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  1. BR Difference

    The basic idea was: how to prevent an attack of a single Renomee or Surprise on OW while i am on my way with full loaded slow indiamans with 2 others in fleet. After implementation of cargo weight has impact of slowing down the traders on OW the risk of beeing ganked on OW has rised extremly. With a fixed factor it was possible to prevent those attacks. In Combination with the 3 minutes battle join timer it is almost impossible for a well working "coastguard" to help their mate traders to survive the battle and not loosing their ships to a boarding equipped single surprise enemy with less BR difference than 1:3,7. I think it´s not well balanced whenever a fleet mission with double BR is a serious challenge. i Would suugest to think about it again to may be change something to destress our traders and motivate them to keep going their gameplay.- At the moment it´s too easy to gank traders. Just look at the combat news and you will see what i mean. Kind Regards BenAbbib
  2. BR Difference

    Hi there, you changed the BR Difference to attack other ships. Like i know it was 1:3 before. What is the factor now? BenAbbib
  3. Disconnects

    still running
  4. Disconnects

    ok after another crash 8 mins on OW, the connection test is running since minutes while showing "Tracing Route...". how long does it take normally? shall i reinstall naval action?. do i loose all loot and ships then?
  5. Disconnects

    connection test report? im usin steam in german. where do i find that?
  6. Disconnects

    well, im not so experienced in that, but using kaspersky 2016 intrnet security, i did not change anything and the image backup doesn´t work either.? it doesnt work since this morning after maintenance after 1 up to 3 mins the game goes off and i remain on OW. if i do anything or not does not have any effect.
  7. Disconnects

    Hello, since todays maintenance i have the problem that i will be disconnected from Naval Action every ~3mins.. In harbour or on open world. I cleaned registry and temp dats, also i set the machine back by image to 15.october. With no changes. So i cant play the game anymore. What´s wrong? Kind Regards Benabbib
  8. Good morning, the sealed bottle drop rate should be overworked, because it´s too much random dropping. My experience is: once i left Phillipsburg (SVE) and got a bottle immediatly. Other times i had up to 7 days on sea without a bottle. Those players who don´t have the time to play the game for several hours a day, maybe won´t find a bottle for weeks,but hear many news in chats, who has found how many bottles in a couple of days. Most of those players feel sad and beeing treated unfairly. Kind regards Benabbib
  9. Hey Guys, first - thanks to your great work on the patch. But: Damaging with any type of cannons, depending of size and distance to target is hardly dicreased. I joined capatains orders, where it took more than 1h,10mins to battle down an ingermanland with a victory in a range of about 500 mtrs. The ingermanland seems to be the weapon in any case atm. ship orders have been exploaded by that fact. As a result of the last large Update, we lost many players in case of the boarding changes with npc ships ( that they are sent to admiralty immediately). The difficult political situation for smaller nations like sweden has gone worst now, because in port battles you have no chance to make the needed damage before the timer runs out. "No-Fighting", just keeping distance in PB´s seems to be the solution, for only hold up the BR Difference to win the thing. Sorry, but in my view, that can´t and shouldn´t be a solution to make PVP. The reducing of the damages should be overhauled ASAP, also in case of waisting Real-Lifetime Hours. Kind Regards Benabbib