that 2 hour round trip or a total waste of time. Maintenance being tied to tax rate is equally disconcerting for the same reason. A new player saves up and builds a shipyard in a distant port. Maintenance by a Clan that the new player has no part in is left to go slack (perhaps they are focused elsewhere or they just fold up) and now the port is basically undefended when a hostile nation rolls in. New player loses shipyard and all the wealth and investment tied to it thanks to situations totally beyond their control. They are knocked back to whatever they had back in their protected home waters. Hell I was nervous when I moved my assets to Belize! All my resources and wealth went into building a network in that region. If it was lost while I was on vacation or something I would have been back in a Cutter in KPR in no time! As it is now I'm a little worried what the wipe will entail as if it resets me back to zero.. well.. I don't know if I have much more in me. I want to add that I think there is some good Econ moves in the forthcoming patch. There is also a lot of vagaries which are worrying as well though. The RvR etc is not something I'm particularly worried about as I think there is a big gaping hole in content that comes before RvR for most players. (PvP yes, but much more as well)
  9. Missions System (Players New and Old)

    Hi folks, Something that has been on my mind lately when I log in is new player content. Something that entices a player into the game and also keeps them interested. Certainly XP and gold rewards serve their purpose but they are what come after the content, not the content in of itself. Here I am proposing gameplay which can be interesting to players new and old but also perhaps educational and can teach the new players a bit of the RvR/PvP elements as well. Currently there are two types of missions: Fleet and solo missions. Using these as a basis I'm going to build on them and suggest missions that can be both rewarding and entertaining. These missions could have RvR rewards as well to the nation or be strictly player rewards (or a mix of both). 1st level mission: Protect Fisheries - Using 7th rate ships protect a small number of fishing ships (AI controlled trader cutters, trader lynxes) from attack by pirates/Nationals. These missions are based in safe zone around main port. Closed to PvP. The AI controlled ships will try and remain in a certain area (fishing) while avoiding attack for the duration of the mission. Keep 50% alive for mission success (ramp rewards up for more ships kept alive) until timer runs out. 2nd level mission: Coast Guard - Using up to 6th rate ships chase, sink or capture 5/5 smugglers in the region. OW mission encouraging player to learn the basics of attacking ships in OW. Closed to PvP. 3rd level mission: Protect Whaling Fleet - Using up to 5th rate ships protect a fleet of 5 whaling ships towards the edge of the protected zone. Open to PvP. Whaling ships are LGV types and act much the same as the fishing ships in lvl 1 mission. 4th level mission: Patrol - Using up to 5th rate ships sink or capture 5/5 enemy nation flagged warships (6th rate or above). OW search and destroy outside the protected zone. Open to PvP 5th level mission: Convoy Escort - Up to 4th rate ships. Attaches AI trade fleet to player (and group) of 5 trade ships (t. brig and above) and gives them a destination to sail to in another region. AI OW fleets will attack if close and is open to PvP. 6th level mission: Raiding - Up to 3rd rate ships. Destroy or capture 3/3 Tower or fortifications in an Enemy or Hostile port. Open to PvP 7th level mission: Blockade - Up to 1st rate ships. Destroy 10/10 enemy ships (5th rate or above) in enemy held regional waters. Open to PvP
  10. Forthcoming patch final discussion.

    @admin I'm concerned what a clan controlled tax rate will do to a new player who is using what little gold they have to set up a base of operations. There is a possibility that a steep increase in tax will essentially cripple their base of operations. For a new player this leaves their financial security in jeopardy as investment vs. return is dicey at the early stages. Particularly a problem if inflation becomes an issue and late game players have millions versus the new player with a Cutter and a dream. Spending coin to open up another port may be beyond their costs so their options would be: 1. Go back to PvE missions to get more coin to open another base of operations elsewhere and hope the same thing doesn't happen (fool me once..) 2. Wait it out and hope for a flip (which means either not logging in or logging in just to check the status and logging out) 3. Try and join that large clan (if you can't beat them join them..) which just means that everyone of one nation is part of one or two mega clans and the whole purpose is nullified anyways 4. Quit It's an interesting concept but I'm not sure from the perspective of a new player it is the best idea. A single tax rate for everyone regardless of income level doesn't work in real life and it can't work in game either. A 15% tax may be nothing to a Veteran Player with their piles of gold but to a new player that could be crippling and slow their growth considerably. There have been many concerns in the pages prior to this regarding new player attraction and retention and I feel like there is still a bit too much focus on the later stage of player involvement - pandering to the veterans as it were. While vets are certainly going to need pandering to, it is the early stages of player involvement that need the most work at this point.
  11. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Just created a new pirate char on the testbed. No redeemables no gold and no rank. Nevermind - logged in/out a few times and waited 20 mins and now it's there. TY
  12. Forthcoming patch final discussion.

    I haven't got on the testbed because I've been struggling to grind through gold and resources to build ships so that my clan can play together. I'm happy to play risk free pvp but that's not exactly the game I signed up for.. The OP ideas sound interesting.. unfortunately most of the stuff is not helpful to me or my clan as they consist primarily of noobs or people with 1-2 hours of gaming a night/week they can do. The ship crafting is probably the best news but I have yet to see how exactly that will break down vs. the stifling issues I and my clan have now (2 months of casual gameplay to secure resources just to build a shipyard lvl2).
  13. Sailing the Atlantic

    Docu-series to watch while you are open world sailing
  14. Radiohead Plays Naval Action?

    Hahaha my god we have unearthed the awful truth..
  15. Radiohead Plays Naval Action?

    Doubtless they are singing about the SOL debate..